Down review and Westmeath preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E4

Mayo made a very positive start to the inter-county year last weekend as they proved far too strong for Down in their opening round meeting in Division Two North of the Allianz Football League. This coming weekend James Horan and his team hit the road for the first time in this campaign, travelling to Mullingar to take on Westmeath at Cusack Park.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast, we review last Saturday’s win over Down and look ahead to the coming weekend’s clash with Westmeath. Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden takes the chair on the podcast for the first time and for this episode he’s joined by Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News and by me.

Looking back at the Down game, the main focus is, understandably, on the newer players who showed such impressive spark at MacHale Park. We also hear the post-match thoughts from a clearly satisfied Mayo manager James Horan. Continuing the focus on last weekend’s games, Mike Finnerty catches up with Andy Moran and Marc Ó Sé at the Kerry/Galway match in Tralee.

Turning the focus towards the Westmeath game next Saturday, our discussion turns towards how the Mayo rearguard might deal with the Lake County’s strong full-forward line and how James Horan might shuffle his deck for this match. Finally, in our Any Other Business section the issues that get an airing are whether or not the new football rules could bring diving into the mainstream, the irrepressible man-machine that is Colm Boyle and some mixed views on the new Mayo jersey. 

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22 thoughts on “Down review and Westmeath preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E4

  1. Brilliant work as always, with the podcast. The games are coming thick and fast . Great to see the young lads getting us over the line. The Jersey doesn’t bother me as long as we have good people to fill them .

  2. Really enjoyed that Willie Joe, thought ye got a great balance between the three of ye. Hope ye continue with that bit more variety when the podcast is reinvigorated post-covid.

  3. Thanks Quayman – that’s the plan alright, none of us are sure of a starting place from week to week! We’re aiming for variety from one episode to the next as the season progresses.

  4. Yes very enjoyable Podcast, informative, good to hear about other counties as well.. With not being able to get to Match’s for over 14 months and no pubs to discuss the football for the same period, the typical loyal Mayo supporter hasn’t had the same avenues of information, to decide for themselves whether James Horan and Co are picking the right team, going with the right tactics and so on….

  5. Well done on another good podcast. It’s great to have you guys and Ah Ref providing multiple quality podcasts each week.

    WJ – i read on a certain Twitter account about how much you make from this website:-). You deserve it for the effort you put in!!!!

  6. Thanks, Throw it up ref. I don’t read what sad, twisted Twitter trolls post but I can tell you that anyone who says I make a red cent out of this blog is an out and out liar. In actual fact, the site costs me quite a bit to keep going every year in hosting charges but it’s a cost I’m happy to bear on an ongoing basis. I’ve never made any revenue at all from the blog and I don’t suppose I ever will as that’s not its purpose.

  7. I think (hope) you took my comment as tongue in cheek.

    I know that there is a cost on hosting this and not to mention the huge time investment. I would safely say > 99% of readers are extremely appreciative of the service you provide

  8. I’ve no issue at all with your comment, Throw it up ref. Why people would want to spread lies like that is beyond me but that’s another matter. There are plenty of sad, empty people in this world I guess.

  9. Great Podcast lads with BJ doing a great job in the chair. I agree totally with your views WJ on the 2019 AI final. Clifford did not deliver but got a free pass. Thought Kerry had a great game plan and they executed to a high standard but their focal point did not deliver in a way they anticipated

  10. This blog Willie Joe is fantastic , love the podcasts , peoples comments etc , I know your not asking Willie Joe at all but as you said with this blog comes a cost and I for one would love to contribute and a know a few other people would…maybe you can setup a gofundme page..

  11. For a 20 year old playing in his first final – Clifford wasnt that bad either in 2019. He was fouled a fair bit that led to a number of Kerry points. How did Fenton, Kilkenny, Con Callaghan etc perform in all Ireland finals as 20 year olds.

  12. The comment on Clifford in the 2019 final is crazy. He was twenty and we’d be going nuts if it was one of our young lads being talked about like that. Fact is that one of our seasoned stars gets a free pass in every final from us here.
    Clifford would walk onto any team in Ireland, including that of the best team of all time in this Dublin side.

  13. Thanks BazHam but I made the point simply to counter the falsehood that appears to have been propagated. As I said, the cost involved is one I’m happy to bear.

  14. The point about Clifford doesn’t just relate to the 2019 final but remember he did get an All-Star that year. We have players who put in massive shifts in All-Ireland finals and never got such recognition. He now has two All-Stars – the same as Cillian – yet what has he done when it really, really counts? He even got an All-Star nomination last year for one Championship appearance in a game Kerry lost and where he kicked two scoreable frees wide. Look, I’m not denying he’s an unbelievable prospect but I do think the amount the praise showered on him completely outweighs his achievements to date at the top level.

  15. Really enjoyed the podcast, look forward to it every week. Thanks to all involved

  16. Excellent point Willie Joe. No doubt Clifford has huge potential, as does his teammate Sean O’Shea but the praise he gets at the moment is over the top.
    To think he already has 2 all stars and Jason Doc and Kevin Mc have none blows my mind.
    His all star nomination last year for scoring 1 free was daft. Let see how he gets in against Dublin this weekend.

  17. To set the record straight O’Shea would always make the Kerry teamsheet always ahead of Clifford if I was a selector. I rate O’Shea ahead of any of the Kerry forwards simple as. That’s not to say I wouldn’t pick Clifford or his older brother . My point repeated is that in the 2019 AI final using Clifford as a focal point backfired. Cute Kerry hoors fell for the hype too.

  18. I agree Clifford is overrated – at the moment. Would I dismiss him if I was set to mark him? No.
    Willie Joe, your commitment in setting up, and maintaining this blog, is astonishing. It contributes significantly to my mental health.

  19. Thanks, Catcol – I think it has helped me in that department too! The return of the football is, without doubt, a big boost for us all.

  20. I would take Clifford ahead of Aidan as a forward any day of the week. Aidan hasnt the assets to score 3-5 or 3-6. I would take Aidan at Midfield ahead of Clifford obviously. Clifford has the potential to be one of the greatest forwards of all time. Aidan is coming to the end of a very good career.

  21. Clifford is a class act. Very harsh to criticise him for the 2019 final. In the drawn game Johnny Cooper got sent off for persistently fouling him. In the replay he got 4 points from play, as a 20 year old. Wasn’t great against cork last year to be fair but he’d still walk on to any team in the country. Sean O’Shea wouldn’t get on the Dublin team.

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