Donegal team for Sunday named

Donegal named their team for Sunday a short time ago (thanks to Sean Burke for the tip-off). As was fairly widely anticipated, Mark McHugh isn’t included in the starting fifteen but last year’s Footballer of the Year Karl Lacey is. Here’s the team in full:

Donegal (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final v Mayo, 4/8/2013): Paul Durcan (Four Masters); Paddy McGrath (Ardara), Neil McGee (Gaoth Dobhair), Eamon McGee (Gaoth Dobhair); Frank McGlynn (Glenfin), Karl Lacey (Four Masters), Anthony Thompson (Naomh Conaill); Neil Gallagher (Glenswilly), Rory Kavanagh (Naomh Adhamhnain); Ryan Bradley (Buncrana), Ryan McHugh (Kilcar), David Walsh (Naomh Bríd); Paddy McBrearty (Kilcar), Michael Murphy (Glenswilly), Colm McFadden (Dunfanaghy).

So, despite all the talk about their injury ‘crisis’, that starting fifteen contains thirteen of the side that lined out against us in last year’s All-Ireland final. Along with McHugh – who is replaced in the starting fifteen by his young brother Ryan – the only other absentee from last September is Leo McLoone, with David Walsh taking his place. As far as I know, this is a tactical switch and not one that’s injury-enforced. The side named for Sunday also shows just the one change from that which started against Laois last Saturday evening, with Lacey replacing Declan Walsh at centre-back.

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  1. your a silly billy willy its michael murphy not martin
    i gave the loan of the ass to martin murphy to bring home the hay from the bog today

  2. Is martin a brother of michael or what like getting very confusted reading this?

  3. No great worries there.

    Its game 4 ,to be taken seriously but there to be won…simple as.

    More interested in our own team frankly.

  4. Thanks all for the corrections re Michael Murphy, I’ve amended it now. As I’d done the lazy man on it and copied Sunday’s team from the list (which included club details) contained in the post I did ahead of last year’s All-Ireland it turns out I had him down as Martin then as well. Didn’t stop him doing all that damage to us in the final, the hoor!

  5. Some good comments here over the past few days, the heart is starting to pump a bit now alright.
    All we’re missing is one of those inspirational pieces from the bould An Spailpin, then we’re set for Sunday

  6. Willy the name of that ass didn’t happen to be Michael by any chance,it could explain a lot,LOL

  7. Can’t wait for this one. All the talk about Alan Dillon and Andy over the last few days had me wondering what Warren Gatland would do. As lots of people have said, both great servants to the County over the last ten years, but if not fit what then?This is a huge game. Anyone playing needs to be 100%. there’s going to be hard hitting. No room for sentiment really we need to win this one. Up Mayo.

  8. Is there many Mayo heads going up to the game? I rang today and they told me they still had plenty of tickets.i don’t know how many they were allocated i assume 10-15 thousand i would have thought would have being snapped up al ready but i suppose tis early in week yet.must pop down to get mine tomorrow

  9. No surprises there re the donegal team there should be no excuses for anyone not going to dis one last year s all irealnd final was embaressing we were so outnumbered I reckon horan will get tactics spot on in my opinion he should pull back both feeney and mcgloughlin to keep the donegal forwards quiet

  10. Is it just me,or is this the longest week ever I wish the game was on tomorrow but alas il wait and ponder I wish I was at home for it but does anyone know when James horan and his staff will announce our team?????

  11. Mister Mayor says:
    July 31, 2013 at 9:44 pm
    It wil be sad if mayo are outnumbered by Cavan and Donegal on the Hill.

    This is what we’re up against, ya can’t force people i know but there is no proper pr drive down home to get people motivated in going. Saying that now there has been a steady increase in support of late, we have had nice league crowds, we had 13k i reckon in salthill and 15k or so in Castlebar.

    I can never fathom why people who were at CF wouldnt travel to Dublin , its beyond my thinking tbh.

    Mid west need to get there arse in gear and get promoting. Coaches are a great idea, i know the buck down my way is doing ten euro return, which is mighty value . The man in super valu (J. Duffy) Ballagh organised free buses last year which has to be admired , some people make a massive effort, i just hope people try to get on board and come up ta hell.

    This team has really done us proud every time , i think the least we can do is play our part.

  12. We have a population of 130,000 in Mayo. Could be something like 120,000 of us NOT going to the match! There is no reason why there cant be 40,000 from Mayo there on Sunday. Anybody fit and healthy enough to go should get off their arses and go. Take a big green and red flag too and roar until the place shakes to its foundations. Support your county. They need you. We need as many troops in the trenches as possible.

  13. Your bang on Jim flag.was trying to get my girlfriend to come up but she said she had no interest in going would rather go to pub and watch it.i feels lot of folk in Mayo prefer to watch it in pub then travelling to Dublin.

  14. Don’t worry Mayo fans will travel I think that most. People. Who were at al final last year will travel nd the people who didn’t go to connacht final will travel also I’d say there’ll. B 35000 Mayo fans in Crokerl.for people who don’t fancy the long trip to Dublin why not just drive to maynooth and get the train from there its a great service

  15. If i don’t get to go to match i always watch it on my own in flat.some of the big games id be pacing around sitting room or kneeling down of sitting on ground.cant really do them things and get away with it if i were in i hate listening to gobshites going on as if they knew what they were talking about.when un actual fact they wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow.

  16. I hope that Horan will make the correct call and not put a man that isn’t 100% at present into the game from the start, we can’t let the game go early on us and then start trying to claw it back. I am nervous until I see the team named.

  17. 3 heading from Galway to help swell the numbers. Looking forward to the Mayo team being announced any idea when?

  18. This week seems to be dragging on forever all-right.. Can’t wait to see the make-up of this team now.. True to form James will leave this to the last minute with few changes and going with the tried and trusted.. I expect to see Freeman in full forward

  19. I’m not convinced it will be the usual no changes for some reason i get the vibe Barry Moran will play a part.

  20. Mr steamywindows- Jaysus, that’s awful dirty talk. You’ll go straight to hell but wait until after the match.

  21. Good man Jim Flag and don’t forget the other few who live outside the county and attend most matches. I know I’ve been home to go to League games and asked lads on Saturday night if they were going to Castlebar, and the answer was , ah I won’t bother , yet when we beat Dublin in semi I got 3 texts in 10 minutes looking for final tickets from the same guys. I suspect ye know the answer. This is what this team is up against, without Donegal.

  22. Bar stool supporters have no choice to watch mayo play when they are abroad that certainly doesn’t make us any less or uneducated supporter!!!!!!!!!!! We all cheer and cry the same as the ones at the game

  23. Was talking to the ould fella this evening, he thinks there will be a sizable Mayo crowd on Sunday. Weather wil be a factor but I’m guessing ~15k mayo, 20k Cavan, 20k donegal and 30 Kerry folks. All counted about 55 k plus the Kerry team.

  24. Can’t stop thinking about this game. Had a dream last night that the score at half time was 0-23 point each. Would be some craic if it came true.

    Either way I think the subconscious is telling me this could be a tight one. While the conscious has been poring over possible match ups, strategies, additions, omissions, heroes or villains.

    Can’t wait

  25. Lads, with out doubt we are going to have a huge crowd at this game, all my mates are going most of who live outside the county (one flying in from London) and only ever go to the occasional championship game or the final / semi final in Croker. This fixture has caught the imagination so between the diaspora and the home crowd I expect huge mayo support.

    On the match front, This is going to be seriously tough, this is basically the same team that beat us last year, OK theyve been spluttering on dirty petrol throughout the chiompionship but I feel there’s going to be a big kick out of them on Sunday.

    They’re six backs are a formidable unit, don’t expect to see the magees being isolated again, Rayn mchugh will be there to help out all the way, and for me he’s better than his brother, that half back line if it clicks the next day can be serious, Mcglynn and thompson always good for a score, but im still not 100% about lacey I don’t think he’ll do 70 mins. There mid field is decent, but the O’Shaes should come out on top.

    for me theyre half forward line of Bradley, walsh and mchugh is probably theyre weakest area – bradley under presure is a headless chicken, walsh is a hit and hope merchant and decision making on the ball isnt great. I expect mchugh to be everywhere – just like his brother. Their FF line need I say more.

    IMO we need to dominate in the middle third, for all the obvious offensive and defensive reasons, we can’t let high ball rain down on the lads again because murphy and co will thrive. I think we also need addiotional cover there and try and nullify mcfadden, murphy and mcbrearty.

    I think our ff line need a big game, Andy if selected in there needs to show last years form, he hasnt been his old self just yet, no better time than sunday to drag neil magee all over croke park and roast him, they know each other pretty well from Sligo IT days

    Kevin mc and lee just keep doing what theu do and they’ll cause serious problems for any team, between covering back picking up breaks and going forward. Not sure who is going in to CHF need a big game in there to conduct the orchestra and unlock this defence.We need to move the ball at pace against DL so they can’t get the men back – like we did for 20/30 mins against them last year when we dominated the game.

    I’m expecting a good game, i don’t see donegal going all defensive, they will feel they can beat us with out that (Theyre v confident – as my buddy has been saying “sure who have ye played etc” ). Regardless of all the guff in the papers i don’t think its going to be dirty – I’d expect hard hits alright but both teams are fairly disciplined (mighty fly close to the wind sometimes alright).

    I feel we’ve the weaponry to beat them this year, but it has to all go right, theres nothing easy about this.

    Anyway rant over

    C’mon Mayo.

  26. NYC green and red
    In fairness I dont think anyone is slating the suppporters who live abroad. There’s no place I’d rather be this weekend than in Dublin for a feast of football,but alas I live in the US and cant be there. There was a time when every Sunday I’d have to make the trek to a bar to watch the championship, but now, with technological advances, I’m fortunate enough to be able to sit at home on a Saturday or Sunday and watch every match live.
    I buy the League and Chamionship Season pass and watch every match…hurlin and football. In doing so, I along with tens of thouands ex-pats do our part to support the GAA and by externsion our beloved Mayo. IMO, no less a supprter than the die hards that show up week in week out for their county.
    Reg. Mayor.

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