Dublin 2-12 Mayo 1-14: too many errors as Sam slips away again

2013 final

Oh man. Once again we’ve come away from All-Ireland final day without the spoils but I think this one may possibly end up hurting us more than any of the others. We deserved to lose, for sure (even if we only went under by a point in the end), following the way the Dubs outplayed us in an error-strewn second half but it was our own alarmingly flat performance over much of the seventy minutes that contributed most to our downfall in today’s All-Ireland final.

It was definitely a match we could and should have won, especially in light of the strong start we enjoyed. Not only did we negotiate that tricky opening quarter without suffering any fatal damage but it was instead clear from early on that we were coming out on top in the exchanges and that we had Dublin rattled. The shame, then, was that we failed to capitalise on this period of dominance and, worse still, that we gifted an unforgiveably bad goal to them which hauled them right back into the contest. To be fair to Robbie Hennelly, he rescued us afterwards with three superb goal-stopping saves but the kamikaze way way he launched himself into no-man’s land, allowing Brogan to flick the ball over him and into the net, was simply horrendous.

At half-time, it felt like the game was on a knife edge but, as it turned out, we were bailing water for much of the second half. The heavy, hot conditions seemed to get to our lads more than theirs, with Jim Gavin’s decision to introduce more subs at an earlier stage – they’d emptied their bench with twenty minutes still to play – vindicated in the way they were able to keep coming at us at such high tempo.

We lost more and more of our shape as the second half progressed. The ball into the inside line became utterly predictable and increasingly desperate, we made countless handling errors as we tried to move the ball up the pitch and we completely abandoned any attempts to prevent Cluxton from finding a free man with his kick-outs. The combination of these failings killed us.

And still we nearly did it. I didn’t think there was any way back when they went three points up but then Andy’s goal – which he rolled so coolly past Cluxton and into the net – got us level and hopes rose afresh that we might now power on and do it. But the next score came in the form of their second goal and that was the fatal blow.

The last few minutes played out like last year’s semi-final in reverse as they paid us back with interest with the kind of tactics we’d used on them last year to keep them at bay. It never looked like we were going to bridge the gap at that stage and even though we only came up short by the minimum margin it felt like a lot more when the final whistle sounded.

I can’t get into performances at this stage – those of you who saw the game, either in the flesh or on TV, can judge for yourselves about that. Neither can I turn my mind towards the future and what we need to do now as we seek to drag ourselves from the floor and start anew. All that’s for another day.

Supporters everywhere will be dejected and disappointed at this loss, all the more so because we know – as James Horan himself admitted after the match – that it was our own failings that cost us the game. This one is a particularly hard to take and I think it’ll be some time before the pain subsides from it.

2013 final 2

It remains the case, though, that there would have been no All-Ireland final appearance without the enormous work put in all year by James and the players. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for all they’ve done in getting us once again so close to the winning enclosure and we share the gut-wrenching pain and disappointment they will certainly be feeling right now at this latest deflating final loss.

I find it hard to believe that once more it’s time for useless statements like it wasn’t to be and all that but that’s as good as it gets for us right now. We’ll rise again, of course we will, but that too is one for another day.

Mayo: Robbie Hennelly; Tom Cunniffe, Ger Cafferkey, Chris Barrett; Lee Keegan (0-2), Donal Vaughan, Colm Boyle; Aidan O’Shea, Seamus O’Shea (0-1); Kevin McLoughlin, Keith Higgins (0-1), Alan Dillon; Cillian O’Connor (0-8, frees), Alan Freeman, Andy Moran (1-2). Subs: Michael Conroy for Freeman, Cathal Carolan for Cunniffe, Enda Varley for Dillon, Barry Moran for Seamus O’Shea, Jason Doherty for Andy Moran.

105 thoughts on “Dublin 2-12 Mayo 1-14: too many errors as Sam slips away again

  1. And fuck it again,too many wides and poor shot choice,thought Richie should have got a run,well done to the minors

  2. Way tooamy mistakes on the field today, but I think James Horan also had a bad game. We really blew it. So many questions.
    I have to ask why Freezer was taken off, and why Colllian hit the ball over the bar in the 74th mi when we needed a goal? If he took the chance, maybe we’d get a rebound and get lucky …..sure, anyway.

  3. I was at least glad that they were not bullied out of it.

    There is no reason why most of the team will not be back next year. Some will not have to train so hard again after the last 3 years.. They must be heartbroken.

    Next year we might meet Kerry in the semi-final?

    Sorry I cant comment on the individual perfomances or tactics.

    Hope you all are not too down. The Dubs will not be boasting about that win and thank God the Minors won. Did you hear David? Kenny the man of the Match?

  4. Well Feck it anyways.

    Agree with you WJ also Pacar. Thought Richie should have be on and also our decision making was off today. Not sure why Freeman was called ashore?
    Does anyone know the logic to taken him off ( was he injured ?) and then spending the next 10 mins putting bad high ball into the forwards that wasn’t working. In 2nd half too many of our guys were off the pace and the Dubs seem to find there passing a bit easier.
    I think our subs didn’t really get into the game and Kevin mac should have gone long before Dillon. I thought out greater hunger would get us back on track but it wasn’t to be. Absolutely no point in throwing in the towel now though we have to regroup and hopefully find some better options in the forwards.

  5. Lucky to only lose by one in a sense. Dublin were three or four points the better team on the day. Was it a serious malfunction or are we just not as good as we had thought? I honestly don’t know.

    There’s one very lazy general comment that’s been said about us a lot – that we don’t have a marquee forward. Tonight, for the first time, I actually think that might be true. We’re probably two forwards short of a team that can go all the way at the moment, one in the half forward line and one in the full forward line.

    Fuck it anyway, but at least we didn’t lose a game we deserved to win. We got what we deserved today. And of course, well done to the minors, their massive achievement should not be forgotten. An excellent team, we might need one or two of them sooner rather than later.

  6. By the way, I have heard a few people say that Freeman had been unwell all week in the run up to the game. If that is true it may explain why he was called ashore so early,

  7. Just home from the game, very disappointing but not a whole lot between the teams, the half back line was excellent.

  8. Great to see everyone is saying the same. Dubs better than us. We didn’t perform at times, especially in the forwards. Why leave Doc until 68th min? Why no Richie? We should be up far more at half time. Second Dub goal, once again, no sweeper!!!!
    Jaysus, I just don’t know!!!!

  9. So dissapointing because so many players didn’t perform but that’s when you need a strong sideline and I think today the management let the side down. 2 of our starting 6 forwards put in decent displays, Keith and Andy, yet Keith was moved back at half time when he was the only one of our half forwards getting into the game! It’s also a bizarre situation when we have 3 or 4 back-up defenders in the squad but it’s our starting centre forward who’s asked to go plug gaps. I know it worked in the semi, but this was a totally different game, it was the wrong move. Andy may have been running out of steam at the end but no way do you take off your best forward under any circumstance other than injury.
    I feel bad for Alan and Kevin Mc, both had nightmares and Alan was rightly replaced but I can’t fathom how Kevin wasn’t, especially with Ritchie and Darren Coen who were both deemed good enough to start games at times this summer sitting on the bench and we only used 4 subs!
    Strange to remove Alan Freeman so early when the real problems were further out the field and Sheamie also was a weird one. He was still driving us forward and while similarily to Andy his tank might have been running low is it really better to take off a tiring player who’s going well while leaving on a couple of lads who aren’t performing?
    This is a major kick in the balls, it’s going to be a huge ask for this group of players to give a 4th straight year of commitment. They gave us all a chance to dream and no one will be more broken tonight than that group of young men. I’d like to thank them for giving everything for the county.

  10. If freezer was unwell, he didn’t show any signs of it. And if he did, then WTF even start the lad.

  11. Look lads the way i saw it was was our defense broke down attack after attack and when we put the ball into our forwards they couldn’t do anything with it.What we are missing are out and out attacking forwards.Compare that to our minor lads who look more attack minded.
    McLoughlin another bad fucking game.Dillon bad game, ok Conroy came on and made a few runs but over all nothing showing for it. I thought freeman could have waited a bit longer.Seamie worked his bollox off.Lee keegan too massive game .I really felt sorry for our backs and mid field as i said the amount of ball they over turned was unbelievable but all in vain.Hard to believe we were so close considering our forwards were not in the game.We were beating by a better team But now its time to search for real attacking top class toward that as Pat Spillane said if you were to give an inch they will punish you.Bot going to talk about Horans decisions.ill look over game first.

  12. To win all Ireland you must have at least 2 or3 top quality forwards ,mayo don’t and I’m convinced that where the problem is and has been for decades ,

  13. I’m so disappointed, I was sure and certain a win was on the cards today oh well there’s always next year!! I hope a big crowd turns out to welcome our boys home they gave us some great games all year. Mabey it will be 3rd time lucky!!!

  14. Heard a short interview on radio 1 with JH,he said freezer had struggled with a cold all week,I didn’t think he was doing too bad,also the panel said that the ref told cillian there would be at least 35 seconds to play after the free

  15. Fuck it alright. Beaten by the better side no complaints, Rob in goal kept the scoreline down Andy Moran,Boyle etc almost carried the lads over the line but it wasn’t to be.

  16. Right now this is not the time to be talking about next year – fuck next year for now. It was always going to catch up with us – forwards just not good enough. Won enough of ball to win the game but didn’t know what to do with it, coupled with some poor management decisions all adds up to another very sad day for Mayo…….

  17. Higgins is a giant. Minors did fab fair play to them. Gutted but will no doubt be hoarse again soon enough screaming on the green and red. A few lads made some bad choices today but let’s be thankful for football in sept.

  18. We left that behind us in the first half

    We should have gone in six points up

    Flat second half start

    Too many balls played to the wings in the second half

    Poor concentration for their kickouts all through the first half

    Freezer stuck his hand up to signal that he was struggling after one of the plays around their square in the Canal End so maybe he got an injury or maybe he felt he was struggling with the head cold

    Couldn’t see too well but were we being dragged down, Dublin players throwing themselves down with injuries, etc?

    We all do it, but if I heard Dubs moaning about last years semi twenty times – they will do it when they have to

  19. First the positives super day for our minors we so needed that win. Super Mayo support today when have you ever seen so many opposition supporters on the hill when the Dubs are playing. Now for the bad …poor tactics and lack of sharpness caught us. Poor substitutions Dillion yet another bad AIF , Kevin Mc even worse than he wad against Tyrone . Sorry to repeat it again we are short two killer forwards FULL STOP. What we do now..keep supporting them, focus on minor and u21 all Ireland wins like Tyrone and the winning mentality plus talent will see us land sam but not until 2013 at least. Finally thanks team and mgmt for a great 3 years…

  20. What was proved to day is that we have at least an 80% first class team, that had the beating of the best team in the country.

  21. Well deck that,and as for da hill never again,I’m still half stoned from all da second hand pot smoke,1 to 6 awesome,from there up not good today

  22. have to chalk it down to another one we left behind. Very disappointed for the team after all the effort they have put in over the past 3 years.

    nothing to add to whats already been said.

    Thanks Willie Joe for all your time and effort-it makes a big difference to the expata

  23. Amidst all the gloom folks, one laugh……..Did U see Cillians serious shoulder on a Dub in the second half on his ‘bad side’……Fair play to him !!

  24. Definitely seems Freeman was struggling with illness. In that case I have to ask, with the concerns surrounding Cillian and Andy as well, wasn’t it madness to start him?

  25. Here is a thought lads and I would like to hear year opinion
    How much emphasis is done at club level on coaching forwards? Look Alan Dillon,Moran,Freeman,Varley are fine players but at club level are going to get more space and time on ball than in a County match.How many times have we seen our lads when they have the ball when the pressure comes on they don’t know what to do.Lads the majority of balls they were taking too much out of it and running into cornors .Crazy stuff.Instead of making a direct route for goal and then making a score No fucking you around.
    Certainly when i played club under level there was no emphasis on coaching and nurturing forwards talents it was all how to defend.Im open to correction but i think we would have betters Dillons, better Varleys more attacking and prolific scorers if there wad more time put into there talents from under age rite up to club.Am i off the mark here lads? Am i wrong in saying that there isn’t huge emphasis put on coaching our forwards at club level?

  26. My thoughts turn toward Pearse Hanley. No good for Mayo him off out in Oz:/

    Dubs just edged it. We struggled up front and their defence were actually way better than had been expected. Cluxton destroyed us with his kickouts.

    I’m gutted but we were 2nd best tday.

    Lets hope these junior academies really focus over the next few years and we might get some more underage trophies which I hope will eventually get us what we all desire at senior.

    Keep the chins up.

    Up Mayo!

  27. @wndy city was thinking the same thing, If he wasn’t well, why even start him. If true. It’s very uncharacteristic of management

  28. Bottle of wine and watching the Iron Lady.prob not a good mix but fuck it.
    Anyone have any comments on my earlier post on the emphasis or lack of emphasis at coaching and nurturing our forwards talents at club and under level.

  29. Meant 2016 in my last post. Just when u think things could not get any worse Eamon Ego OHara is flipping on the Sunday game so have to listen to his drival

  30. Well done to the minors, great energy and some fab points. Seniors left us disappointed, but gutted for the lads and James. Fact not criticism……to many wides in first half, should have gone for goals, Hennelys point was super. Massive support noise and colour. Nice to see “the other” Willie Joe line out for his award. Thank You WJ for huge bridging the gap this site provides for all Red and Green supporters, particularly those of us away. Mayo forever.

  31. My prematch concerns on the appointment again of Dublin’s favorite referee were justified. McQuillan’s watch must have stopped again like 2011 when he didn’t allow enough time at the end of the game for all the stoppages genuine & some cynical. Rory O’Connell injury alone was 4 mins. Players deserve better than this hopefully we will see the timer clock introduced at Congress. Dublin deserved to win as they scored more than us & we would have done the same in their position. However if the correct amount of stoppage time was applied then Mayo would have earned a draw if not even snuck it. That said we did convert enough of our opportunities particularly in 1st half so another winter of what ifs lie ahead. Hopefully the boys can regroup to get back here again and seal the deal. The cause endures, the hope still lives, & the dream will never die. Remember no one will hurt like the players will now support them as they are the men to lead us from the desert & despair we are now in & into the promised land in 2014. Supporting the green & red is about believe & belonging love & loyalty. Hon Mayo!

  32. A few points on today’s game- 1. Our inability to foot pass the ball 30 yards. Some shit ball into the forwards. 2. Our inability to adapt a defence to their kickouts – should have gone zone and let them have the ball on their own 21 not our 60 yard line. 3- Kevin mac produces at least 3 scores for them. 4 – empty bench with 25 minutes to go not 5 mins.

    We should however not loose sign that we are very very close and that this management team has set a standard in honesty and bravey. I think that we need to keep our football simple and not try to over complicate it. Tyrone and Meath for me are the teams that make the most of the resource they have on hand.

  33. Gutted.
    Didn’t play well and could still have won it.
    I know people are asking why Freeman was taken off but they had to do something, the balls into the corners were coming out just as fast and Conroy was a good option for that.
    Unfortunately his lack of football this summer showed, he never looked like scoring.
    Ultimately, Mayo’s lack of forwards and scoring power showed. Just couldn’t get the scores. Dillon was anonymous, Cillian didn’t do enough from play and Kevin, though instrumental in pulling Mayo back in the second half, left his shooting boots at home. He also made some simple errors but I thought he did well overall.
    Just disappointing that all year Horan has been talking about working on the basics but today it was the basics that let them down.
    Just find the whole thing sickening. Mayo’s support today was incredible, the atmosphere unreal but again the same defeat. All year, fanatical support, signs and messages from all over the world – but still we just can’t seem to shake the All Ireland final thing. After the minor match, I really felt it had to be our day but just not to be.
    Horan and his men did incredibly well to get back there today but unlike last year, there are no silver linings this year. Just very hard to see them keep going to get back next year. I hope I’m wrong.
    Hate these days.

  34. Disappointed at some of the criticism here directed at Horan. He got most of the match ups spot on & the decisions to start Moran & Cillian were proven correct. He also moved Higgins back when needed to restrict the rampaging O’ Gara.

    Unfortunately, too many of our forwards didn’t deliver! Dublin were the best of 2 poor teams. Devastating that we deliver our worst performance of the year in the final.

    Thanks very much Willie Joe, I just discovered this incredible blog a few weeks ago. Especially impressive that you can produce such spot on analysis so soon after this heartbreak.

  35. Thanks to all the team, players, management and backgroom for another long year and great moments.
    Hard to watch the Sunday game.
    For whatever reason enough did not go right for enough people. Not for want of will and effort. The detail of the why nots are for another day.
    As supporters do we deserve more?
    We do not deserve all they give us, we prefer to give out and criticise, and not bother our Barney shouting.
    Well done the Minors.
    I’ll be back with hope and belief next year, KEEP THE FAITH.
    A some purveyer of patronising consolation, in my exile, will get short shrift tomorrow

  36. Why blame the forwards when the backs run the ball out of defense and they don’t look up and see the forwards making the runs… makes the opposition backs look great. This has been going on all year, am i the only one seeing this??? Big theory in football, why are the mayo men passing out their own players, and then giving the ball when their forwards are marked or put under pressure.. How come i’m the only one seeing this????

  37. We had many great games this season, but this one was not one of them.
    Cluxton placed his kickouts expertly, but we never copped on.
    We are still short at least three class forwards, but where are they?
    Considering that Dublin only won by a point, our wide count was very costly.
    Question? why take off Alan Freeman? was he injured or ill?
    Will we ever learn?
    And the decision of not bringing in Richie Feeney at some stage, well, I have no more
    to say.
    Cathal Henry.

  38. Firstly I have to say James Horan has done a great job building this team since 2010, bla bla bla d usual, but for FECK SAKE!! Why was Freeman taken off so soon, he wasnt given a chance at all and he looked as if he was going to have a great game, nothing personal against Conroy usually a great footballer but for god sake he has only played about fifteen minutes in the last 5 months, he was completely ineffective today,
    Seamus Oshea was mayos man of the match untill he was taken off for another man who hasnt played any football in how many months and was also completely ineffective,
    I am sorry but Horan really threw it away today, never been so disheartened as a Mayo fan, i dont think this team have a 4th year in them surely exhaustion will be to much for them,
    i just dont know what happend today

  39. @mayo mchale mabey it’s stupid of me to talk about next year but we can analyze today’s performance as much as we want but it doesn’t change the end result. So how many of ye are going to turn out in C-bar tomorrow or will it be a miserable crowd like last year.

  40. Lets sleep on it and then see how we feel .it feels shitty now and will for a while but lm just trying to hold my emotions and after few days will be able to give a more level headed view.

  41. Yeah, it’s hard to understand how Seamus was taken off, several times he gets the finger ahead of his younger brother. And to bring in Barry was a big gamble that didn’t work.
    Also, I thought Mayo looked dead on their feet at the end. I know it was a very intense match and that but Dublin looked the fitter outfit.
    Agree that a fourth year will be a big ask. Maybe a handy Connacht draw might aid them but can’t see how they’d have the freshness or belief really.
    Ah, time will tell.

  42. Freeman should have been left on. He was a real threat and he was badly missed. Also putting Keith back corner back removed our threat up the middle. I suppose Cuniffe was injured.
    It will be hard for these lads to come back again next year. They have to be shattered. Long winter ahead.
    Well done to our minors.

  43. We’re all gutted to lose another final but I have to say that it has been a great year until today. I don’t want to criticise guys who give so much all year. So thanks lads. WJ you’re a legend to have the heart to update tonight. Let’s keep the faith. The Hill was a sight to behold with my own daughter there in the green and red although Dublin born and reared her fourth final on the losing side but still mad to be there and my second daughter with me in cusack also in the green and red. There is hope our day will come. My late dad was at the last final we won and I know I will see Sam over the Shannon soon. Don’t give up hope Maigheo Abu.

  44. Well done to the minors. Senior mentors please note the tactics and the wit of their mentors. See how a team must be able to change tack when necessary. Cluxton got away with murder after the early stages. He beat us today, or was let beat us.

    Thanks to the seniors. They gave us a great year. The work they put in was phenominal. But the weaknesses were obvious from way back. Too many passengers up front, men with too many bad days behind them. Horan has been very good but has been too loyal to some for too long. He must cast his net wider. There are better forwards in the county, but not where James is looking. Why didnt he try Barry at full forward for Alan?

    But we’ll be back.

  45. Hard luck to the lads today, they came up short today to the other best team in the country. They have given a lot to the cause over the past few years. Aiden didn’t have his usual impact today as the game seemed to bypass midfield somewhat today. Dillon once again didn’t perform and I didn’t seem to see Donal at all. Then there were other nondescript performances from many of the much vaunted Dublin players also.
    There was a fine margin in it at the end of the day today like the 45 that never was from which Cluxton scored or the pass that Cafferkey gave to Connolly for Dublins first score.
    Two things that really affected us badly was our lack of response to Cluxtons knockouts particularly in the second half and Dublin s overly aggressive cynical fouling. Thought O Gara was lucky to get away with a lot of that from the outset today.

    C’est la Vie

    Up Mayo and well done to the minors for an e citing win today, bright days ahead

  46. Really disappointing today Battled hard but not good enough up front. Hope we don’t have too many complaints on this great site about team and management. They have given us everything [except Sam] over the last three years.

  47. The bottom line is that mayo have a v good defence and midfield but lack that vital ingredient which all ireland champions have.Players on the inside line who take the pressure off,go to men , who provide scores when needed like Michael murphy,Donegal,Bernard brogan,Dublin,gooch cooper,Kerry.o’neill and canavan, Tyrone.etc etc

    Kevin mc loughlin is a converted back.keith Higgins brilliant as he is is a defender out and out.andy Moran is a great corner forward but needs a top class full forward to play off.

    Cilian o Connor likewise in the other corner.

    The reality is mayo will not win an all Ireland without plugging this hole.end of story.

  48. No excuses simply weren’t good enough on the day. Dublin didn’t play as other game but they didn’t need to and only needed one forward on form to win the game for them. I don’t like saying it but James Horan and co got it wrong on the line today with some of their match ups,tactics and none of subs made impact while its anyones guess why Freeman,SOS and Freeman were taken off. Boyle,Keegan,Horan all performed great today though others like McLoughlin,Dillion were off key.

    I really think Mayo peaked v Donegal the signs were there against Tyrone that another final defeat was on the cards. No more to be said always new year i suppose.

  49. This one hurts. I was disapointed with our ball distribution. I dont really want to point fingers we all watched the game and we have effectively all come to the same conclusions. The most important conclusion is the Sam is not heading west. There was always a sense of denial about the other final losses ( we will be back) etc, this one is different, it is almost like the end of the era as the era is just starting. Thanks to the team for their focus and effort all year

  50. Massive massive respect for Lee Keegan.Very proud of him and a credit to Westport.Both him and Seamie were 2 men who stood up and said lads come on to fuck lets go and win this fucking thing.
    Unfortunately history wont recall this.

  51. Absolutely gutted. I really believed and still believe we are better than them but we kicked it away in first twenty. Hard to see how we can come back from it. Keegan and Boyle are heroes. Devastated. Heard tonight that Horan will go….hope it’s not true. If so, thank you James… Appreciate what you’ve done for us.

  52. I pity the dude that paid 5,000 euros for premium tickets to watch that. We lack ‘natural instinctive’ forwards. Well done to a fine minor team.

  53. Wonderful year crowned by minors – fair play to all of them and their team management.
    Tommy Conroy with all super scores at crucial times was my Man of the Match.

    The elation of the Minor win soon turned to dismay – the senior match left me shattered. Headed west straight away after the final whistle!

    Agree with the positives – wonderful support as usual; good steady start; our backs played very well ( with both wing backs outstanding again); midfield had a fair day; and JH was proven right to stick with Andy and starting Cillian. And what about the great Keith Higgins? Super again!

    Now for the negatives – Leaving aside Alan F being taken off, which we will hear the full story about tomorrow, and what happened to TC? our team management lost the plot in the second-half.

    Alan D and Kevin Mac had poor days by their standards but I agree that subs need have lots of game-time under their belts and also be up to it. Three of our subs fit in to the former category, while regrettably young Varley isn’t good enough for this level.

    The sideline also lost it badly by relaxing the pressure on Cluxton’s kick-outs; moving Keith Higgins to corner-back and keeping him there when O’Gara limped around for the last 10 minutes was panic judgement. He was our arrow head and we had him tied-down ourselves!

    Take out what Cluxton did to us and add Brogan’s 2-2, that was the real damage done to us by Dublin. The rest we did to ourselves. Jim Gavin had the better half-time and made the most effective substitutions.

    For JH and his team, this has to be their final learning curve – rally the players on a winter holiday and find a couple of more quality direct forwards before one last big fling next year.
    It appears a big ask of this panel players but the hunger won’t have disappeared.

    My father lifted me over the stiles on my first visit to Croker when Red Collier and Meath beat us in the 1967 semi-final. I haven’t missed any game I could get to since. Let’s all get out tomorrow eve in the fine weather in Castlebar to welcome our galant minor champions and our super senior panel who owe us nothing. Show the whole country that the Mayo supporters are the best in the best game in the world! Maigh Eo Abu agus oiche mhaith..

  54. Going to be hard to bounce back from this one, its years since any team has played in three finals in a row.Didnt get the scores on the board when they were on top ,gifted Brogan a soft goal,half forward line in kevin mc and dillon terrible,let cluxtons kick outs go unchallenged in the second half and the sideline didnt seem to know who or when or how many subs to use.COC did look to the sideline for guidence before he took that last free but was given none.This in a game which we still could have won.
    Fair plate to all involved for us getting this far again, it must be gut wrenching for the squad to have come so close . They do have the abilty to come back again next year
    we will just have to wait and see
    A big well done to the minors some great prospects there

  55. this is the time that mayo needs really support.well done to the minors.
    now about the game.i have gone to every game during league and championship.
    this is what i think is wrong.mayo half backs were scoring all during league and during the champioship.in connacht mayo halfs backs were scoring points and goals and this was masking mayos real promblems up front.in the connacht championship when there is far more space and time for half backs to run up the pitch this is fine.but during an all ireland the half backs are under so much pressure defending they cant or are not able to do this .(even though lee keegan a class player tried this several times).forwArds should be there for scoring.alan dillion zero mac loughlin zero conroy zero etc not scoring.maYO NEED TO CHANGE THEIR STYLE OF FOOTBALL TO WIN AN ALL IRELAND. LET BACKS DEFEND AND FORWARDS ATTACK AND SCORE.HOW MANY OF MAYO FORWARDS CAN SCORE FROM 40 YARDS OUT WITH NO ONE EVEN MARKING HIM?????THIS IS THE PROMBLEM AND HAS BEEN FOR YEARS.WHAT WAS CONROY AND CAROLAN KEEP RUNNING INTO THE CORNER FLAG FOR.??????MAYO ARE NOT CONFIDENT OF KICKING THE BALL FROM 30 TO 40 YARDS OUT OVER THE BAR

  56. Firstly, well done the minors, two nice goals and held on. A great bit of work by all involved.
    Secondly, hard luck to the seniors.
    Not sure where we go from here, obviously there will be seriously tired limbs after the effort all year, and I’m sure the older men will consider if they have the will to subject themselves again to the training. 4 finals, 4 losses for dillon and co and the years are going against them. They owe us nothing and I feel really bad for them.

    Lost by a point, a killer, especially when we kicked so many early wides.

    I was on hill 16, out and out lowlife in great numbers.

  57. Im Gutted.but how must the players and management feel .hope there is a good
    turn out for the homecoming in Castlebar to welcome our minor heroes and to thank
    the seniors and Management for three wonderful years.I feel its now back to the drawing board for the next couple of years as to try and go on for a third year and get flattened again would finish a lot of careers prematurly.we need a few forwards
    and its encouraging to see our minors step up to the plate today this has to be a plus going forward. Not going to talk about any individual players performances after todays match as we know from their run this year what they are capable of.we have to take it in the chin and rise again someday all the better from it
    Mayo ABU forever

  58. When are people going to question james Horan ??? Brought on varley , conroy was v poor…. None of these offered anything . Moran was poor … Dillon , mac , freeman , o Connor offered absolutely nothing throughout the game … Aos was anonymous … That’s what happens when you say in the media you were born for these games … Either or … 2 finals in 2 years with Donegal playing their poorest performance in final and Dublin today and we still turn cant them over . Time to wake up and smell the roses . current management exact same as previous no all Ireland end of story .

  59. Forwards win games and we have one who I seen in the hogan stand today who has kicked more then anybody ever in mayo who the manger thinks varley, conroy, freeman, Moran are better . Sad stat and we suffered for a clash of persona . Top scorer in history in stand and we lose by one point . Do the math .

  60. Sean are you on about Conor M. He walked his decision heard him say it again last week on telly his decision.

  61. I was really disappointed in AOS. I thought he was the man that would lead us to the promised land. He was stuck
    to the ground all day and did not perform at all. I was certain after his interview in The Times last week that he would
    have a stormer but the opposite occurred. Totally outshone again by his brother.
    Gutted. Where to from here ?

  62. First of all we were beaten by the better tean and the jacks you,d say deserved it, but by jesus we made it easy for them to win it in the end. First cannot understand why freeman was taken off so early, thought he was doin no worse than rest in there and using a sub so early that could be crucial later on, heard horans take on radio and thought was pathetic[he certainly did,t hav a good day on line] freeman had flu during week, well if he had james why the f… start him……mc glaugh. an dillion wer awful and shouda gone sooner if possible , mcglaughlin as said above was worse than tyrone game and 4-5 times gave the ball away to a dub at critical times, dillion went missing as per usual on all ire. day, agreat servant to the county but surely the time is near, i agree again the wrong oshea was taken off if the choice had to be made , i watched aidan there a couple times were the play broke down around the halfback line and he couldt or was unable to get back and trotted hands on his arse head down back up to middle field, is that the sign of an all star ,it is me arse…..finally on manager, how the hell was feeney not brought in, no disrespect to doc or barry moran but he horan has,t hardly used them in the chapionship ….Hennelly made some brillant saves and diff.kept us in it but he made awful blunder for the first goal that gave the dubs oxygen and for me was the turning of the game right there, i cannot fault caff. he had a good game on brogan who is first class and up there went any the great fowards that ever played the game, pure class and get a little tinge in me ole heart that their is mayo blood in his veins, another who destroyed and what a brillant performace to steve cluxton, best goalkeeper of all time and his kickouts, well wat can you say first class….On mayo what can you say they gave us some great days this year but their are short in the fowards and we need at least to unearth 2 in the fbd an national league nx. year, i wa very down and out coming down the n5 yester. even. woud answer phone or tx but this morning in abit better form , we will come back, not with the team that took the field yesterday, but the nucleus of a winning team is there, remember cork lost 2 all ire. finals to meath before they won that 1 against us in 1989…..On the supporters and this greath myth of the best in the land ,i agree that a lot of the genuine supporter did not get into crokepark and i coud see that in the crowd[fans] during both minor and senior matches when heads wer dropping on the field, actually i seen mayo folk and plenty off them that havent been to a game since last years all ire.final and i,m not talking about our fellow men and women that lives overseas either…..As for all our ex county players that gave negative interviews on the mayo team in the papers, tv and radio and they seem to be multyiplying every, isay fuck off, at least these lads on the mayo team now are not a bunc of yellow bas… that went hiding in all ire. finals…As for midwest radio and claffy and angelina fuck off with ye,re airing of mayo songs until we win the fecking thing and dont be bringing gobshites like mar mchugh down from donegal to giv us his views on mayo football, thought she was goin to faint at the sight of the wee man from dunny country and asking now ”now go on martin tells were goin to win” and he did too and a few days later in the star he picks the dubs…2 face bas…Heads up ,we,ll be hurting for a few days even weeks , couple months, but we will be back, not with the starting team of yesterday but we,ll be back , because we are MAYO, the biggest by far immigrant county in ireland whether your in newyork, london, dublin or galway and we have to or had to leave our beautiful county…..We will be back we will be back and that for sure Mayo,s we will be back…….UP MAYO….

  63. We just didn’t make our dominance in the first 20 minutes count. After a poor start, Dublin were always going to rally and their 15 minutes at the start of the second half won them the game.

    We were poor in possession going forward at times and took a lot of wrong choices. I don’t know why people are now saying that Conroy shouldn’t have been introduced, a lot of people were on here saying that he should start last week.

    Off the topic of the game itself, the ungracious attitude of a section of the Dublin support in victory was sad to see. Shouts of “Do you know anyone called Sam” and “Enjoy the walk home” were directed at me personally and I know others who were subjected to a lot worse. Sad to see the GAA attracting this type of supporter. I know they don’t represent the real Dublin GAA person, but it was very sad to see it all the same.

    Going forward, it is hard to see where we go now. A time for reflection is required. All we can do is reflect, regather and go again.

  64. In 1985. I attended first game of hope for Mayo in all Ireland series and even though we lost the replay against dublin the seede of hope were there .The seeds are now healthier than ever despite losing 7 all Ireland’s since .Never would I have believed in my wildest dreams that we as Mayo supporters could have so many afternoons of enthralling football ahead despite losing at the penultimate. We should be so proud of our players,so proud of our management and so proud of our supporters .Even now at this time of inquisition let’s not forget the renewed heartbeat all those teams have generated for us supporters on their countless good days .

  65. Firstly , in the words of the Minor MN if the Mstch , unfu*king believable win for the minors. Let’s not loose sight of their victory in the shadow of the Seniors loss.

    I am the same proud Mayo supporter today as I was last week and will be next week. All the pundits said that the two best teams were in the final. Everyone predicted a very close game with many saying a point would win the game. reading some of the comments above annoy me. James played the game with the information he had and what he saw playing out in front of him.

    He made the changes that he and his selectors felt were needed. If we won by one point , all of his decisions would have been praised. Errors were made on both sides; errors were made in every game and will happen in games to come. If we were so bad and Dublin were so good, why did they only win by one point?

    We need to stand shoulder to shoulder and start the 2014 campaign now. Let’s channel our sadness into positive support for the Mayo Gaa team and move on.

    And yes, Iike all Mayo supporters, I am feeling the pain of the Seniors defeat but it is tempered by the success of the Mighty Minors.

  66. Woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I always try not to get too wound up in the hype but God it’s hard!
    I’m not going to talk about individual performances. I don’t think it’s fair. Every one of those lads know how they played and are already killing themselves over it, we don’t need to add to the pain, but James Horan does have some explaining to do. Why take Freeman off? Was he ill? Why weren’t they bettered schooled in Dublin kickouts? Why take Seamie off? The team was carrying dead weight, but yet they were left on.
    We know how hard it’ll be for the lads to pick themselves up and attempt to work as hard, and harder, next year, and that’s why they need our support. Everyone who can should go to the homecoming tonight. I talked about waking up this morning with a heavy heart, but God, their hearts must feel 20 times heavier. They deserve our support and they deserve a proper welcome. That’s how we can help them pick themselves up.
    Maigh Eo abú, our day WILL come.

  67. I would like to thank jh and every member of his team,from bus driver to himself.ye owe us nothing,I can only imagine the hurt ye are feeling,chin up and continue to be proud of who and what ye have given us on this great journey…MAIGHEO ABU.

  68. Lack of burst of pace made from our midfield made cluxtons kick outs look awesome.

    The lack of forward quality really showed, Brogan is a class act and we don’t have anyone close.

    This set up have givin their all , we have fallen just shy of winning it once again. I am drained like so many others , I can’t see how this set up can go any further, exhaustion has to take its toll eventually.

    Thank for the effort lads, ye gave us some proud moments over the last three years.

  69. Up and moving thank God with a less heavy heart than I signed off with in the early hours.
    We’re going to welcome the 2013 All-Ireland Minor Champions home this evening, a great pleasure that we last had 28 years ago when the current manager wore the No.3 jersey himself.

    It’s also Day 1 of 2014 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and there is a lot of work to be done. No question, there were forwards who didn’t perform and the sideline hadn’t a great day, but we must move on with both, older and wiser. And yes, we need to find a couple of more good forwards (is P Hanley happy in Oz) in the county but also coach our existing forwards to be more direct and accurate – that can be done! Just watch how our two corner forwards go about it in the minor!

    Forget all the rubbish about management changes, the media and pundits, the curses, the minority of Dub supporters on the Hill that should stay with soccer, the weathers…. And stick to what is constructive and can influence change.

    The improvements in skills and a little new blood needed to the forwards is essential. A carefully selected forwards coach should be added to the current team.

    But looking at half our players yesterday, did we peak too early against Donegal? Was our first half v Tyrone a warning that our forwards would need to get their act together?

    By the way, how many of you wanted Conroy in for Moran from the start? And last night, how many said Horan was right to stick with Andy?

    We lost because 3 or 4 of our forwards (and the subs) didn’t perform on the day, we didn’t handle Cluxton’s kick-outs and Brogan scored 2-2.

    But worst of all, the management took Keith Higgins , our attacking arrow head back to mark O’Gara and madly left him there even when O’Gara was limping around the place but not taken off by Gavin because he was occupying the greatest Mayo threat to the Dublin system!

    As last year v Donegal, this has proven a massive learning curve for James Horan and his management team. Now, they all need a longer close season rest (especially rest manage those get no break like Aidan O’Shea); a good sun holiday for the squad; fix Killian’s (probably Ireland’s 3-in-a-row Young Footballer of the Year) shoulder permanently for him;
    Appoint a forward’s skills coach; search again for a couple of more forwards to bring in to the squad and a couple of good backs for cover so we don’t have to move Keith back like that again; and so on…. A learning curve where mistakes are never allowed to repeat themselves.

  70. Why only in ladies football is there only a count down clock it’s stopped for frees , injuries and sideline ball. It should be across the board at every level in men and women’s games. I counted at least 8 to 10 mins over the two halves of “injury time” if the countdown clock was in effect I think we might have had a different result at the end. Why oh why do the GAA not look in to this

  71. hard luck mayo just one question should cillian have go at goal he had nothing to lose what you opionon on am not havin a go at him at

  72. Sums it up well, as did Mayomaningalway – very poor gameplan attacking wise, Horan got it wrong for the second all-ireland final in a row, great manager, great motivator but with all the emphasis on tackling, conditioning and sports psychology is a forwards coach needed? Someone who could at least offer a second opinion?

    Against Donegal Mayo insisted on punting the ball into the corner when there was ample space for the half-backs to eat into. Against Dublin they ran at Dublin incessantly looking to draw frees that never materialised. Didn’t seem to know what to do once they got to the forty. Dillon is wasted in this system.

    Jim Gavin trusts his players to mix it up when necessary. Direct football is risky but when you have playmakers like Dillon and Keegan surely you can allow your players to express themselves? Horan needs to rebuild his attack in the league, it could be the final piece in the jigsaw.

  73. I’m sick listening to all this “we were beaten by a better team” nonsense, that just is not true. We left it totally behind us and I think Horan is as much to blame as some of the players. He is not a tactician. The excuses are over, lots of loyal fans spent fortunes to come to this final but were badly let down by some players and the manager. It’s just not good enough.

  74. Thanks David and Joe Mc,

    There’s a true old saying: ” Learn from the mistakes of others, because we can’t live long enough to make them all ourselves”. But I also believe we must learn the hard way from our own mistakes and fix what we can fix! James Horan and his team will do that and please God, the players will summons the energy and drive needed to reach the top in 2014.

    Don’t forget to be in Castlebar to welcome home the super Minors and our galant Seniors plus their two management teams. They’re all great amateurs that play their hearts out for Mayo and they owe us absolutely nothing! “Welcome Homes Lads”.

    Proud to be a Mayoman, yesterday, today and tomorrow……

  75. “I’m sick listening to all this “we were beaten by a better team” nonsense, that just is not true. We left it totally behind us and I think Horan is as much to blame as some of the players. He is not a tactician. The excuses are over, lots of loyal fans spent fortunes to come to this final but were badly let down by some players and the manager. It’s just not good enough”

    Delete that post WJ before I lose it. As if those players and management team owe anyone anything. Come back to me when you’ve trained 6 days a week for 9 months of the year and tell me about being let down. Keyboard warrior.

  76. seanod87, tell me which part of my post you disagree with? I’m glad if you don’t feel let down, but many genuine followers do. What’s the use of all this training if the end result is a performance like that.

    You want my post deleted because you perhaps want to hide from the truth. I stand by my post 100% because I am devastated by this latest self inflicted calamity. It’s even worse than 96.

  77. seanod87, You say they don’t owe us anything? Are you for real? Yes they do, they owe us a performance both on the pitch and on the sideline and we didn’t get that, apart from about 6 or 7 players. It’s not much to ask, is it.

  78. Tom – I think it’s the force with which you’re making your point so soon after the match itself that’s the issue and while I too firmly believe we left it behind us yesterday I also think that today’s not the day for finger-pointing and recrimination. We can all be sure of one thing right now – as the team are about to arrive at MacHale Park – that the saddest, emptiest and most disappointed Mayo people on the planet will be the lads who carried our hopes in the senior final yesterday. They put in huge effort to make the final and there’ll be plenty of time in the weeks that come for more forensic analysis of what went wrong yesterday. Today is one for applauding that effort as well as for celebrating the minors’ gutsy win.

  79. A performance like what? They didn’t play to their potential but they werent far off it and hardly let themselves down. They lost by a point to a team that no one else came within 5 points of all year. The bookies had Dublin by a tiny margin, people who knew their football said Dublin just about because of their forwards/bench, and so it transpired.

    They don’t owe you, me or any other “supporter” anything. They play for themselves and their teammates, and the management. Maybe their families and friends after that. Why would Andy Moran or Donie Buckley owe you anything? What have you done for them? Amateur sportsmen playing like pros 9-10 months of the year.

    Massively unlucky with Freeman injury/illness yesterday. Again, they owe you nothing.

  80. That’s fair enough WJ, but it is just so frustrating that we are not learning from our mistakes and yesterday we definitely pressed the self destruct button. Will anyone put the obvious questions to James Horan even after the healing process? I think not.

  81. Seanod87, I don’t let bookies influence my thinking. They are in the money making business, nothing more. Did people who knew their football as you put it predict that Dublin would play so poorly? We played against 13 men for the last 10 minutes or so as O’Gara was completely out of it and another was concussed but still James Horan left a sweeper in there on a man who could hardly walk. He also let a pointless free be popped over the bar when we needed a goal.

  82. We’re going from constructive to destructive like bloody politicians that have objections to everything but offer no options. Blow the whistle on it now!

    Just got a call that RTE Six-One tv news covered the Dublin seniors day but not a word about the Mayo Minors returning home. They chose instead to celebrate an Irishman who has been picked for the English cricket squad. That’s the crap they want more of our hard earned money to promote from their D4 HQ. public service broadcaster my a— ……

  83. Seanod 87 youre dead right These guys have given everything over the last 3 years. Brilliant men. Tom61 maybe you are a better player than any of the guys who played or possibly a better manager than JH If so we ll see you in action in 2014. Its beginning to remind me of 96 97 John Maughan went from being brilliant to being the cause of losing the All Ireland in the eyes of some supporters One question Tom were you at the games in Sligo and Longford in that great summer of 2010.

  84. to win just once says, Can I ask you a very simple question please. Did you see anything wrong with the decisions (or lack of) made by the manager yesterday and indeed in last years final. A simple yes or no answer will do, thanks.

    P.S. Your question re. 2010 is not relevant , this is 2013.

  85. The answer to your question Tom is yes I thought some decisions puzzling . Have I come across a manager who never made errors No. 2010 IS VERY relevant. We lost to Sligo and Longford. What happened since. J H became manager. We won 3 Connacht titles, played in 2 AIFs played in League finals and semis, knocked out the AI Champs 3 years in a row. Now in fairness to JH and bearing in mind we haven’t won Sam since 51 that’s no mean achievement.

  86. to win just once says, we know all that but please show a bit of respect to Longford and Sligo. The team has moved on from that and there is no doubt has improved vastly under Horan, even if it was coming from a low base, as you suggest.

    At least you agree some decisions made by the manager were puzzling. Of course all managers make errors but does that really make it all right then, sure they are all making them. Thats really only brushing it under the carpet, to make so many puzzling decisions in a single game, the biggest game in 62 years? Was nothing learned from last years mistakes?

    I firmly believe the game was there for the taking on Sunday and a combination of bad decisions both on and off the field cost us. The Mayo unit seemed to lose all hunger which is a major worry.

  87. I still think James Horan is the right man for the job and hope he will stay, but he needs assistance on the tactical issues of the game which will make him a far better manager.

  88. A quote that was used a couple of times in the build up was from the late great Paidi O Se- “a grain of fvckin rice” and thats exactly what it ended up being, a grain of fvckin rice

    If Keiths shot had been an couple of inches to the left, if Hennelly had been 1/10 of a second sooner, if Keegans shot had been a few inches higher.

    Woulda, shoulda, coulda as the Yanks like to say.

    The team left everything on the field and we should be proud of each and every one of them.

  89. Were Mayo a better attacking side last year? They seemed more one dimensional this year, too dependent on a running game that may have put up big scores against teams that couldn’t match Mayo physically but against Tyrone and Dublin it stuttered badly.

    The forwards are there. Yesterday the supply wasn’t. Mayo played better passing football in 2012. If Horan takes the leash of his players and lets them mix it up and express themselves then who knows. How often did Moran and Conroy play together before Sunday, the attack looked rudderless when Freeman went off? The 2014 league will give Horan the opportunity to rebuild his attack. This is a young team, they have nothing to lose.

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