Doubts emerge about Oisín’s departure

The Irish Examiner has a piece online this evening by John Fogarty (here) which reveals that Oisín Mullin’s move to AFL club Geelong has “hit a snag”. It’s stated in the piece that the Kilmaine man may not have signed a contract yet with the Australian club and that, as a result, “the move could now be in jeopardy”.

This is obviously a developing story so we may hear more on it over the coming days.

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  1. If you look at the Geelong Twitter feed, they have a video a few weeks ago and Oisín says in it that he is excited to be joining them. Unfortunately I think we are going to lose him.

  2. Strange one. Wonder what the stumbling block is? Something related to fitness or injury? Open to correction here in case I missed it, but I don’t recall the county board or his club making any comment when Geelong announced he had signed, which I thought was odd – surely a generic ‘thanks for everything and best of luck’ would have been standard? However, there were rumours going round a few weeks ago that the move was far from a done deal…

  3. At this stage I hope it happens for him. It would be a hollow victory for Mayo to see him back in action in the Spring knowing his dream of heading to oz had not happened for him.

  4. Surely if this was an 11th hour u-turn from Mullin himself, it would have been pretty much common knowledge across the county before now? Unless it really has come out of the blue all of a sudden – but (while not totally unheard of) it would certainly be unusual to suddenly go back on an agreement a mere matter of weeks later, before even starting the new gig

    The article is so vague though it could literally mean anything, ranging from the entirely innocent to something perhaps more “sinister” so to speak. Maybe the agreement was more of a verbal nature till now and they’re just waiting to actually complete the formalities (or perhaps there are some mere minor terms still to be ironed out before anything is signed), and the Examiner are jumping the gun a tad, in tabloid-esque style? Maybe there was something lost in translation in the recruitment process and one of the parties is now having second thoughts? Maybe something unforeseen or even (hopefully not…) more serious has come up on either side which means the move has to be postponed or shelved completely?

    Either way I’m sure it’ll all come out very soon. No doubt some Geelong reps will be waking up shortly to a barrage of messages from Irish journalists looking for some explanation from their side of things

  5. A huge loss for Mayo but I hope he gets to follow his dream and play pro sport. Or win the lotto.

  6. It’s a really strange one. I too heard the rumours that it wasn’t a done deal at a club game in Mayo a few weeks ago but when I saw Geelong announce the move and then saw the video footage of him sending a message to the Cats fans I was 100% certain it was done and dusted.
    Very curious situation alright.

  7. I very much doubt it’s injury/fitness related. Sure when Cian Hanley departed a number of years ago hadn’t he just done his ACL? But still travelled and rehabbed over there if I’m not mistaken…

    This is a strange one alright, especially as its coming from a credible source, ie John Fogarty. I’m sure all will be revealed in the coming days. If he was going you’d think he’d be gone by now. Maybe it’s just logistical stuff to be ironed out.

  8. Ciaran, yes vague is the word. I see it as nothing more than a click bait article and believe it’s probably just a case of actual signing or something else minor. The word snag is also used, a snag is also usually something minor.

  9. @ Dave, isn’t it a sad day for Mayo and for all of us who love Mayo, when the dream of an up and coming star, nurtured all the way in the green and red, is to travel to the other side of the world to play a game he never played before.

    Did he say it was his ‘dream’ or is that just your words? I find it impossible to believe that it would be his or any top Mayo footballer’s ambition to leave. What I can understand is someone having a desire to be financially rewarded or secure from playing sport. As the GAA is officially amateur that ambition cannot be realised. However a middle ground can be reached, as what happened with McShane (common knowledge by the way that this happened) as well as with others like Clifford, Cavanagh, Kilkenny. That middle ground is one which allows the player focus on their game (which at top intercounty level is professional in all but name and money) but also gives them a clearly defined and agreed upon career path within a progressive organisation and several perks here and there. A top intercounty player like Mullin can have a very comfortable life. If he was in Kerry, Tyrone or Dub we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. It would have been dealt with and put to bed 12/18 months ago.

    There is a problem when our best top Mayo footballers are trialing for AFL. Like I said before, it’s up to Mayo GAA and its principal sponsors to ensure the best players stay. It’s in both their interests.

    Losing top talent significantly impacts on our chances of success. In fact, it effectively rules out ultimate success. Anyone who doesn’t see this is utterly naive.

  10. I usually rate John Fogartys articles but this is just a pile of rubbish with no facts or scources mentioned. All it says is “He may not have signed an official contract” no other facts or quotes confirming this, just pure speculation. He may as well have put the usual “a man told me” before it. This should be disregarded as nothing more than click bait.

  11. I’m sorry mayonaze but that’s simply not true that Kerry, Tyrone or Dublin would not have let this happen.
    Dublins James madden is now establishing as an AFL regular with brisbane. What’s more, two of their stars, mccaffrey and mannion are in Dublin but won’t play with the team!! Imagine if Mayo had two players of that talent level playing club only and not part of the county squad?!

    Mark o connor was a generational player lost by Kerry.
    McKenna spent 6 years in the AFL from Tyrone.

  12. Literally no-one else reporting this again today

    I’d be erring on the side of this being a non-story tbh, but we’ll wait and see i guess.

    Is it a case of someone picking up a bit of Chinese whispers at the county final one wonders?

  13. Agreed mayonaze. Obviously if something has fallen through for the lad, then that is a disappointment for him of course. But I’m not going to pretend that the best players in the country (from Mayo and elsewhere) being poached by a sport from the other side of the world is anything other than a tragedy for our own games. Going to Australia to play in the AFL isn’t some boyhood dream for these lads. The draw is in getting paid to play a sport while also living in another country for a while. That’s it. And worst of all, the AFL doesn’t offer a penny to any of the clubs or county boards that nurtured these lads from childhood!

    Also, Larry you can’t truly make a comparison between McCaffrey and Mannion and this situation. McCaffrey more than fulfilled his potential for Dublin and doesn’t owe them a thing. He won everything, multiple times. There was literally nothing more for him to do in the game and so he made the decision to concentrate on other things in his life. That’s why he left. Mannion too has several medals.

    Kerry losing O’Connor was also a sad thing!

  14. Agree with that Larry Duff. People constantly throwing out these comments that Dublin/Kerry/Tyrone sort their players out, to stop them leaving. There’s no basis for it. David Clifford said himself that he wasn’t approached to play AFL. Tadhg Kennelly said the same thing.

    Mayonaze is right to say it wouldn’t have been Oisin’s dream growing up to play AFL in Melbourne. However the opportunity to travel and play sport professionally is not easy to turn down for a young man.

  15. John Fogarty is a well respected and authoritative journalist, so if he’s is reporting this, it needs to be treated with respect.

    It is vague for all that; as Willie Joes says there may be further developments.

    I’m scratching my head at some of the comments. They seem to be taking the story as CONFIRMATION that Oisín is leaving, not that there may be a doubt about it.

  16. I hope fogarty is right. Mullin at midfield with ruane next year could deliver the elusive big one. Have to say county final was poor. Mayo panelists also very poor. Apart from McLoughlin and Rod there wasn’t much there.

  17. John Fogarty is usually on the ball when it comes to GAA news, I’d guess there’s more behind this than the article lets on. If it was a minor ‘snag’, I doubt the Examiner would have ran with it, keep in mind that it was the Examiner that wrote the week after we beat Dublin that Oisin would be getting offers from AFL clubs after the All Ireland Final, they seem to be in the know when it comes to GAA to AFL transfers. It could be a case that there is more than one club in for Oisin, who knows, we’ll more than likely find out over the next few days. For what it’s worth, I’d love if he stayed put here, he could build a very comfortable and sucessful career on and off the pitch here, Mayonaze makes good points above, we can’t really afford to lose a talent like him. At the end if the day, as Mayo supporters and people, all we want at this stage is to win the All Ireland, we are so close at the moment, we won’t do that if we export our best young talent in a generation, that’s the cold,hard truth. Whatever Oisin does, we will all wish him the best.

  18. If he wants to go and be a professional in Australia I hope its not a “snag” in a contract that stops him.
    I think he has what it takes,he’ll be a big shot in Aus.
    As a Mayo supporter I hope he stays but not through a contract aspect. Imagine Oisin lining out in the muck in January with his mind in oz and what could have being?

  19. FW: Lets be positive: Imagine Oisin lifting Sam in a packed Croak Park in July . The AFL takes a huge toll on the body. Even the ladies game where Cora had a few very nasty injuries in the short time she was there. Sure you are paid but it is like the Rugby Club game in France player welfare comes 2nd

  20. The option of staying home close to family and getting a degree and playing for Mayo is also a very alluring proposition.

  21. If his mind’s made up and it falls through he might not have the same grà for the gaelic that he had. I’d much prefer if he got to give it a shot & if it didn’t work out, come back on his own terms & reinvigorated. Personally I’d say the move might be delayed a bit but will happen.
    As the ould wan in the Kerrygold add used say “we export all our best stuff sure”

  22. All young persons should be allowed to plan their career in private.

    Speculation by people who have no knowledge of the situation is not helpful.

  23. @dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze, it’s incorrect to say “the AFL doesn’t offer a penny to any of the clubs or county boards that nurtured these lads from childhood”.

    The AFL clubs are willing to compensate the GAA clubs but GAA HQ put a block on any compensation a number of years ago.

  24. So sorry to hear that Colm Boyle has retired. One of the greatest tough-teak defenders Mayo has produced. I had thought he might have stayed on for another season. I’m waiting to hear from James Horan and the county board

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