Donegal review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E35

Words on a podcast description can hardly do justice to what transpired in MacHale Park on Saturday evening. A truly unforgettable evening at the famous Castlebar venue saw Mayo prevail over the Ulster champions Donegal, underlining why they are still among the top teams in the land. 

On this week’s episode of the Mayo News football podcast host Rob Murphy is joined by Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News to take you through the story of the game. We then hear from James Horan and Aidan O’Shea in the immediate aftermath of the four-point victory. 

Our special guests this week are both All-Ireland winners, Martin McHugh and Ray Silke give us their considered insight plus there is a little bonus audio right at the end which should keep you humming between now and the next podcast. 

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

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50 thoughts on “Donegal review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E35

  1. Our best chance next week is to win the middle 8 and hope to score enough. Dublin have no excuses, perfect preparation and no injuries.

    I fear for our energy levels.

    Oh…who plays in goal?

  2. There is a perfect storm awaiting.

    The green and red army have been written off once more. Dublin would not struggle against Down Or Armagh. Dublin would have wiped the floor with them and polished all the tight edges. So why do Dublin fear Mayo? Dublin strolled through Omagh today. The Tyrone team and supporters dutifully gazed and fawned in wonder at the majesty of a second and third rate team from the Skyblues.

    Jim on the sidelines with his little book and peaked hat, hand over the mouth when talking added to the smoke and mirrors. Don’t think for a second I don’t think that Dublin are a serious team. They are. Four in a row. Say no more. Mayo will bring an intensity and ferociousness that Dublin have not faced since they faced us in the great robbery of 2017.

    Next Saturday lets settle old scores. Let’s stay calm in the pocket. Let’s trample on their dreams . Let them taste the taste of the snatching. Let them know full well how it feels to be the gallant losers. We have another chance and if we don’t take it we have only ourselves to blame.

    This is our time for so long now. Time to make it real. I fucking love this team

  3. Dublin are good what ever happens it is a great season for Mayo . Brought us on some journey up Mayo

  4. Finally getting around after yesterday’s fun.
    One of the craziest games in a while, nothing went as most of us thought they would.

    I have read some brilliant things on this blog this year, some of us look at Mayo playing in different ways, I look at them deeply and probably see more than the average supporter, I’m always measuring then against the Dubs.

    Here’s my summary
    Man of the match, once again for me it was James Horan, every call was brilliant, it was a blessing that Higgins got that black card, and surely O Donoghue needs to be selected v the Dubs, I was looking for a change in the 1st half, Coen at full forward didn’t work and was hoping Andy Moran would come in after half time, Horan made the brave call by bringing him on so early.
    The match for me was won with this clever switch in the 2nd half, taking Keegan off Murphy when Murphy was placed in the square, I saw that high ball coming 5 minutes before it did, we have seen the signs so many times, Donegal move out the forwards to create the space for Murphy, Donegal players on the ball passing and looking up so get the ideal opportunity of sending in the high ball, Lee didn’t look comfortable on a one on one in the square.
    I was shouting for a change to be made ( sorry supporters that were around me on the McHale road side on the corner with the Bacon factory end) and not because Lee got the yellow card but I knew Murphy had the beating of him in the square, various options went through my head, Vaughan was the player I picked but he wasn’t on the pitch.
    Horan’s brilliant move paid off Stephen Coen was brilliant gave Murphy nothing and after 10 or 14 minutes Murphy was then moved out the pitch. Well done Stephen Coen.
    I was hoping Hennelly would come through the test, he did, his kickouts were very good.

    McHale Park
    I went onto the pitch after the game, seems small, much narrower than Croker, and alot of heavy grass on it.
    Very uneven and hard, no spring, big difference than the 4G pitches in Clontarf RFC and Blanchardstown in Dublin.
    Surely there was more than 27,000 at the game, the place looked full.
    The big steel poles supporting the lights are an obstruction.

    Great team performance, I mentioned here before that I prefer Durcan attacking rather than defending, good option to keep Jack McCaffrey on the back foot. I can’t imagine Mayo playing the Dubs without both O Sheas in midfield, Un real power.

    The weather suited Mayo yesterday, very hard for Donegal to get a running game going, after Donegal went 2 points to nil up after 20 minutes, they decided to sit back and defend, invited Mayo forward, this was a big mistake.

    Horan won his battle v Rockford, and the players were well on top on the pitch.

    My head is playing tricks with my ?, funny I keep saying that the Dubs have this All Ireland in the bag, but also a part of me tells me that there is a score to be settled, my dream from Feb is still alive, Doherty and Aidan Ó Shea accepting Sam.

  5. Will get to the podcast shortly.

    Meanwhile can any poster tell me how I can watch a rerun of the game – any option considered here including subscription to Sky, but if so is it on catch up or do they have such a thing?

  6. It was interesting that we seemed to go long from kick-outs at every opportunity yesterday. Maybe we just simplified matters and reduced the nervousness of the short ones by pinging the ball and letting the lads out the field fight for their own ball.

    There will be days that works for you, but when it doesn’t you can be cleaned out. I would say that clipping the ball to the corner backs doesn’t really work for us. It’s energy sapping when you’re handed possession, and it can be risky when the opposition press.

  7. Catcol – I was wondering same. Haven’t used it before but you can buy the match on GAA Go. Think it will require a vpn for people based in Ireland though? It’s also 14 Euro which seems excessive…

    Does anyone want to upload it to YouTube? 🙂

  8. Hi All,
    I’m really looking forward to Saturday to meet all my good mates from Mayo and whatever happens we ‘ll have good craic. Just for the record some posters say we fear Mayo…the Dubs don’t fear any team but they most certainly respect them. Best of luck to Mayo on Saturday cheers all.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  9. Look I saw the great Galway three in a row team,Mayo took.them down i saw the Kerry four in a row team Offaly took them down,this Dublin team is as good as them,but I believe that Mayo will take them down

  10. Ah look in all honesty we’re not gunna beat the Dubs. Their at the peak of their powers and have had ideal preparation with the reserves playing today. Its just a step too far. I actually hope that when in all likely hood Dublin beats us, they win the 5 in a row. That will be the end of Gavin, he’ll 100% retire after this season.

    Making a semi final means our objectives have been met this year. Consistently competitive was Horans words years ago. This season is so reminiscent to 2011, young players parachuted in out of nowhere, written of in the quarter final by brolly and co, then playing a powerhouse in the semi’s!…..we know what happened the next couple of years later…….! This is the start of something, make no mistake.

  11. I think we are bonus territory after our deafet to Roscommon and all our injuries and setbacks no one gave us any chance of getting to a semi final but thank God here we are in with a chance. I think Mayo will put up a great show but Dublin will pull away in the last 15 minutes and turn the screw we probably don’t have the energy to stay with them for 70+ mins but that’s no shame after all the injuries and games we have had. Best wishes to you too Martin the Dub, always a fair contributor on here. Whatever happens on Saturday I’ll be in the stands cheering Mayo on and win lose or draw I’ll clap Mayo off the pitch and be proud.

  12. Dublin are on the cusp of immortality. The drive for five is still alive. What better justice to slightly balance out the robbery of 2017 than for Mayo to beat them on their pitch in their own town. We don’t fear Dublin that is our strength. What Dublin think of us is not a concern. We owe them and they owe us. Payback next Saturday. I can hardly wait. Let’s keep the eye gouging bullshit out of it and if they resort to them tactics again let’s rip there fucking balls out. Come On Mayo!!!

  13. – Winning the mid field battle thanks to the two O’Sheas and winning nearly all the breaking ball thanks to Fionn and Jason in particular who were both unreal in the first half.
    – Add in tight marking of Murphy by Leroy and then S. Coen and Paddy reducing Ryan McHugh to Ryan Who ?
    – There was one occasion in Killarney where there were Four Mayo men v one Kerry going for one breaking ball and none of our lads managed to.pick up the ball. Contrast that with last night where the Mayo guys were nearly tripping each other up to win every ball.
    – The only thing that did not work well was our scoring rate some of the misses due to weather but others inexcusable, every chance against Dublin needs to be taken.
    – Sure we maybe the Peoples Champs, the perinnel bridesmaids and the chokers but believe me the Dubs will be tackled HARD, will be marked, will earn every score and will know they are in a match next Saturday.
    – It will be up to every Mayo man to win the battle with this respective marker. As Ger Loughnane famously said ” Men needed now” we have them they will give their all and that’s all we can ask.
    – ” Is that them gone ?.” NEVER

  14. Catcol, I got rid of my sky sports subscription but when I had it there was always a play back option for the GAA games.

  15. All this nonsense about the dubs respecting us! Do they f**k! And neither do there supporters. I reference the “Mayo are shite” banner put up in omagh today. With some reference to hill 16 on the same banner. Real soccer stuff. But the again the oul fella ust to say down our way “what do expect from an ass but a kick “

  16. Agree 100% CoillDubh. That is why they fear us. They took the time to write it down. No class . I could hear their soccer chants today again. Can’t wait to put them back on their holes and at least try to teach them a little respect.

  17. For those of ye that don’t want to part with the hard earned cash or take out a VPN, Mayo Mick puts up his highlights of the game on YouTube.

    The Dubs will be favourites and rightly so, but we have nothing to lose. It’s not us chasing immortality after all.

    Irrespective of how it turns out next weekend, I think it’s largely been a positive first season back for Horan.

    -A first national title at senior level for 18 years;
    – The likes of Carr, McDonagh, Plunkett, Murray blooded for their championship debuts;
    – The rebirth of Darren Coen into a regular starter;
    – A proper run through the qualifiers and super eights in spite of a horrendous run of injuries and a fixtures schedule which is awful in terms of player welfare;
    – A first championship victory over Galway in three seasons.

    The obvious downside was the defeat to Roscommon and the failure to challenge for Nestor again, which I would largely put down to a goalkeeping mistake and the loss of Cillian. This should be a priority at all costs for next season.

    Let’s have a cut at the Dubs next week and see where it takes us. Ultimately this is Year One of a Four Year Plan.

  18. Joe Ruane, I’m loving your posts.
    I can’t wait for Saturday. It’s where we wanted to be. I feel as a supporter that yesterday was only the warm up. I want more. I’m ready for more. It’s been too long. Nearly 2 years since we’ve been in a semi. I intend to be louder than yesterday if that’s even possible. The Mayo support will roar our team on to help them rip into Dublin and give them what they’ve missed in championship for two years. I guarantee you one way or another it’s our Mayo lads who will get the standing ovation at the end – win, lose or draw. I can’t bleeping wait.

  19. Damn straight, @CoillDubh, great shout. Anyone who follows any of the threads on social media tonight discussing the Mayo/Dub game will find out pretty damn fast how much respect they have for this team, county and its people.

  20. Watch it Coilldubh man and Joe Ruane, you might be accused of being angry!!!! In your own Mayo space. God forbid you could feel rivalry towards the Gods of football and express it on a Mayo Blog…

  21. Hi All,
    Having read some posters views this evening I respectfully get the message and won’t bother with this site again. Certain posters don’t represent the classy knowledgeable Mayo supporters and I know us Dubs have some idiots following us too but I’m genuinely amazed how much some posters hate us. As always the very best of luck on Saturday to Mayo and if you do best us I genuinely hope you win Sam. All the best

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  22. While this is the mayblog, there is some trash talk here about the game on Saturday, I enjoy going on other counties forums but think that we should rein in some of the more colourful language, and should welcome visitor’s from other counties. Let’s not sink to levels of other forum’s.

  23. I think the quality of comments on the site here is disimproving and heading down the road of some very poor ‘fans’ sites. We had people here giving out about Kerry supporters booing Cillian – there was a lot more booing of Donegal players last night – we don’t want to go down that road as supporters. Some of the comments about Dublin and the refs who are always against us are not what the site here is about. I hope Willie Joe the comments go back to match/player analysis and good GAA people like Martin the Dub are not driven off the site.

  24. Martin the Dub you are most welcome here and don’t dream of leaving, Your comments are always fair and intelligent and welcome. There are always flutes in every camp. Please ignore them.

    I also agree that less bad language should be used. What does it achieve? Your comments are not added to by same. And some still find it offensive, so respect them too.

  25. Martin….cool your jets. I’m sure there has been some scandalous things written about Mayo this evening on the Dublin blog and folks are just reacting to it. I for one will miss your friendly comments

  26. Martin the Dub, I agree with Up Mayo – you are a respectful and knowledgeable poster here who is always welcome. You appear to love your team and Gaelic football in general. You share that with all of us here. You also have the great trait of being able to dialogue with others.

    I am sorry for some of the robust opinions mentioned by some of us regarding the Dubs. Most are borne of frustration, which are probably understandable given our efforts to win Sam and being stopped in our tracks on many occasions now by your team. I’m not condoning those comments though.

    Oddly, those string or games and defeats at the hands of the Dubs have made us a better team, have made us, I believe, the kind of team that could go out yesterday and get the victory over Donegal in the manner in which we did. We have had to learn and evolve as we faced different situations and teams over the years. Thanks to you guys for that!

    All good wishes to you.

  27. Dublin are the most boring great team of all time , there is something incredibly unnatural about it , it’s almost unsettling . I don’t like them at all but you have to admire winners I suppose and winners is what they are , two games off five in a row , win it which they probably will and they will have a record of two loses in nine years of championship football . It’s just extraordinary but like I say I can’t stand them at the same time .

  28. Only just back in the door now after a very long day, during which I’ve only been online in spots. I’d just echo what others have already said here, Martin, which is that you are, of course, welcome to continue posting here and shouldn’t feel your contributions aren’t wanted. Same goes for all the other Dublin contributors who post here. I’ll do something a bit more considered on this issue later (tomorrow hopefully) but the general point I’d make is for everyone to back off and desist from posting antagonistic, baiting anti-Dublin comments. People do themselves no favours posting comments in that vein, which invariably provoke responses in kind, which then make life more difficult for me. Supporters of both counties should enjoy the next few days and give each other and their players due respect and should not stoop to the awful muck that’s commonly slung about the place in other places online.

  29. It distresses me to see that a very genuine and respectful poster such as Martin the Dub feels that he is no longer welcome here. Please rein in some of the more excessive language folks.

    Dublin have their fair share of muppet supporters but so too do we, and none of the Dubs that post here regularly fit that category IMO.

    I will say that this cuts both ways, mind you. I see that the Dubs have some leibide who brings a “Mayo are s***e” banner to every game. This sort of stuff is quite sad actually and belongs to the fan culture of a different code of football.

    Let’s keep this as a place for everyone who sincerely wants to talk football.

  30. We have really good and informative posters here from Mayo ,but I always enjoy the outside posters as well so to Martin the Dub and Game changer please take no notice of the few who want to spoil the banter,all these players give their time and effort for our enjoyment so enjoy the game when it is over shake hands with the opposition supporters and look forward to the next game,I must say some of my posts predicting ten points wins are tounge in cheek,when I am always happy with a one point win,looking forward with confidence to Saturday night hope that it is a brilliant game and no injuries to either team,up Mayo

  31. Martin. Yeap its funny every time theres a bit of anti Dub on the blog. Sinéad is first on cheerleading the post.. Sinéad that’s some chip on the shoulder you have.. I know we have our gobshites following us, as does everyone,, I think Martin is right time to come off all media until after Sat.. Funny never have to do that for any other counties,… Listen this is the one match I can’t wish yous all the best, but if you win.. I’ll be on (after a few days) wishing and hoping you’ll go all the way…

  32. Jaden, Gamechanger10, Loretto Road, Outta da Blue, and of course , Martin the Dub have lent a lot to this forum over the years and I have always thought it was the sign of a well run forum and civilised contributors that ye felt welcomed here.
    Long may it continue.

  33. P.S…….
    No, I don’t want Dublin to win five in a row (or any other team to win one in as row) because that simply means We will have to wait another year to have a go, and I’m sick of waiting.

  34. Fair play to you Outta the Blue, I largely agree with your sentiments. I actually try to do the same thing in advance of Dublin v Mayo games as I find that a lot of people lose the run of themselves entirely on social media (or anti-social media, as I often think of it). This is as true of Dublin fan sites as it is here.

    For instance, recently on our club Whatsapp I saw a joke meme going round (originating from a Dublin supporters’ site) comparing Mayo supporters to insects.

    Now, I’m for a bit of banter and actually find some of these things quite funny. I enjoyed one or two of the Dublin memes in advance of the last All-Ireland final between our counties, which were humourous even if we were the butt of the joke.

    However, what I’ve described above goes way beyond simple footballing rivalry into very dangerous territory IMO. There is a rather tragic history of such “othering” paving the way for ethnic violence in several countries around the world (I live in one of them) and I would hope that people would choose their words a bit more carefully this week.

    Having been at both All-Ireland finals in 2016, I do think that some of the online bile permeated the terraces and there was some nasty stuff before and during the games. I hope this is avoided next weekend.

    I would appeal to Mayo fans to ignore the inevitable wind-ups and provocations that come our way this week, concentrate on getting behind our fellas and let the nonsense pass.

  35. The antagonism between Mayo and Dublin has gotten completely out of hand. Not sure what’s driving it but it doesn’t reflect well on either county. It’s not just electronic either – I’ve witnessed it in my own workplace and other fora.

    People need to get a grip. Part of the beauty of the GAA is that we mix before/during/after these games. There’s always some good natured slagging, but the goading and piss taking adds nothing to the occasion.

    You don’t need to like every opponent, but likewise there’s no particular requirement to denigrate them at every turn. And that goes both ways. Otherwise we’re all condemned to behave like utter clowns.

  36. TO MARTIN THE DUB. please come back to the mayo gaa blog site .i think it is great to have contributors from other counties on this really adds to making the blog so enjoyable and unmissable for mayo gaa supporters

  37. Guys I’m going to give some context to the remark I made last night re respect (or rather the lack of respect) between opposing sets of supporters as demonstrated of late. Having been to my first game in ’63, I think I can supply a fairly comprehensive account of the way things have changed for the worse over the decades. In the 60’s we were 2nd best to the Galway 3-in-a-row team, but I can assure everyone here that when they got to the Final we were behind them all the way. By 1966 I think I could name all 15 of that team. The 70s were a shocking time for Mayo football, and year after year we suffered defeat in Connaught, but we never experienced any abuse, either during or after games. There was a natural respect and reserve in society at the time. It was a product of the Catholic Church ( love it or hate it), the school system, the way we were raised and just a natural instinct to be decent. I took off for the UK in ’77 and was gone for over 20 years. When I came back in 2000, one of the first things I saw was a car sticker of a Galway man pissing on a Mayo jersey with the caption ‘Love Galway, hate Mayo’. This was a direct import of a t-shirt I’d seen a few weeks earlier, except the 2 teams were Liverpool and United. Then social media kicked in in earnest, the Church had lost all credibility, and we were finally free to express ourselves fully. And guess what? It immediately degenerated into a race to the bottom, where the object seems to be not just disagree with your adversary but to insult and demean them in the vilest language and imagery possible. I’d just been scanning a thread last night where the so-called ‘banter’ about the upcoming Mayo /Dub game contained abuse from certain Dub supporters that was beyond all limits of humour or fun. So I stand by my remarks about non-resoect these days, especially as demonstrated by some Dubs towards us, people like Martin the Dub notwithstanding, of course. It’s sick, it’s worrying and it’s gonna end in years.

  38. That’s all good context, Fearbolg, but context isn’t enough here. After Martin the Dub posted his comment last night saying that he’s not going to contribute here again, you steamed in straight away with a cutting, caustic remark aimed directly at him, a comment I deleted as soon as I saw it.

    Respectful debate online is everyone’s responsibility and core to this is people refraining from landing cheap shots at others. I know this trend is rampant everywhere online but I’m damned if it’ll become the norm here too, even if at times it feels like I’m trying to turn back a tidal wave.

  39. Agreed, WJ, and yes that was a cheap shot from me, which goes to show how toxic this whole thing is. Not an excuse, but I was so fired up after reading some of the stuff I mentioned above, I immediately degenerated to the same level myself. This is a dangerous phenomenon and my real fear is that we’ll start to see it played out on the terraces as per Leeds,Millwall, etc., in the 70s/80s. At the 2017 semi v Kerry a fight broke out just behind me which thankfully was quickly calmed down, but it’s not a million miles away from violence at the moment.

  40. Wj I stand by what I said. As outlined here many times look at the stuff they put up on their blogs. Minor compared to what was said here last night.
    Do people really buy this “if yee best Us I hope yee win it out” stuff? Really? They do in their arse. No more than we do them.
    Anyway I don’t but that’s just my opinion.
    And as for guys leaving the blog? Why ? Nothing personal just my belief.
    Way too touchy some of these lads.

  41. I know that what’s posted elsewhere is way worse than the worst of what’s posted here, CoillDubh Man, but that’s solely due to the moderation that I have to do and the way that reasonable contributors have responded to this, creating in the process a space where fair-minded debate is allowed to thrive. Now, that doesn’t stop people trying to post abusive stuff and they do so all the time, even long after they’ve been black-listed and what they post goes straight into the spam bucket. But be in no doubt, if this place wasn’t moderated then the commentary would be as vile here as it is everywhere else. But, in that circumstance, this place wouldn’t exist as I’d have no interest in allowing that to happen.

  42. One of the primary reasons I frequent/participate in this forum is because it is largely free from the vitriolic sniping and rumour-mongering that plagues other similar fora.

    For example I can’t even contemplate looking at Hoganstand anymore. I get the sense the likes of the Hill 16 brigade are something similar or worse.

    As WJ has mentioned, if we go down that path I’m out of here. There’s enough of that shite about the place without seeking it out.

  43. Fearbolg..From my own past experience it is best just staying away from some of the sites where anything goes…some people can read that stuff and ignore it..I like you would get wound up and to be honest it then just brings out the worst in you. Willie Joe does a fine job here and it can be a thankless task moderating. It does protect this blog tho from disintegrating into a free for all where anything goes. I think we should all be thankful and mindful of the fact the man has more for doing than spending a lot of time moderating when we are posting our comments.

  44. Getting back to the football. Brilliant win Saturday night, against the “experts” predictions.Written off again for next Saturday so let’s go and upset the odds again. It’s all about mayo, not what any set of opponents are trying to achieve. Ps. we need to get there early to support our great minor team. Mayo x 2.

  45. Fearblog and Coilldubh man, I get where you come from, especially when I think about the billboards going to last year Connaught final who went to great trouble to erect big billboards with their innuendos. It was mind blowing, but we blew them away in Gaelic Pk

    BUT I think of what Aido and lads do now.
    They ignore, We ignore, they play football, and we support with all our hearts, and bring the noise, and colour to continue to do what we all do best onn and off the pitch.
    Never ever give up, have faith, and keep busy this week to calm the nerves. Heads down until we raise them up Sat at 3pm and 5pm.

    Welcome back WJ, you needed that break to brace yourself for another great day ahead, an AI semi. Isn’t it just fantastic that we are still on this great journey as true Mayo people, with these amazing Mayo lads.
    To quote Keith Duggan on Sat morn, ‘if Mayo are still standing, then they will stand as something strange and frightening’
    Lets hold onn to those words in the coming days. And any time I post here I keep reminding
    ‘Don’t forget the flying doctor’s spirit this year’.

  46. I stand by whatever I said about roaring and standing ovation etc which wasn’t even bad but I will admit in my 2nd post I was hitting out at Martin the Dub for calling me angry a few weeks back because he didn’t like that I wasn’t happy with the ref in 2017 and that I think the Dublin players cheated at the end. That’s my opinion and I stand by it. Revellino said what I meant in a better way than me after. However, apart from not loving him calling me angry I have no issue with Martin. I didn’t say anything on it then so I should have kept my mouth shut yesterday. Sorry Martin. However, I see nothing wrong with what the others said. Just full of passion. For the record I do think think Dublin are great footballers – I’ve never said they are not. I do think they are a great team but so is our team. Why do I even have to prove my respect for Dublin. I think they are our biggest rivals so that’s enough respect. I want to us to beat them. Why wouldn’t I?! At the same time I’m with Annmarie, it’s not all about Sam anymore for me. I enjoy Gamechanger10, Man of Aran and others but there is no love lost between Outta Blue and me. So what!! I don’t intentionally set out to wind him up but I do without trying since we annoyed one another in 2016/17. I’m probably more sensitive to his posts now too. That’s life. I’m not going to lose sleep about what people think of me, esp people I’ve never met. I’ve hit the sense of humour level wrong here recently where people took something seriously that wasn’t meant that way at all (including WJ). I don’t agree with some people here but I respect their opinion. I enjoy all the different views. I’ll be honest I don’t have much free time and often I find when I write I don’t put enough effort/thought into how I word things as I’m too wrecked so I’m sorry if I offend on occasion. I don’t have a Dublin chip on my shoulder and I’m not angry but I do find the ‘rallying’ strong posts moving/motivating and I don’t think it’s strange that many of us feel more motivated/charged up/reactive towards Dublin/Galway. And I’m not apologising for it but I do apologise if sometimes I’m not sensitive enough to posters from outside Mayo. However, I think some outside posters would also do well to remember they are on a Mayo site and tone down their sensitive radar.

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