Draws for All-Ireland final tickets

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For all of us, the ticket hunt is now on in earnest ahead of the All-Ireland final against either Kerry or Tyrone on 11th September. One possible route to bag a ticket is via the various club and county draws that are being held in the run-up to the decider and the purpose of this post is to provide details of draws as and when they occur.

I’ll update this post on a regular basis between now and the final, as more information becomes available about the different draws that are being held. If you know of, or are involved in organising, a draw that I haven’t listed here then please feel free to add the details in the comments and I’ll include it in the next update.

Here’s the initial list of the draws I’ve got details of at the minute:

  • Mayo GAA: two tickets to be won in each weekly Lotto draw – details here
  • Ballina Stephenites GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Breaffy GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Clonduff GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Kilgarry GAA: four tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here
  • Monaghan GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here
  • Mooncoin GAA: two sets of two tickets to be won in the draw on 7th September – details here
  • Newtownbutler GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here.

80 thoughts on “Draws for All-Ireland final tickets

  1. So Mayo GAA can put tickets into a draw that any randomer could win but can only allocate in and around 100 tickets to my local club?

  2. Where are those clubs getting 2 tickets, I understood clubs outside the competing counties were only getting 1 ticket, I don’t blame clubs for trying to make a few quid but they should never have been given the chance to do it, in these non normal times competing counties should have got all the tickets.

  3. Exactly JP2
    I’ve said that numerous times .
    If the capacity is reduced for Covid restrictions etc it would also make more sense to restrict tickets to competing counties only as much as possible .
    What’s going on now is ludicrous.
    I have to say it really galls me to see Monaghan GAA (just one example )raffling tickets whilst a lot of us can’t even get a sniff of one.
    A real money grab

  4. What about Mayo people living outside the county or overseas. It seems we are 2nd class citizens. Remember we or most of us played football or were involved in a club at home. Forgotten we are. The silence is deafening.

  5. Again
    If more tickets were given to competing counties rather than sending bits and pieces around the country (and lots to businesses etc ) Mayo people living abroad would prob have a better chance as relations at home would have more of a chance of getting tickets ?

    There is definitely no perfect solution but the proportion of tickets being given to competing counties under the circumstances is pathetic

  6. There are around 5,000 tickets been distributed through the clubs here in Mayo. That’s around 12% of the 40,000 capacity. Where are the other 88% gone. How many tickets have the Mayo county board got?
    The whole lack of transparency in relation to the distribution of tickets adds to the suspicion that people with access to tickets are keeping out large amounts of tickets for their friends.
    Reality is there will ge at least 20,000 Mayo supporters who got tickets for previous all Ireland finals will be watching from at home this year.

  7. Agree with you onemoreyear, as someone who played for a club in Mayo for years and now for the last number of years support’s their lottoi feel I am in limbo as regards getting a ticket.I have attended most Mayo matches since 1989. Come on Mayo???

  8. I have emailed Croke Park the following and will post reply here once I receive it

    If our names are pulled out of the draw di we win a ticket or the option to purchase a ticket at face value? If its an option to purchase, will the ST website be put back online for account holders to update their visa debit details as many will have changed/expired over past year/18 months

  9. As a 2nd generation fan who’s gone right through qulaifiers and as many of the league matches as we could afford I’ve got no desire to take a ticket out of circulation from a deserving club member given how important the grassroots are. But do we deserve to be there ahead of gaa fans in Kildare/Meath/Donegal? Croke park really should be making exceptions with the general allocation outside of competing counties where there’s 50% capacity. The semi final was a match for the ages and the atmosphere was electirc. Whatever can be done to get as many mayo fans into the final should be. If there’s any noise on tickets there’s 3 of us that are desperate – hopefully the blog can work again as a way to hoover up whatever tickets are going!

  10. They will all go through Ticketmaster is my read on it
    Must check the email address is correct
    There is hope yet all the same
    500 tickets and 3000 adult holders
    Of which we have 2
    Someone do the maths ?

  11. KM79, that’s a 2/6 or 33.33% chance of one ticket. Not sure does maths work as simply as 1/6 chance of two tickets.

  12. “So you’re telling me there’s a chance “ as they said in Dumb and Dumber 😀
    I have to say I had given up all hope of anything coming for season ticket holders . This is a nice suprise and gesture .
    I would assume these were extra allocation they received

  13. Has anyone got any correspondence from the season ticket office to confirm what the western is reporting?

  14. I’m.struggling to find where we can log in to our season ticket account. Is the website down I wonder? Can anyone log in at the moment? Thanks, it’s getting towards the desperate stage now lol.

  15. I imagine it’s a 1/6 chance to win a pod of 2 tickets.
    I’d say in line with what’s happened all year if you’re successful you’ll be given access to buy on Ticketmaster, I’m guessing it won’t be done through old season ticket login.

  16. @km79 By my maths:
    1 ticket in the draw – 17% chance of a ticket
    2 tickets in the draw – 31% chance of at least 1 ticket
    3 tickets in the draw – 42% chance of at least 1 ticket
    4 tickets in the draw – 51% chance of at least 1 ticket
    5 tickets in the draw – 60% chance of at least 1 ticket
    6 tickets in the draw – 67% chance of at least 1 ticket

  17. thats good news from the Western – really hope its true, I just want to say something and this is not in an attempt to wind people up. I understand the Ire of a lot of supporters with tickets going to clubs outside the county. But I am a Mayo seaosn ticket holder, living in Clare and I am a coach with the U12s in my ” new club”. So my one and only chance is through the club I now help with. There is many many Mayo people , both season ticket and non season ticket holders located outside the county, just as passionate and just as deserving of a ticket as people attached to clubs in Mayo.

  18. @Wayne Scales, A lot of those 1-2 tickets per club get raffled or go to the chairman/Secretary (fair enough) or in this year I predict some clubs might not even process their application if they don’t feel worth doing a draw or any demand in the club. My advice to you is make sure to get an email to your club secretary. Don’t rely on anything bar official communication for your ticket application. Hopefully you get their one ticket.

  19. It’s still a measly gesture by the Gaa to have an open draw for only 500 tickets for season ticket holders. It sickens me.

    The privileged people of Ireland will yet again be looked after. Who are these people and why such a large allocation? Big business and sponsors no doubt make up a big part of it.

  20. @jp… Way ahead of you….the request went in before I left Dublin after the semi .. ??

  21. There are over 3600 season ticket holders in Mayo….roughly one in seven chance.

    Like others have said it’s not enough. Too many corporates and non- competing counties getting tickets when there should be a greater focus on the counties involved (particularly bearing in mind the reduced capacity).

    Can anybody tell me about the process for these club draws? Is the picking of the winning ticket a transparent process?

    A few years ago it was found that a third of the monthly car draws by the credit unions was won by …..credit union management.

  22. Just to be controversial but should season ticket holders who have already sourced a ticket be taken out of draw? Only mentioning as a week ago every season ticket member was also a club member so surely they had a good success rate in getting a ticket .

    Happy to see that season tickets were at least thought of near the end . I have a 1/6 chance

  23. I was just being cheeky to be honest @JP. I mentioned season tickets last week and was not so nice replies saying most are club members and would get ticket that way. I’m just wondering will the same people now refuse a ticket from club if they win draw.

    I’m happy there is going to be a draw, it was a hopeful request I had last week

  24. Spotlight- adult tickets only so only 3000. Pods of 2, so is it 250 members getting 2 tickets each?

  25. As an aside – there seem to be a lot of folk here that are not members of a club for various reasons.

    I’m wondering would it be worth compiling a list of the clubs that offer social membership so that people can feel connected while not being able to participate?.
    I’m sure the clubs themselves would welcome the additional membership and associated fees.

  26. FBD – I would think all clubs in the county have various membership packages from a basic club membership to membership plus weekly lotto draw etc.
    Every club in the county struggle with fundraising. If you are from a particular club but living outside the county- if you had made contact with the club for a membership package – they would have been delighted to hear from you. Not all members in a club are guaranteed a ticket. The chances of coming out of the hat are probably as good with the 500 tickets for the 3,000 season ticket holders. Remember also the season ticket holders have paid no money for a season ticket this year – I am a season ticket holder myself.

  27. The way I read it is that it will be one ticket per holder. Didn’t see where it said adults only but maybe they need to clarify that.

    There’s still the possibility of the capacity being increased.

  28. Agreed Southmayo Exile – I’ve been a social member of Cill Chomáin for a few years now and it’s a small amount to pay and I’m more than happy to do so as I know that amount will go a lot further than if I were to give a similar amount to the club in the locality where I live. I know Ballina Stephenites also offer social membership but I’ve not really investigated which other clubs do so.
    As a social member I’ve been able to apply for tickets but I’m fully aware it’s a long shot and truth be told, in the list of the more deserving members I’m going to be at the bottom of the list but no harm to put my name in the hat. I’ll be doing a few more lines in the club lotto to increase my chances in any case!.

  29. Is there any raffle for the people who purchased tiles this year to fund the redevelopment of McHale Park.

  30. FDBinashui I really think clubs in general have a good opportunity to promote the membership as a means of supporting from a distance – I suspect there is a sense out there that club membership is really only for those who are actively involved in their club and it can feel like a bit of a closed shop sometimes. Even though in reality it isn’t, especially now when you can just go online and take out membership. The social membership concept is a good one. That said a surge in memberships might create a few headaches though at times like this!

    I’m pleasantly surprised at Mayo GAA’s decision to put 500 tickets in a draw for season ticket holders without any major drama – I think it was a very good decision and while obviously it’s not nearly enough to satisfy the demand, there are very areas in which demand will be satisfied this year and some of us are going to lose out, that’s just the reality of it. Every one of us is hoping it won’t be ourselves! At the end of the day they had no obligation to do so given that no-one is a season ticket holder this year, so I think it was a decent enough gesture, the right thing to do, and it would definitely make me feel a bit more inclined to support other initiatives as a result, because at least we know we are not being ignored. In the meantime And a few of us will have spent the price of three tickets entering draws 🙂

    Pat201 some of us are indeed club members and season ticket holders and there is still a good chance we will get a ticket from neither. But at least there is more of a chance this way. The season ticket website is down currently while the scheme is not operational so I would imagine these tickets will be allocated through Ticketmaster like all the others – so perhaps your suggestion of one or the other might even be factored in by default?

    Wayne Scales I do agree with you – it’s our national game, and yes while there will be plenty of ‘outsiders’ there with no skin in the game and it will stick in the craw, like any major sporting event it shouldn’t be just restricted to the fans of competitors, though it would be nice to see a bit more balance. I hope you get sorted.

  31. Clubs certainly should not lose their allocations. I just have a major issue with so many tickets going to people who have little more than a passing interest in the match and who are just there for the big day out. I’m sure this doesn’t just happen in the gaa. It’s infuriating to be sitting beside them and I know most of us have seen this.

    I return to the point that 40000 is still a huge capacity. Season ticket holders, including myself, have paid handsomely over the years and are loyal supporters. It’s unfair when we’re only then left with a remote chance of entry when we see random people sitting pretty. We’ll have to suck it up and hope we get lucky. However it’s the non loyal fans should be the ones to lose out.

  32. Is the draw for All Ireland Tickets for Cairde Season Ticket holders or Croke Park Season Ticket holders?

  33. Midwest are saying the draw is on next Wednesday for the season ticket holders and the winners will be contacted through their club – not sure exactly how that is going to work.
    Both Cairde and Croke park season ticket holders to be included in the draw

  34. Southmayo Exile, would there not be a lot of season ticket holders who are not associated with a club? I am a season ticket holder and club member but unfortunately did not come out of the draw made by our club for tickets. Cant see how it would work through clubs for people who are not members of a club? Its so long since I signed up to my first season ticket I cannot remember but maybe we had to nominate a home club when buying a mayo season ticket?

  35. @its too hot, yes, on the initial ticket application there was a section where you nominated your home club, however in the statement it said that if successful you will be contacted via email, so it doesn’t really matter whether you are contacted by a club, County or Croke Park as long as you remember to check your inbox on wednesday/Thursday

  36. Done Deal. Interesting to see how many people with addresses outside the County and overseas purchased a tile.. Why shouldn’t they be put in front of season ticket holders.? Will the season ticket holders pay their 2021 membership if they want to go in the draw…Come on Mayo Co Board look after the people who’ve put the cash in this year.

  37. I couldn’t give a sh!! If I don’t get a ticket once we win. I enjoyed Croker for the sémifinal

  38. @JR, I have always found the atmosphere in croke park for finals to be poor compared to semi finals or earlier rounds. I think it’s because it’s such a pain getting tickets you generally end up being separated from friends/family.

    Although maybe if we won one of the previous finals it would be a different experience!

  39. I’m based overseas and usually get a ticket through our club here, of whom I was secretary for a few years.

    But season ticket holders deserve priority in my view.

    I would also question why half of the seats in Croke Park are off limits given that massive sporting events have been taking place all over Europe this summer, and especially given that vaccine takeup in Ireland is at a very high level. But I guess that’s irreversible now.

  40. Senior Clubs – 16 * 118 -= 1888

    Intermediate Clubs – 15 * 98 = 1470

    Junior Clubs – 15 * 80 = 1200

    Each club receives 10 tickets for evey player on panel = 410

    Ten extra tickets for major urban centres -= 30

    9 top selling clubs in Club Development Draw = 54

    Total Tickets given to football clubs to allocate – 5,052

    Total tickets as per secretary on Midwest today – 10.950

    Exclusive Hurling Clubs, Players, Officials and County Board Officers, Coaches amd Corporate all have to be looked after from the remaining 5898 tickets.

  41. Yes Centerfield, seems so. Thanks for the link. Fair play to the interviewer for asking the tough questions, in particular querying why 3000 loyal fans cannot be accommodated out of a capacity of 40000. Its absurd and maddening. There is justified outrage and I’m glad people are making their feelings known to him.

    He didn’t properly answer if Mayo Gaa made petitions to HQ. It seems money talks. So much for covid-19 goodwill.

    But, as the secretary says, corporate packages and sponsors will be looked after. Its so wrong.

  42. Over 5,000 tickets been kept by our county board to distribute to sponsors, players etc – that’s a very high figure when tickets are so scarce. It looks like the sponsorship and corporate sector within the county are not taking any hit in their allocation.

  43. Thanks Redcol
    So presuming the other finalist gets 10000 or so tickets, where do the remaining 20000 go? That’s the angle Mayogaa should be fighting. That’s the real grey area. Other clubs around the county (outside of the two finalist counties) should have their allocation severely curtailed. Similarly with corporates and the like. This is an exceptional year given the reduced capacity.

    Season ticket holders it seems are really way down the priority list. That’s all I’m saying.

  44. Exactly South mayo exile.
    It seems the only ones taking the hit are season ticket holders.
    Very lousy move by the Gaa as they know there’s such demand in Mayo for Season tickets and if we chose to boycott them there’ll be a line of people ready and willing to pay up next year. When the dust will have well settled.

  45. Pressure needs to be put on Mayo Gaa throughout the next week. This needs to be escalated. Public outrage can make a difference, especially when it’s justified.

  46. Apparently the government are phasing out restrictions on numbers at outdoor events from September. Maybe a possibility of increasing the croke park capacity again?

  47. Redcol pure football GAA club ticket numbers and by that interview info figure of a balance remaining of 5898 seem correct.
    I mean, that looks like if you had any kind of means simply being any level of sponsor is a huge windfall of ticket access.
    The sponsors get the pr and exposure.
    I understand needing to sweeten deals with ticket access. But that looks at a level that deserves questioning.
    5898 balance.
    Remove 1898 for officials, players, coaches, politicians and hurling.
    Are we seriously giving 4k ticket access to sponsors?

  48. At a minimum the county board should give a breakdown of where these extra 5,000 tickets are going. Even if all the players in the senior panel were given the option to buy 10 tickets each – that’s only 500 of the 5,000 tickets.
    The county board were able to give an exact breakdown to each club what their allocation is. For example are the likes of Elverys going to be given 200 tickets? 500 tickets?. The tickets have to be going somewhere. More transparency needed

  49. Lads – the sponsors are likely to have a specified number of tickets written into the contracts should Mayo reach a final. Where that’s the case, then the County board would only be getting themselves into (another) legal mess if they attempted to reduce the allocation to sponsors.
    As for other numbers – there are going to be a number of the premium seats and Corporate boxes that will be given priority over all others – simple reason is they have paid for their tickets long before any final or semi final has been played and decided on.
    The ticket allocation is the allocation and to be honest, there’s little point in channeling energies on something that isn’t going to change now.

  50. FDB, I don’t expect the county board would have put up the 500 tickets for the season ticket holders if there hadn’t be a palpable ground swell of anger. I don’t think we’ll get anymore but at the same time but I don’t think showing complete apathy to this types of things is the correct action either.

  51. Middle age is catching up on me fast here! I can’t remember how to access my Season Ticket account to see what e-mail I signed up under it’s been so long since we had “normal” games. If anyone gets a mail about the draw next Wednesday / Thursday they might let all know on the blog. I fancy my chances at 6/1 🙂 Thanks.

  52. I note Redcols comments re ticket allocation. He accounted for 5,052
    – Also 1 ticket is given to any one that has played championship for Mayo. Guessing its only 300 or 400 so still leaves
    – each player on panel gets free comp tickets and option to buy some. Say 15 each (i dont know what the number is)
    – 500 for season ticket draw
    Thats 1,500 extra. Bringing total to 6,500.

    Still 4,000 unaccounted for if total is 10,500. Where could they be going. Sponsors – there are 5 or 6 big names that give money – even if they got 50 each (which i doubt) thats 300 and even 50 other smaller sponsors at 2 each thats still only 400 to sponsors. I accept county board officers etc have access to some but again even 5 snr officers get 20 plus 20 others get 5 is only another 200.

    That still brings us nowhere near the total. Even double the number for sponsors and double the officer tickets still way short.

  53. Who would be a county board officer,I realise that everyone wants to be there when we win but it is impossible,personally I have always managed to get a ticket either through Mayo connections or through a club I supported in Britain,it makes no difference to me now because I won’t attend another final,although I have been at Mayo matches from the early sixties travelled all over Ireland and Britain to see them,the best of luck to all the people who want a ticket ,and sympathy to the people who are in charge of distribution,I think that it is a no brainer for clubs to try and make as much money as possible for their clubs,thank you Willie Joe for your brilliant blog,we would be lost without it,hope that you have the best seat in Crime Park

  54. Looking at the Kerry lineup for Tomorrow. A lot of the lineup that we beat in the league final
    In 2019.
    Moran and Barry midfield. Would fancy AOS and
    Ruane in that duel with Loftus in the half forward line.

  55. A few Dubs I know rate Jordan Flynn highly, surely he can do a job anywhere around the middle in the final.
    For me he adds that bit of extra power.

  56. We have tactics sorted in this house for the final, I believe it will be Kerry that we will be facing.
    Imagine if Kerry were to be put on the back foot from the word go, high ball into the square.

  57. @facetheball – without getting ahead of ourselves…. If it’s Kerry I’d play Aidan at full forward again. Their defense is weaker (both physically and in terms of ability) than Dublin. I think Aidan would get much more joy than the last day. Peter Keane might even drop a sweeper back which would give us a spare defender to cover the Kerry FF line.

    David Moran at this stage of his career would relish a midfield battle with Aidan. Ruane and Diarmuid/Loftus would cause him far more trouble.

    I’d only move Aidan out of full forward to win a kickout if Hennelly is under pressure.

  58. What clubs are the 9 top selling dev draw clubs? And is that 54 divided out between the 9 or the 9 get 54 each?

  59. For me it’s 50/50 whether or David Moran starts v Tyrone tommorow.. and it would be a very foolish person who would assume to know unless you have an inside track on the Kerry camp.. Even assuming a Kerry victory, (which I don’t assume at all) how has Aiden O Shea done v David Moran in recent games,.. Well in Killarney David Moran cleaned Aiden O Shea, and last year in the League , Aiden came on at halftime and cleaned David Moran..so the jury is out on calling the result of that possible match up for me anyway, but what’s not in doubt is that mobility and athleticism is much more important in 2021 than previous years..I see Tyrone legend Owen Mulligan has tipped Tyrone and made the same point about the Tyrone players having to drive in their cars individually to Kerry for the league game where Tyrone were hammered by the Kingdom, for his Paddy Power piece.. Who knows maybe Mugs reads this Blog.. He has a nice line about Kerry having only to beat ‘Hurling Counties’ to get to the semifinal. .it’s going to be awful interesting anyway!

  60. If we played Aidan in the middle against Kerry (if they progress), we’d be playing into their hands, not trusting Mattie and Conor. Moran can be deadly on his day though. At least we’ll keep them guessing. So difficult to know how Aido will be for the final. He has the potential to cause them problems in a number of areas but I think he should be stationed at FF. If we’re continuously moving him then we’re leaving holes elsewhere and knowing James’ philosophy we’re rightly gonna go man to man.

    I agree on Jordon Flynn. He’s looking better with each game and has surprised me. A real middle third battler, the extra muscle we need there. He plays the Seamie O’shea role. Not yet at the Seamie level in his prime but that’s what needs to strive for. Jordon is a tidy footballer and a real asset now.

  61. Folks I can’t get the feeling out of my head that Tyrone will surprise everyone. If they’re were no covid problems I would have given them a real chance… Don’t know why but I’d rather face kerry in the final

  62. @ No Doubt , I am with you in today’s game. Game will be tighter than people think . It’s a longtime since Kerry has had a decent test but will be asked questions today . Will know later how well those questions are answered.

  63. It will be tight for a time but Kerry will ultimately win comfortably by 4-6 points.
    Tyrone have seemed intent on winning games by scoring points only. Not even looking to create goal chances . They will need goals today

  64. Check out the Journal.ie for a breakdown of All Ireland ticket allocations for 2011. I know it’s ten years old but I’m sure it’s still pretty relevant.

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