7 thoughts on “Do you want to win a pair of All-Ireland tickets?

  1. He’s wearing poxy Nike boots – bet he doesn’t even reach the goal and it goes under the bar !

  2. and what’s the story with the blue ball ? – could be the answer to all the controversies about scoring. Amazingingly simple and staring us in the face all along. It would be easier than the white one for referees and officials to see – or maybe a colour you can’t miss like bright red or flourescent green !!!!
    … only joking btw but no dafter than some of the ideas and rule changes that the GAA come out with now and again.

  3. To “On the road” – – – -You should have gone to “Specsavers” – – – – The ball goes over the bar alright but there is a fierce wind blowing from the back of the Goal (the Belmullet end) and it blows the ball back into play again! ! !

  4. Probably too late for us but the clubs in Meath are just after giving the county board and the county manager one in the eye. O Brien the manager was defeated by the clubs. Some of the county board are sitting nervous too. The fall out from the Leinster final might be starting to land. The clubs rule in Meath not the county board. Please copy in Mayo.

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