Double Dubs date this weekend, hurlers get going as well

We turn from visitors to hosts this weekend, with both our Senior football teams playing their Dublin counterparts, both of which are, coincidentally, the reigning All-Ireland champions. Our hurlers get their League campaign underway as well, also with a home match.

The lads are in action first in what’s arguably the match of the weekend. Their National League Round 2 clash with Dublin takes place at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park on Saturday evening, with throw-in under the lights set for 7.30pm.

Fergal Kelly of Longford is the ref for this one and the match is being shown live on RTÉ2. The link for tickets is here.

The county’s women footballers take on Dublin at James Stephens Park the following day. I’ve no idea why this isn’t being played as part of a double-header on Saturday – I know the ladies team are using Ballina as their home venue this year but surely it would have made more sense to give them greater exposure in front of what’s likely to be a big attendance at MacHale Park?

Anyway, the match is going ahead in Ballina on Sunday, where throw-in is 2pm. Galway’s Shane Curley is the ref and the link for tickets is here.

The hurlers are also in action on Sunday, with their National Hurling League Division 3A campaign getting underway with an opening round match against Armagh at MacHale Park. That game gets underway at 1pm and the link for tickets is here.

By the way, there’s a good piece by John Harrington on the GAA’s website (here) about how the county’s hurlers are hoping to bounce back this year following a very disappointing year in 2023.

The best of luck to all three Mayo teams in action this weekend.

20 thoughts on “Double Dubs date this weekend, hurlers get going as well

  1. Fergal Kelly reffing – maybe we can avoid whinging about this one?
    A double header would be great for exposure. Real shame it’s not on together – bigger crowd and both sets of fans in town. Opportunity missed!

  2. I didnt hear much talk about the ref after Galway match, there was some giving out because people thought ROD should have had a free before the black card, but that’s hardly going over the top. It’s not like it’s been a main topic of conversation here or elsewhere.

  3. Looking forward to this one loads tipping the dubs for this hmm..

    Alot of my dub mates are worried for this one though.

    Say we are fitter and out for some kind of revenge after the quarters last year even if only league..
    I’m gonna go mayo by 4 or so..

    But as I said if if we beat Dubs will we have played well or will the dubs just be poor haha..

    Hopefully we see Diarmuid O Connor and enda hession back soon.

  4. Two points on the board after beating Galway means that some pressure is off over the next two games.

    If we can sneak 1-2 points from Dublin / Kerry games we will be in a great position for the second half of the league.

    The lads on AhRef podcast mentioned that two of our forwards ROD (UoG) and Tommy C (UoG) will be playing against two of our backs in Sam Callinan (UCD) and Rory Brickenden (UCD) tomorrow night in Sigerson and could well end up marking each other. Hopefully a few of them get a rest the weekend against Dublin.

  5. Hard to know how this one will go because the Dubs are one team that can go from poor to brilliant in a flash. Will they bring in more of the old guard or look to use new lads? Either way it’s intriguing and a good test for our lads, as much mentally as physically and if we come under pressure how they react will be telling. I would like a win in an arm wrestle of a contest to banish a few demons but if we can’t win at least battling to the end and keeping shape and composure.
    As others have said it’s a bloody shame that it’s not a double header with the ladies but hoping they can do the business in Ballina.

  6. It really bugs me that whenever (or a lot of times) when mayo beat a big team or win well that it’s just cause the other team didn’t show up or played poorly.

    Happened v kerry in killarney everyone thought we be hammered but apparently was only cause kerry played badly even though they had their best on the field.. Against Galway just didn’t show up and you can’t judge how good or bad is apparently and guarantee if we beat the dubs ( we will I think) dubs will be poor or playing it cute ha and mayo are peaking to soon..

    Sorry but it’s a super annoying attitude of many people not just mayo people but in general.

    We were good v Galway early days but very promising signs!

  7. I think it’s great that it’s not a double header. If it was a double header, the ladies match would have to be at 5.30 to allow for the men to have a warm up on the pitch. That would mean leaving the house at 4.15 and getting home at 10, with a couple of young ones in tow, so not feasible. But we will be in Castlebar and in Ballina to shout on the ladies on Sunday! Two days out on a bank holiday weekend.

  8. I’m afraid until we finally do the business in championship Clare we are going to get that kind of thing.
    Agree hop it ref, this time of year even thinking of a double header in Mayo HQ gives me the shivers 🙂

    Unfortunately no sign of a stream for the UCD v NUIG game this evening, You’d imagine whichever sides wins players be rested the weekend so not playing 6 games in 18 days.

  9. In Dublin I’d say majority of us aren’t expecting a win. Spring time game, just hoping for a half decent performance and a couple of young lads to get game time. Personally hoping to see Theo Clancy start the game for us. On the warm-up before the Monaghan game we were commenting on how bulky our lads looked. They didn’t look fit, but expect them to lean out for the championship. Looking forward to a good game with two teams that try to play a kicking game. Mayo always easy on the eye. See you all down there on sat evening.

  10. We will be well torn as to who to shout for in this evenings college game…. especially if the 4 lads end up marking each other… just keep the fingers crossed that all come through un injured,and a rest for at least 2 at the weekend/

  11. U16s free as I understand it.
    Thankfully it seems somebody higher up had a word with the CB and that nonsense they were on about before Christmas.

  12. I seem to be the only one who wants the sigerson lads play at least a half on Sunday. I suppose not playing is probably the right thing but I’m probably being selfish support wise looking for them to play. They are all young lads and would probably be training if they’re not playing and still open to injury. Aidan kilcoyne injured his knee getting off the bench after the team photo before a club championship game years ago.

  13. If ,as someone said it’ll be 6 games in 18 days that’s too much to expect…. regardless of what supporters might want or expect .
    Recovery time is needed.

  14. Hill16, ye are only blowing out the dirty diesel. Ye won the All ireland as a division 2 team so I don’t think ye will be too bothered too early this season. Still, it will be a great night, big crowd and loads of banter.

    Clare, anyone who was in Killarney last year could see just how poor Kerry were. O’Shea had a keg on him and was blowing hot after 25mins. Yes, they still had to be bet, but, it wasn’t hard. In truth we should have put anopther 2 or 3 goals past them.
    Galway will be a different animal later in the Spriong. Two points in the bag, nothing more than that.

  15. @culmore: Yeah. UL vs DCU is on ( at 6:15pm and then TUD vs UU at 8pm. Sadly the NUIG vs UCD one isn’t being covered to potentially see Ryan/Tommy/Rory/Sam clashing (winner of that would be my favourites for the competition…. unless Glass and Doherty come back tonight in which case UU would be very tough to beat).

    A chance for Fallon, Irwin, Kelly, McHale, Jennings (UL), Joyce, Keane (DCU) and Hanley (TUD) though I think it’s only been Irwin, McHale and Keane starting so far in the competition.

  16. @Pebblesmeller that’s the thing anytime we beat a big team they are either poor or will be a different animal in the spring find it very annoying ha. We will see how good Galway will get they are in crisis ‘apparently’ though after the loss wonder what they would say if they won ha.

    @Gizmobobs yeah true until we actually win Sam that’ll be the attitude I’d say..

  17. No crisis in galway whatsover . They have top drawer footballers to return and will be a completely different animal come the summer . Their record against mayo is poor though , very poor theres no denying that .

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