Dublin-based supporters club to be launched

Our kids might be growing into full-blown Jackeens before our eyes but all is not lost, it would appear, for us Dublin-based Mayo supporters. A new supporters club, to be known as “Mayo GAA Dublin” (how’s that for an original title?) will, according to this report, be launched on Tuesday, 5th February at the Garda Club. Ah yes, the Garda Club. I remember getting totally polluted in that august location at the victory bash hosted for the minors when they last won the All-Ireland. 1985, that was. It was also the last time I darkened the door of the place.

The notion of a supporters club for us Metropolitan exiles sounds like a good idea. There’s obviously loads of goodwill to be tapped into and plenty of cash too, I’d say. I know it means having to record Prison Break but I reckon it might be worth tagging along to the Garda Club on the 5th.

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