Down preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E24

After a four-week gap, this coming weekend sees the resumption of championship action for Mayo. Proper championship action it is too, of the old-fashioned knockout variety, as James Horan takes his charges north to Newry knowing that it’s either his team or Paddy Tally’s Down who will be exiting the qualifiers on Saturday night.

In this latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview this coming weekend’s do-or-die qualifier clash against Down at Páirc Esler. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I get the chat underway following which Rob gets the views of Nigel Reape and Martin Carney, with whom he met up at last Friday’s minor match against Galway at MacHale Park.

Next we sample the mood in the opposition camp, as Rob looks forward to Saturday’s showdown in the company of special guest and former Down All-Star Marty Clarke.

Finally, it’s over to the Mayo News HQ where Mike Finnerty and Ger Flanagan sift through this week’s paper and point out who’s saying what in it ahead of the game.

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92 thoughts on “Down preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E24

  1. It’s going to be a fascinating game on Saturday night are we going to be put out of our misery by a hungry young defensive Down side or are we going to find our shooting boots and fire a warming shot to the rest of the country to let them know we haven’t gone anyway you know. The result will probably be somewhere in between it will be interesting to see if we still have the hunger for it and if James has the smarts to avoid another calamity

  2. Don’t be too worried Backdoorsam.

    After playing New York in what couldn’t even be graded as a training session we paid the ultimate price against Roscommon in a game where we were very poor and still should have won. Lost by a point where our level of execution was very poor. A few lads were exceptional but as a team and the sideline was very poor.

    Roscommon who were fully tuned after their win over us then got to play Galway. Galway were way off the boil after their games against poor opposition. Sligo and London were weak opposition and so Galway with poor prep games and weak input from their sideline were not ready for the Rossies.

    We have had our swift kick up the arse. We have had our tough championship game against the Rossies.

    I think we will be a different team at the weekend.

    The New York game did us no favours just like the Sligo and London games did Galway no favours.

    I’m off to slap on the headphones and see what views on the Podcast are.

  3. They’re available from the usual sources, Peter (I got some in SuperValu yesterday), including online. I’ve no idea if they might sell out in advance but if they don’t there should be a ticket van outside the ground. Tickets appear to be general admission, i.e. first ones in get the stand seats, priced at €20 for adults and €5 juveniles.

  4. I’m in Portugal and looks like I’ve missed the deadline for season ticket opt out
    Worst thing is i can’t even give the tickets to someone as it is the cards that have to be used
    And it’s not on tv also annoying

  5. I will be heading from Belcarra/Castlebar around lunchtime Saturday and returning straight after the game is over.Heading up Galway/Dublin route and anyone looking for a lift is welcome.

  6. @Km79….If you have your ‘Season Ticket’ card with you in Portugal, what you can possibly do is this…Scan your Season Ticket bar code side somewhere, if you are staying in a hotel I’m sure that they will do it for you… and email or , WhatsApp, or whatever way you choose the scanned image to someone that you know and trust…He/She just need’s to print of the credit card image , bar code side and stick it on an old Credit Card size card, could be an old Season Ticket Card… This will scan in Páirc Esler, …. There is nothing unethical about this as the price of the Ticket has already been taken from your account… it’s just the barcode that scans and your attendance will be redistered… Probably against regulation’s , but it will work!…. Anyhow Km79 have a good holiday in Portugal, plenty of Green and Red Flag’s to make you feel at home in that country!

  7. Km 79…a photo of your card with your phone would probably work just as well!

  8. Anyone know the handiest parking near Pairc Esler?. Is it a hard spot to get in and out of?. Im bringing my father and his knee’s aren’t great for too much walking.

    On the game itself, I just can’t call it. All depends on our set up really. Im sure the players are seething after the Rossie loss, but Ruane is a massive loss. A one point win would do me the finest. If we get knocked out then I will clap and thank the likes of Moran, Higgins and Clarke, for their service, surely they’ll call time after this season. Anyways, looking forward to a good battle up there, ya cant beat game week..up mayo.

  9. anyone know the details about TV coverage.
    Sky are definitely not showing it?
    RTE player?

  10. Sky are not showing any of the rd 2 qualifiers, even though they have the rights too one of them. Instead their showing two matches from round 3 on the 29th. One at 5pm and the other at 7. RTE can only show sunday games

  11. It makes sense that Sky would want two of the Round 3 games rather than one from each round. Round 3 is shaping up to be much tastier, there’ll be some cracking games.

  12. Will be on the road driving to Boston. MidWest radio streaming. Two hands on wheel at all times!!!

    Wish I could be there — be loud for me friends!

  13. Great Podcast lads. Getting into the grove time. Someone heading to Elser Park? and writing the obituary of some of the finest players in the game before they start. I think I have heard it all now.

  14. Very enjoyable podcast. Great listen.

    D-Day ag teacht.

    Start your engines”.

  15. @ Norris RTÉ show games on Saturdays, Munster final coverage begins at 6:30.
    A good start and a bit of consistency would be great to see. More accurate shooting and we should live to fight another day.

  16. I was in Pairc Esler once for an NFL match and as I recall there is not a lot of parking around the grounds. Best bet is to get there early. It is on the Warrenpoint road, on the eastern side of the town and not too far from the town centre, a bit over 1 km, I think.

  17. In case any of ye are wondering……17,639 was the official attendence at the Connacht Final last Sunday. ..Sure the weather was foul, It must be the smallest attendance for a Connacht Final since Mayo played London, last year I think that the official attendence was 18K + in the Hyde, for the Connacht Final, but due to what was called ‘Safety Concerns????’… Hyde Park had it’s capisity reduced….A few short weeks ago in the Connacht Semifinal Mayo and Roscommon attracted in excess of 20,000 on a very unseasonable night as well, and last year just short of 30,000 turned up to McHale Park for the Quarter Final between Galway and Mayo, with the capisity of Mchale Park resticted (Safety Concerns??) to 30K …. And at least 5000 empty space’s in the Castlebar Stadium…I think it just goes to show what extent that Mayo Supporter’s have bankrolled the Connacht coffers!…. Now in fairness the majority of the Supporter’s seemed to come from Roscommon, or maybe they just make more noise….. According to the reports that I have heard, a crowd in excess of 20 K is expected for the Round 2 , qualifer in Newry next Saturday… We will have to wait and see, exactly how many turn up!

  18. The closest thing to a football match on BBC NI Saturday at seven is pointless celebrities

  19. Has anyone bought tickets online? It seems as if they have to be posted and we can’t get them by e-mail. Am I missing something?

    Do you know if they are available in Super Valu in Dublin?

  20. I had the same problem Cod so I went to SuperValu and got them over the counter

  21. @Sean Burke, there was 21,274 people at the 2013 Connacht Final. From my records, this years final had one of the lowest crowds on record. At our last final in 2015, the attendance was just over 25,000.

  22. Not to be pedantic @leantimes but over 20k at Mayo v London Connacht final in 2013.That was a lovely summer and that sunday was the first bit of cloud we’d had in a month,stayed dry though and very muggy day,remember it well!
    I’ll be in Newry myself but a lot of my usual companions will not.I dont thnk therell be 20k there,closer to half of that and i suspect we may be outnumbered by Down.Id be very happy if we had 5k there and broke even with the Down support.
    The most important thing is for everybody going to support as best we can in whatever numbers we have there!

  23. Horan tends to release his lineup early in the week so can we expect team announcement tonight?

    To me the team that finishes is more important than the team that starts, make sure your finishers and gamechangers are on the pitch at the end of the game. Identify in-game who is struggling and act decisively, in the modern game you should have 4 subs on the field by the 55th minute (ideally holding last sub back til 65th minute plus in case of black card etc).

    Cunningham has been very good at this in both games for Roscommon, rolling in the subs at exactly the right time.
    Another good example is how Cavan are using Mackey, he is undoubtedly their best forward but they are resisting temptation to start him then bring him in to win them the game with 20 minutes to go.

    So bearing all that in mind, i dont think we should be getting too invested in the starting lineup. Its the finishing lineup that matters, the one position Horan needs to call right from the start is the goalkeeper position but im not going to kick off that discussion again ;-0

  24. Indeed they can, Rasta Joe – that’s where I got mine the other day too. Much easier than online if you’re out in town. SuperValu in Killester is my other go-to ticket place up here.

  25. According to the match report in the Mayo Advertiser (here), there were 21,274 punters at the 2013 Connacht final. In real terms, that equates to at least 25k. What an odd day that was – a Connacht final devoid of any drama about the possible outcome. One we got to as well, and won! Happy times.

  26. I thought we were unstoppable that year if I’m honest , destroying Galway and Donegal on the way ,it was like we were on a different level . Banging goals in like it was easy , it was very enjoyable back then too . Weather seemed better too

  27. Life is short and having an exceptional football team like we have presently even shorter. I’m lucky to have my health and able to travel so of I go. It’s not the size of the crowd that matters, it’s the size of the noise in the crowd. Remember Cork in Limerick, the Mayo crowd had a huge influence that day especially extra time. A lot of negative comments on Facebook about us calling us moaners and whingers. Let them off, they don’t live in the most beautiful place on earth, we bring our noise pitch side so lets get down and dirty. Can I thank the CCCC for thoughtfully giving us most of Saturday to get to Newry. I’m running down the road trying to loosen my load I got seven teams on my mind…

  28. That’s not going to happen Supermac Horan isn’t known for his tactical nous or timely substitutions unless he has learned loads from the Roscommon game which I doubt. What is it with Mayo managers and late substitutions are they afraid to take guys off the field of play?

  29. Backdoorsam – remember back to when Boyle used to be taken off after 55 minutes and the uproar “why did you take that lad off” etc.
    Also recall all the furore after the substitutions Rochford made when we were 7 points up against Cork.
    All this noise was and is made with the benefit of hindsight, which is the foresight of a gobshite.

  30. Well said bacon!
    Anybody who says the crowd has no influence on what happens on the pitch I direct them back to that day against Cork in Limerick. There are other examples v Fermanagh in 2016,v Dublin in u21 semi in Tullamore,v Derry in 2017.The last one I gave as an example would do well to be remembered this weekend, we missed, hit the post or dropped into the goalies hands something incredible like 28 shots that day, must be some kind of record. It was so frustrating but yet the hardcore home support that day kept encouraging and supporting and we won by 11 points. We all know how close we came to Sam that year. My point is keep encouraging the lads on sat and keep it positive, we only need to fall over the line in these early games. They need us now more than ever.

  31. Very well said FW.

    There are unfortunately, many, who believe that what happens in the stands/terraces have no bearing on what happens on the pitch. They are wrong.

  32. Thanks for the responses re the tickets. I’ll be paying a visit to Super Valu Killester after work

  33. Can’t wait for team announcement. It seems so long since our last game. Hope Cillian O’Connor and James Carr are fit to start. We will make the super 8’s – – keep the faith.

  34. It feels so long since we’ve played it’s like starting the season all over again!

    What roscommon game!??

  35. would love to cillian carr and treacy getting some playing time on saturday.

  36. I just cant understand why a lot of mayo supporters are not going on saturday .MAYO underestimated roscommon and got caught out but now is the time to get show back on the road.we still have a great team and will beat DOWN.we will be probably be outnumbered on the terraces so we supporters that are there will have to shout and cheer on the team twice as loud.I urge supporters that are travelling to bring lots of colour and a loud cheering voice. I really think a large vocal support will make all the difference.roll on saturday UP MAYO where ever you go

  37. I believe we are in for another war of attrition on Saturday with Down copying Roscommon’s playbook of 5 across the middle, believe this is a game Stephen Coen can be very useful when forwards get pulled out to play around the middle and block the running channels, We need proper inside players for this type of game, Brian Reape if he does not start should be one of the first on for Darren Coen for the last 20 minutes.

    David Clarke
    Chris Barrett
    Brendan Harrison
    Stephen Coen
    Lee Keagan
    Keith higgins
    Paddy Durcan
    Aidan o Shea
    Diarmuid o Connor
    Kevin McLoughlin
    Jason Doherty
    Fergal Boland
    Evan Regan
    Darren Coen
    Cillian o Connor

    Rob Hennelly
    Eoin o Donoghue
    Michael Plunkett
    Donal Vaughan if fit or James McCormack
    Colm Boyle
    Seamus o Shea
    Mikey Murray
    Brian Reape
    Andy Moran
    Conor Loftus
    one from James Carr/Fionn McDonagh/Conor Diskin/Cian Hanley/James Durcan, whoever is fit

  38. @mayomessi
    If that is the team that starts I would be very confident of beating the spread of +6 very comfortably. Hopefully that is what we will see on the pitch Sat evening. I can’t wait for the trip to Newry now.

  39. I wouldn’t disagree with that team either Mayomessi. Doesn’t look like Vaughan or Séamie will be fit so not many options in midfield. If Cillian doesn’t start Loftus should play as he’s the next best from frees.

  40. @mayomessi

    If that’s the team that starts it will have even less new blood in it than what Rochford had in his team in the qualifiers last year. Yet Rochford was getting ripped asunder for not having developing players in the team.

    I would go with that team mayomessi. Probably the strongest fit 15 we have.

    Anybody know whatever happened to Caolan Crowe ?

  41. Revellino – The problem is that Matty Ruane is injured while James Carr and Fionn McDonagh are touch and go to make it.

    Caolan Crowe is still on the panel I believe.

  42. @Wide Ball.

    I think James Carr was injured long term last year and Fionn McDonagh probably too young last year.

    As an example to my last post of players introduced / been tried out by Rochford.

    Eoin O’Donoghue, James Durkan, Cian Hanley and Evan Regan all started last year in the qualifier against Limerick.

    Caolan Crowe, Conor Loftus and Shane Nally came on as subs that day.

  43. Hard not to disagree but injuries are forcing horan’s hand, Mattie Ruane would have started, Boland never played a minute in last years championship and not much in the league because of his involvement with Tooreen. Really like James Carr but he is hampered as well, same with Fionn McDonagh.
    I’m on the fence with Kevin McLoughlin as well, if it was Croke Park he is the first name on the teamsheet, these types of games we don’t see him at his best, felt he was poor against Roscommon but may be best out in the half forward line. If we get a run of games and Cian Hanley gets fit thing will brighten up. Mikey Murray is unproven but you got to throw him in at the deep end even for 20 minutes. Caolan Crowe seems to be a book end for the past couple of years which is unfair but for whatever reason has not been given the chance to impress but time is not on some of these lads side, it could be the last hurrah for 2 or 3 I sorry to say.
    Its a game we have to win, we need players we can win games, get scores, having the right subs to get the job done is of upmost important I truly believe Rochford had players on his bench last year he didn’t trust and wont play which is a big mistake needing a score in the final minutes. Loftus for frees has to be on the bench, not sure why the likes of Coen and Reape weren’t given any frees during the league was never 100% confident with Jason taking them. I see I didn’t mention Ciaran Tracy above, would have him on the bench with Reape Moran Loftus.
    I’m hoping we can get some minutes out of Donie and Seamus might be wishful thinking. We definitely need a midfielder on the bench.

  44. Revellino – There’s a difference between playing division 4 Limerick and Down. Rochford only started 1 of those 4 against Kildare. Ruane would have been a big help last year with the midfield problems we had. He wasn’t tried all year though.

  45. @Wide Ball.

    I have said before and agree that Mattie Ruane is the best find in recent years for Mayo in my opinion.

    My point is Rochford used to get lambasted for not trying different players.

    The Limerick game was too easy a game for your liking to count.

    Let’s look at the do or die league game againot Donegal in the league where a loss would have relegated us. Does that count as a real game in your books.

    Drake, O’ Donoghue, Crowe, Coen and Loftus all started.

    Michael Hall and Fergal Boland came on as subs.

    We got the job done as well.

  46. How would ye reckon the Mayo camp is in general , are they all pulling with Horan etc ?

  47. It’s not as if Rochford dropped any experienced players for that Donegal game. His hands were tied with injuries mainly and Higgins playing Hurling. Rochford was far more conservative developing new players, don’t think that’s up for discussion.

  48. Goodman Wideball.

    You have gone from, “the Limerick cannot be compared to” excuse,


    “Rochfords hands were tied”.

    Thats probably the biggest compliment that has ever been paid to Rochford on the Blog.

    With his hands tied and a star player off playing hurling, Rochford went up to Donegal and on a pitch where Donegal are unbeatable, secured Mayo’s league 1 status.

    Fair play to you.

    Well said. I had never taken you to be so much of a Rochford fan.

  49. The mayo camp are fine. Certain people in Mayo in particular the past few years are mad to act like they have the ‘inside scoop’ or just like adding fuel to the fire. I’m sure there’s been shouting matches and heated moments in training after the Rossies beat us. I’d be disappoint if there wasn’t. We are vulnerable on Saturday, no doubt about it. Previous qualifier games the past few years. Kildare last year, Fermanagh, Derry, Cork and even Tipp before the James Durcan goal all showed that. Down are a good team and possess some good talent in the likes of Harrison, Havern, Mooney, McKiernan etc. They have a strong gameplan and by the sounds of it will have a big Down following for Saturday. I know a few Mayo fans aren’t travelling ( I completely understand why) but for the ones that are lets get behind the lads. As someone said previously when we came out for ET v Cork the fans definitely gave them an extra kick. The Roscommon game is done with, we’ve all analysised it (overly) and there’s nothing we can do now. Maigh Eo Abu. See ye all up in Newry.

  50. It’s all about the spirit within the squad. Its everything. Lets hope its positive.

  51. Correct Digits.

    They had to beat us to survive the drop from Div 1 but were unable to do so that day.

  52. We will win this game if our lads really want to. In fact if we play with the appetite and intensity we are capable of then we should blow them away. But that is the question – do they have the hunger anymore or are they getting stale? Newry will tell that tale.

  53. The closer it gets, the more nervous I am.
    Down will be looking forward to this. I dont buy at all the notion that they will be worried about playing us. They will be looking for a scalp.
    They’ll look to copy the Galway template and frustrate us from the off. We are very vulnerable to this kind of play. I am concerned about how we will handle it.

  54. Going to be fascinating. All I want are conversions on first 5 shots from at least 3 different players!!! Can’t bear the thought of (fill in the blank) wides to start and then everyone getting tentative.

  55. I’d actually be tempted to start Andy in this game. If we’re nervous and a little tentative we’ll need someone inside who can be an outlet, hold onto the ball and bring the others into the game.

    This will also depend on whether Cillian is fit to play some part. Coen and Andy could start, with Cillian to come on for the last 25 mins.

  56. If the blog here is a barometer, the attitude should be spot on. No talk of whom we would like in later rounds, no ‘ Galway will be easier than Roscommon stuff’, plenty of giving Horan plenty, and even self-flagellation at our own support.

    It’s an indication that the swelled heads after the league final should have returned to normal. If a mean, hungry, bust- a-gut approach is on display, so much the better.

  57. @Rock, was thinking the same myself, Andy would be a great “calmer” in that first 20 mins. Maybe take him off then bring him back on.

  58. We don’t need to try win this game in the first 20 mins. We should keep it steady, look after possession and kick our frees. That calls for a bit of experience and leadership.

    I’d be looking to the likes of Treacy and McDonagh later on as the game gets stretched.

  59. Would you not think it would be an idea to win it in the first twenty mins if possible , doesn’t need to be panic if it doesn’t work out but surely you rip into them like pit bulls as fast as you can in the opening exchanges , few points up early on and their gameplan is in bother . We are capable of winning this well imo , I just don’t see Down as great side at all . I know we have not put teams to bed for a while now but I can’t see why we can’t this time , we are the national league champions of the top division , respect all opposition but also believe in your own ability to stamp your authority. Trying to add some positive spin now but there is a lot of talk of the dangers Mayo face in this tricky tie , nobody though has mentioned if we go full pelt to our ability there is also the possibility of Down getting a trimming . I’m just saying there is another script could play out here .

    Don’t be remembered as the team that died in a qualifier game , ye have come too far for that shite . Proud footballers who have never shirked from any challenge, a group of men who wore that famous green n red jersey with pride and honor . We will be there to roar them on and they will complete the first hurdle with success . Hon Mayo , tis time to fight like fuck now .

  60. calls to start andy? ah come on lads, its 2019 ffs
    who would ye start him ahead of.

    He still has a role to play but should be used the same way cavan use Mackey, brought on with 20 minutes to go when the game is there to be won

  61. Each to their own Sean Burke and on one hand I get your thinking re a flying start but I’d have to agree with Rock. That tear into them and win in the first 20 minutes is really the approach of a team cocky of wining the group game of the club championship but never delivering the county title. I’ve played in far to many games to know that often when you face the favourites, it pays dividends to let them play a bit for 10 minutes, concede no goals and then put them back on their asses with a couple of scores and show them you can play. Donegal are the masters of wining games gradually over the 70 minutes and we should really mimic that mentality all be it with our own style of play. It won’t be easy but the final 15 minutes is the time to press home the winning strength and mentality and not the first 15. Looking forward to the trip.

  62. @MayoDunphy are you on the windup or serious? Starting Andy and then bringing him on again, wasting 2 subs on a 35 year old?
    While guys like Treacy/Carr/Regan etc kick their heels on the bench.

  63. It seems a triggered a little spat here.

    Look everyone has their own perspective on this. Personally I’ve been at too many qualifiers where we’ve been too loose over the first twenty minutes and found ourselves a couple of points down, and the opposition gaining in confidence. Clare was a prime example of this.

    I’d like to see us set-up as if this is a super eight game. By all means press when possible, but be conscious that we also need to drop in the other direction and contain when required.

    Whether it’s Andy starting or finishing we do have options – the big thing for me is that we trust them to make an impact. The day is gone that thirteen or fourteen of the starting fifteen finish the game. It’s just too demanding and attritional now.

  64. No spat on my behalf , just a slight difference of opinion on how we approach the game .

  65. Likewise, just good healthy debate being had.

    My core belief is that the team should be a meritocracy, and that the young lads who have been best performers all year, ie Ruane, McDonagh, Boland, Carr, D Coen should be backed to the hilt, and the temptation to panic and chuck in Andy, Vaughan, Boyle, SOS etc because of past glories should be resisted

  66. Mayo GAA has today lost a great servant. Mike Burke who managed the Mayo minors to All Ireland victory in 1985 has sadly passed away. A great man..May he rest in peace.

  67. I believe Mayo will win on Saturday but I have little confidence Horan will rectify the deficiencies in his game plan, ie leaving too much space in front of the full back line and little variation in attack (continuous running of the ball instead of playing some long early ball into forwards). Therefore I expect an uncomfortable evening where Down will defend deep, put up a Decent score including grabbing a goal, Mayo to grid it out in the end, possibly a little more convincing if Cillian plays

  68. I agree Rock. Keep it really tight at the back, like how Donegal play. Then work the scores and frees to be 4 – 5 points up at half time with NO GOALS coincided. That would be a big deficit for Down to overcome in the second half, especially when we start to unleash the bench.

  69. Supermac, I think its something that could be looked at. This ground might suit Andy, he can operate well in a packed defence, great retention of the ball, and good distributor. Its not a crazy idea to start him, or do the peter canavan an bring him back on imo..did Horan even use his full compliment of subs against Roscommon???

  70. Sad news re Mick Burke. Great servant to Kilmeena and Mayo GAA, and manager of that great side in 85, a few of whom went on to star at senior level. Mick’s son Mathias was a decent player too, in both codes – gaelic football, and rugby union with Westport.

  71. @walterwhite
    Sad to hear about Mick Burke, In the years before strength and conditioning where ever heard of, Mick Burke had his own way of doing things. Training session’s under him was something I’ll never forget, running/crawling out of the sand dunes. Great acheivement in 1985, I don’t think a fitter Mayo team ever hit Croke Park. May he RIP.

  72. Just on a different note when are Mayo playing again in the Under 20 championship, haven’t heard much about it this year

  73. There seems to be a good bit of buzz around about Down. They fancy their chances.

  74. Mick Burke RIP, .. Very sad news today, 1985 was a great day for Mayo, I was in the Canal End… Interesting debate here on the Blog re Tatics, Personell at the upcoming Down Match…. It’s almost a month since the Roscommon Match, for Mayo Supporter’s since then, we have been living in a vacuum of information, frustrating for us, and a few rumors have been doing the rounds since, thankfully as usual these rumors seem to be without any foundation…. The only bit of solid information since then was the unfortunate injury to probably our player of the season so far ‘Mathew Ruane’ …. So for certain we are going to see some change in our starting 15 and 26…. Some Player’s should hopefully be coming to full fitness after injury, keeping them out for the Roscommon Match…. There should also hopefully some evolution in the thinking on the sideline re the approch to take from the managnent… I have heard a few discussions in the last few weeks re every possible aspect of the Mayo Team and if you sit back and just listen, the more you realize that despite what any of us think we know about the Team, we are speculation on an awful lot….In my case, my two most recent experience’s of the Mayo Team, are two polar opposite ends of the spectrum…in the league Final victory over Kerry, when everything seemed ‘Rosy in the Garden’, and the ‘Where do we go from here?’ experience after the the defeat to Roscommon…..Of course many of the reader’s of this Blog will have the whole New York experience to help them form their judgement as to exactly where Mayo are at the moment!…. One thing is very similar in all three of our most recent game’s…. Too many Wides, too many missed Chance’s….. Almost a month has gone by since our last display of inaccuracy, this will certainly have not gone unnoticed and I am pretty sure work will have been done on improving our accuracy in front of the post’s….. I still think that we will be able to tell allot about Mayo and what our future might hold in the first quarter of the Match next Saturday…. I myself would target us being very solid at the back and deprive our Opposition of Goals early on, as happened twice to us versus Kerry in the League Final and Roscommon last time out, both had two goals on the score board against us in the first quarter….We Mayo Supporter’s were at opposite ends of the spectrum of the emotion we Mayo fan’s felt after each of these very different match’s …. But early on in both match’s our emotions were the same, as a brace of Goals went in? against us…. We need to do, whatever needs to be done to ensure that this doesn’t happen on Saturday…. Let’s not give Down the start we gave to both Kerry and Roscommon….

  75. Rip Mick Burke. Great player for Tourmakeady for years. Great achievement as Mayo Minor manager in 1985.

  76. RIP Mick……a tough gent on the field. He burst me with a beauty of a shoulder in the late seventies. But I never held it against him. I would have done the same if given the opportunity.

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