Donegal preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E3

The start of a new inter-county season is now only days away, with Mayo back in Division One of the National League and facing Donegal at Markievicz Park in the opening round.

In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast, we preview Sunday’s Round 1 clash with Declan Bonner’s side. Rob Murphy hosts the show and he’s joined by Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden and Colm Keys of the Irish Independent. I’m on it too.

We start by widening the lens out and looking at how the likes of Tyrone, Kerry, Dublin and Monaghan are fixed heading into 2022. The debate then turns to Donegal and why, despite winning Ulster in 2018 and again in 2019, they have failed to push on for the ultimate prize.

Turning the focus back to Mayo, we discuss the impact of Oisin Mullin’s decision to stay in Ireland and how James Horan might best deploy the available talent at his disposal around the middle third of the field. The discussion then swings back to Mayo’s defeat in last year’s All-Ireland final and the possible impact of this on the team heading into the new season.

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5 thoughts on “Donegal preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E3

  1. Team I would like to see the weekend
    1.Reape or Byrne we need a reliable 2nd keeper
    8.Aido 1st half /Diarmuid 2nd half
    14 O’Donoghue

  2. This is more of a cathartic comment really – I’m not saying this for myself more than to provoke discussion, just to get it off my chest.
    I’m not going to the league game on Sunday. It will be the second league game I’ll have missed in the last twenty years. One of those two was for a funeral, the other for the birth of my son.
    This time I’m not going because I’m still not over last year. It would have helped if I thought lessons were learned but I looked at the fbd league game (I know it’s pre season, match fitness, etc) and what struck me more than anything was the complete lack of an alternative to the plan that has not worked since James Horan’s first stint. It’s plan A all the time. It hasn’t worked and what’s the alternative? Let’s do more of plan A because it might work this time. Well, here’s the thing. It won’t. It 100% won’t.
    I can’t praise JH highly enough for his part in the development of so many fantastic young players and for reinvigorating the squad but without a plan, it’s pointless. A change in management was needed. It didn’t happen.
    There are huge issues that need fixing. I’m not going to go into debate about players. I’ve named the ones before that will always let you down when it truly matters (and the only day that truly matters for Mayo football is AI final day).
    I know others will have different opinions – that’s the beauty of sport. As I said, this was more a getting things off my chest thing than a post looking for a reaction.
    One person won’t be missed from the stands. I’m not a fair weather fan – I’ve gone to more club and county games than I could possibly count. I know you can’t just turn off a tap when it comes to supporting either but for me, it’s just foolish to expect a different outcomes this time. They say it’s the hope that kills you. It’s the lack of hope that killed this man. Up Mayo.

  3. Team for Sunday named with subs bench.

    Jason Doc full forward great to see.

    Donnacha McHugh at 6 and Aidan Orme at 11.

    Exciting and strong team but could see one or two changes. Oisin seems to be out, the mayo news noted in a article he picked up a slight knock last week in a challenge match.

  4. @Tommy+Joe, if you look at things in detail it wasn’t all Plan A in the 2021 final.
    Mayo’s best goal chances were when the ball was kicked in to an uncongested Tyrone defence area right in front of goals, but the goals were not taken, this proved the difference at the end of the day, the converted penalty was just the tonic that was needed but wasn’t taken.

    I bet with you that once things get going you will be back in attendance at the games.

    One thing we can rely on, there is always a New Year and a new Championship to be won.

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