Discord chats for club members back for 2024

Those of you who are Mayo Football Podcast club members on Patreon will already know all about our Discord chat service.

This is a private chat-room, hosted by Discord, which enables club members and the podcast team to interact before, during and after Mayo matches. It has proved popular with club members since we first launched it at the start of 2022.

With the long inter-county off-season now over, we’re stoking the fires on Discord for club members once again, as the build-up to Sunday’s National League opener with Galway gathers pace. We’ll be dropping news, updates and other stuff into the Discord chat dedicated to the game on Sunday over the next few days.

The Mayo ladies have, of course, already started their League campaign and we’ve opened a separate Discord chat to cover their exploits this year. Once the action gets going at U20 and U17 level, we’ll have Discord chats for club members going on both of these as well.  

Our Discord chat service is available to all our club members on Patreon, where annual membership costs just €1 per week (plus VAT) for all the Mayo GAA-related podcast content you’ll ever need. This week, for example, we’ll have a League preview pod, a Here Comes the Weekend pod and then a Final Whistle pod recorded at Pearse Stadium on the day.

If you’re interested in becoming a podcast club member on Patreon, you may do so here.

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  1. I’ve just replied to you over on Patreon, CrossFlan. You need to link your Patreon account with Discord and over on Patreon I’ve provided a link to details on how to do this. Just shout if you have any problems.

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