Down review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E25

Mayo hit the road at the start of another qualifier campaign this weekend, with a large travelling contingent from the county descending on Newry on Saturday night for a Round 2 knockout clash against Down. The Mayo News football podcast was there too to catch the atmosphere at the game in Pairc Esler and to assess the merits of Mayo’s five-point win over the Mourne County.

Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I were on the terrace at Páirc Esler where we were joined for the game by Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden. Together we describe how the match unfolded and after the final whistle sounded Billy Joe provides his on-the-spot assessment of how he felt Mayo did and why we prevailed on the evening.

Post-match we get the reaction from Mayo manager James Horan, who also deals with the much-discussed issue of injuries within the panel, and we also hear from Down’s manager Paddy Tally.

Then it’s onto our post-game analysis segment up in the press box where Rob and I are joined once again by Billy Joe and by Mayo News regulars Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal. There we discuss key elements of the match and we consider how the win leaves the team ahead of Round 3 next weekend.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Podomatic and Spotify. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

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30 thoughts on “Down review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E25

  1. We need to wise up when Aido is under the high dropping ball. Get men in front of him for the breaks.
    Last night Down were punching the ball from Aido. Two Down men were getting in position to collect the break with no Mayo man contesting the break. Shocking or completely baffling. This happened 3 or 4 times at least. Should not happen once – and should never be allowed happen again.

  2. Great listen, good in game commentary, well done lads. Glad James put these stupid conspiracy theories to bed. The boys are working their way back to fitness, hence the reason Carr played for Ardagh. Let the manager manage, end of.

    Was parked at the Buttercrane shopping centre yesterday, after the game I saw Vaughan running a good pace on the footpath all the way up the road as if he was late for a lift. Looks like he’ll be well in contention next week.

  3. Caolan Mooney for Down has to be in the top 20 footballers in the country.Some performance from him last night until Leeroy kept him company later in the second half.

  4. One thing for sure we make the super 8s there’s a big difference in the standard of the groups – Ros and Kerry and the dubs and Donegal in the other.

  5. Please bring Billie joe to all matches lads . Brilliant analysis . Excellent edition of the podcast . Roll on the kindest possible draw now . Win that and there’s a step up to the provincial losers but none of them looked great .

  6. Puckout
    Just to corret you its Dublin and Roscommon in one group and Kerry and Donegal in the other

  7. Fair play to our women. Unlucky not to win it but replay on 7th July. It was a fantastic performance in dire conditions. They’ve made huge progress in the past year. I’m very impressed and very proud of them. Maigheo… mighty women

  8. I’d love to see us in Dublin Roscommon group… but of course we’ve other fights to face before then. WJ, you are a mighty man to keep things ticking over on the blog. Looking forward to listening to the podcasts instead of Sunday game tonight… it’s my treat to myself! Thanks lads and ye Mayo women too….great county our home!!

  9. Well done to the Ladies hopefully they will finish the job in the replay. Donegal look the real deal this year is even go as far as to say they might stop the drive for five.

  10. Gaelic football is very depressing at the moment, Dublin domination is killing the game but the Gaa continues to ignore it , this is not going to stop.We must remember the Mayo team of 2012 to 2017 is the best group we have ever produced in this County better than 50 and 51 and its hard to see us ever producing a better team into the future,and we still havn’t beaten them since the 2012 semi final in League or Championship ,the second last time they were beaten in championship with the last been Donegals 2014 semi final win .Kerry the best Gaelic football county in the history of the game havn’t beaten Dublin in the championship since the 2009 quarter final.Kildare and Meath Leinsters 2 other biggest counties hammered out the gate already this year by the Dubs. I predict a Dublin Donegal final with Dublin winning the 5 in a row by 7 or 8 points.

  11. Chris Kelly the team in the 50s was most definitely better than this current team some all time greats were on that team and they won back to back all ireland’s.

    Put the the Meath teams of the 80s or 90s out against the Dubs and it would be a different ball game in Leinster

  12. Is Joe Brolly losing the plot with his comparing Mayo supporters to in Newry to idiots from a comedy show??
    Please tell Pat S and Ciaran W when they state that no team could get near the Dubs over 70 minutes that Mayo did in 2016 and 2017

  13. I also found Joe Brolly’s comments insulting to Mayo fans. Not sure whether he would get away with doing that to fans from any other county – we are too nice!

  14. Meath v
    Cavan v
    Cork v
    Galway v

    Big fish still in qualifiers Tyrone & Mayo with Kildare and Armagh dangerous on their day. Galway are Mayo’s bogey team but if Mayo got as far as the matches above you would fancy their chances against Meath. Cork and Cavan in that order. The slippery banana skin will probably be tomorrows draw. Away to Tyrone or Armagh and its 50/50 for 2019.

    Awful fare between Meath and Dublin. The gulf between them was massive and its hard to see them beaten over 75 minutes you would want to be 4 up going into injury time to beat them. Most physical team that Ive seen to date that could challenge them is Donegal but it would be a big ask.

  15. Rochford really making his mark on Donegal. It’s a shame when we export talent when we are craving success.

  16. Mayoforever… I’m happy. We won, we’re in the pot tomorrow morning, I’m having a cuppa and started listening to the podcast. Brolly, Spillers and co don’t register on my horizon and all is well in the world.
    And sure lookit does anyone really see anyone to come within an asses roar of the mighty Dubs… really. So let’s enjoy one win at a time and hope for a good draw tomorrow.
    The podcast is brilliant… I love Billy Joe…incisive and honest.
    Mayo is all I care about (and my wife and family!!). Go n-éirí le foireann Mhuigheo go deo… Amen!

  17. Actually you are dead right AxleM that’s the best way to look at it. Maigh Eo go fro.

  18. I have an oul donkey here at the back of the house. I got 7 buckets of feed, with each one representing tommorow mornings teams….he picked the Offaly bucket to eat out of…..fingers crossed 🙂

  19. MayoDunphy
    I hope that’s not the same donkey people were talking about on here earlier today

  20. We are mayo, no im afraid if it was that donkey, he’d a been put down years ago.

  21. I’m having a laugh… I can see your poor ass being led to slaughter looking over his glasses with that non plussed look… God give him rest!!

  22. He’ll have to go soon enough, he keeps interrupting the other two donkeys beside him, they cant get near the trough, he just wants the lot for himself.

  23. I think every donkey born in Mayo this year should be named B****y just to let him know how much we think of him, then again it would be an insult to the poor donkeys been called after him.

  24. Sean Cavanagh wants Mayo to keep improving because we’re the only team to spook the Dubs.

  25. Feeling a whole lot better now that, that other mayo fav Sean c, reckons championship needs mayo, must be a little worried we draw them tomorrow morning… mayo go deo

  26. i wouldnt mind getting tyrone in the next round ,but id hate to get armagh.

    also i think if we get kildare away it wouldnt be played in newbridge. just hope for an easier one.

  27. Offaly, Westmeath, Clare, Laois, I think we would beat any of them with relative ease.

  28. Tyrone is the one to avoid. Hard to frank the Armagh form, considering Monaghan seemed a busted flush all year. Cavan were ponderous today, an were hammered by Donegal. I still would love to avoid Armagh if possible, but just think their been hyped up a bit too much.

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