Drawing conclusions – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E5

With two games already played in the National League and a week’s break before All-Ireland champions Kerry roll into town, in this episode of the Mayo Football Podcast we take stock of how Mayo’s season is starting to shape up after two draws.

Mike Finnerty hosts this pod and he’s joined by Colm Boyle and Stephen Drake to look back on how the team has performed against Galway and Armagh, and how Kevin McStay’s plan of action is coming together.

Boyler and Drakey talk in detail about last Sunday’s late drama against Armagh and assess what Mayo will have learned from the experience. They also reflect on Aidan O’Shea’s display, look at some of the players still to return and discuss Roscommon’s recent good form.

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10 thoughts on “Drawing conclusions – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E5

  1. U20s down to play Sligo in the Leo Cup Murphy cup this Sunday 1pm in Ballinode, (IT Sligo grounds)

  2. Good pod once again. Seems like the general consensus is that Conor Loftus has to be given the chance to maake the centre half spot his own. I do like the idea of a playmaking ch but I just feel when the leading opposition teams like Dublin and Kerry are up to championship speed he will be targeted and our full back line could be under severe pressure.

  3. As usual the u20 panel is a state secret, not a single mention of it in local media till the first game of the season.
    Anyone have any idea of the key players to watch out for in this years team?

  4. Mikey3 – Bob Tuohy and Sam Callinan, but they probably won’t play tomorrow.

    Brian O’Flaherty in goals. Fenton Kelly, Sean Morahan and Ciaran Boland in defence. Jack Fallon midfield. Conal Dawson, Tom O’Flaherty and Cian McHale in the forwards. Maybe 1 or 2 of last year’s minors will make the step up straight away.

    I’m just guessing BTW. Presume all the above are available/injury free.

  5. As an aside, mayo away jersey released this evening. It’s pretty much an inverse of the home one. Not overly creative really. Pity, I liked the inventiveness of the last few alternative kits, particularly in 2017.
    The goalkeeper’s version, with graffiti all over it, is particularly bad.
    Just my thoughts!

  6. The experement at c.h. b. is not going to work, if Kerry have both Cliffords and S O Shea next weekend it will be exposed . and thankfully there will then be time to develop a proper defence before the Championship. Maybe O Hora at c.h.b a bit of physical strenght is always needed in that position.

  7. McStays Brigade, the craic with the jerseys at this stage is getting ridiculous. Firstly the new alternative is not good, then there’s the keeper Jersey which is mostly white as is the main keepers Jersey so fail to see the point of it. There are also at least 3 “training jerseys” available priced in around 60 euro (either could be used as an alternative jersey). So by my count there are 7 new jerseys on sale which is taking the piss. Premier League clubs could learn a thing or two from ONeills/Mayogaa about fleecing their fans.

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