Dublin 2-14 Mayo 0-16: dumb and dumber

Final score at Croke Park

Dublin is a county that we’ve come to like playing in recent years and we’ve enjoyed a few sweet wins over them. Tonight could so easily have been another one of those and, a man up and two points to the good with thirty minutes to go in the wide open spaces of Croke Park, there was no earthly reason we should have lost this one. But we did and, in doing so, we showed an alarming lack of intelligence, with Dublin’s fourteen men ripping us to shreds and carving out what was, let’s be honest, a comfortable four-point win.

Dumb and dumber, indeed. The dumb bit was Ger Brennan who once again couldn’t resist doing something sufficiently stupid to get himself sent off. Poking a kick into Michael Conroy’s ribs as the Davitts man lay on the turf was enough of itself to get him sent off but he made sure he’d walk when, in the subsequent melee, he smashed his elbow into Donal Vaughan’s jaw. It’ll be interesting to see if Jim Gavin – who has already put on record that he doesn’t want to see his players getting into trouble like this – restores the Vincent’s man to his starting fifteen once this latest suspension is up. Something tells me he won’t.

You're off, Ger, again

We got two points quickly after that incident to pull two clear and a team of our experience should have had enough intelligence to know what to do to close out the win. But that’s the dumber bit – we completely collapsed from that point on, allowed Dublin to run rings around us and then, when we had the ball, failed repeatedly to use it to good effect. Instead we rained in a succession of dumb-ass thirty yarders in the general direction of Mickey Conroy, every one of which the Dublin backs gathered gratefully and used as a platform to come back at us.

Bernard Brogan ran absolute riot in that period, with Kevin McManamon to the fore as well, and we never had the first notion what to do to counteract him. Where was the extra man? Where, come to think of it, was the full-back line?

And once again, when the changes came, they came far, far too late. It was evident after fifteen minutes of the first half that Aidan O’Shea was lost at centre-forward and when he was finally restored to midfield for the second half, it would have made more sense to withdraw Jason Gibbons altogether at that stage. I can’t for the life of me understand why Cathal Carolan was brought on when he was and Tom Cunniffe for Richie Feeney with ten minutes to go won’t go down as the tactical switch of the decade either. All told, it smacked of a sideline that wasn’t really sure what it was doing at any stage tonight.

In terms of how the scores came, it was an odd kind of contest, with the Dubs racing into a three-point lead before we ever got the ball down the other end, our lads responding with six unanswered points before they hit back with 1-5 without reply. Three points down at the break we came out very brightly on the restart and added three to the two we’d got just before half-time to pull level again.

Over she goes

But then it all went haywire after Brennan’s sending-off. What was so stark in that period when Dublin got completely on top was the intelligence they showed on the ball and the economy they demonstrated with the possession they had, which wasn’t anything like the oodles of ball they had in the first half. In contrast, we had loads of possession in that period but did little or nothing with it. Even when we managed to break through on goal, we failed to get a shot on target with Lee Keegan blasting over badly and then Seamus O’Shea smashing a horrible wide with Jason Doherty unmarked and calling for it inside.

Overall, this was obviously a performance with more negatives than positives. On the plus side Kenneth O’Malley played well in goal, distributing good ball from kick-outs and getting down smartly to save Cluxton’s spot kick. The penalty should never, of course, have been awarded – a dive is a dive is a dive – and luckily Cluxton’s dead-eye accuracy with fifties doesn’t extend to ones from twelve yards but it was a fine save by the Ballinrobe netminder and it should have roused us to greater things.

Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan, Aidan O’Shea (when he finally settled back into midfield), Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty and, to a lesser extent, Enda Varley and Michael Conroy all had their moments but that, in truth, was as good as it got.

Poor old Ger Cafferkey got an absolute roasting from Bernard Brogan, who ended the night on 1-10 with the grace note an outrageous point from a sideline ball over near the Hill. Chris Barrett seemed all at sea in the full-back line where Keith Higgins has had better matches too – he was rounded far too easily by McManamon in the lead-up to their second goal. Donie was a bit all over the shop as well – I really do think midfield, in harness with the big lad, is the only place for him – and the fact that both Barry Moran and Jason Gibbons were withdrawn before the end tells you what you need to know about how things went for us there. Richie Feeney battled but to little tangible purpose and both Enda Varley and Michael Conroy repeatedly kept getting bottled up in the thicket of Dublin defenders. None of the three subs we used made any mark on the contest.

This all sounds a bit harsh, I know, and it’s not really meant to as I know the result of a match at the start of March isn’t one that matters enormously in the scheme of things, providing we learn from it and turn the experience to our advantage. The worry I’d have, I guess, is that this is a pretty experienced team now and James is no longer a wet-behind-the-ears manager either and yet all those old failings we’ve seen time and time again are still there and, one senses, always will be when the pressure comes on.

The manner in which we lost tonight certainly raises a few alarm bells and it now becomes important that we see some tangible evidence that we’re able to correct the kind of shortcomings that were so painfully evident at Croke Park. What we really need to see from the team now is a reaction and we need to see it next Saturday night up in Newry. At the very least, the minimum we should expect is a performance that shows a hell of a lot more intelligence than the truly dumb display we put on for much of the second half at HQ tonight.

Mayo: Kenneth O’Malley; Chris Barrett, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan (0-3), Donal Vaughan, Colm Boyle; Jason Gibbons, Barry Moran; Kevin McLoughlin (0-3, two frees), Aidan O’Shea (0-1), Richie Feeney; Enda Varley (0-2), Jason Doherty (0-6, three frees), Michael Conroy (0-1). Subs: Cathal Carolan for Gibbons, Seamus O’Shea for Moran, Tom Cunniffe for Feeney.

38 thoughts on “Dublin 2-14 Mayo 0-16: dumb and dumber

  1. 2 points up and a man up, and to lose by 4 points is shocking. Another terrible example of not knowing what to do with an extra man – James Horan has got us places but his calls on the line tonight in particular and up to this point warrant serious assessment. I’ve had a bad week, and this just tops it all off.

    What did we do with the extra man tonight? Do what any other team would have done when facing Dublin – stop them scoring goals, plant him on the line. Failing that, at least use the extra man to move the ball up the park through fist passes and overlaps.

    Brogan tonight was unplayable, like McFadden was last year. We could see that within the first 15 minutes. Nothing done about it.

  2. Pretty awful shot choices and misses in the second half we should at least have drawn that gam.

  3. Awful stuff. when is James going to realise that Donal Vaughan is not a centre back (and probably not good enough at all). Absolutely humiliated yet again tonight

  4. I thought it was a very enjoyable game. James Horan has the bigger picture in mind! Mayo were unlucky in the way that they were breaking ball and having it mopped up by the Dubs. Aidan O’Shea was tired. Still Mayo tackled well and scored more points. Ger Cafferey had a problem with Brogan tonight but overall it was a good learning experience and the Mayo management are a lot wiser tonight. Dublin were flying anyway.

  5. Why the surprise. You people are not listening. Yet again Mayo unable to win from the front. As there is only one ball in play even a child would know that all you have to do is keep that ball and do not attempt 50/50 passes or pot shots at the posts lest you give away possession with all the implications of such a lapse. But then we live in a culture of “keep drivin forward” so what do you expect.

  6. The most worrying thing about tonights game was Mayo started with 11 of their team from the All Ireland final. Dublin were without number of players (some 20,21 year olds) yet with 14 men for most of the second half they still managed to strolled to victory

    Hard lessons for Horan and co. Down game a must win now.

  7. There is no excuse when you have an extra man and are two points up. Plan B should be in place with players knowing exactly how to react to the situation. AOS should be left in midfield end of experiments. Sweeper should have been employed from the start to counteract Brogan. Players in on goal need to learn to put the ball along the ground. No need to burst the net. Goals win games. We are not scoring goals. Very frustrating. This was not Dublin’s best team by a long shot. Down will not be easy and points running out fast.

  8. We had a man up but Dublin managed to double mark Conroy for the last fifteen minutes. Why was Barrett left on Brogan, who was supposed to be marking McMenamon. We mixed some very good with very bad particularly in shot selection. Side line once more unable to see the big picture as in All Ireland first ten minutes, too ponderous.

    We seem incapable of learning anything tangible. Last March Barry Moran stood in the Dublin square and gave the other forwards a target and focus to get on with it, Geraghty worked like a horse in the middle and McHale manned the full back spot. The latter seem marginalized, Barry is an option at 14 to give an outlet to Conroy. Last year twice in the league I think we played against 14 men and lost. The inability to be as tactically astute as other so called top teams is now very evident and cost us dear tonight.

  9. I know it is barely March
    I know it is also about learning
    🙂 three (extra man plus 2)spare mayo players on our half back line as we send in 20% ball to forwards
    🙂 It’s not that we never had the extra man before
    🙂 we did not need a goal until we wasted points by going for goal

    Keep the faith

  10. comments tonight are a bit harsh. This was a good game for our lads tonight in terms for preparation for championship in the summer which is the real competition in which this team will be judged on. Our intensity tonight was a lot better than the tyrone game and our forwards took there scores very well tonight, when we played tonight we really played some beautiful football. I do admit out midfield played poorly tonight and our backs were opened up very easily but it is better to have our flaws exposed in march instead of may in Galway. If we can play with the same intensity our backs get tighter and Aidan o shea returns to midfield we can beat anybody in the country it sounds simply but its true.

  11. I wish people with stop saying, ” It’s ok so long as we learn from the experience”. How many more bad experiences does the Manager and team need to have, before they learn how to win tight matches ? I know it’s only March but I’m beginning to despair, watching what appears to be a total lack of tactical awareness and basic coaching. This is most evident in our forward line, where badly directed passes, poor decision making and lack of composure is common place. And why o why, can’t forwards when they loose the ball, not try and close down defenders and make it more difficult for them to set up a counter attack.

    More worrying for Mayo supporters though, are we expecting to much from a team, that maybe punched above it’s weight last year and expectations of winning an All Ireland is but a pipe dream. Remember at the start of the year J H said he needed to find at least four more players to strengthen the squad – so far that doesn’t appear to have happened, is he running out of time, I hope not !!!

  12. So much to reflect on and to learn if we are willing! For a start let us accept that (1) Aiden
    O’Shea is a midfielder, the best we have and one of the best in the country. Let us stop messing with him. (2) We need a ball winner in the full forward line and none of the players on duty today can fill that role. Barry Moran, based on past performances, is my nominee but no reason others should not be tried, Where is Danny Kirby? (3) I was surprised to see that Shane MacHale was not on the panel listed on the programme – is he injured?
    (4) With Bernard Brogan causing mayhem why was Kevin Keane not given a run? (5) We need to work on our weaknesses, not create others, by settling on our strengths and going forward from there. One strong point we seem to have discovered is Richie Feeney as a link man between backs and forwards. I thought he was excellent today, constantly available in space. (5) Cluxton’s ability in finding his man with short kickouts is legendary but we still gave Dublin backs far too much room to collect passes from him unchallanged.(6) We seem to either lack leadership on the field or have no discussion on various scenarios that may arise. Today it was the clueless use of an extra man. We seemed to lose all shape and semblance of a team. It is one of the oldest truisms of football that going a man down spurs on a team more than it does the team with the advantage. It is the hallmark of a winning team that they turn every such opportunity to their advantage and this is primarily a mental attitude.

  13. PS. on above. Re Bernard Brogan, remember the song from “The Sound of Music” – “What shall we do with Maria”

  14. Another more important PS. Sympathty to Michael Coleman and his family on the death of Cian. Some things matter an awful lot more than football.

  15. andyd, Shane McHale is out of action for a few weeks. He has a hamstring injury. And you’re not the only one who’s beginning to despair mayo mchale. I’m getting a bad vibe for the year ahead myself.

  16. Cian O Neill obviously brought a certain tactical nous to the table last season. We need to do the simple things simple. Guys went for spectacular last night when a plain bread and butter kick would have sufficed.

    We now are watching the top of the road waiting for A Moran, COC and Dillon to come back. We discovered not a single new player since Septembet whilst Dublin seem to have found eight maybe be more. Eric Lowdnes was a minor in September and now is a sub on their senior team. Young Killenny bossed the second half, what is the terminal effing caution with us and new blood. If we don’t try it then we won’t know. Staying cautious will keep us that way. Also seems as if Keane is paying for September, certainly he would have been as good as 2, 3 or 4 last night. A few home truths were laid bare back there that have been papered over before. We still looking for a 3,6,11 and 14.

  17. Agree with John Cuffe.

    Think there are alot of average footballers put on a pedestal by Mayo supporters – the basics of handpassing, holding on to the ball are missing from so many.

    We were outplayed against a make shift midfield.

    Outmuscled by young lads in their first season at this level.

    Naive in leaving our full back line exposed.

    People talking about Sam are in cloud cuckoo land. The fight of our lives is in Salthill.

    Last year we got to a semi final beating average teams. How far would we have got if we did the Donegal route – Cavan, Derry, Tyrone, Down, Kerry and Cork.

    We need to realise we are a middle of the pack team. We might beat a big boy on a good day and off day for them, we won’t beat two of them and we don’t have the forwards to grasp an All Ireland final and bring it home

  18. Another reason we lost last night was our inability to convert given chances. We had two frees (at crucial periods), one at end of 1st half and one with about 5 mins to go in second. The first was missed by McLoughlin and second missed by Doherty. How man frees did Dublin miss? (Did they miss any?)

    The problem here is that missing these opportunities has a massive impact on the self-confidence of the entire team. Plus it also gives a lift to the opposition.

    We need some guys who can be depended to take all these chances especially against the top opposition. If we had then last night would have been a lot closer and the result could have been different.

  19. Agree in most parts John but Cain O Neill tactical awareness is obviously lost in Kerry so , Donie Buckley is the best in the country bar none, So we have little excuses in the back room team structure. Worry was we failed to see out the last 2 league games from a winning position. It may have little relevance in the braoder scheme of things i.e the championship but retaining division 1 status is surely a must. Results today will be interesting and it leaves next Saturday in Newry a must win for the lads. Horan said he would give each of the new players at least two games in the league so it’s catch 22 , how he has to blood new players and win matches puts a lot of pressure on the player to preform In that 20-30 min slot, panel is a lot stronger than last year and competition for places seems intense. Onwards and upwards to Down !!

  20. Steady lads. Not all doom and gloom. Its too early to judge Mayo yet. In fairness to Horan he is trying things and not too much working for him. Im afraid that a lot of the fringe players are not up to it yet. No one seems to be making a burst except the usual regulars and Doc.
    Midfield was cleaned last nite in first half, Defence was too loose but if Brogan gets injured Dunlin will be in big trouble. Dubs played very well last nite but so did we in patches. Our scoring came in bursts and 16 pts is very good scoring.
    Definetly missed Dillon last night. He is so important to us.
    Next game is must win. A lot depends on it. i
    I think we can go on this season. Need something to kickstart us. Not much between sucess and failure at this point.

    At least ur young lad enjoyed it Willie Joe. He looked happy with the result!

  21. We have played five proper matches since we lost Andy Moran to injury and have raised only one green flag scored by a corner back in those games. At the other end we have conceded six and could have shipped more.
    Those kind of stats don’t need much analysis to tell us we need to change things or we’re in for a short summer.
    The full forward line lacks a goal threat because we don”t get ball in hand close enough to cause damage. Our tactic seems to be to win ball by getting out in front and then taking our scores from twenty to thirty yards. No player capable of breaking a tackle or bursting through at pace.
    The full back line will remain shaky while we have small or light men left guarding the house. It’s not rocket science. I want to see a full back line of Keane, Caff and McHale tried just once moving Higgins out to the half back line. If it doesn’t work then at least it will shut the likes of me up who has been banging this drum for years.

  22. Took the trip to Dublin last night hoping that just two things would have changed from the Tyrone game.
    One was quicker ball into the forward line. The second was quicker decision s from the line. Neither was evident.
    I dont like loosing games but can suffer it if we learn from our mistakes and show improvement in the following game but unfortunately this wasnt evident either last night.
    Positional changes didnt work as nobody expected them to.
    Overall a very poor night in HQ with a lot of unanswered questions.

  23. Alot of very valid points in the previous posts. My observations from the Cusack were:

    – the corner forwards movement is generally good but they are moving in the wrong direction. They are looking for ball by pulling out to the sidelines away from the goals and therefore have to work twice as hard to get closer to goal. This reduces their chances of scoring and obviously nullifies goal opportunities. They often (remember the All Irl Final) then go for 50 50 shots at target. Andy Moran is a great man for picking up ball in central positions and therefore creates goal chances. This must change or we’ll continue to generate the same returns.

    – midfield were cleaned out and often contested for ball from a static position. Take a run and a jump
    at least! Gibbons had his chance but blew it. AoS was dominated physically by Ger Brennan.

    – Feeney got on alot of ball but his distribution and decision making was poor. He played a poor ball into Varley. Ball was gathered and sent down the pitch for a Dublin goal.

    – the full back line were too loose. Very easily rounded on more than one occasion. Barrett is a half back not a no 4.

    – Horan had a poor game. He must have a strategy to play against 14 men at this stage. The Dubs regularly play 15 v 14 in practice games and it showed last night.

  24. I dont know were jame horan is coming from with his selection of 3 mayo teams to date in the league and what he picked aidan oshea at cen. foward is beyond me, robb,n peter to pay paul,the fact it took so long to make a change at midfield an also bring in s oshea so late.. Barry moran an gibbons not up to it for midfield and unless moran is an option at full foward, he got chances there before an did,t do well…Mayo looked like headless chickens there las nite at some stages and another worrying fact is there is no goals in this team, conroy beat his man early on and a chance of a goal on ,but took the easy option to fist ova bar which came back off upright as were mcmanamon rounded higgins an cooley picked his spot for a fine goal ,2 goal chances later on as well when a goal was badly needed and 1 blasted over and the other blasted wide…so far todate after 3 leag. games mayo very dissapointing and alot of that down to management and their team selections and substitutions…..j.horan does some walking up n down the sideline arms folded looking down at ground, dont know wat he,ll see down there……

  25. What’s unfolding this year is a replication of what happens every year after all Ireland appearance. Namely the panel is still caught up in all the bullshit that’s been talked about them in the lead up to the all Ireland. Heads have exploded. That extra push run and tackle that was evident last year is missing. The trajectory is back wards every game. If there was some evidence of rectifying mistakes from the most recent games one would have some confidence but sadly its not there. No evidence of leader ship, of learning from mistakes by anyone including management.

    Line up in my view was wrong. Is the starting full forward line good enough to win an all Ireland? In my view no where near it. Therefore why not put barry in there in these big league games and give it go. Last years small inside line wasn’t good enough so why prevail this year with the same thing. Yes Andy will be back in the frame Nd he can win his own ball but snuff him out or he has a bad day what’s the plan b? Nows the time to be putting one in place not trodding along blindly. But instead of this we have AoS put into the centre forward position. This is just doing as Mayo have done for as long as I can remember trying to get more out of a guy who’s playing a very good level in his best position. Fair enough if the players aren’t there and I suspect that they aren’t to be honest but for god sake try some of them and stop meddling with the confidence of the players who we are getting performances from.

    Lastly the old saying we are all familiar with goals win games. Now it’s all good and well Doherty and conroy scoring the odd goal in club football but if they don’t have the strength to win there own ball then what chance have they of scoring goals. These guys have been tried and tested at this level for 4/5 years now and haven’t produced the goods. If there is no one better then give them a hand put someone in there beside them that can win primary possession and start from there.

    We aren’t learning and we are in for nothing more than that old feeling of heading back west after getting a harsh lesson in hq probably in august bank holiday weekend at best.

    We in Mayo have a unique ability of thinking we are eating at the top table after getting to an all Ireland when innfact history tells us we usually end up eating of the floor very soon after.

  26. Major problems in the full back line dealing with a high ball into the square.Mayo play Galway on the 19th May,who is going to mark Paul Conroy or Michael Meehan under the high ball? Tyrone converted a midfielder into a full back to deal with a problem they had in that area. Kerry also converted a midfielder into a full back when they defeated Cork in the final. See how Tyrone dealt with Donaghy and Walsh in the final in 08. Mayo also need a target man at full forward.
    P.S. Donegal lost four of their league games last year

  27. When your midfield is performing below par the backs are under fierce pressure. Such was the case last night. Full back line very poor. Brogan 1/6 from play?????

    We were muscled out of it at midfield. One wonders why the midfield pairing was changed for last night. I know it was put in order somewhat in the second half. J. Horan’s honeymoon period is over so lets get geared for championship and that starts with the league.

    Forwards good – Conroy very good but where was the help when he got the ball. Moran, Dillon, O’Connor – their return is badly needed.

    Goalie did well

  28. Cafferkey was due a bad game and last night was it-he deserves a mulligan as he’s been outstanding for the past year.This reminded me of Mayo performances of ten years ago.But I think the real problem at the back is number 6,his poor handling,his looseness and horrendous decision making put undue pressure on the full back line.Hes mobile enough for a try at Midfield beside an O Shea or Moran.Number 6 and 11 are two of the most important positions on a Gaelic field and we are not competitive at either one.Doherty was good again but he was good in the league last year until the tighter marking and harder hitting came in the championship.When Brennan was sent off it called for some leadership,calm and organization on and off the field and most worryingly we showed none.I couldn’t agree more with Cynthia that fans put these guys on pedestals when they have won absolutely zero.

  29. Was at game last nite, we lost, a lot has been written since and you would think it was the last game of league, as this league progressses we will be a better team. To day we see all the same old tripe( Andy, Dillon, Cillian). We scored 16 points nothing wrong with that. Again to day all you hear is about midfield. Cluxton did not kick one ball out to midfield. He targated his half back line as he always does, and they in turn bypassed midfield and into their fordward lines. When we get ball in back line, we as usual tried carrying it into trouble and then when had to lay it off the oppossition had all our fordwards covered. We have tried both O,Seas, and Barry Moran all year at midfield, and today we put in Jason Gibbons along with Barry Moran. Dublin didnt kick a ball to midfield, and our goalkeeper kicked out towards Moran every time.
    James was harsh in taking off Gibbons. Perhaps he should have put Aiden and Jason mid field and put Barry centre fordward. I think he should put Gibbons and Aiden midfield against Down. First Gen Dub said Gibbons blew his chance. Remember Gibbons has not played any league time this year, all the other guys have game time and this is what Gibbons requires too. We were not disgraced and remember we are only back training since Jan. Looking at Kerry v Kildare to day our match last night was miles ahead in quality. Remember its a long way until Sept.

  30. I have to say that I was much more worried after the Donegal game last year that I was after the game last night.

    Dublin appear to be very fit and with B Brogan playing well, they will always be hard to beat. Ultimately, we struggled to secure adequate supply of ball, I thought that our half forwards struggled last night, and certainly midfield was well outplayed in the first half. I was OK with the trial of starting AOS in mf but he is certainly needed there. Not sure about Vaughan in MF, he is athletic enough but I think that he can be poor under the high ball, B Moran has proved himself capable of high fielding so I think that he is more valuable in the centre, he just needs to relase it more quickly as he is too easily dispossed. We do need to work a strategy against teams that defend in depth, i.e. Donegal, Dublin, Tyrone, will be interesting to see how we cope with Kildare who play a similar way, they also have a strong FF and trick corner forward!

    O’Malley played well last night, thought that Boyle and Keegan did good work in the half back line, and I thought that the FF line worked well, but has been mentioned previously, they win alot of ball out in the corner so hard to work a score, high hopes that Doherty will play well in summer as he has plenty of confidence at the moment.

    Next weekend is key in terms of league survival, win that and we will likely stay up and can then start to focus on Galway. On that front, no Connacht team is playing well in the league at the moment, we are the team to beat in the province and still confident that we will be in Croke park in August with strong chance of reaching a SF.

  31. I’ll keep this short as most has been said already.Dublin took 2/4 goal chances while we took 0/3. Not good enough. SOS had to give the pass inside, I sincerely hoped he got a bollocking for it.They practice those 2 on 1 drills in training. Not good enough. Chris Barrett is not the answer in the full back line, we knew that before the game last night anyway. Hope Michael Walsh gets a run soon, great potential.

  32. We learned nothing knew against Dublin. We still struggle in the FB line when a high ball is kicked in. They have mo protection. Vaughan isn’t a no 6. Aidan O Shea is a midfielder not a no 11. We knew all those things before the game and yet they are mainly the 3 reasons why we lost.

    As well as that the management has to take a large share of the blame for this defeat. We lost it when they went down to 14 men. You can try and cover it up all you want but who or where was our spare man? What role were they given? Surely to God with the form that brogan was in, the spare man would have been involved in helping Ger Caff!

    Our squad is weak compared to Dublins and other teams. we could struggle to stay up. Down away will be very tough. They scored 1-17 today against cork. Kildare are going really well and Donegal and cork are in the mire with us. Time to get it right.

  33. Wouldn’t be as downbeat as some.Didn’t do all that bad,would have won if we had of scored a goal at any stage imo.

    Aos is probably playing too much football at the moment for a man of his stamina and as already pointed out he is a midfielder not a cf,don’t understand the logic behind playing him on the 40 but I’m sure there was some.

    Higgns has slowed up a slight bit, this I find worrying.Caff was well beaten on the night,probably won’t happen again.

    Feeney didn’t do too well,was expecting more esp when I seen the space that was in front of him on occasions.

    Andy,Cillian and dillon will make a difference come Salthill.

    The worry is we have not added to the team.

    Please don’t start panicking already though,we have a serious outfit and we will do well.

    Must score goals.Must score goals.Must score goals.

  34. Agree with Sean Burke,we shouldn’t panic. We scored 15 pts at headquarters against a Dub team that has wiped the floor with all league opposition this season so far……..Public opinion and expectation to win everything, seems to have seeped through to the management team and decisions are being made to suit demand of the fans .eg.it seems AOS was moved to forwards to appease those who have been wanting it all year (as many on this site have asked for).
    We should have won this game but if we did we wouldn’t have learned half as much about ourselves as we did by letting it slip…………winning might have let us forget the roasting BB gave to Caff, the missed goal chances and the overall bad decision making by those on the field and the sideline.
    All that said ,this is a good football team and as most would agree, the league is not the time to peak but it is a great learning curve and we are on that curve, a bit to learn yet but sure there’s no better time for that than now……….I for one have no worries about this team getting past Galway in May and much further as the year unfolds……………I wonder does all who write us off now after 1 win out of 3 , also write Kerry off after nil from 3 ???

  35. Carheenmik – I’ve deleted both of those comments as both stray well beyond the house rules. As you haven’t posted a comment before, please take the time to read the house rules (here) in order to see what’s okay and what isn’t. In short – generalised, insulting comments aimed at individual players aren’t allowed so please bear in mind for future reference.

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