Donegal draw does it for U20s

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The Mayo U20s went into their final round-robin match in the Leo Murphy Cup knowing that a win would get them into the final. In the event the 2-9 to 3-6 draw they secured against Donegal this afternoon was enough to book them a spot in next weekend’s decider. That will be against Louth, with venue and time details to be confirmed later on.

Details on today’s game – which was switched this morning from a frozen MacHale Park to the Connacht Centre of Excellence at Bekan – are fairly sketchy. Mayo GAA tweeted the scores as they occurred so the following brief narrative takes this as its lead. I’ve no details, I’m afraid, on who the scorers were but I have got information on our line-up for today’s game – that’s here.

By the looks of it, this was a game we could – and perhaps should – have won with a fair bit of ease. It was certainly a contest that at one stage we had the winning of but, as we’d done in our previous two matches in this U20 Development League, Mike Solan’s team took their foot off the gas a bit and let their opponents back into it. In the event, it was our lads who needed late scores to earn the draw.

After an even enough first twenty minutes, we eased clear and led by 0-6 to 0-2 at half-time. Early in the second half we were almost out of sight, having added a goal and a point to our tally to lead by eight.

Donegal hit back, though, scoring a penalty goal followed by two points to cut the gap to three approaching midway through the second period.

A goal at either end left the gap at three points but a second penalty award for the visitors gave them the chance to level it. Mayo ‘keeper Jamie McNicholas saved this, one, though, to maintain our three-point lead.

Soon after, however, Donegal did manage to find the net for a third time to level it up. They then went on, with the game now in its closing stages, to tack on two points to lead by that margin.

With defeat now staring our lads in the face they roused themselves anew. Two late points were enough to secure the draw that sends them forward to next weekend’s Leo Murphy Cup final.

The FBD final was, by the way, on this afternoon as well. This latest Connacht decider we’ve had to watch from the sidelines – how many Galway/Roscommon provincial deciders on the trot are we up to now? – was won by Galway. In front of a crowd in excess of 3,000 at Hyde Park today they beat Roscommon by 1-14 to 0-11, to secure the first silverware of Padraic Joyce’s reign.

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  1. It’s seems like a talented U20 panel overall but they’re having a tough time with injuries. Kuba Callaghan in the first game, Pat Chambers & Ruairí Keane last week and Adam Barrett today. No sign of Oisín Mullin either. I presume he was just rested unless James Horan wants him for the Donegal game?

  2. Good for the team’s development to get one more competitive game under their belts next weekend ahead of the Connacht championship. Hopefully they can learn from their last three second half performances and address the problem of letting opponents right back into the game. Important for Mayo football that this team has a successful Connacht championship campaign, however, it’s still hard to look beyond Galway again this year with the minor talent that they have had coming through these past couple of years.

  3. I give mayo every chance against Galway why you may ask ?we have had a good run out against 3 counties why they have been hammered and we also have a good panel

  4. Itsonly68, Galway played Cork the current champions at minor and U20 and Kerry who won the minor in 17 and 18. They were also missing Matthew Tierney their best player.

    I would keep an eye on Sligo at U20 in Connacht. Red Og Murphy is a serious player and they have had some significant wins in recent challenge matches.

  5. Red Og has been playing for Sligo u20s in their pre season competition anyway.
    They beat Fermanagh by 2 points and lost to Longford by 9 over the past two weeks so hardly flying it.
    Galway v Mayo could go either way – we have been mixing and matching in our 2 games against Cork and Kerry.
    Lost to Kerry by 3 yesterday in a game that could just as easily have gone the other way if we took our goal chances – so hardly a hammering.

  6. Fair point Ross town and Galway man obviously Galway are favourites with the minor talent but I feel that mayo under 20 team has a lot of potential

  7. A big factor will be if Oisin Mullen is involved. He is one of Mayo’s best U20 players. Likely he will be used as a direct marker on the opposition’s best forward or as a roving player around the middle. He’s effective at both.
    Quite a selection of good scoring forwards at u20 this year.
    Jack Mahon, Pat Lambert, Paul Towey, Adam Barrett, Kuba Callaghan and Mark Moran.
    Then there are big engine physicality around the middle type of players like Jack Carney, Ciaran Gavin, Padraig McLoughlin and Padraig Chambers.
    David McBrien covering the full back position well. Rory Brickendon more comfortable at 6.

  8. Jack Mahon really starred yesterday Jp, Mcbrien has the talent to become a really good full back.
    Nobody has any idea on what’s happening with Oisin Mullin we aren’t sure if he’s with seniors or injured nobody seems to have any info but would be a massive boost to that team and hopefully Kuba is fit for Galway

  9. Charlestown are doing a great job producing players and teams playing good football. They don’t have a big pick and yet contesting lots of B finals. Competitive at minor A.
    Yes, Jack Mahon is usually scoring well in most matches he plays.

  10. What a game the All Ireland Football Club Final is turning out to be!!! Drama with a Capital D…I haven’t answered the door for the last canvaser that called and won’t be for extra time either… Incredible Drama, you couldn’t write this!

  11. Michael lundy throwing around his usual cowardly cheap shots
    Would make you pine for the days when Leroy would put manners on him

  12. Ya, he’s really annoying, constantly getting in peoples faces. Has 4 All Ireland Club medals in the back pocket though. Corofin very cynical in extra time of normal time. Kilcoo very limited only survived by playing 15 behind the ball.

  13. My team for Donegal Saturday
    1.Rory Byrne / David Clarke
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.James McCormack
    4.Brendan Harrison
    5.Padraig O’Hora
    6.Colm Boyle
    7.Paddy Durcan
    8.Tom Parsons
    9.Matty Ruane
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Diarmuid O’Connor
    12.Jordan Flynn
    13.James Carr
    14.Cillian O’Connor
    15.Brian Reape

  14. Supermac those were the days when Galway were at an extremely low ebb, because Lundy is not within an asses roar of a Galway panel since then.. Some achievement for Corofin but that toxic brand of Football from kilcoo was terrible..

  15. It was a dreadful game of football from a neutrals viewpoint. Kilcoo would have won it in normal time by a few points if they had 15 on the field, that lad that was red carded had some rollercoaster of an afternoon. Sent off, was in tears in the stand, then the joy of getting a very unlikely draw and then the pain of hammering in extra time. Kilcoo didn’t have the fitness of Corofin it seemed, congrats to Corofin though, some achievement for a club.

  16. Corofin deserved it in the end and congrats on a mighty achievement.
    Appalling shooting from kilkoo, could have won it otherwise. A sure case of final jitters.
    Ridiculous amount if injury time allowed by Conor lane, even though Corofin were cynical.

  17. Congratulations to Corofin, incredible achievement, probably the best Club team that ever played the game… but were far from their best today… Kilcoo should have been easily much further ahead by halftime in normal time…I enjoyed the Drama of it in the first 70+ minutes, normally a Club game is 60+ minutes! ..But Corofin were being very cynical…. Connor Lane had a good game, but got one decision dreadfully wrong…The Kilcoo Player who was Red Carded after a second yellow, deserved the second yellow alright, but not the first, if fact it was the Corofin Player who deserved that, ‘SIMULATION’ he pulled the Corofin Player’s player’s hand onto his midrift, and dramatically fell to ground as if he had been shot…Who knows what would have happened if Kilcoo had 15 player’s for all of normal time?… This type of thing happens too much, Corofin are far from the only culprit’s, wish the GAA would clamp down on it strongly!… That said, you still have to hand it to Corofin, in the last few years they have risen the bar so high that they can truly claim to be the Best Club Team to have ever played the game…. Hope they enjoy the celebration well into the Spring…. Hard Luck to Kilcoo, they gave it absolutely everything they had, but badly needed to get that little bit of luck that unfortunately the underdog rarely get’s!

  18. Mayo played an A v B match today. Few players missing, be interesting to see what sort of team we name to start v Donegal.

  19. There hasn’t really been a peep from the Mayo senior camp ahead of the national league. Does anyone know if a league panel has been released? Would have thought there might have been word of some sort of a challenge game taking place this weekend with the Donegal game just around the corner.

  20. Letterkenny IT won their Sigerson game today so will be out again on Wednesday. They’ve a few Donegal players involved and Michael Murphy is their manager. Stephen Coen is the only Mayo senior player still in the competition.

  21. 45 – if James Horan wants to name a squad for the League I’m sure he will. If he doesn’t that’s fine too. In the event that he does, details will be posted here so there’s no need to be asking others about it. I specifically do not want to see anyone posting unconfirmed information naming players who are/aren’t on the panel at any stage – that’s long-standing policy here.

  22. 45,I’m glad there isn’t a peep coming from the camp.In years past,the ducks in the pond were quacking every tittle tattle that happened.We’ll know on Sat evening,and thats good enough for me.

  23. I’m with you there Opt2misteek. The less said the better. There have been too many leaks and too many fellas willing to put what little they know all over Twitter and the likes.

  24. I was at the Sligo Longford U20 game that’s how I got my info on Sligo, they’ve beaten Cavan, Roscommon and Donegal in recent challenges, Red Og Murphy scored 2-10 in one of those games. They’ll be decent that’s all I’m saying as they’ve been good at minor last couple of years

  25. When did they play all those challenges? The development league has been on going for the past 3 weeks.

  26. I hope JH is having a nightmare picking the panel. Be good to see the younger lads putting the seasoned players under some pressure.

  27. Letterkenny IT are through to the Sigerson semi finals. Donegal have also had a few injuries and panellists from other years not involved. Overall I think we should have more depth available of the two sides for that game.

  28. Chris Kelly – you’ll need to wait until the team is announced – or maybe until Saturday evening itself – to get your answer to that. My earlier caution re spreading and/or soliciting information on team developments that’s not yet in the public domain refers.

  29. What Corofin has acheived is phenomenal really and has to be recognised as a magnificent acheivement. But they do have a huge area that is well populated and this is never mentioned in the media ,Gaelic football is the only sport in the area , the Corofin and Belclare parish alone has 5 large National schools, thats not including the Lackagh/Turloughmore parish which a number of players from here go to Corofin to play football as they have only a hurling club.They are able to field 4 Adult teams.In Mayo only Castlebar , Ballina and Westport would have a population great enough to compete with them at every age group.If you include Turloughmore with the Corofin parish its the biggest Gaa club in Connacht.

  30. Barrett, Cillian, SOS, Aido all out according to the Mayo news. Said it’s unlikely Keegan will play. Ryan O Donoghue, Tommy Conroy, James Carr and Ciaran Treacy all carrying knocks too.

  31. Great info Nephin, 5+ national schools is a huge pick. And what Corofin have done is have a proper underage coaching structure in place which feeds off the success of the senior team.
    Can’t wait for that podcast, 2020 is up and running!

  32. What Nephin saying is not exactly right about Corofin they are not that big of parish they not even 5 biggest parish in Galway comparing them
    to Mayo clubs they be a small area I mean Belmullet Westport/Aghagower Ballycroy Achill and more clubs like these
    would be about 2 to 4 times the size corofin there nearly twice as many gaa clubs in Galway hurling and football and its only slightly bigger than Mayo PS Corofin have a hurling club its called Sylane Corofins success comes from a good under age structure and a men called Frank and hes son David Morris

  33. Huge pick is a ridiculous statement when it comes to Corofin, it wont win anything for you. Big area fair enough but what Corofin have achieved has very little to do with population. Grouo of lads like Kieran Fitzgerald and Gary Sice who live and breath football and have been very successful and influence others around the club. A club that were Intermediate in the 70s and have been dominant the past 20 years due to several exceptional underage teams, one that went from u12 to u21 without losing a game including winning the 14th all ireland feile.

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