Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-14: so close yet again


Another one and this one I truly believe will be the hardest of the lot to live with. We’ve lost another All-Ireland final and this time we did so in what appears to have been an avoidable manner. Even now I can’t fully comprehend how we did so.

The decision to play Robbie Hennelly rather than David Clarke in goal will haunt us long into the future. I’d heard the rumours about this during the week but didn’t think we’d risk such a gambit in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of an All-Ireland final replay. But we did, with utterly calamitous consequences.

That was obvious inside the opening few minutes when Dublin raced into a four-point lead. Robbie’s kick-outs were responsible for at least three of these – with Dublin, realising our weak point, pushing up high and closing off the option of the short restart – and it was obvious then that we’d made a tactical blunder of quite disastrous proportions.

Worse was to follow after the break when Robbie spilled a ball in, which led to the penalty and a black card for him. David Clarke’s confident and assured display between the sticks afterwards only served to underscore what an awful clanger we’d made.

What were we thinking of? Robbie was pitched, lacking match practice for months, into a situation where he needed to be at his best. It’s understandable, coming cold into the team after months of not playing, that he wasn’t and I feel desperately sorry for him as regards how the match played out for him. I feel sorrier, though, for the team as a whole and for its loyal supporters, seeing another All-Ireland being lost, in heartbreaking circumstances.

It wasn’t the only relevant factor, of course, in today’s defeat but it was the major one. Dublin’s confident start gave them back their mojo and from then on they were always going to be a tougher team to beat. Had we not handed this start to them, would they have discovered their brio as well as they did? I’m not sure they would.

Mind you, when Lee Keegan found the net to put us in front, following excellent approach play from Aidan O’Shea, we fairly rocked them back on their heels again. The black-carding of Jonny Cooper didn’t exactly help their cause either.

Lee’s black card – with Connolly going down far too easily and then doing all he could to make sure the man who has dominated him so thoroughly was put off – hurt us more than Cooper’s loss did them. That was clear case of a rook for a queen.

I’m not going to blame the ref for our loss today. It’s beyond question, though, that we got the rough end of the stick on that front. Small should have been gone on black within minutes of the throw-in for the trip on Andy Moran, McCarthy could well have walked for the late and utterly reckless hit on Donal Vaughan (which effectively ended the Ballinrobe man’s day) and Small should also have gone for more than one of his subsequent infractions. Even with Deegan’s piss-poor officiating, though, we still could have done it.

But we didn’t and it’s that cold, hard truth we now have to live with. The lads gave everything today but in the end it wasn’t enough to get the win. Now’s not the time for detailed analysis, no more than it is for any kind of narrative on how the game played out, but there are plenty of long nights in the months to come for all the mournful introspection that surely lies ahead.

This defeat won’t, of course, finish us. We’ll come back strongly in 2017, we’ll be there or thereabouts again next year. Today we should have got there but, once more, we have to settle for thereabouts. The long wait goes on, ultimate success remains as elusive as ever for us and what befell us today now becomes just the latest chapter in a book we’re all so thoroughly sick of reading.

None will be more despondent now than Stephen and the players. I can only imagine what they’re going through in their minds right now and all any of us on the outside can do is sympathise with them and thank them for all their efforts in 2016.

We’re down tonight, more so than after any previous final loss from my point of view, but in time we will, once again, drag ourselves from the floor. This defeat does, of course, raise once again questions in my mind as to whether or not we’ll ever make it to the promised land but, even on a night like tonight, we can be sure of one thing. We’ll never give up, we’ll keep aiming for the stars.

Up Mayo.

Mayo: Robbie Hennelly; Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan (1-0), Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan (0-2); Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin (0-1), Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor (0-1); Jason Doherty, Andy Moran (0-1), Cillian O’Connor (0-9, frees). Subs: Stephen Coen for Keegan (black card), Conor O’Shea for Vaughan, David Clarke for Hennelly (black card), Barry Moran for Andy Moran.

Post-match audio report below. MOTM poll below as well.

Who was our MOTM against Dublin?

  • Paddy Durcan (41%, 290 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (13%, 92 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (11%, 79 Votes)
  • Robbie Hennelly (11%, 76 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (5%, 36 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (5%, 33 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (4%, 28 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (4%, 27 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (2%, 17 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (1%, 10 Votes)
  • David Clarke (1%, 6 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Alan Dillon (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Conor O'Shea (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Barry Moran (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 712

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292 thoughts on “Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-14: so close yet again

  1. Once this settles down I would be interested to see if lees black was merited .
    Dubs were much improved but we matched them,
    We’ll be back, we always are.

  2. Maurice Deegan shafts us again. No way was Keegan a black. Typical that Connelly stays on field he should have went for two yellows. John Small also should have went

  3. Long time viewer of this great blog and after watching that game am compelled to commemt. So so disappointed once again like every mayo fan, too many times the teams have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Why oh why was Hennelly ever in the squad, he really is a calimity but he didn’t pick himself. Mayo mgnt trying to be too clever tinkering with a team that didn’t need it. A lot poorer performance than the 1st final. That goalkeeper decision is unforgiveable and the responsibility lies solely with the mgmt.

  4. In the end lads we only have ourselves to blame not the referee. A risk in the starting 15 from management that backfired

  5. I don’t believe we were robbed or mugged .Lees card was inevitable because if you are constantly on the edge the decision will go against you even when its not deserved.
    Surely the substitution of the goalie needs explanation

    No doubt we are in hard luck but always??

    Yes Mayo will be back.It just I hope we all stop talking about 1951.

  6. Absolutely heartbroken. Goalkeeping thing a mess. Missed free at end heart breaking though you couldn’t fault Cillian or any other player. Matched them pound for pound but just couldn’t catch any breaks, either day.

  7. An unbelievable, unforgivable decision from management to change the keeper. For all Deegan did against us he did us a huge favour black carding Hennelly, it would have been over earlier if he stayed on any longer.

    I thought the one good thing to come out of the Galway game was that the keeper issue was finally resolved and a big mistake had been rectified with Clarke coming back in permanently. Then he goes and changes it again for the final. A truly unforgivable error.

    Other than that, we have no obvious attacking strategy. Every score we get seems to be hard won. There’s no point trying to go back to try again unless there is a proper, thought out, attacking system in place – we don’t have the natural forwards to win it without one.

  8. Gutted, totally gutted. Long journey we know so well ahead. Keeper decision backfired, no question. Rochford had his decisions and have to accept his decision. He got alot of those calls right in past games just didnt get this one right.

    Forwards win games, for all the mistakes made at the back the game was still there for us but every score was so hard to come by the lack of natural forwards able to take long range scores told in the end.

    There will be a lot of soul searching and big calls to be made in the winter but the likes of Irwin, Reape, Loftus, Douglas, Gallagher, Coen need to be given the league games, thats the way forward.

    Anyway, its been a long rollercoaster of a season. See ye all againin January to do it all over again.

  9. Small.. Definite black . Keenan’s was a black although Connelly went down easy for it. Hennelly call and Deegan cost us. Sick but proud of the team. Sick but would not want to be from anywhere else. Mayo abú!!

  10. Absolutely devistated. Keegan wasnt a black card and when you consider the yellows that was handed out for the fisty cuffs it makes no sense. Look werent good enough today thats the fact.Hennelly decision backfired big time. Back on the road in 3 months lads no other choice.

  11. Very proud of the lads, need to see Leeroy’s black again….a pull back is a yellow, a pull to the ground is black. Unless you’re John Small, then either isn’t a card.

    Your heart would have to go out to Cillian, what a warrior he is.

    Devastated now, but all it means is it’ll be so much sweeter when we get over the line.

  12. Devastated really tonight but we lost this on the keeper decision. I feel very sad for Robbie Hennelley. Should have been changed at half time at least. You can look at ref or whatever but we lost our with a bad management call

  13. I really hope David Clarke was injured because if he wasn’t that was an absolutely crazy decision. I feel physically sick.

  14. Sufferingmayofan i agree trying to be too clevor. Look we need to look at the the way we play ball in oppisition half. Its not clinical enough. We play into a crowed area we play to the wings instead of fucking playing direct football. Its not just down to goalie decision the wrong decision was made when we were in the Dublin half too often.

  15. One more thing on the management – they have made one wrong call all year really, and even then we had a chance to level the game up in added time against the greatest team in the history of gaa ever.

    Fingers crossed everyone sticks around for next year.

  16. The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.

  17. There has been a lot of horse shit on this forum debating the choice of goal keeper on this team . Those espousing hennelly got your answer, and please desist in future.

  18. Can’t blame the ref. Responsibility has to be levelled at management who thought it was a good idea to drop the beat goalie of the yearfor our biggest moment of the year. It cost us about 1-5. Absolute and utter madness.

  19. Rochford really dropped the ball on his selection today. To lose by a point after all the calamitous moments… Too sickening.

  20. And by the way, I don’t advocate a witch hunt on management. They’ve done a great job all year. But they got this wrong and it cost us.

  21. It went how it went. We can pour over the wet ashes but we move forward to next year.
    Goalkeeping didnt work out, okay we move on.
    Defence well beaten by McManamon in the first half and in the final 20 mins by Cormac Costelloe.
    We lacked a bit of inside threat.
    With all that we came up one point short.
    This is a long arm wrestle and we lose the day we all lose faith and the team loses faith.
    Can we win it next year, the answer is Yes.
    Do the team believe that, the answer is Yes.
    Do the the core supporters believe that, the answer is Yes.
    We will refuse to yield to this challenge.

  22. Sick sorry and no sadder than usual!

    But sure lookit …we need something to look forward to next year!!

  23. So proud of the lads management cost them the game. They had every opportunity to change keepers. It cost them lees sending off, a penalty resulting goal and ultimately the all Ireland final. Not robbies fault. Questions to be asked of managements poor judgement. Very annoyed

  24. Crazy decision to switch keepers and we only have ourselves to blame. I hope people go easy on him though as you can only imagine how he is feeling tonight.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so gutted after a game. We definitely left it behind us

  25. Rochford and his team should be commended for tightening us up at the back. It brought us to the level we were at this year. But the attack needs serious work. Barry Moran goes in on the square and barely a ball was kicked in to him. Aidan O’Shea taking frees when he should be pushing forward. Cillian O’Connor has too much to do. Maintain our current frugality at the back and implement a coherent attacking plan and we will be contenders again next year.

    Keegan and Vaughan were big losses, too much for the team to plug. I’m not going to blame it on rotten luck as the selection played a huge part in how the game panned out. But Stephen and his team have done very well this year and I’m sure we will all be keen to see what they bring to the table next season.

  26. We have a great team and management. The management made one bad call. It’s awful tonight but we will be back…..I am sick of saying it now though!!.
    Robbie Hennelley is a great Mayoman and great player. He was put in an awful position there could only be one result……

  27. Was Regan available? If so, what exactly has he done wrong? I’m utterly mystified.

  28. Feel so so sad for all of these lads
    What fantastic football they have given us.
    So so heartbroken.
    Those guys will always come back because they are amazing and that’s what they do.
    So the smear against Lee worked for the dubs.
    What a goal Lee got. Best of the whole season.
    Safe home everyone. Our hearts will lift again.
    Give it time.

  29. Yeah management did a great job all year, just a shame that they screwed it up so badly for this game. To think we only lost by a point after all the insane mistakes is sickening

  30. To those deserter, cowards who left before final whistle, please don’t use up a good ticket again.
    To the guy who asked, ” why do we do it?” – because those heroes do.
    When does FBD start

  31. At the moment I feel sick and gutted. But then I think how the players who make so many sacrifices are feeling tonight. Think how they all feel. We do lucky to be represented by then and giving us happy times meeting up and talking at matches. I’m sure the lads will be back. Time is a healer

  32. Soooo upset. Think Clarke injured, he was hopping from leg to leg when he came on. Immso upset. I never ever want to see A dub again. Had to stop a young Mayo lad from being beaten up before the game. I want to move home to Mayo and never see a dub again

  33. I can’t help remembering how quick Robbie was to come to the defence of the Cork U21 keeper after Ennis. Just thought it was class at the time . He must be suffering now. Keep the faith

  34. Three of us in the car from northside to maynooth. .not a solitary word spoken except one line..you never ever change your keeper..fucking hell. .If Clarke wasn’t injured that was a serious call that went astray..

  35. Was that a penalty? Need to see it again. Bad call with Hennelly but could see what they were trying. We won a few long kickouts which put us in great attacking positions. Again need to see again but did our goal not come from one of these. If it came off, would have been hailed as a master stroke. If Dublin lost, Gavin would have been under scrutiny for his changes. We came up short with forwards, only just, but needed some more clinical finishing. Gutted but we have to go again. Very proud of the team and management.

  36. Just to give context.
    Clarke starts and we probably only draw that game in normal time for all we know.
    Dublin if pressed were capable of 1-17 or 1-18, remember they finished with plenty keep ball.
    Didnt deal well with McManamon and Costelloe.
    Just to add that switching keepers still might not have got the win.

  37. Disappointing defeat today.can we please as a county not resort to the usual excuse of blaming the referee for our loss.it really bugs me.we have to look at ourselves and find a way to rectify whatever needs to be rectified to get over the line.the reality is the better team today won the game.but for some over elaboration up front in the last ten mins they woukdnhave won by a few more points. Defensively we are very solid an hard to break down but going forward we need to find more.we are very reliant on COC frees against the better teams.if we can improve our forward play while keeping our defensive solidity we will win the AI

  38. One Dub near me got up & started jeering at us all when O’Shea’s shot went wide near the end. Took all my energy not to go for him

  39. Same old mayo Clark should have been on for the start lee,s black card was not one we wont win a all Ireland

  40. Keep the faith. These lads have given it their all and must be heartbroken tonight. But next January they’ll be back for more and so will we. We’re in this together.

  41. Dublin got the breaks and are cute enough to get over the line, Experience. I thought the whole mayo team gave it there all.The defending was superb, the tacking was on point but it just wasn’t to be. Its the little things that are costing us. The marquee forward is a big loss. Andy Moran is the general who was orchestrating the attacks He was the only one switching play but he needs help, Surely in the county there is a young pacey goalscoring forward?
    We’re not that far away. I’m not blaming Hennelly for the loss. Dublin rode their luck. Connolly got Keegan removed by waving imaginary cards at the referee. Small was lucky not to be red carded it’s not MMA. In the end it wasn’t enough and we go again next year. Maigh Eo Abu

  42. Thinking back, looks like Cluxton won it for Dublin with the accuracy of kick outs in last 10 mins. Also our half backs weren’t allowed to run from deep like before. Bad enough to be a Mayo fan but to be a player out there must be utterly heartbreaking. MAIGHEO ABU

  43. This fucking shite feeling does not get any easier. I am an always will be proud to be a Mayo man. Keep the chin up fellow Mayo people. The night is darkest just before the dawn

  44. Our men did the best they could, and I for one am very very proud to be from Mayo. If we win it sometime we win it but it takes some courage/balls/guts to get up year after year and roar again. No recriminations I love each and every one of our men. Never forget WE ARE MAYO

  45. Just spent an age on the street with my 11 year old daughter who is heart broken…she cried her eyes out and was inconsolable. However thogh my heart is broken I am so proud of the lads today. Hard luck to my heroes. Cillian was amazing and I can only imagine how upset he is after the final sideline..I am so proud of him and every one of the team. Yeah maybe and maybe…goalies, black cards, scuffles and yellows…we went toe to toe with the greatest team of all time…well with Dublin and we could have won it. In fairness I do think the best team won but I am proud to be Mayo and always full of hope and belief. We are close. I met a Dublin woman who told me she was weeping 10 years ago when Mayo beat them…maybe we will be the smug ones watching the Dubs take another defeat from us in another All-Ireland in the not so distant future. Mayo is my home and I am proud that my daughter chooses it to be hers…even though e live in Carlow. Thank you Willie Joe, thank our management team and most of all to the men who have given Mayo people all over the world so much happiness and pride…our mayo team…thank you one and all….onward and together to the promised land…Maigheo go deo x

  46. Lots of dubs slagging off mayo fans leaving Hill 16. Some fat slob was slagging a young girl and she was rising to it going nuts. I stood in front of her and told her not to mind it and she calmed a bit and her friend took her away. Took every bit of what I had left not to put him on his arse. Willie Joe, sorry about language in regard to ref. Emotions running high so prob not the time for commenting. Feel so sorry for the lads, because whatever I am feeling and this is coming from a man who could barely hold back tests at the end, they must feel ten times worse. Or day will come, we are so close, we will come again. Wouldn’t be from anywhere else.

  47. Awful disappointed, of the eight losses since and including 89, this one hurts the most. The goalkeeping decision stands out as a turning point but there were other poor on field decisions as well. Paddy Durcan was good today but self inflicted wounds cost us. Trying to to be too smart and out smart Dublin effectively meant we outsmarted ourselves. The way I feel now I am going step back from supporting Mayo. I may need the winter to think about this whole thing

  48. Regardless of the keeper decision, Dublin were the better team – better forwards and one hell of a defence. The Mayo forwards for all their hard work just could not break down a Dublin defence that has brought the black art of tackling to a new level. Add to that the dublin subs that came on in the last quarter and kicked four points from play, can’t argue with that. Proof if it were ever needed, that forwards win matches. For Mayo, the journey goes on and on and on……..

  49. Dub fans have the lowest amongst them that no other team has. And don’t anyone go saying otherwise now.

  50. Mayo McHale, you said it, forwards win games. For all the hard work our forwards put in there is not enough natural scoring players there. Dublin way more economical going forward.

    There were great servants of Mayo football playing today but the future lies with the youth going forward. Reape, Loftus, Irwin, Douglas and their generation need to be in Mayo training camps this winter and starting league games next year. We need to widen the pool of attacking players at our disposal, natural scoring players. Heading into another championship with the same panel of players at this stage simply wont work.

  51. I didnt read any comments, just want to say we will be back. Minute I saw Hennelly starting I turned to my brother and said we are f&&%ed here, an so it turned out. Even though it doesnt feel like it now, we will rise again. Mayo forever.

  52. So sad tonight but still very proud of our brilliant team. Some decisions went against us today. We also managed to shoot ourselves in the foot with goal keeper decision. The dubs campaign to get Lee keegan sent off worked and the ref made some dubious calls. So we are still where we started this morning and the greatest team ever to bring big bucks into the GAA coffers are somehow champions again. It’s pretty sick really when you think about it.

  53. What do ye think about D Rock free wide about 37/38 mins (after Dublin free moved forward due to D O’Connor block down of original free) – am I only one with bad eyesight ?? also if ref allows free to fire ahead then once D O’Connor does not advance forward before kick (which he did not) then no issue to be addressed so no move forwardv- think Deegan needs to go to refs school again ! but point is that Cillian should have been shooting for the win at the end.

  54. I have said here before many times that what has cost us All Ireland’s over recent years has been two things (1) concession of crucial and often dilly goals and(2) not quite getting enough scores fro possession won. Oh dear it happened all over again.

    WJ – I know you said before about not overdoing the Hennelly/clarke debate. I fear for you now as the fact now is not only does it define the debate regarding this match but it will define Rochford’s tenure as management….unless he wins an All Ireland.

    They say you’re doomed to repeat the lessons of history if you don’t learn from them. Alas, Mayo GAA is doomed tonigt

  55. Angry as hell. Really really angry.
    Angry that Hennelly didn’t deal with a routine ball. Angry with Deegan and his officials cowardly performance. Angry now that this shower of deceiving thugs will now be celebrated as back to back winners. Angry that Deegan called a peno when Hennelly actually saved it pushing the ball v the forwards shins. Angry that he bottled the early black for Small and then the red.
    It’s best I stay away for a couple of hours.
    Heroic effort from our lads and supporters. We showed up the jackeens again. They only sing when they’re winning.
    We’ll be back.

  56. Management team improved us this year . Not afraid to make big decisions . Didn’t work out today but we have to be seriously proud of this team .

  57. I find it hard to make what I consider conclusive comments [conclusive in my own mind that is] without having seen the game in replay.There is so much you miss when at the match – but still nothing beats being there.
    My first question – should a Dublin player have been black carded for the early foul on Cillian when a yellow was awarded? Second what did Lee do to justify a black card? There are a few others too but I am a bit too muddled at the moment to outline them.
    The goalkeeping change will haunt Rochford for many a long day, I think. With the change in the square ball rule ability to command the square is more vital than ever. In the old days the full back’s main job was to protect the goalkeeper. He can no longer do that in the old fashioned way which makes Clarke’s attributes even moore valuable.
    In my opinion Darren O’Malley is a superior goalkeeper to Robbie for that reason. But thanks to Connelly/Holmes I don’t think he is even in the country. Incidentally why did Mayo, since the square ball rule changed, never try to get a ball across the square which an inrunning Aiden O’Shea could get a fist to while questioning the goalkeeper’s courage?

  58. So proud of the lads today, but sinead37, you’re no fan I’ve met.
    Both sets of supporters were amazing and all the vitriol says more about
    You than them.
    Have some class in defeat. Your warriors deserve better.

  59. Yes some decisions went against but e just weren’t good enough today. I thought we really struggled to get scores.

    It’s gutwrenching stuff. Didn’t think it was a penalty but in saying all of this and I hate to admit, but Dublin looked the better team in attack.

    We might not see some of our lads again. I dunno but I think Rochford should give youth a big chance in the league next season. More senior lads or lads with big mileage need a really good break.

    We need to bring some young lads thru and hope that we can keep developing underage. Our forwards unit on the senior team has been pretty much the same personnel since 2010. Regan never featured when needed this year and Loftus/Reape mustnt have been impressing enough in training… 2017 is their time to make a proper impression.

    I’d like to see Irwin brought in. Even if one of the above named can nail down a starting place for the business end of the championship then that’d be progression.

    Have we any other forwards impressing at club level??

    Anyway, hard luck to our lads today. They tried hard but it just wasn’t enough. 66 years….

  60. donie was a massive loss
    This seems to have been ignored
    a massive massive loss when all other things are considered

  61. I am so so sorry for some members of the panel especially Donal Boyle, Keith Higgins,
    David Clarke and Andy Moran.They have given so much and richly deserved more.

    We lost the drawn game and todays because:
    Dublin have a stronger panel
    Our backs give away too many frees
    we cannot pick off medium or long range scores
    the goalkeeper decision was wrong today

    Can somebody please let me know if I am wrong?

    Overall the team have given us so much pleasure and the should be pride of themselves.

    they deserve our admiration and gratitude

  62. I think fans should be allowed let off steam tonight. Never mind talking about next year yet. What is wrong with talking about yet another example of serious tactical mistakes costing this great group an all ireland. No point painting over the cracks year in year out.

  63. Mighty mayo mayo chant to greet the team onto the pitch? Where were all the best supporters in the country at 4.30?

  64. Sean og, you are lucky you have only met nice ones. The majority I have met are sound but you can think what you want but there is a type of Dublin fan that is downright horrible. And no other county has them.

  65. CrossFlan..I didn’t even think of clubs. When lads put on the Mayo jersey clubs go out the window as far as I’m concerned. We need the best players on the county team… I couldn’t give toss if they all came from Breaffy…Ballina..bohola! Who cares.

    Agreed Juan. Clarke defo should have started. It was an error but not even near a sackable one!! Hennelly had a Nitemare…and his mistakes proved critical but as a fellow keeper my heart goes out to him. No one, not one Mayo person anywhere feels as bad as he does tonight. I wish him well.

    Mayo will be back but serious focus is required to bring youth through. We just don’t have enough natural scorers. We struggled today upfront and we had to work so much harder to get scores than Dublin did. Their forward play was quicker, slick and seemed to have more purpose.

  66. It’s down to Rochford got it so wrong to day Clark would have Sam back in mayo if he was on from the start but he should stay its always the small things we get wrong all the time don’t know how we will fix it there must really cursed

  67. Positives for me this year… Harrison and Durkan. It’s a pity we had no breakthrough in our forwards. Regan really fell to the side once the championship heated up.

    Until we get better upfront we’ll continue to fall short.

  68. At the beginning of the year most people were saying we didn’t have the forwards to win AL and so it proved today we just couldn’t get scores or even scoring chances. But you have to give credit to Dublin defense they were immense..
    We played most of this championship without a recognised fullback which is also amazing. I wonder if we had one these last two games would at least one of the 3 goals have been cut out?
    The lack of scoring forwards is a serious issue thst needs addressing at coaching level. Even the under 21’s were struggling to score points from play. Whee is the next generation of scoring forwards going to come from?
    On issue of refereeing I think we need to really change things. We need to use technology at all inter county games so refs get a chance to see incidents again. They are only human and can’t keep up to pace and physicality of modern game. It needs to be addressed at congress level.
    Finally I really hope the players and supporters can put it in perspective. It’s just a game and should not define our lives. There is to much suffering in the world not to let it go folks…..God bless you all.

  69. The cold reality is regardless of goalkeeping error we never looked like we had the winning of that game. The last few years we are always there or thereabouts with best in country and sadly that’s not going to win us an all-Ireland. As individuals Dublin have better individual players and we make up for the mismatch in pure strength of effort, character and honesty. But the harsh reality is we have not been the best team of best players at any stage in last few years.

  70. Ok just looked at a few of the comments. There were calls made with team selection in best interests of winning. Some did not work out. We are all gutted but what we feel is not a patch in what all the players and management feel. As a community we are a hell of a lot better than most counties that turn like rabid dogs on their players. We are better than that & next year we will come back better and stronger. We owe these players for all they have given up for us. I want to say thank you to them. Maigheo Abu!

  71. Feel devastated but also proud we never ever gave up .time for debating is not now we are a proud county.

  72. Centerfield was that a joke? Management made a poor call in starting Robbie granted, but they have shown massive promise this year

  73. Its time to put an offensive strategy in place at two levels:

    1. A multitude of strategies that can be drawn on; on big game days.

    2. Develop forwards at underage club level;

    Clubs need to identify players in other positions (midfield, half backs) that have the potential to be forwards. Club management should move these players with potential into forward positions and develop them as forwards with the county cause in mind.

    Mayo had enough possession to win. Didn’t take scores at key times – a recurring problem!!

  74. I am struggling for words this evening. So close again. How many times. I suppose the answer is an infinite number. We will go back to the well in a few months but it’s hard to be positive tonight.

  75. Juan says:
    October 1, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Juan, I am not trolling.I looked at Paddy Power during the week to see how the bookies read the match.

    Clarke was favourite to win the goalkeeping all star. But somehow Rochford decides to pick Hennelly instead who he hasn’t played in 3 months.

    I am sick to my back teeth of these idiotic decisions by Mayo mgt teams and until we get someone who knows what they’re doing we wont be winning anything.

    Would any top manager have made the switch that Rochford made today?
    I was speechless when Newstalk started talking of the rumour of the change of keeper on the way up to the match

  76. How long must we wait in this waiting room of pain ? I’m fucking depressed sad and angry

  77. – Close so close and of course goalkeeper change contributed to a number of mistakes but was not the sole reason for the loss.

    -The snipers here need to hold fire just look at the devastation of the Mayo players at the end especially Hennelly, they don’t need their own supporters adding to it.

    -Give Rochford the time and space to build a winning strategy with the forwards, retirements will force his hand.

    – Finally very very proud of our guys tonight. No surrender on the pitch or terraces today and that now our mantra.

    – God dam whoever made up that rubbish about a curse it is taken as a fact now with RTE etc.

    – Oh and surprise surprise Keegans was NOT a black card. The ex- Dub players plan worked.

    – Down but not out.

  78. Disgusted to see Whelan sneering his way through Sunday Game tonight after starting the campaign to get Lee Keegan sent off. He tried to cover his tracks by saying what a great player Lee is. However, he bottled it as did the Sunday Game on the main point, it was not a Black Card. The despicable campaign started by Whelan should have been highlighted by Des ate too many mince pies Cahill tonight. Totally biased panel which at least Brolly called it for what it is!

  79. This is my first comment after been a long time follower First of all well done Willie Joe for this brilliant site.
    I was very angry leaving Croke Park this evening. When I heard the news that there was a change of goalkeeper planned at lunchtime I was horrified and feared the worst This is no fault of Robbie who as always did his best The fault lies with management plain and simple for getting this major call wrong and it cost us big. I have to say that apart from briefly after our goal and the black card for Cooper I never felt we were looking like winners We were clearly finding scores to hard to come by. Also feel Dublin learned more from the first game.

    Now the question is where do we go from here I think we have to use the league to blood as many new players as possible especially in the forwards. Players like Irwin must be given their chance If we lose our Division One status then so be it A fat lot of good it has done us over the years when it came to the business end of the championship

    One last point is that I felt there was a certain air of resigned acceptance of our fate amongst the magnificent supporters today towards the end and I confess I was of that mind whilst still roaring my head of. A feeling of here we go again Anyway when does the FBD league start. Upwards and onwards. .

  80. All – comments are starting to get a bit ugly now. I’m just deleting them as I go along but I will deal with individuals who cross the line. This place has become and remains a special one and I’m not going to let it be destroyed by people who can’t or won’t be reasonable in what they have to say. If you want to mouth off in an unacceptable manner, then please do so on your social media platform of choice. This is NOT the place for it.

  81. Sean og, Granted there are some decent dub fans and many of them are sound. I am confused as to why you are having a pop at Sinead tho. I also encountered some complete tools. Not much class in slagging off the fans of a team you have just defeated. Not much class in picking on a young girl half your age. And you are on about showing class in defeat. Considering how much it freaking hurts to lose at this stage, I think the mayo fans showed great dignity in not responding to some of the taunting at the end. So just because you yourself encountered decent fans doesn’t mean everyone’s experience was the same and I think it’s a bit rich questioning that person’s character because of it. My partner’s friends from kildare had bags of chips flung at them from some Dublin fans on the hill this year. I agree with Sinead completely, there are dub fans out there that are bang on but an element of them are just rough and borderline wanting to cause trouble. So you can have a pop at me as well if you want but I saw what I saw today and it was far from impressive.

  82. The reality was that we did not commit enough bodies to attack over the two games. We were too defensive and probably paid Dublin too much respect with our double sweeper. Defence was fine but commiting only 4 forwards to attack was not enough. We never pushed on when there was a chance to and it ultimately. Felt sorry for aido, andy and cillian being so isolated in attack. A good defence will only get you so far …

  83. I didn’t see the game but I was listening on radio and all I heard was the celebration of the mighty Mayo warriors fighting on their back for their county. I clasped my fingers on the top of my head when Cillian was stepping up to take that kick, they tightened when he missed.

    This is a moment that most Mayo people will remember for varying reasons but I would beg understanding. My God these players are beyond belief and I and all belong to me were litterly outpouring in their praise of this incredible team. They epitomise what Mayo bring to the table and that is honour, pride and the willingness to do whatever is necessary to get your team over the line.

    Please please don’t individualise players who went to Croke Park today to fight for Sam. This great team had the opportunities to win but things went against them and they got turned over in critical moments and ultimately that is why Dublin staggered over the line. Dublin are a great team and Mayo are their equals in effort and spirit but there is a slight disparagy in forward strength. But that almost accounted for nothing in today’s epic.

    Hold your heads up high, you are Mayo and when people speak of your team they will have their armour checked and breath deeply in anticipation of the battle ahead. “WARRIORS ARE YE”

    I have cheered loudly and pumped fists with raised veins but I have never held my county chances with a kick to draw an All Ireland Final and I have never ben the last man standing to collect a slippery ball that I have caught a thousand times only to let the new unused slippery ball squirt from my usual sound grip? These great men have given their heart and soul for their family, Club and County

    I am a Kerry man and I am so so proud of your team, they are an
    absulute credit to your great County and they could have won this game were it not for the cruelty of sport.

    I am bowed, and I a slow to stand

  84. I wish I hadn’t read that updatwd report as it reinforced what I felt and saw today
    Especially the donie “challenge”
    dangerous and deliberate
    The goalie situation next year now is potentially tricky
    How does Clarke feel?
    No way back for Robbie really in my opinion
    So then what if Clarke decides to retire !

  85. Mayo’s lack of forwards is the reason they havent won
    This high octane crash bang wallop football only works at club level
    You have to have forwards to win these big games

  86. Feel for all the team tonight but Clarke in particular..Hadnt put a foot wrong all championship and is sitting on the bench for majority of the game..Will readily admit my stomach lurched when I heard the rumour but thought it was just a ploy..If I think much more about it I’ll scream..How many extensions are we adding to this house of pain!!

  87. Not lack of forwards John but lack of forwards in fowrads positions. We had the same number of forwards as dublin but chose to play a lot of them in defence too much of the time. We missed feck all because we had no forwards in shooting positions. Jason, Doc and kmac are well able to score but were too busy in defence.
    Far too much respect paid to the dubs forwards. We should have pushed on and beat them but chose not to

  88. On bus back to Galway. Hennelly call was ludicrous. Disaster waiting to happen as no game time. Forward play not good enough. Big man on edge of square does not work. Aido should revert to midfield and stay there. Let our half backs attack more. Cluckkers kick out killed us last 15. Dublin over elaborated near the when easy chances were there to be taken. Black card has to go. Bottom line we were not good enough on the day. Don’t even want to think about next year. 50+ years chasing the dream. When will nightmare end???

  89. Centrefield – So you went to
    Paddy Power to check out the odds for Clarke and you drew your opinion from this, that Clarke shouldn’t have been replaced – Did paddy power predict that Clarke would give away the ball on a few crucial occasions in the drawn game too…….

    It’s easy to be critical of the management’s decision now, but who’s to say that Clarke wouldn’t have messed up again today too. I thought it was harsh on Clarke too, but people need to lay off Rochford and give the man another chance. I hope all the management team stays in place.

  90. Your analysis is spot on Wiilie Joe but with one point I would like to add. Robbie did not loose the game for us. Stephen Rochford lost the game for us. The real question we have to ask is “why did you select Robbie Hennelly in goal?”. I was shocked when I saw the number 16 shirt on the field. My first thought was that Clarke was injured. I was further shocked when we went four points down mainly due to goalkeeper incompetence.

    When Hennelly was black carded I thought who the hell is going to go in goal now that Clarke is injured. When I saw Clarke coming on the field I was dumbfounded.

    Rochford lost this game and he should man up. This type of selection leads to rumours of clicks within the team……Breaffy players looking for their own man etc. Let’s call a spade a spade even if it is devisive. In the past we have been guilty of faction in Mayo and it has cost us dearly. But the price today is too high.

    I don’t blame the fans for being very angry. They know what has happened. I am not sure if you are right in censoring their anger. They are very hurt for the team, the county, and themselves. I can’t face into next week working in Galway and people feeling ‘ sorry’ for us. We don’t need patronising sympathy. We need Sam and if people fuck up they should own up. Over to you Stephen.

  91. Spare a thought for the players and family who put their lives on hold for Mayo. We should be proud of them and ourselves the supporters, we did our best.
    Time will heal, management will learn, and we will come back, we know nothing else but to come back and go again.
    The support today was truly amazing, proud to be a Mayo man.

  92. Aidan O’Shea is becoming an enigma. Has yet to deliver in an All Ireland. Shame for all his talent. Looked unfit in the last two games.

  93. Thank you Gamechanger 10
    You are so rite. Just because we dont lift the cup year on year does not mean we have no spirited team. Of course they are only human, and mistakes will be made on final days both by mang and players.
    We have the most amazing team ever ever, and we will always luv them to bits for what they have done for our great footballing county.
    Upwards and onwards with us all now as we cannot change the injustices done to us by some dub players and blind umpires.
    Time for Mayo officials to demand GAA to commence 2 ref’s in semis and finals. Only way to end the madness that goes on off the ball which 1 day will end in serious injury.
    Black card out,2yellow and straight red in. End of.

  94. @ sinead37. Why are you letting Mayo fans down with these vulgar comments.
    All true gaa fans who ‘get it’ are great, dubs as well.

    32 years of going to gaa matches all over Ireland, and I can assure you there’s dodgy types everywhere.
    Dublin has them, and so has everyone else.

    Why perpetuate negativity.

    The all Ireland is an amazing concept, and spectacle. The fans are wonderful, and the fun and banter is amazing.

    The craic I’ve had with dubs, Kerry folk etc.

    Stop being a sore loser, they’ve a wonderful team, with great players, and we gave them plenty off the ball too.Fyi, con loot and Megan get on very well, as do all inter county players off the field

    You know dubs are not uniquely bad, sure 90% have country blood anyway

  95. Just to be clear, Muckle – I’m not censoring, just making sure that the debate is fair and reasonable. I’ve no interest in the site becoming a repository for anger but healthy debate is and always will be welcome here.

  96. Totally gutted but will be really sick if we get the usual blood letting after we lose a match, Most on here were ultra confident before the game and I have no idea what the basis for that confidence was. The dubs have some exceptional players, the bookies had them as warm favourites and favourites rarely lose a replay and we rarely win one. Yet despite all that we put in a heroic performance. Management have made some strange calls this year and in fairness most worked. Not today though. Robbie looked a bundle of nerves. But I m sick listening to the bleating about managers losing us All Irelands. Seemingly Maughan lost us 2 finals and JH 2 more. Now Rochford lost us another one. Why must we always need to blame someone, Those managers have put in enormous effort and deserve huge credit to have prepared our teams so well. Likewise the players. They have been simply outstanding in the last 6 years and especially the last 2 games. Talk about giving every ounce of effort. Please don’t start blaming Robbie. Yes he had a nightmare. We moan about the dubs jeering us yet some of our own self styled best supporters in the country turn on our own when things go wrong. I am absolutely devastated tonight, for myself, for my fellow Mayo people but most of all for this extraordinary group of Mayo players who are incredibly resilient and who make us so proud of being where we are from. Shame on any Mayo person who feels the need to hurl abuse at team or management. They know better than anyone the errors made. Support your county through thick and thin or if not in the future give your ticket to someone who will.

  97. oh great
    the “rumours ” are back!
    Hennelly was chosen by ROCHFORD due to a belief his kickouts were superior . This belief was held by many including myself and has been debated all summer . It didn’t go for him today .
    This O Shea manager conspiracy thing is downright insulting to Rochford and the players

  98. I think all us mayo fans tonight are probably overwhelmed with disappointment, this leads very quickly to anger. When we are angry someone has to get it…but. I have just seen pictures of Robbie Hennelly at the end of the game and the man is distraught. So whatever the fuck we feel, it’s nothing I am sure to what he feels. The man is human like us all,he makes mistakes, fortunately for us much of our fuck ups lead to nothing more than an earful from the boss or something that is even more broken after we tried to fix it, our fuck ups aren’t on show for the whole world to look at and to have a pop at us after. I felt very angry after the game. Personally I think it was a call management got wrong (and yes they are allowed fuck ups also). Robbie shouldn’t have been put in the position he was put in today, David Clarke had done very little wrong and should have been left where he was. So I think we should all try and take a step back from the hurt and the anger and be glad for what we have. Be proud of those lads that represent us and have given us such great days. Don’t single out and attack one of them for mistakes made. Our day will come and each of the days we have suffered like today will make it all the sweeter. I wouldn’t to be from anywhere else.

  99. Ref decisions are irrelevant, we can’t control them. Management decisions like today are Controllable. The goalkeeping decision was crazy because it had very little logical chance of success mainly because the man hadn’t played all Summer and also because Clarke was on form and playing well.
    It’s hard to fathom. Just like not dealing with Donaghy in Limerick, it just makes no sense. Or taking Freeman off in 2013.I think Rochford has and will stand up and admit it was an error. It shows he is willing to make big calls and take risks but when you go for it it has to have a logical chance of working well. This call didnt

  100. Heartbroken and gutted for all the team and supporters. Very proud of their efforts and the roar from the supporters each time Mayo got the ball is something we can be very proud of and will no doubt bring us all back next year wanting more. We outnumbered Dublin again today. The feeling and elation in Croker when lee scored the goal was unbelievable. I truly believed that there was something different this year but alas it wasn’t too be. Few decisions by management, where our shortcoming are. and calls by ref all will need to be debated and scrutinised in detail but not tonight. We brought the so called best team of our generation to a replay and can make a strong case that we left both games behind us. That’s hurts enormously but only because Mayo football means so much to us all. Leaving Castlebar after Galway game very few thought we would be in this place where we were again fighting for Sam. We need to reflect over the Winter and see what measures can be put in place to bridge the gap and finally end the wait. While part of the blame can lay within for not taking Sam, lady luck plays a large part and Dublin have now won 4 in recent years by a kick of the ball with some lady luck In each going their way. Thanks to Willie Joe for the blog, all the players and Management and all supporters for a super year. Safe travelling home to all. Up Mayo

  101. Ps the off the ball tackle after Keenan’s goal could have been a red card.

    There was plenty of army Barry from both teams.

    All black cards today we’re probably valid. And Dublin could have had another, but so could Mayo. I thought the ref was too whistle happy overall.
    But he gave a lot of soft frees, and probably a shade more to Mayo

  102. Sean og, you don’t believe much in listening to someone else’s oppinion do you? How you think sinead’s comments make her a sore loser is beyond me, I think she is pretty much on the money and fyi I am not a sore loser and congratuled a couple of decent dub lads that were beside me at the match but I agree with her completely when she says that there is also a very rough element of Dublin fans which you don’t encounter in too many other counties.

  103. Yes, a few Dublin scumbag supporters in the Davin Upper also and not young ones either. Whatever about being good losers they ain’t good winners. Thought Mayo cheering and support was a tad lukewarm today.Still so proud of this fxxking team.

  104. The game was not lost by lack of good forwards today IMO. It was lost on indiscipline and mistakes at crucial times in defence. Dublin were more disciplined. Indiscipline cost Keegan…sailed too close to wind once too often…young O Connor blocking kick…in addition to goalkeeping errors. But by God those young men are brave and you have to admire their heart and their will.

  105. No postmortem yet from me.

    Just say ye are a credit to Mayo, the Weat of ireland and the game of Gaelic football.

  106. Walterwhite/Sean Og/Sinead – can you all please back off a bit on the direct exchanges and also go a bit easier on the Dublin support? Sure, they have some tasty followers but they also have plenty of sound ones.

  107. I take your point Willie Joe in regard to censorship.

    In regard to management selecting Robbie I just would like to know the logic. Please, please explain it to me somebody. I think I am going mad trying to reason it out. I have been a strong supporter of Stephen all year and think he has brought a difference to Mayo. That is why I am at a loss to explain it. We lost by one but the goalkeeping selection cost us at least six points. You can forgive two maybe three but six! We have to ask questions otherwise we will all go mad. I feel devastated for Robbie but his manager put him in the situation. WHAT WAS THE THINKING?

  108. I’m really saddened by this gutter all discussion.

    This talk has no place dirtying Mayo football in my opinion.

    I’m proud of the lads, and think a better team won, fair and square. Both fans awesome.
    Stop the pathetic “scumbag dub” nonsense. Says mor about you really.

  109. I’m really saddened by this gutter all discussion.

    This talk has no place dirtying Mayo football in my opinion.

    I’m proud of the lads, and think a better team won, fair and square. Both fans awesome.
    Stop the pathetic “scumbag dub” nonsense. Says mor about you really

  110. Wilie Joe you never named Deegan in the MOTM list? He got a handy few points today…left a lot of players on the field that shouldn’t be there… So proud of all the Mayo players they gave it their all, management made a huge mistake with change of keeper.

  111. IF clarke was fit, it was crazy to drop him. Hennelly is a good keeper but
    to drop him into that pressure cooker today was an idiotic decision.
    I dont blame Hennelly… the mgmt must shoulder the blame but apart from
    that call they had a very good year and we now have a verry good defensive system.
    Please bear in mind what the players are going thru when posting ..

    Proud to support this team of warriors.
    Lee you are a magnificent footballer .. what a goal ..
    Time to blood regan, loftus etc
    Hope keith stays on.
    Hope mgmt stay on.
    Wonderful support again today
    WJ your been a invaluable resource this year AGAIN .. thank you ..

    We go again next year

  112. IT’S a bad night for this Mayo team and its good supporters. we and the team have given a lot to this and we will be back .

  113. Muckle – He was thinking about the balls Clarke gave away near the end of the drawn match, when the game was at the peak melting pot stage.

  114. Fair play Gamechanger, your post gave me a great lift, it won’t be forgotten. I have the utmost respect for that squad of players, just hope they take a good rest for the winter and all come back in January.

    Congrats to any Dubs lurking on here, ye done enough on the day, worthy champions. Hopefully our day will come in 2017.

  115. Willie Joe, I said in my post that the majority were sound but agreed with some of Sinead’s views. I still don’t think that Sean og is either being correct or fair in calling her a sore loser because of this. I do however accept that this is not the place for tit for tat type exhanges.

  116. Good man/woman Puckout. I cannot even begin to explain or express the regard I have and hold for these fellas. Watching them play their hearts out all year, giving everything they have, their time, effort, commitment. I am in awe of them regardless. I admire them and salute them. Celtic crosses or not, this gang are our greatest, one and All. This is not excuses or reasons. This is not tactics, animosity or blame. I just think to myself, what would I do if I were in their shoes, how would I respond or behave on their situation? Any better? I doubt it. And you?

  117. So upsetting today to see the same old story. Yesterday I was extremely confident that we were finally going to do it. My internal confidence I dare say scared myself. Then last night I heard that Clarke, my hero from the first match was out and He jelly was in, I assumed he was injured. Then, I heard today, this morning, that he had been dropped, couldn’t believe it. I contemplated selling my ticket before the match, but decided that perhaps he was injured and this substitution was unavoidable. How wrong I was, Clarke came into the game, failed to save the penno but gave us that stability at the back again.
    We didn’t get the rub of the green again today but what’s new. Beaten by one point again but that’s all it takes. Deegan obviously, read the papers and bought the stories, besides Lee was playing far too well at that stage. Almost every foul was a black card offence, how he managed to pick him out I will never know. Small was a definite red card offence but completely ignored. I despair. But it wasn’t just the ref, messing around with the goalkeeper position just for the sake of it deserves to be punished and it duly was. Feel gutted for the players, my heart bleeds for them, I am so sorry for you guys, you gave it your all in the circumstances. Cormac Costello is probably the hero for the Dubs tonight, but is he fit to tie the boot laces of Keith or Andy or David or Lee even. There is something rotten within the GAA and it makes me sick.

  118. Muckle, I got to agree with you. Anybody with a heart has to feel sorry for Rob Hennelly. He did not set out to sabotage the teams chances. However unless Clarke was injured he should have started at number 1 today. He saved us against Tyrone and Dublin the last day. Got 19/24 kuckouts last day to his team. Hennelly made costly mistakes in semi-final replay 2015. It is an honour to play in an AIF. You stake a claim to a position you have a responsibility to perform. Had Mayo won today, Hennelly would have gain immortality. His mistakes cost Clarke a chance at his. Glory doesnt come cheaply. It favors the bold.

  119. It was agreed that Clarke had a good game in the drawn match Mhaigh Eo go Deo. Some say he did better than Cluxton. In the drawn game the Dublin forwards breached our defence on at least three occasions. Today Robbie was not called on to make any saves.
    So you take off Clarke and you throw in Robbie who has not played all year. No logic

  120. Another Kerry man and agree with gamechanger. Forward play is the problem. I think KMc is a fine kicker of ball so missed for scoring and transitioning ball. Easy to be wise but after Keegan goal no other real instance of AOS running hard up middle to lay of to man on his shoulder – this is where many of your goals have come from in past. Ditto one high ball to Barry Moran results in free no other instance.

  121. Couple of things after having watched the game back:

    – Without stating the obvious, the goalkeeper call was a spectacular mistake. The most basic knowledge of goalkeeping is that you go with the hot hand, and you certainly don’t throw a guy in to an All Ireland Final Replay who has had previous difficulty dealing with balls coming across the box against the team you’re playing.

    – Gavin won the tactical battle today. Their defensive system was much more fluid than the drawn game, and it frustrated our lads. Bringing Fitzsimons in was a great call. When Cooper was black carded, I thought it could be a golden opportunity to get Andy motoring, but Fitzsimons switched onto him and won their battle. Our offensive strategy left a lot to be desired I thought. There’s the already mentioned line-up change. We got caught in possession down dark alleys too many times, and that stemmed from a willingness to get funneled down the wings. I have no idea what the idea of bringing Barry in to full forward is either. It was a 1-2 point game where we had a good share of possession. Putting in a non-forward player to full forward for the sake of it smacks of a lack of creativity on the sideline, and is compounded by ball not even being played in to him. Freeman would’ve brought a lot more to our patient efforts to work scoring chances, Regan too.

    – While tonight may not be the night for criticism, the blind willingness to praise all and sundry does no favours to our outlook as a footballing county. Of course our players are brave and were warriors on the pitch. But at what point does spouting the obvious whenever a critique is leveled at a player become harmful? Earnest, objective assessments are required at some stage, to avoid that is jingoistic and misguided. We know these lads give 100% every time they play, but is that not to be expected?

    – A lot of nonsense being posted about the ref. Yeah, he made a few bad calls, but we got a few calls ourselves. It was a ferocious game, both in terms of speed and physicality, and a nightmare to referee. Lee’s black card was harsh, but it looked like he pulled Connolly down in real-time. The penalty was clear cut, stopped the Dublin player making use of the ball. We need to own our loss, its tough to take, but blaming the ref is passing the buck.

  122. Maigh Eo go deo: Clarke kick outs led to a couple of Dubs late points in the drawn game but the man made 3 great saves and caught a Dean Rock effort from droping over. Rochford did not show the loyalty to Clarje thaf Gavin showed Cluxton who made a few clangers v Kerry. That showed a lack of faith in his player. He has to accept responsibility.

  123. McLoghlin
    D O Connor (2nd half

    All otstanging.

    McCauley changed the game for me. Costello we barely herd of 3 from play in 35 mins of a final. Tells u something about depth. It is conceivable that will never nail down a place on that team like that sub for Kerry that came on in Limerick a couple years back (can’t remember his name)…that is depth sweet jesus! Mayo players were absolutely shattered wit 5 to go …but what other country can put in guaranteed starters for any other county as a sub….that couldn’t even get in first 20 two weeks ago…and be hits 3 from play …fuck me

  124. Fuck, that’s a lot of comments to get through…

    Haven’t read anything yet, but can I say one thing…
    Leave Robbie Hennelly alone. We’re all feeling this one bad, but multiply that by 100 and you’ll understand how Robbie and the rest of the players are feeling.
    I still love ’em, each and every one of our lads.
    We’ll be back, it’s what we do

  125. Jolyn: As a Kerry man would you agree that AOS was a big disappointment overall? Bar his part in the goal..he faded badly. He is like a lad who struggles with his conditiining. And kicking has been very poor overall.

  126. Home from the states for EVERY final. So hard to walk out with head down again. Back to Shannon airport I go.

  127. Aside from everything that we got wrong today i walked out of Croke Park with one thought. Is it too much to ask to get a fsir shake of things from officials?

    15 on 15 and being beaten by a better team I can take, tactical and performance misgivings can amd do happen. But there is no excuse for blatantly unfair refereeing. The two teams wer not reffed to the same level today and Mayo suffered for it.

    We lost it ourselves but wer certainly not helped by a lack of bottle from Deegan who was also clearly terrified of Dub players intimidation & the hill. I cant figure out any other rationale for his decisions

  128. Hi All,
    Please don’t think I’m posting this comment to taunt or patronise and as most of you know I’m a genuine Dubs fan. I have to say Mayo were as always superb against us and are a super team. Take care all and Mayo will always be there.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  129. Ref made many poor decisions
    Don’t know why it is not a ref from ulster or leinster. Would the Dubs have been happy with a ref from Galway, total joke, just after watching it again, it did not help my mode.

    However, I could not ask anymore of the players, more proud than every to be from Mayo. As my late father would say “They died with there boots on”

    I have been with my family and friends from Mayo and I know one thing we will never be kept down, we will always come back, we are Mayo and we will get there.

    Mayo people never give up and are never beaten.

    One final note, however disappointed we are, it cannot be compared to the team and management and how they feel. They have given more this year than anybody supporting Mayo.
    Please keep that in mind

  130. Devested after the match but what disgusted me was one so called Dublin supporter one word for him SCUM parading up and down the street slagging off Mayo supporters threatened to head butt men and told women he would punch them in the face. Fair play to the true Dublin supporters who called him disgraceful and said they were embarrassed by him and were apologising for his sick disgusting behaviour.

  131. Dan, it is an AIF not an U – 12 match. Hennelly obviously thinks he is good enough to usurp Clarke. You only get so many chances in any walk of life. Hard luck on the lad but they need a new man. Would you want him in goal next yr if they made the AI after todsy and last yr v Dublin. Sure Dublin took chances well. But all the talk of better forward play is bollox. Had may cut out all self influcted mistakes behing their own 45 yard line they would be champions.

  132. Meant to say Goalkeeping choice was not what lost Mayo game. It was incidental…Mayo as they always do recovered from that…like first 4 in five minutes…its when they get back they don’t kick on…and that is pure monkey on back stuff rather than lack of bottle…they have tonnes of bottle.

    Don’t bother with ref decisions …he was poor and poor for both teams…not helped by disgraceful fact that some incidents were shown on big screen others not. I think hennally got black card cause dergan watched it on big screen…not that I think it mattered as penalty hit side netting first and that generally means insavable.

  133. I’ll not comment on the game, save to congratulate the team, squad and management for a wonderful journey. However, I don’t agree with the persisting view that looking at officials’ performance is making excuses. What’s happened to objectivity?
    There are enough officials, but God knows what some are doing. My eyesight is not the best, but even I noticed a Mayo player tackled to the ground while trying to support a colleague. He was 25 yards from the ball. What happens? Deegan didn’t see it as he was following play. The linesman on the Hogan side saw nothing. So it was left to the linesman on the Cusack side. About 5 minutes was wasted and 3 got yellow cards. Just show the incident on the big screen. Justice done in a shorter time and the culprit punished. This holds true for the other offences mentioned by other posters above. Once players know they will be held to account then behaviour adapts.

  134. You know what I’m not totally disheartened by this one. I’ve never had the stomach to watch a lost final back before but tonight I did and I think the Hennelly for Clarke was the total bloody crux of it. Out backs are immense but our forwards took some wrong options. We are just on the cusp but not getting over the line but unlike the bollixes on the SG I think we can do it and very soon. Believe me optimism is not my default position but I’m not totally f$$ked by today.

  135. Conchubhair: That’s a pathetic pop at AOS. “Struggles with his conditioning” – biggest load of sh*te I’ve ever heard. He worked his bollocks off for the full 70 minutes today. Of course he can improve on his point taking and I’m sure he will work on that. As for the Clarke comment, I was only giving my opinion on what Rochford’s thinking was behind the change.

  136. Willie Joe: I’m still too shell-shocked to comment on the game except to point out that in your otherwise beautifully crafted match report you got the scorers slightly wrong. So for your archives: the Mayo scores came from Cillian O’Connor (0-9), Lee Keegan (1-0) Paddy Durcan (0-2) and one point each from Andy Moran, Kevin McLoughlin and Diarmuid O’connor. You inadvertently state that Andy scored 0-2 and Tom Parsons (0-1)

  137. Hennelly and the management decision to go with him are receiving alot of stick this evening. i have watched a replay of the 1st half and in my opinion hennelly can be found culpable for 1 of those 4 points.
    The first one was scored after Diarmuid o’connor lost possession up field, leading to connolly taking the ball up the line with paul flynn getting fouled leaving an easy free for Rock,
    The second was a result of a poor attempt by doherty, dubs worked it back and rock scored his second point..
    The 3rd was a bad kick out by hennelly… no question.
    The fourth was the result of a bad pass by boylan to doherty, who lost possession and resulted in the ball being worked up to rock for a score.

    So I don’t agree that Hennelly was responsible for 3 out of the first 4 points.

    When people are wondering why the management made the call, the first thing that must be considered is, why did the management feel they needed to switch keepers?
    and there are 2 reason for that:;
    (1) clarke’s long kickouts have not been very good this year, there were a couple of misplaced ones against tipp and in the game 2 weeks ago he had a shaky period at the end of the second half.
    (2)dublin were going to push up big time on our kick outs in this match as they were getting more joy from it the longer the drawn game went on. this combined with us needing to start some of our attacks quicker meant that having the ability to secure possession from long kick outs was going to be crucial.
    (see rochford explaination here

    overall like everybody else i feel really sad that we didn’t do it today, but big games are decided by the smallest of margins and unfortunately the poor kickout that resulted in keegan getting black carded and the penalty were the type of self inflicted mistakes that makes it really difficult to win these tight games.

    in relation to the ref, the one thing you want is consistency and that didn’t happen in the case of the black cards. If keegan and cooper and (mccarthy from the drawn game) were deserving black cards then Small was guilty of 2 black card offences and also connolly for his shoulder taking out vaughan off the ball.
    I think the black card could turn into a disaster if its not gotten rid of. I hope we dont go down the road of soccer and start seeing players simulating and diving in looking to gain an advantage and get a player black carded off.

    alot of commentary is being said that the dublin forwards and especially there subs were the difference. Remember that there was only one point in it and also, the black cards had a huge effect on limiting the role of our subs. also Donie Vaugan going off at half time (i assumed concussed) was a big blow to us.

    lastly, the management. From tactical geniuses after the Tyrone and Tipp games to ” i can’t understand what they were thinking in picking Hennelly” in this game. Management is about taking responsibility for making the big calls.Some you get right, others you don’t but overall in their 1st year in charge i think that they got it mostly right.

    ps I thought Semie o shea was heroic for us as well as harrison and Durcan at the back.

    another year has come to a disappointing end and as an exile working here in Dublin i’m not looking forward to work on monday and all the unwanted sympathy coming my way.
    I hate the fact that we’ve lost the opportunity to shut all those who write us off up once and for all, especially the 3 stooges on The Sunday game who i cannot stand!

    but already, i’m looking forward to next year. The managment will have an extras year’s experience, more u21’s coming through and also the fact that we are SO VERY CLOSE!!!!!

    I’ll finish on the Shackleton family motto which was a Latin phrase:
    “Fortitudine Vincimus” (by endurance we conquer).

    Hon Mayo…………….we will conquer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. In my view the poor goal keeper decision is inconsistent with the positives that defined the Mayo management team, this year.

    What went wrong? Why was this ODD decision made? Why was the decision not reversed at half time??

    This question must be answered and management held accountable in a fully transparent and public way.

    The explanation given by Mayo management on the post match RTE interview (that Dublin would push up/target Clarke) is weak and has no substance in the context of the dynamics of this issue.

    As Thomas o’Shea said…. “..there is something wrong somewhere… “

  139. Too tired to rehash (it was draining, again) all the key moments of this game. But, the keeper change was a spectacular blunder by the management team. Not blaming Robbie, Deegan, this loss is on Rochford and selectors.

    I think we deserved the extra time, we still may not have won it cause To be fair, Dublin were marginally better I though. And I have to say I met some great Dubs from St Vincent’s after the match and rehashed much of the game, great lads and were not rubbing it in. I told them we’d be back next year to stop them getting the triple and they believe it.
    We’ll be back, and we’ll be better next year!

  140. Hard on the senses today. A brilliant year of football. Must be the luckiest county in the country to have our team in the shake up every year.
    The Mayo team are winners. Always have been and always will be. Hold your heads up high and know that tonight you are on all our shoulders.
    It’s an honour to have all the lads in green and red run on to the pitch and represent us. We are the luckiest supporters in Ireland. We love our players and they love us too. Would never be from any other county no matter how many all irelands that meant.
    All in this together and proud to stand behind and beside all our players.
    Cheers to all the players and staff for another unbelievable year. We all hurt so much tonight because we care and feel each others dissapointment but we will all stand shoulder to shoulder again next year. Very very proud mayo man.

  141. People voting for Rob are doing him no favours, He would be the first to stand up and put his hand up. He would detest sympathy. I think over alll ,man for man we were best just a little luck

  142. Thank you Martin the Dub and all the other gracious dubs on here. You have a fine team and one to be proud of. congrats to you all. Enjoy the victory

    I’ve never been so disappointed after a game and feel we threw it away both days to be honest. However in time the many tears I shed today will be a memory and we will go again next January. I know we say this every year and it rings hollow on nights like this but what other option have we. These boys come back year after year and do us proud.

    There were many mistakes made today but we have to remember what we have been saying all year “we’re Mayo and we’re in this together”. No man should be made a scapegoat for today. Despite these errors we had our chances and didn’t take them. Unfortunately that is sport and it’s a cruel world. Life is not fair

    I had a long chat with a Kerry mate of mine tonight and I was pretty much inconsolable. His words rang true to me “I don’t know if this team will win the all Ireland they deserve but I do know one thing, you should be so proud of that team for the heart they show and the fact that they never lie down”.

    The pain I’m feeling tonight is only a fraction of what those boys are feeling

    We go again

  143. From your neighbours in Galway I really feel for ye lads. No words will make you feel any better I know. Keep the head up as west of Ireland people.

  144. This business of blaming team management for all our ills is getting a bit draining to say the least. Rochford explained his reasons for the ‘keeper change on RTE so why not accept that? Granted we do not have to agree but we do have to accept that he was trying to improve on the last outing. If not then what suggestion do we put forward? I have already given my own opinion that Clarke is our best option and that Darren O’Malley, if available, would come before Hennelly in my estimation. But I have not and am not likely to have the responsibility of making the decision.

  145. Ah lads I’ll be taking a break for a few days till some of ye calm down, sinead and others are fully entitled to their opinions on fans they met today and we should not be taking a pop at our own fellow supporters.

    As always Martin the Dub you are a gentleman and I sincerely hope you enjoy the win

    Thanks for your words gamechanger I love your perspective from a fellow country county with a strong footballing tradition, albeit a winning one.

    The players to me are heros each and every one of them. I sure as hell couldn’t do what they do and I think we need to support now not recriminations.

    Management made the calls for whatever reason, if we won it would have been a master stroke. [Deleted].

    At some point in the future black cards and refereeing need to be discussed and amended, what is wrong with a telly official for championship games, all are recorded so why not.

    We all love mayo they are our fucking heros and the older I get the more I begin to think it’s not about the winning its the bravery and togetherness and love of football and county and the fact that we are down today but come January a good portion of you will be sitting with me in mchale park shivering with the cold clutching hot tea and letting the hope rise again.


  146. Yep, proud of this team and management, gave us a great year. They’ve made it very special to go to Croke Park and support the Green and Red, we’re in a magical place.
    But switching Goalies was a strange, strange call.
    All year, Clarke was assured, confident and had the temperament for AIF day. Sure he had a few wobbles in the drawn game but Cluxton too got the jitters & Dublin stuck with him. I feel bad for RobHennelly, Should not have been put in that role.
    Thank God it’s only sport!!!

  147. The Elephant in the room has not gone away, why why why do we not deal with the problem and just make it a sub… and bring on with 20/25 mins to go

  148. Long time follower of the blog, seldom contribute but reading the comments here feel some perspective is needed. It is gutting to be in the situation we are in once again but we need to acknowledge the effort of every player for once again giving us an unbelievable year. The goalkeeper call was made by management in the best interests of the team and a belief it would improve us nothing further needed on that topic.

    What we should focus on is this is year one for Rochford and co – granted the team is on the go a while – but he came in and implemented a new strategy with a sweeper style to try and stem the goals we have conceded on the big occasions. A change in play like this doesn’t happen over night and to get where we got to is a magnificent achievement.

    The next step is refining this system and adding a real quick attacking threat. Far too often yesterday our attacks became ponderous and slow and this is something we need to improve on, breaking the blanket of well organised defences.

    That comes next year, for now though what a bunch of players. The heartache we go through isn’t a patch on those who put in the hours training and all the gym work etc. feel devastated for them.

    Thanks WJ also for this magnificent blog, the time and effort you put in to it is fantastic.

  149. Look it’s over and we’re all hurting mistakes were made by management they’re human at the end of the day no one went out to lose. We still lack a forward who can take a game by the scruff of the neck and kill the game but it’s no shame there’s not too many forwards like that out there it’s now time for us real supporters to stand up swallow hard and go again.

  150. Fair play for blaming the management y’all. Lots of ye wouldn’t make a junior team growing up. All the best Robbie. Shit happens lad. Bottom line is that our forward line was like a handball alley for too much today. That is why we lost. Not the goalie decision.

  151. Thanks for that correction, John MacHale – you’re right, of course on that point about the scorers. What I put down was my own initial stab at who I thought scored. I forgot to check it against one of the published reports, just to make sure it was right so thanks for putting me straight on it.

  152. Always Mayo – having reviewed the comments you refer to I’ve decided to delete the offending bits and seeing as some of what you wrote was offensive too I’ve also deleted that. For your information, the comments you refer to were posted in the short period after I stopped monitoring the blog last night (at around 1.30) and, after giving up on sleep, before I began to do so again around 5am. You express yourself “surprised” at my lack of action on the moderation front in the middle of the night but, for my own part, I’m a bit taken aback by the crass charge you laid at my door. Watch your step if you plan continuing to comment here in the future.

  153. WJ . Can you please file this comment section away or at least until the dust settles
    The negative posts are fuelling this anger this morn .
    I think for all that turned the game on us today it should just be parked for a few weeks and months .
    When we win an all Ireland it will be by a score line margin that marginals like black cards and penalties will not make a difference.
    Love this Mayo team .

  154. From what I remember, Hennelly dropped out of the panel a few years back. I think he said something along the lines that it was the most committed panel he had ever been involved with and he couldn’t give the same commitment.

    I think we had a bit of a goalkeeping crisis with injuries at some stage and he was brought back in. And he’s been around since.

    In fairness, he did keep us up in the league with a crucial free in Monaghan.

    Still based on his past decision, he should be kept in reserve while the very experienced Clarke is injury free.

    To be honest, I thought the management would know that, and I thought Clarke must be injured when the change was announced.

    All that happened yesterday really is that things have stayed the same.

    Take it all in. When we win, it will be even sweeter!

  155. I don’t think such a drastic move is necessary, left half back. The comments since the match have largely been fine and I’ve deleted in whole or in part the ones that have stepped over the line. I’ll continue to monitor closely what’s being said to make sure nothing untoward is left up there. It’s no surprise, by the way, that the general tone in the comments is negative – how could it be any other way? – but as long as people express their views in a fair and reasonable manner then that’s okay as far as I’m concerned.

  156. WJ – thanks for this forum. You’re some man. Hopefully after everyone has a good sleep you might not have as many trying to tell you how to run the blog!

  157. Speech still eludes me today so writing is my only option..If I live to be 100 I’ll never get my head around Rochford decision regarding goalkeeper..never.replay of All Ireland is not the place for that curve ball..This is truly a sickener all round ..

  158. Willie joe. I disagree with the many posters who throw blame on 2 fine men namely hen nelly and rochford. We should be proud of all our warriors who have brought us to so many finals in the last 27 years. I was sick in my stomach all last night but now see that the dubs are simply a better team at this time. We won the under 21 this year. We certainly have the talent to come again next year. Don’t show the white feather. We will keep the dream alive. Mayo forever

  159. As a mayo man in galway… dropping clarke keeper of the year just plain wrong

    This is one that should have been won… no more sorry excuses

    It should have been won today dublin were really really poor

  160. Ah fuck sake! Just saw a replay of the keegan black card incident….

    As I had explained to me by a ref (admittedly while trying to get someone black carded after I’d been pulled back) a pull back isn’t a black card even if the person goes to ground.

    If Aido had gone down as easy as Connolly there’d be another witch hunt!

    Rant over.

  161. Good morning all. Sleeping was difficult. I hate this post-match numbness.

    Anyway… SPACE MAKER, your comment at 1:14am is, in my opinion, completely spot on. Best of the night I think. It touches on all valid points and I particularly agree about our offensive strategy. It just wasn’t good enough.

    I think we played much better in the drawn game. We made so many mistakes yesterday. Littered with them. Despite only being a point behind in the end I just don’t think our performance was good enough. It’s a terrible pity.

    Hope most players remain on next year. I’m sure a couple will go. Lads with big mileage need a rest. Let’s throw a young team out into the league … If it’s not done then then how can we expect a fella to suddenly make a breakthrough mid-championship.

    This and coming up with a more fluid attacking system are key.

  162. Paddy was good today for one of the new lads he really shown. He had a twin brother just as good as a half forward. Hope to see him in for the early season stuff. Mc is some player and really settle into the new role. The piss takers are at it again in the straw poll. A timely reminder to all that those who say they are fully supportive of our efforts are not always being truth full with you.

  163. Feel very sorry for David Clarke. Sub on the Stephenites 05 club All Ireland winning team when he could/should have been playing.

    The tactical reason of Hennellys longer kickouts is one thing, but the caveat of mistakes in big games shouldn’t have been overlooked. Writing was on the wall. I got the call at 12pm on the way up, thought it was a joke.

  164. Yes they will, but I think you can still fairly criticise management. If we keep saying we were beaten by a better team & not look at why, we will never get over the line.

    I felt by half time yday we weren’t going to win without really improving & while our second half was much better, the goal really killed us.

    I’ll certainly laud management for improving Mayo this year because the have…but equally I will certainly criticise them for making a huge high risk move searching for that extra 5 or 10 percent.

    As we said ourselves after the first game we didn’t need to change a lot, but we did & despite all that we only lost by a point. We were much closer to winning it this year than in 2012 & 2013 but avoidable mistakes really cost us this year. We are a good team, but it sickens me that it would appear Alan Dillon will retire without an All Ireland medal . It shouldn’t be this way.

  165. Hi everyone. Not feeling superb today but sleep has helped.

    I phoned a great friend of mine to run over the game (who is neither a Mayo man or a Dublin man, so free from potential bias) and we agreed on a lot of the same things.

    1. With regards the change of goalkeepers – yes, the wrong call however, the curve ball of Alan Dillon against Tyrone was a masterstroke. I agree with Regina above, All-Irelands are perhaps not the place for goalkeeping curve balls.

    2.I still back Rochford 100%. Any man or woman willing to shoulder the responsibility of playing for/managing Mayo deserves our utmost respect. I think we’ve grown tactically and I disagree with McGuinness saying we won’t win one. He didn’t win one in his first year of management either.

    3. Ref – The big decisions – Keegan’s black card, Connolly shouting in ref’s face (a black card offence), Connolly and McCarthy’s tackle which concussed Vaughan and John Small’s sending off offence – all went Dublin’s way. The 50-50 calls, more often than not, went ours.

    4. Ciaran Kilkenny has become an incredibly boring player. Gavin had one of the most exciting players to emerge from Dublin in a long time and he turned him in to a recycler.

    5. Seamus O’Shea showed a huge improvement from previous game. Made some huge tackles and can’t remember kicking away possession. He also kept Brian Fenton under wraps. Aidan did very little. Aidan either needs to be put in midfield or put on the bench. I’d be inclined to put him on the bench and use him as an impact sub, even if only when playing the Dubs. They know how to mark him out of a game, and have known how to do it for a few years now.

    6. Stephen Coen kept Connolly out of the game too. Apart from the penalty, I don’t recall him doing a huge amount after Keegan’s black card. Is it too early to consider that maybe we have two great man markers for him? In a future meeting with the Dubs, could we put Coen on him and put Keegan on Kilkenny and put the Dubs on the back foot? I believe so.

    7. Rochford’s first year in intercounty management not only resulted in an increased tactical improvement, it also coincided with our U21s winning an All-Ireland. There are footballers coming up. Coen and O’Connor are the only two to break through yet. Flanagan (possible sub keeper next year – great shot stopper), Akram, Loftus, Reaper and Duffy all could step up for the league next year. We’re not stepping away from the top table of Gaelic Football before being fed!

    Onwards and upwards for next year.

  166. Absolutely sick at the moment but still extremely proud of the lads. The biggest disappointment is for them and the effort they’ve put in.

    Cannot understand the comments from McGuinness after the game that this team can’t come again.

    Of course it can. There’s real courage in those guys and we will rise again. We always do.

  167. Hindsight is 100%. Rochford made big calls this campaign and they worked up to now, can think of no better than Dillon v Tyrone, but I can imagine the backlash here had it backfired …Dillon didn’t have the legs, hadn’t seen much championship etc etc.
    Similarly with hennelly, Rochford took a calculated risk. Clarke is a brilliant shot stopper, but his long kick outs are not the best, and his short ones are loopy, slow and hang in the air. Dublin made hay on this towards the end of the previous game, and no doubt Rochford thought they would target it again, so the decision to play Hennelly while he does have a mistake in him, over the years his distribution has been better, not perfect, but better. Calculated risk, one I can understand why we took, it backfired – fine line between genius and madness.

  168. I want to add my 2 P’s worth to the small few who have stopped to offer their appreciation to the team and management. What a super year I had following this team. I missed the London game with regret. I love these guys everyone of them. The sacrifices they make on a daily basis year in year out Mark them all out as winners. Some posters come on here with agendas because they can hide behind the anonymity of a blog page. We should use every ounce of negativity to brave the quest and improve the performance. The gate standing in our path will not fall off the hinges some day in the future, it will blown apart by our combined will.

  169. @Mach Gamhnach

    That’s fine if you were to play Flanagan the u21 keeper to take that calculated risk but to land Robbie in there was a bizarre decision. History of calamities.

  170. The better team won but as a dub there is still a lack of belief in the Mayo team that cost you. You had plenty of chances to take it but didn’t .
    You meddled around with the team too much . I was surprised o Shea lack of contribution for a man who gave it all for many years
    I think you gave the Dublin forwards too much respect and so put too many players back if you want to win you have to score lots
    Great support from Mayo best I have ever seen outside Dublin so well done
    Black card rule has to go
    Stop trying to pick faults with the Dublin supporters we can find lots of examples too it’s just makes you guys look like sore losers
    You have. A really great team but lack of belief has stopped you reaching your goal your still in the mix believe and play more positive attacking football
    Dub supporter

  171. That was perhaps most disappointing day in croke park since ’96.had the winning of that were it not for goalkeeping errors which cost 1-3 and lee’s incorrect black. However looking back at game last night we missed 3 scoreable chances near the end while costello 0-3 and brogan 0-1 won it for them.harrison and durcan are great additions to the starting 15, our defensive system is now good enough but we need 2 or 3 forwards to ensure we win it.

  172. Is there an appreciation event in MC hale park to thank the team for their efforts later today

  173. @ Alf Stewart
    No disrespect to Flanagan, but throwing a young lad into the cauldron of an All Ireland final for his first senior appearance doesn’t seem like the best thing to do? Please correct me if I’m wrong if he’s played for the senior team before.

    I remember Hennelly representing Mayo in 2011, he was fantastic, a real feather in our bow, but has lost a bit of confidence down the years. This was a chance for redemption, and I’m sure management were certain he was in the right frame of mind to rise to the challenge. We needed to win more of our kick outs, because we were certainly struggling to win dublin’s. It didn’t work out, lost a lot of our own early kick outs, but Hennelly did improve up until the error that led to the penalty.

    And I feel I’m doing Clarke a disservice calling him just a great shot stopper, also has a huge presence, huge. One of the best we’ve had, between him and Peter burke in my opinion.

    Them are the breaks. I’m glad we have a management team that is not afraid to back themselves, not scared to do what they think is right.

  174. Walking round Dublin this moring in my Mayo obviously bit fed up but there again we have so much to be proud of no one gave us a chance in either game and we held our some stupid mistakes of our making cost us. Even with the decisions that went against us it was there for taking. No point in blaming anyone no one wanted to made a mistake it happens. We have probably the best defensive unit in country just work on the forwards and we will be back stronger. Hon Mayo.

  175. I would concur with Gerard and Backdoor Sam. To get the transition from being good defensively to attack takes time. It took McGuinness 2 years with Donegal to get his plan working. If Rochford and his team get more time on this I think the future is still bright for us.

  176. Fed up of us being too nice. Hennelly let us down again. Aidan o Shea let us down in a big game again. Philly has beaten a far bigger man now four times without a hand being left on him. Dean Rock, a yellow forward till now should have been landed on his arse for his antics. Donegal would have done it. Small black card was shocking and Keegan’s was just wrong. Deegan needed help for the others though. Ultimately Dublin can get their scores far easier and have a far superior bench

  177. Dub supporter. Think ye were slightly better team yesterday so well done. We probably are sore losers but what do you expect on morning after AI loss. Can only comment on my own experience but I did not come across any Dub fans who overstepped mark but maybe others had different experiences. I sincerely hope we don’t start blaming others for our defeat. Both sets of players will do everything they can to win. Yes there were some contentious calls by Deegan and I don’t think Cooper or Keegan should have got black cards. We played heroically but made too many errors and we were not good enough up front only 3 points from play from our forwards and one of those from K Mac our sweeper. Allied to that our keeper had a nightmare and we conceded a lot of soft frees especially in first half. Despite this one couldn’t but be extremely proud of efforts of team and management. They gave it their all and must be devastated this morning.

  178. When the dustsettles a few things remain.

    This Mayo team was very good not better than96 but as good.
    Rochford has brought little to the table in my viewThe same players have been used all year and not enough time given to Coen Regan and Loftus and others.You have to give your subs time to develop and I think that should have been done.Look at the range of players Gavin tried
    I found Dublin overly triumphant.
    Hennelly has had good games for MayoWould not have been my choice but I feel sorry for him
    Can we try and persist with new players.You need a changing dynamic in management and we did not get that this year.
    But this team have been superb and they can hold their heads high.
    Matches are not wonby support or sentiment though.

  179. @ Dub supporter. Firstly congratulations on your victory. Secondly I don’t think the loss yesterday had anything to do with lack of belief…I really do not think that is something this team lacks. Thirdly I witnessed the behaviour of some dublin fans when leaving the hill and before you start commenting on it making us sound like bad losers, maybe you should have a think about the sheer lack of graciousness in victory some of your own fans showed. Slagging off fans that have lost such a tight game shows a complete lack of class.
    Willie Joe, I know you commented last night on my thoughts on this subject and I have no intention in going on about it but to be honest having a dub on here telling us that team lacks belief is a little much this morning!!

  180. I believe we need to take a serious look at our forward line for next year. We have to try to make a place for Regan or Loftus or someone with a natural scoring ability. Matthew Ruane another I would like to see step up. To return with the same forward line next year won’t work…….changing a goalkeeper for an All-Ireland doesn’t work, anyone in Knockmore will tell you that.

  181. Was thinking the same MayoJames, I want to go down and support them if their is. Not being sour but Deegan bottled it big time with Lee, that was never a black card, yet John Small commits the most blatant black card offence and stays on the pitch?. Even the Dub fans around me could’nt beieve he was’nt gone.

    Anyways, I’d like to see Reape blooded throughout the league, think he has the size, pace, and skill to be top class forward. Are the fixtures for the FBD out yet??

  182. The heart is broken but the engine is good.
    She’ll start again after a small break and a few turns.
    Misting this morning but the wipers are still working, even on an older model.
    The mileage is a bit higher this year but looking at the tyres there’s plenty left in them yet.
    It’s a bit dark in Mayo this morning and the winter is on its way.
    We’ll start her up again in the coming months and heat her up, and when it’s time to start the next campaign we’ll turn on the lights and light up the championship again.
    She has reverse of course, but we’ll cover more mileage going forward.
    There will always be a bit of room left in the boot to bring Sam home in.
    She knows all the twists and turns on the roads in Mayo.
    Yeah, we’ll keep her running and we know we’ll get there some day.
    She’s spluttering a bit today but always does that after a tough journey.
    I can tell she’ll run well next year.
    She has a good home and would be from no other County.
    Everytime I start her up the sound she makes sounds like, Mayo Forever.

  183. Defeat is always tough and the digging around in the wreckage to find the elusive reason or reasons needs to be carefully timed and plotted, something the players and management team will no doubt do.

    Those of us on the sidelines also get a crack at it, and in our social media age, the voice of the elated and the disgruntled supporter is given a platform (on this brilliant site and many other less savoury arenas). We must always remember that a game of football, in particular an All-Ireland final involves two competing teams, a set of officials, a large crowd, the media and the other elements outside of any teams control such as the weather. Every game is decided by the shake out of all these elements and the luck/bad luck that comes, among other things, from human beings (the players and officials) being human! They can make mistakes or get injured that’s the way it is – these are then amplified due to importance of the game.

    Comments blaming Deegan are a little harsh, I don’t think he did a Cormac Reilly on us. Did a few, what seemed soft frees keep Dublin in the game in the later half of the first half, well yes. But remember Dublin targeted their attacks on the attacking left wing in the first half and ‘won’ those frees on the side that suited Rock. Was this a masterful Dublin tactic, who knows, perhaps they were just avoiding Vaughan, Keegan and Durcan who policed the middle and our defensive left side most brilliantly in that first half. It is no coincidence that Costello found space to run down the middle and to a lesser extent the attacking left side in the second half for those three crucial scores.

    Is the black card an issue, well yes, but so to is the off the ball stuff, third man tackling nonsense, screening and goading that is standard in football now. Deegan had an impossible job, but in Croke Park with cameras and a sideline official those instances can be dealt with in seconds via a video replay. Remember the kids growing up now see such nonsense as part of the game (and lets be honest it seems to work), but it has no part in our game and if dealt with in a few high profile games it could be eradicated. While some Mayo players and Connolly were lucky not to be sanctioned, the ref is also human, I cannot understand how Small remained on the pitch.

    On the goalkeeper issue I wouldn’t have changed to Rob H, but I’m not the manager. He made the call and was man enough to defend it, I expect the squad to stand together on this one. I feel sorry for Rob a great stopper, generally ok taking long range frees, and a great servant of Mayo but in my opinion Clarke is the best goalkeeper in the country to protect the square and goals, he has minor kickout issues. Even the much vaunted Cluxton also has issues, he sent at least one over the sideline in the first half, his position on Keegan’s goal appeared suspect, and he lost some kickouts early in second half. I feel sorry for Rob but I feel sick to my stomach for Clarke as he was, in my opinion – if not injured – wrongly denied a chance to play the full game and try to win his celtic cross on the pitch yesterday. Would we have won if he started; I do not know. We must also remember that but for injuries at crucial periods in the last few years Clarke would be no.1, in the country, without any question.

    While the Keegan black card was important, I feel that the cumulative effect of also losing Vaughan – who Dublin clearly targeted – was another key moment. He was fantastic in the drawn game and up to half time yesterday. Missing those two provided Dublin with room to exploit in the second half and denied us experienced players to drive at Dublin in the second half.

    That said Dublin’s movement, their interchange of quick long foot passing and hard running in the second half was very impressive. Although I thought Mannion/Andrews were left on for too long and bringing on Brogan showed Gavin lacked a little nous when falling back on Bernard’s reputation rather than form. There will be plenty more to analyse and in time I hope to watch it again in full.

    They gave it their all; the team – management and players – did what they believed was right. I’ll happily back them all again next year, I may quibble, give-out, complain and criticise but I’m proud of them and the great enjoyment they’ve given me over the last few years. It’s time for them to hurt for a while then it’s time to look back and learn. In football it’s the next ball that counts and I’ve no doubt that for a few Septembers to come this team will be contesting the next ball in more finals.

    Finally, congrats to Dublin we threw our all at them and while they buckled at times they stayed standing and fighting to the end.

  184. So desperately disappointed for the players, management and people of Mayo. To come so close to realising our dream over the past five seasons is so hard to take. No doubt this group will not lie down and will give it everything they’ve got again next year, but with so many core players into their thirties in 2017 and no new talent breaking through in the full forward line it would appear that the dream is well and truly over. Some will point to next year as another opportunity, but there are so many other counties out there who will be every bit as determined and with even better finishers who will rightly fancy their chances…Kerry, Tyrone, Galway, Donegal and not to mention a Dublin outfit who will be even stronger next year with the return of two key defenders…our golden opportunity has passed us by as we watch on as other counties rise to achieve greatness.

  185. I just don’t know where to start. We’re all devastated but remember, now more than ever, we need to be SUPPORTERS. We need to temper our emotions for now and think of the players and management. We, the supporters, were outstanding yesterday and gave it to the jackeens all day. Now, we need to park our anger, frustration and heart break, and stick together. We’ve a long dark winter for soul searching analysis.
    We’ll rise again. Roll on the fbd.
    Hon Mayo.

  186. @45, The age profile of this mayo team is pretty good with the exception of a couple of the lads. The miles on the clock at this stage would be more of a worry than their age. We have just won an under 21 title so there is talent ready to come through. And next year…Galway…really? please do me a favour.Despite beating mayo this year they are not within an arses roar of doing anything. Paddy Power would also strongly disagree with your view on things. Mayo are only 7to 2 to win the AI second only to Dublin in the betting.

  187. Sick today sick. Sorry Willie Joe yes some great Dub supporters but I’ve meet more that aren’t than are. ‘Men against boys’ I got roared in my face yday, I’m sorry but v hard to listen to such rubbish frm them. I will say they were bet on the stands. I also take my hat off to all the Mayo support that went into the hill on both days. MAIGHEO go Deo.

  188. If we put down the heads and go again we can be back in Croke Park in August in a Semi against the Munster champions possibly Cork or an aeging Kerry side in the meantime give a few young lads like Reape Loftus Adam Gallagher if he’s fit Regan Conor O Shea and Kirby if he commits a chance up front in the FBD and national league we need new blood up front we are not far away even tho today might feel like we are but when the dust settles we are still a good team/squad

  189. Still very angry this morning over the goalkeeper decision Not Robbies fault as I said last night but especially with his history against Dublin it just does not make sense at any level. To lose a final because we were second best is one thing to lose one that was self inflicted makes it far worse I thought I could never feel as bad as I felt back in 2013 but this is far worse. The disappointment and heartbreak is just hitting home this morning Its going to be a long hard winter

    We have nothing to lose by going for broke in the League and giving Loftus, Irwin and others their chance Without new blood in the forwards we are going nowhere

    As for other counties we can expect Kerry with all those brilliant minors to be a real force in the next few years They won’t be allowed get away and Dublin with all their resources will get stronger and stronger

    Still very proud of these players and all they have given us over the last six years.just such a shame they were let down by a bad selection. I’m sure Rochford will learn

  190. I thought Conor OShea did well when he came on. We don’t need major surgery just keep trying to improve a few players. Rochford and team did extremely well over all.
    Keep the faith…..that’s all we can do

  191. Home sweet home Mayo – that’s the second time I’ve deleted the same kind of comment from you. Three strikes and there’ll be consequences for you.

  192. 45, I wouldnt agree with you regarding talent coming through. I do agree that the chance has passed for this group of players, some will retire, some will find it hard to hold onto their spot in the panel and some will loose out (like conroy and sweeney this year) its the nature of sport. But I believe there are exciting times ahead as Rochford builds his team. I cant see a Mayo team lining out next year without Loftus, Reape & Irwin in the forward line. Coen and ODonaghue will be pushing for starting positions. Can an outstanding athlete like Akram be left out of the panel? then the likes of Ruane, D Coen, Douglas will have to be looked at. Tommy Conroy has the talent to be one of the top forwards around. Adam Gallagher was the one player I was eager to look at over the past couple of years, hope he can regain fittness as he is a real natural footballer, bags of talent. On the keepers, we have Flanagan and Scott Kilker coming through who are real quality.
    We may be down today but for me the future is bright for Mayo Football. It may take a couple of seasons to reach the same heights but there are unbelievable players in the pipeline for almost every position.

  193. It hard to take Willie Joe it seems to get harder every all Ireland that’s there for the taking

  194. @45, completely disagree with your last post.

    How many players are over 30? Andy, Dillon, Clarke, maybe one other?. We’ve won an U21 AI and you say their is no talent coming through? Please tell me whats your definition of “talent coming through?”. The way I see it, their is a group of winners ready to be blooded into senior football, Loftus, Reape, Hall, Plunkett, and many others, who, will only complement the already experienced (and young) campainers such as the O’Connors, Durcan, Keegan, Harrison, Coen, and the younger two O’Se’s Ger Caff will be back raring to go next season aswell. So we are going nowhere whether you like it or not.

  195. Juan – I just took out that bit of your comment where you had a direct pop at 45. Ball not man rule refers (not that that one applied yesterday where poor old Donie V was concerned ??).

  196. Extraodinary effort by the lads. Simply can’t be faulted on that alone. However two things I feel will contribute to us continuing to end on the wrong side of tight matches such as these. First is our forward unit as a whole in contributing scores from play (0-3 today?) and second, impact of substitutions from the bench. The Dubs hit us with 0-4 at a critical time with subs contributions. Its a tough nut to crack, but cracked it must be if we are to go that extra mile to land the prize.

  197. youll probably block my comments WJ , Rochford tried to be too clever , Hennelly shouldn’t have been put in that situation

  198. Walking the child this morning and the sun is shining. We’re in a good place people.
    To the football. We move on to year two of this management team. For a bit of hope look at the penpics in your programs with the heights and weights. Then think young footballers who will be better next year.
    Conor Loftus – 6′
    Conor OShea – 6’3″
    Brian Reape – 6’2″
    We know Liam Irwin is around 6’1″
    Adam Gallagher if fit – 6’1″
    Mathew Ruane – 6’3″
    James Kelly – 6’1″ the best athlete in defense
    We are going to tog some serious physically capable talent next year.
    Before the start of this season I thought on balance 2017/18 are the two peak years of this team.

  199. JP what have players height got to do with it? How about compiling a list of the squad who can kick scores off two sides? Conor O’Shea tries hard but has not the class and cut of a man who will get you three points from play week in or out.

  200. @Mayomad Yes James Carr a solid big lad and will improve.
    A lot could be done with Fionan Duffy. He’d be a great bench option. Pop him a handpass and get him to run straight n hard. You will not stop him one on one.
    All different types of players that bring different attributes.
    Morgan Lyons could be a decent half forward yet. He is quick and can pass a ball.

  201. It’s time to ease up on Hennelly, he was put in cold into an AIF. Listen if players & mgt stick around especially McEntee we will win it next year. Next step is to win the league and the league match against Dublin should be revenge, it’s time for some of our lads to put Philly, Johnny Cooper, Connolly & especially Small back in their box. The league is the place for that, we have taken too much shit from Dublin.

  202. @Conchubhair
    A lot would agree height and physicality is very important.
    Kick with both feet. Conor Loftus and Conor OShea are okay.
    Very few footballers are good on both feet.
    Yesterday just Diarmuid Connolly and Bernard Brogan.
    Thats about it. Two players.

  203. We are preoccupied with power and running but where is the effort at schools and underage to cultivate players who kick off both feet. Our one sidedness was obvious when trying to scrape out scores yesterday despite loads of possession. Joe Corcoran had two feet…why has a player of his ilk gone out of fashion in Mayo?

  204. Re the class and grace of the Dubs? I experienced both sides yesterday. Walking out one of them tapped my young lad on the head and with a sympathetic look said “hard luck pal”. However heading out towards the M50 a black 161 D 5 series BMW pulls up alongside me and there’s a plastic Sam Maguire being held out the window by one of the 5 adults (in age terms only!). They’re screaming asking”do youse want ta bring e home, yez chokers”. Big brave men alright, and me driving with the wife and 3 young kids with me. I put down the window to have a go back but seeing as they are probably on the run from Kinahans men I figured it best to hold the head. Unfortunately there’s gobshites everywhere and they bring the decent ones down.
    Really really feel for Hennelly this morning. Seeing the photos of his devastation should make us all realise that as Andy said, we’re in this together! He’s one of our own and if ever there was a time for circling the wagons and protecting one of our own it’s now. Stay together.

  205. JP. Your answer confirms the point I am making. The two footed forwards were with Dublin. One of them Connolly is physically more explosive and powerful than any forward Mayo currently has. By the way you missed Costello the sub..scored off two feet.

  206. Maybe it’s the sunny day but I’m still on the glass half full side of the fence this afternoon we still have a lot of good young players that can be blooded and make an impact in the next year or two. I’ve my hotel booked already for March 4 when we play the Dubs under lights in Croker and can’t wait for the Fbd. Am going to the homecoming this evening too I think we should rally around the team and Hennelly. They put in a phenomenal effort and made huge sacrifices all year. Today is hard but we have to have hope and faith and see how it goes it will get easier.

  207. Willie Joe
    You might delete this but it’s 100% true
    & you & many others may already know

    But yesterday evening as the Mayo players were leaving Croke Park on the team bus some Dublin supporters & Dublin players jeered loudly at the Mayo team.

    One particular Mayo player who was black carded would have been a particular target. (fact)
    That won’t be reported in the Irish independent.

    Pretty classless in my book.

    As for yesterday itself.
    Hats off to the squad they gave it everything.
    Management decision to play Rob was a decision which will haunt them for an age.
    I really feel for Rob – not a good day from a football point of view.
    Everybody should give the guy space.
    Shit happens & that’s life.
    I hope he comes back stronger after yesterday.
    I won’t look back at the Tv coverage until next weekend as its to raw after the event.
    It’s only today that you really start to feel the hurt of another All Ireland loss.
    But again it will pass as the weeks roll by.
    2017 will come around & I will be back supporting Mayo like I did this year.

    A few will probably call it time which will give opportunities to the younger guys to push for places.

    I think Stephen Rochford will have a much better chance to develop his style & put more of his stamp on the squad for FBD & league than he did coming into 2016 campaign because his appointment came very late last year.

    I would be optimistic that we will be there again in Croke park next August,

    The draw for the provincial championships begin I think on Thursday week.

    Roll on 2017 & heads up everyone

    It’s been fantastic going to all the games this year.

    Nothing like it

  208. I really hope you publish this.

    I was on the Hil yesterday and this is my view (as a Dub fan) on how things unfolded.

    1. John small was lucky not to have been black carded at the very lease…….we all thiugh he was a gonner……he missed his target but the intention was there.
    2. Lee Keegan was hugely missed by Mayo. A great player, a great goal but was black carded fairly…no doubt there…it was coming. Connolly could have been sanctioned also for his card waving tactics.

    3. Mayo are a very physical and fit team…….

    4. Absolute suicide to leave off Clarke…..cost Mayo the match or at the very least damaged their chances of winning it.

    5. Dublin.bench is stronger than Mayo’s. McCauley and Costello were excellent and Mayo could not cope with them. Dublin were quite wasteful and should have gotten more scores in 2nd half.

    6. Cillian O’Connor had a great game..last kick was difficult even for a man of his quality.

    7. Aidan O’Shea worked very hard BUT I still feel he needs to do better in finals.

    8. Mayo/Dublin backs were excellent throughout.

    9. Mayo need a couple of Marquee forwards and if they get them they will get over the line next time..whether they play Dublin, Kerry or whoever.

    10. There is no curse…..bullshit.

    11. I am.looking at a red and green barge here on the royal canal in.Blanchardstown…a beautiful sunny day in Dublin……..something tells me Mayo will win Sam in 2017……and good luck to them. I really hope you do.

  209. Conchubhair, JP, I actually think you both have a point. Obviously skills is a priority and the ability to kick with both feet, should be developed indeed the ability to score on the run. With the more and more importance with S & C in the game the physical side of the game is important. Look at both sides yesterday, particularly Dublin as they would prob be ahead of any side in the country. The size and physical attributes of the players are similar, all ranging between 6’00” to 6’2″, lean, quick, mobile,. There is a standardized physical make up of the modern player. The small corner forward like Regan or the sky scrapper like bigbird are becoming less and less, you have to be seriously naturally gifted to be small physically and still make it in the modern game.
    its the same for hurling, all the players are physically similar. This isnt a GAA thing either, soccer players are now all physically the same, the big lump of a centre forward is long gone. Rugby players all look the same, gone is the fatty in the scrum, stringer would not have a hope in the modern game.

    Sorry for rambling but thats the way modern football is gone. Combining the talent and physicality is the future of the game. With the introduction of the mark the need for the big guys in the middle will be less as no ball is ever going to be kicked there again. No manager is going to tell his keeper to kick it down the middle for fear of conceeding a free.

  210. Pretty good year for the new management I thought, excepting the end of course 🙂

    Great work on defence, kick passing a revelation, several new players coming to the fore and several servants revitalised, particularly happy to see Kevin McLoughlin back to his best.

    We’re still the second best team in the country and we will need to beat Dublin and then Kerry/Tyrone to win sam next year. How we get there is irrelevant at this stage.

    The whole panel should be back next year and hopefully we’ll have even more viable options off the bench, Dublin and Kerry are still ahead of us there. We do need to find a new backup for Clark but apart from that I think we’re pretty well set. Caff will be back too hopefully.

    With the defence sorted we’ll be looking to improve our attacking patterns which still look a small bit off the top standard. When we get that done we’ll be a match for anyone.

    Tough loss but we can avenge it in the semi next year if the management can keep the panel focused and improving.

  211. We win together. We lose together.

    We were masters of our own downfall yesterday. Everyone knew Deegan was a soft touch and it was no surprise to see him give Lee a black, and bottle two decisions on Small with the help of Mr Coldrick.

    A hard winter of regrets for the players. 6 games and no wins v dublin and Kerry in last few years. Just have to accept we are that tiny bit short.

    We will rise again. We always do but sam seems a long way off

  212. For all the disappointed mayo people on here have ye ever wondered what it is like to be from a county that never get to an all Ireland final. Keep the faith

  213. Where the management failed

    1. Aidan oshea should have started on the bench(is he undropable and if so why)

    2. Goalkeeper obvious

    3. No new forwards blooded last year this must happen or we never will one the big one

  214. Mayomad: I agree that physical atrributes are important but it is far easier to turn a 6 ft 1 12 stone lad into a Paul Flynn than a 6ft 1 12 stone lad into Stephen O’Neill or Colin Cooper. We have big men already in the forwards, AOS, COC, Barry Moran. Still struggle. So without the skill…accuracy and economy that comes with 2 or 3 two footed forwards Mayo will always struggle for scores.

  215. @Ger

    I thought the ref did ok overall, as good as any Gaa ref can do in the circumstances.

    Was there any mention of a penalty shout for AOS near the end? Thought it was a pen myself but haven’t heard much said about it since?

  216. Those Mayo boys were something else yesterday . They left it all on the pitch.

    So proud of them all. I mean really !

    Although they did not take the trophy they are all winners.

    We are closer than ever.

    Most definitely it was not the sorest game to lose ( for me that was 2014 Semi Final V Kerry ) because we know the structures , personnel and management are entrenched now in the county and there are winners throughout the team. Real winners! And real winners coming through.

    Seamie O Shea had his best ever game for Mayo yesterday. For me he was MOTM from either side.

    But our defence is simply immense. Losing Vaughan was what I believe cost us in the end.

    Btw -I think if it had gone to extra time we would have been well beaten.

    I feel very sad for Hennelly and Clarke and for me this poor decision by Rochford will make him even more ruthless a la Boylan , Heffo.

    It could be the best thing ever to happen to Rochford.
    I rate him incredibly highly and the nature and consequences of his mistake means he’s going through the fire in a big way now. Expect Ruthless !

    So proud to cheer on these guys. It took 800 years to down the Brits. 65 years is nothing.

    Enjoy the journey and be a proud Mayoman. I do and I am.

  217. It’s all been said and I’m not going to add to it. Watched it…best team lost…so proud to be part of this…we have steel on our side…McHale open at four today!

  218. Just couldn’t bring myself to look at the blog until now, or read any stuff, or TV.

    Despite all the vicissitudes we were still in a position to win both games, but we didn’t have the shots on goal. Emphasis on defence means something has/had to give. Dublin’s counter attacking in both games was a killer and Costello hit them sweetly.

    One (small) criticism of management (I would have/did back the Hennelly change) was perhaps caution in the lack of game time for Regan, and Loftus, even Coen.

    Anyway fuck the begrudgers; here’s to 2017!

  219. The sun is out no excuses everyone in Mayo should make the effort to be in McHale park this evening after the abuse we the supporters and the players got yesterday we need to make the effort and show once again we are the best supporters

  220. After 140 minutes plus , the special team,the best Dublin team ever defeated Mayo by one point after benefiting from 2 own goals and a soft penalty. I am so proud of our Mayo Team,they only come second to my family.To see Mayo men cry in the Cusack yesterday at the final whistle and see Dublin supporters walk out before the presentation was hard hard to take. I have full confidence in Stephen and his Management Team. I shall be in Castlebar this evening and I call on all Genuine Mayo Supporters to be there also, it is the least we could do.

  221. Its no good saying the team did brilliantly. They won’t be interested in that. [Deleted].

  222. Wj offending you was not my intention, and I hadn’t time checked the comments I was referring to. I was surprised that rumours were on this site as you normally do not allow that at any time hence that portion of my comment. I am glad you took them down which was my intention by highlighting them. I comment occasionally and I am sure if you look back at my previous comments you will not find anything even mildly offensive in them.

  223. I never said that was the case, Always mayo, but I do think you’ve a bit of neck to criticise my lack of moderation for a few hours in the middle of the night following the day that came before. I would have dealt with the offending comments when I got back online (which I did at 6AM) with or without your highlighting them.

  224. Conchubhair, that is ridiculous to think there was any kind of pressure on Rochford from inside or out to change the team and in the unlikely event that their was I would be certain he would resist. He didnt get to where he is in management or career wise outside football by being a push over. He made a decision in an attempt to gain that 1 or 2 percent that was needed to win, it backfired but thats sport. He made big calls in previous games and it worked out this time it didnt.

  225. WJ having experienced an AI loss yourself what are your own feelings on what went wrong yesterday and what deficits need to be addressed moving forward?

  226. Mayomad…I agree…it would be incredulous but there are rumours floating around all the same. It sickens my stomach to think such.

  227. Sean og…you’re a little self righteous and also obsequious to the Dubs fans that they are all fantastic. I saw with my own eyes an element I don’t see any where else and with that 99.9% of them are wonderful. I’ve never seen the 0.1% with other counties. No disrespectful meant. No hard feelings. Better team won. Just seeing what I see after 30 years at matches. Walter white, Sinead 37. Spot on. We are all a little tender after that loss. The forum will help us cope! Mayo management and team did their best and I am proud if disappointed.

  228. Thank you Mayo team and management for the roller coaster ride through the football world this year. We now must indure the hurt and pain that is all so familiar and that only seems to attack the Mayo immune system this time of year. I think this was my 10th final, including draws, since 1989 only to get kicked where it really hurts once again. But, facts are facts, we don’t possess a marquee forward aka Padraig Joyce, Gooch Cooper or Diarmuid Connolly like our conquers had. Cillian is the nearest we have but I feel he does to much work away from the posts. Cillian at 14 perhaps and build forward unit around him. Anyway can the GAA arrange the next final were in when God’s at home so I can pick up my bed and walk.

  229. Right, Conchubhair – I’ve had enough of that loose talk about rumours. This isn’t the place to be spreading unsubstantiated claims so please let that be the end of it. On the match itself and moving forward and all the rest, this just isn’t the day for that kind of analysis (not for me at any rate).

  230. There are always rumours and shite talk after a defeat, but particularly after a final defeat.

    We’ll all blow off a bit of steam… But in a week or so the dust will have settled, as it always tends to…football and the Mayo team will slowly fade into the background, to come to fire a be revisited at regular intervals no doubt over the winter months…

    Once fbd comes around we kick off again and hopefully most of the panel stay on…bring youth through in the league and if this means risking relegation then so be it…as things stand the NFL is the only platform to blood young/new players.

    Hopefully Ger Caff recovers and he’d be an addition.

    Just hope the lads themselves have the mental freshness. That’s why a REAL break is required for some of the lads with mileage on the clocks.

  231. Dublin will have O’Carroll and McCaffrey back next year…to add to what is an already phenomenal defensive unit. It’s some conveyor belt in Dublin and the fear is that they’ll dominate for the next decade. Kerry will be very strong again too soon…even in their hayday they never had such strong minor teams coming through in succession.

    Galway will improve…they have some very good attacking talent.

    Mayo have a really good squad but without repeating old stuff…we need lads who can score!

    Also I agree that Cillian needs to be closer to goal. Play him at 14.

  232. We have some promising young players that need serious game time in the league but we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water either, I actually think that our attacking patterns need a lot of work moreso then the personnel. We are slow and ponderous in our transition. It allows the good teams to get set and makes it very difficult for any forwards to get the ball in the good position, regan, reape, cos, loftus, Irwin are there and waiting for their chance. Our defensive play this year was a success. Durcan and Harrison turned into top class players this year. Caff back next year too. It takes time to change the playing style of a team and I believe we will be better again next year. Remember that we were actually pretty poor for the majority of this season.

    The standard of reffing is at an all time low, ppl will say that decisions iron themselves out over the course of a season but the big decisions more often then not go in the favour of the big teams. Until video reffing is available this will not improve however I do not believe there is any appetite within the archaic offices of gaa hq for this.

  233. Niall that’s true…we don’t need major personnel changes but a few attackers in particular would be useful additions… Lads who can stake a claim for a starting place… They need game time in the league. Persist with them if it’s slow to take shape in the early rounds.

    Play Cillian close to goal..

    And I agree very much that our system of attack needs significant improvement. More off the shoulder stuff. We got a great goal from it yesterday but it didn’t happen nearly enough… Far too much lateral play. Laboured etc

  234. As a neutral that travels to inter county games regularly, i agree that the referring is a big issue. On the biggest days of the year, it can be hugely frustrating. An nobody has a clear picture of what is a black/yellow/red at times. With that then it lies open to the referee himself an how he interprets this. So literally you are going game to game wondering how it will play out. Surely it needs to be addressed. The line that these things iron themselves out over a year is something i dont agree with. Being on the right end of a refeering decision in fbd in january and the wrong end of a decision in september is surely not an even keel. Frustrating that that a hugely influencial player like lee keegan spends the best part of the day in the stand.

  235. A total of 3 points from play from our 6 forwards?….We can go on about black cards etc but a total of 3 points from play from our fwds is ludicrous. Constantly throughout the cHampion ship this is happening. Also aidos possession amounted to nothing as usual. The backs and midfield have been carrying this team for years

  236. Easy when u support the winner to say nice things but please believe me when I say there has never been more than a kick of a ball between these two great teams . Dublin players and fans have huge respect for Mayo.
    As a dub I could argue about the ref , the tackles, the cards etc but when u walk off the pitch it’s over . The Mayo lads I met after the game were down but still able to have the craic.
    You will be up for the final again next year . That’s a fact !

  237. Kickitover your post suggests you are a pretty good judge of football. Just watched game. No point blaming Deegan he did ok in a desperately hard game to ref. Black cards to Cooper and Keegan were debateable. Small should have got one and about 5 others could have got one. Cooper was absolutely clocked by a Mayo man just after goal. Luckily no official saw it. Really don’t blame players for their conduct. They do everything to win. But I am fuming about that stupid black card rule. Kiely from Tipp, McCarthy the last day and Cooper and Keegan yesterday were removed from the most important games of their lives by administrators who have made a refs job near impossible. The black card should only be used for preventing a goalscoring chance or it should be done away with altogether. Some of those tackles were barely fouls yet the men mentioned above have had to pay a terrible prtce

  238. Niall, mayonaze, I would disagree a little with you there. If young players are brought in then there has to be changes in the panel, 34 player panel, one comes in means one has to drop off. It has been commented upon for years that Mayo need scoring forwards, we will never win until we get good forwards. Well we have potentially very good forwards coming through and for them to get a fair crack at the senior team they must be given time in the set up with the senior coaches, they must be part of the panel. What I dont want to see happen is young players get the token fbd games and one or two early league games then as the current players filter back in the good weather they fall away or like the mitchells guys getting a challange game to stake a claim, all ending up with the same panel of players as this year. If we go the route of bringing on the U21 guys then it has to be fully committed to, they have to be on the panel full time. If it means a season of transition until they find their feet then so be it.

  239. I agree…get rid of the black card…total nonsense…too difficult to implement or legislate for in any case……they could introduce sin binning though……10-15 minute stints instead……anyway Mayo have improved dramatically in recent years…..if they can source some sharpshooters they will get the holy grail…..why not 2017??? Only a matter of months at this stage!!

  240. In the words of Johnny Logan ” what’s another year” . We don’t mind forking out €80 and €60 but it’s the emotional cost of following this group, of God knows what to call them. I’m sick of waiting and may not be around this time next year.

  241. Great management team will with a little time get the result we should have had this time. If the goalkeeper experiment had worked out we would all be saying it was magic. They made a wrong call. Mayo were fantastic today and in first game. Only team in the country to come anywhere near Dublin. With a ref and linesmen, especially linesmen, with better eyesight and a bit braver in standing up for fair play from outside the provinces involved we could have won. At least two Dubs should have walked. Have we not got people in the other provinces who can do the job and be less likely to be influenced by living or working in or near Dublin. Two officials from Leinster is not acceptable no matter how good they are. I feel so proud to be a MAYOMAN today. We are within a kick of a ball of being champs and we play with such classic footballing skills. Every other county in Ireland and London and New York would swap places today. Mayo forever.

  242. Kickitover: That thinking is naive. The results show that we have not improved on the one place it matters. The scoreboard at the end of an all Ireland final. The black card is not the reason Mayo lost yesterday. We cannot blame the referee. We have to identify our shortcomings, own them and work towards eradicating them.

  243. Gary Sice said in interview Rochford got him to improve how he carried the ball physically in his hands. Rochford will review the season now and make improvements individually and teamwork wise.
    I also agree that we need lads getting game time for the full league.
    We are like a middle distance runner with no kick. We’re winning silvers but we need to develop that tiny bit more kick to the line physically and definitely skill wise.
    Has to be fit scoring players on the pitch final 20 mins. Thats the role of some of these u21s next year I would say with an odd starter. But they need the rawness reduced by playing in the league.

  244. Even with the disaster of the penalty and kickouts we still could have 1 that game but we lack the forwards and when you are playing Dublin you can’t rely on your back to do all the scoreing. Under Horan we got score but conceded goals now we are solid at back but can’t get scores. We need some new players but I think we will get there soon.

  245. Ok we need a few quality forwards. U say they are not there. Ok. Then make them. The makings are certainly there. Get a few forward coaches on board and replicate what has been done with the backs. Can be done.

  246. @up Mayo Dont think you can make a forward after 18 years of age. Can improve them. But the raw talent development starts way younger and is a personal choice first and foremost of the particular young player.
    All those young Kerry players are itching to develop to join their two schools teams. Coached by top Coaches.
    That wont solve our current problems. Have to work with the talent we have and improve it by small percentages.

  247. I take offence at Sean Og attacking me and my character. He has no right to take out his anger and disappointment on me. I did not personally attack anyone here and I never have. I stated what I saw, experienced and I still stand by it. I don’t need to be left physically shaking after intervening between two 50 year old 6ft plus dub fans and a 5 foot 8 20 something year old Mayo fan. My dad and my brother had to help out also. I don’t need to be shouted at after losing a match by a passing car of dub fans that I’m a horse shit smelling culchie, up Dublin. Thank you to others who have come to my defence with some similar experiences. I am so down today as a supporter and hurting for our team and so so proud of them. I waited and clapped them all off yesterday. I do not want to go into my Dublin workplace tomorrow. I’m not taking my Mayo flag off my car. It will be a long winter but I’ll pick myself up in the new year with new hope. I don’t need Sean Og, one of our own kicking me when down or disputing my character.

  248. Totally agree Dublin were overly triuphant yesterday.On guy in front of us continued to provoke everyone around him by standing up and cheering Mayo widesDidnotfind them graceful at all.
    Hard day for Mayo people but nobody died.Dublins targetting of Keeganall week worked despite our attempt to deflect it.Sinèad tomorrow will come and go

  249. True Huey 2016. I’m forgetting the bad and concentrating on all the good. An amazing season. Had a wonderful time going to matches, meeting family and friends and supporting our great lads. There is nothing like it. I hate this feeling now though but at least I’m not one of the players. So so proud of them all. Last year I tried to source all Ireland tickets for dubs we met at the drawn semi and replay, so I know the majority of Dublin support are like ourselves. Lovely ones in work too. Over and out with that debate. Roll on FBD and renewed hope. Thank you to WJ and everyone on here for the great journey but without our fairytale ending.

  250. Why do people read Brolly and all his shit Ignore it For me this week will be a newspaper free zone

  251. There is no shame in being beaten by a solitary point over 160 minutes of play against one of the best footballing teams of our generation… it’s a simple numbers game ..Dublin have far more senior players to pick from and right now they have some exceptional players at their disposal…. mayo were fantastic….defence was some of the best I have ever seen….I have no doubt there is an all ireland in this mayo squad….remember this is the first year the manager managed at this level….and but for a hop of the ball in the first match ye would be rightly saying he out thought one of the most experienced of managers …. a lot to look forward to next year….thank God for the GAA

  252. Keep the chin up Sinead you are a super fan and thanks for all your efforts to get the Mayo crowd going with the chant. Today and the next few days will be hard but we’ll be back into it again in January with the FBD sooner or later A Mayo team will win Sam and please God we will have the health to enjoy it

  253. Well said Back Door Sam. Sinead if it’s any consolation to you, we all feel the same today. Hollow…down..numb. It’s a horrible feeling. I left hill 16 yesterday for the 9th time after a Mayo final…I prayed in the run up to yesterday that I wouldn’t have to leave crestfallen again. Unfortunately we find ourselves in this shitty situation again. Mayo supporters have endured more than most in any other sport. I’m sure our day will come but it’s so hard on days like today.

    We each have our own stories..my flag which I always bring to championship games is 20 years old. Its a big one. Most regular supporters know I by now. It’s actually a companion at this stage as growing up most my life in Galway I wouldn’t have as many people to go to games with….I often go alone, particularly to league or underage matches. I’m 39 now…there comes a time when you get to an age where you think that waving a big flag on a terrace, usually surrounded by teens or fans in their early 20’s is past you. It’s sad for me to think this journey might be over. I always dreamed of racing onto Croke Park at the final whistle…flag in hand…like rushing into battle!!

    My disappointment is minor compared to what the players feel of course and while we make this journey as Mayo supporters together, sharing the joy, the hope, the nerves, the pride, the anger, the despair…we each all have our own individual stories but we are all together gutted and downbeat today. So Sinead you’re not alone.

    We’ll be back though. Mayo ALWAYS come back.

  254. Sinead37, I think the only thing worse than a sore loser is an ungracious winner, and clearly you ran into a few ungracious Dubs. It will be hard facing into work tomorrow, but tomorrow will be the worst day and it will get better after that.
    I was at the home coming earlier this evening. It was a little subdued unstandably but I came away from it with a deep sense of pride, pride in the team and management on the field, but also pride in their supporters who came out in numbers to try to give the lads a lift and show their appreciation. As Churchill said success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. And one thing for sure this team does not lack courage.

  255. All counties have their share of arsehole supporters. Dublin have some bad ones, no doubt, there were a couple of them sitting behind me yesterday. Mayo do too, and I had the misfortune to run into a group of them after the match, but I also talked to some great Mayo supporters. Every county is the same in this regard.

    On the match itself, I felt Dublin were one or two points a better team but it could easily have gone the other way too and I do think Maurice Deegan’s decisions favoured Dublin.

    Keegan’s black card was wrongly given. He pulled Connolly back and then had his arm around him but it wasn’t a pull down. Connolly went to ground.

    Small obviously should have been black carded early on. He was then very lucky to avoid being sent off for the incident with Cillian O’Connor. Obviously there were a pair of them in it but you can’t react like that.

    James McCarthy could also have gone for the smash on Donal Vaughan and players have been sent off in All-Ireland finals for less.

    Kevin McLoughlin was pushed by McCarthy at 1-12 to 1-11 and it would have been a gimme free to level the game.

    I also felt the penalty was a debatable decision. I was behind the Canal goal and my first impression was that Hennelly both played the ball and got at least part of a hand on it and probably touched it onto Andrews’s legs. The replays looked pretty conclusive but we didn’t see one from behind. Whatever about the foul, I don’t think it was a black card as I felt it was an honest attempt to play the ball. It would be difficult to argue that that black card weakened Mayo however.

    Mayo in fairness got away with some things too. Jason Doherty could have gone for smashing into Jonny Cooper after the Keegan goal.

    Kevin McLoughlin could have got a black card for pulling down Kevin McManamon in the first half.

    The free for Mayo’s last point was very soft.

    However Mayo lost Keegan and ultimately Vaughan as a result of two of the above incidents which significantly weakened them.

    Mayo are still just about young enough to go again next year but the psychological toll must be mounting up heavily now on a lot of players. Some fresh blood is needed to drive on.

    I wasn’t sold on Rochford initially but he has impressed me as the season wore on and he’ll be a year further down the road in terms of refining tactics. It turned out to be the wrong call on Hennelly yesterday but it was a ballsy call all the same.

    Aidan O’Shea remains an enigma. Capable of doing brilliant things, like when he set up the goal, but nowhere to be seen when most needed late in the game. Mayo still haven’t found a way to get the best out of him consistently in big games. He perhaps needs to engage in some constructive self-criticism and realise his limitations. He carries the ball into contact too much and that sort of physical style must be very draining.

    The All-Ireland will likely be between the usual three suspects again next year with Tyrone replacing Donegal as the fourth challenger.

    Dublin have some players in decline but will have Jack McCaffrey returning as well. I feel that despite winning the last two All-Irelands there are signs of a slight decline in the overall performance of the team and going for three in a row will push them to the very limit. Ultimately I think it could be Tyrone that take Dublin out next year if they do fall. That could open the way for Mayo if they’re good enough to beat Kerry in a likely semi-final match up next year.

  256. Mayo unlucky again. Cant understand the decision with the goalkeepers. Heard some of Rochfords interviews where he said that they changed Keepers as Hennelly has a longer kickout and thought Dublin wouldn’t let them take short ones.

    Fair enough but, would it not have been easier to come up with a kick out strategy for the mid to long range ones to get players in space? The Mayo defense had built up a relationship with Clarke all year. I think it was a strange call given there is so little between the two with Clarke probably being a better stopper as well.

    I think ye are just short one forward or two. Disappointed for Cillian with the last kick, normally so good from frees. I suppose 76 mins of heavy action and knowing it was prob the last kick weighed on his mind.

  257. As a Galway man I feel sorry for Mayo and hope that one day they can do it. The losses are mounting though now and much like my cross (galway hurling) there seems no end to it but some day ye will win and someday we will get the liam mccarthy so onwards and upwards. Regarding Galway football its hard to know but I retain faith in Kevin Walsh as ye should in Rochford.

  258. I agree Iahan and Joe Mc

    FORWARDS: This issue must be dealt with at the Club under age level.

    Get Clubs mindful that the County team needs a steady supply of scoring forwards.

    Mayo county as a whole, naturally has plenty of top class backs and midfielders.

    I think the clubs at underage level should encourage some of those backs and midfielders to move into forward positions. This will ensure that we have players growing into forwards roles and ultimately become natural scoring forwards at Minor, U21 and Senior Levels

    “One of the reasons the the All Black rugby team is so successful is that the clubs/provinces are optimized to feed the national team with that they require. In turn the clubs benefit equally as they are thinking and planning strategically at a high level”

    I am sure there are plenty of young midfielders in county mayo clubs that would love to start playing in forward positions and receive the coaching to become top class forwards.

    If in each season, each club in Mayo at each underage levels transitions one of their best players (midfield/backs) into a forward playing position and additionally provides 1 hour coaching per week – ultimately Mayo Minors, U21s and Seniors will win Al’s regularly!

  259. Hard luck Mayo. Cant understand how your’e all feeling. I’ll leave you lads to go over the ashes of the defeat. I do feel for you.

    With respect to the Classless Dubs. At least you lads get to leave the county, we have to live beside these morons. Please dont refer to them as Dublin fans, real fans dont carry on like that. The real Dublin fan is like you. Feels the pain of loss and the joy of victory. I look forward to Sam being brought to my kids schools over the next while and hope that when they grow up and support Dublin that they out number the negative ones two fold.

    See ye next year

  260. Thanks for that Lurking Dub. Fair point re the undesirables – I know myself from living up here for so long that the real Dublin supporter cannot be bracketed with people like that. The proper Dublin fans are as sound as any others and I’d say most would accept that.

  261. I’ve kept off-line for the last few days. Mainly because if the pre-match on-line build up was anything to go by, then the post-match stuff was something I could live without.

    I know that when I’m pissed off, I just want to be left alone. I figured that you guys would be the same. I’m not going to commiserate or offer condolences, because to be honest, I don’t feel at all sorry for you guys.

    You took on what in my mind is the greatest ever Dublin squad, and made them look very ordinary and beatable. The statistic I think most about is that in 160+ minutes of football, we came off the better by a single point. One fucking point. That’s margin-of-error levels of difference.

    I have a bus-load of questions and things I’d like to bring up and discuss, but not right now. We can leave the post mortems as an exercise to whittle away the long Winter nights that lie just ahead.

    They say that to succeed is to get up one more time than you fall down. Up you get lads (and lassies). This battle is over, but the war goes on.

  262. Thanks for that Jaden and thanks too for your many insightful comments over the last while. Please stick around – it’s great to have a variety of voices on the site and intelligent input from contributors who hail from outside the county is always welcome. Congrats too on Saturday’s win, one point may have only separated us from you after the two games but the back-to-back All-Irelands you’ve now won stands as a special achievement.

  263. I agree with most things that have been posted here .There was so many decisions that may have been turning points.So many that could have gone either way.The sucker punch for me came was when Mayo had there tails up and were tearing into Dublin . Mcgloughlin was fouled by McCarthy [1.12 to 1.11.]the ball went straight down the field and Costello got his confidence up with a good score. Small margins but a 2 point swing at a crucial time of the game swung the tie
    .This was compounded a few minutes later when it looked like Doherty was fouled before getting the ball to Aiden o shea who kicked wide with no advantage given.In the resulting kick out Dublin went back down the field and a confident Costello scored again .[Another swing in Dublin favor.]If Mayo had a free in they would have been set up better against a counter attack .
    The referee may have felt sorry for mayo with a late free[guilt] but Dublin were already out the gate with his decisions at such a crucial time of the game.
    Well done to DUBLIN .they may still have won [most likely]but similar frees were given in first half which makes it hard to stomach.
    i like to say well be back but not many people are aware of the commitment and effort that this team has put in.Only time will tell.Hold your heads high only one person on Saturday should be ashamed of his performance and he wasn’t wearing green red or blue for that matter.

  264. No point rehashing it over and over again. Move forward.

    We need ideas, strategies and plans to win and win consistently –

    Focus on the identification, development and coaching of forward players at underage level.

    The rest will take care of itself..

  265. Mullingar Mick
    Sometimes you have to lose in different ways to learn how to win. Padraig Harrington had 22 (yes 22) second place finishes before he won on the European tour. When he got his win, he became a serial winner and 3 Majors followed. Winning is the application of failing and learning, failing and learning better, getting the head right.
    What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.
    Winners only have to really learn only one thing,,,, THAT IS NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE UP . NEVER GIVE UP . NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE UP.
    This team will be back next year stronger, fitter, more skilful, more determined, backed by a management who will have learned more on Saturday and backed by the never give up fans.

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