Dublin on the final frontier once more

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We didn’t have long to wait this afternoon to find out who our opponents will be in this year’s All-Ireland final. Five minutes into what turned into a truly forgettable semi-final Con O’Callaghan blasted the ball to the net and Tyrone were goosed.

Mickey Harte’s team were worse than awful today. No ambition, no attacking plan, no match at all for Dublin.

The All-Ireland champions were never tested today and won a match that was played in the main at little more than walking pace. When you think back to some of the shuddering hits flying round at Croke Park yesterday, today’s match certainly provided very poor entertainment for the full house at HQ.

Dublin were impressive in dismantling Tyrone’s challenge so quickly and painlessly. They were out the gate with no more than ten minutes played, rendering the rest of the match no more than a training exercise.

All of which means that Dublin have reached the final without encountering a meaningful challenge all summer. That’s not their fault, of course, but it is the reality.

Will that bother them facing into our guys who have been in the wars all summer? They can certainly expect us to ask far harder questions of them than they’ve faced to date in this year’s championship. Given Dublin’s stroll to the decider, however, that wouldn’t be difficult.

For us, a final meeting with Dublin – now just one match away from completing a three-in-a-row All-Ireland triumphs – surely represents the ultimate test. It truly will be an All-Ireland success to remember if we do it.

While we’ve always given as good as we’ve got against them, the record books don’t make pretty reading from our perspective. In three weeks time we get another opportunity to redress this balance, as we shoot once more for glory.

100 thoughts on “Dublin on the final frontier once more

  1. Scary proposition when you see the talent on the dublin team and bench. They’re far better at back than last year and Con Callaghan has been a revelation this season.

    Still tho, this Mayo team will give it everything and test them like always and that’s all we can ask.

    Roll on 3 weeks.

  2. A sobering glimpse of what we’re up against. I hope mayo go out to play total football, like they can. Theyre not going to physically intimidate dublin, but can worry them if they attack, attack, attack!

  3. This is not as bad a result for us than the pundits would have you believe. Tyrone were pathetic really and I firmly believe if we had played them we would have gutted them the same. That means Dublin have not had one hard game all season and are untested against a tough outfit like Mayo. Surely not ideal prep going into a final. We will beat the Dubs.

  4. It will do us no harm whatsoever that Dublin will be overwhelming favourites and totally hyped for the final. It will keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. The championship desperately needs us to win this All-ireland.

  5. To stay on theme I am absolutely infuriated at RTÉ playing TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE ” HARTE” at the end of the Sunday game . Guys we have to stand up to these people being so disrespectful . That is simply DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR by RTÉ . We all have to complain and put these f$&2ers in their place. One of the greatest coaches of all time treated like that . It was pre planned and was retaliation for Mickeys boycott in the past . Every decent human being has to voice their displeasure at this outrageous act ! Seriously !

  6. The hype after that result will be in overdrive and may seep through to the dublin players and make them complacent. That’s our best hope coz there’s very few weaknesses in that side. Connolly coming off bench in 69th minute, Jesus Christ that’s ridiculous. Tyrone stood off them and made them look supermen though – we’ll not do that surely.

  7. In fairness the Dubs were very good. They were more than 12 points better and what really impressed me about them was their defence and their tackling. They will provide a serious test in the final. Having said that Tyrone were worse than awful. Havent posted on here since returning from Croker. What a brilliant day we all had. These players have given us the greatest sporting days of our lives and I would like to thank them for it. Special thanks to Stephen Rochford and management. So tactically astute and so dignified in the face of all the criticism. And I havent forgotten you Eamonn Sweeney for your LINES written by a DONKEY Hi Haw to you.

  8. The minute I heard Mikey Harte’s interview where he said they were an emerging team I knew it was curtains for them. Who benefits from an overhyped Tyrone? The Herald, the Indo and the other rags. This was no different than that mockery of a fight last night, who’ll McGregor scrap next? A monkey with a lump hammer? It was all about the hype and the champagne supporters cheering Eric Lowdnes cause he was wearing 12 and they thought it was Connolly sums it up.
    There’s a self belief in this Mayo team stronger then granite and they have zero fear of the Dubs, zero. They believe in themselves, so let’s stop with the insecure navel gazing and buy in completely.
    We’re 70 odd minutes away from Valhalla.

  9. I think “truly forgettable” might be a tad harsh WJ! Let’s be honest, dublin gave a masterclass today, when so many people reckoned they would be given a severe test. They left at least 2 – 6 on the pitch. We now know that mayo will need to improve in pretty much every position to match dublin. I think they can do this, if they run at dublin at pace, with massive intensity, but they have absolutely no room for error. It has the potential to be an absolute humdinger of a final. Also, to mayo and dublin fans, let’s not not get drawn into an online bit ching and sniping session. This will be 2 great teams that will go down to wire. Up mayo

  10. Agree @Swahili. Disgrace on the side of our national broadcaster. But it is what it is. Is it a done deal? No. We have no fear of Dublin and never had. We are Mayo! Bring it on. Bring the colour. Bring it back home!

  11. Jaysus Swahili, its just a bit of craic on RTE’s behalf. Im not a fan of them, but think your over reacting there.

    The Dubs very impressive, but them hammering Tyrone, rather than edging a tight battle, is definetly better for us. We need to let the media spin all sorts of shite about them next 3 wks, while we wait quietly planning their demise.

  12. Dublin 1/3 to win, draw no bet.9/4 Mayo. Tyrone a disgrace and should have had a red card for karate kick masquerading as a tackle.

  13. Revenge is very sweet indeed, alot of ghosts buried yesterday, I had 2 of the finest pints in Quinns ( with the kids) after yesterday’s match, reminded me of my old single days, a few beers and a few women to celebrate.
    How great it would be to finally silence those Dubs, the revenge will be all the sweeter, it’s well within Mayo’s grasp, today’s big win doesn’t frighten me.

  14. No harm in getting the Dubs – as we’ve seen last year we’re still their biggest threat. Would be fantastic if they’re the team we beat to land Sam as well!

  15. Funny how the 3 wise men highlighted Cavannaghs kick on darling Fenton. Johnny Cooper did a worse stamp on diarmuid (above his knee) in 2015 drawn game, and their wasn’t a peep out of them.

  16. Agree with mayodunphy, only a bit of craic. I respect harte achievements in the noughties but I don’t think he has brought anything positive to football in the last 9 years.He will be very quiet about cavanaghs horrific tackle on Fenton. Mayo and dublin streets ahead of all other teams. This will be a great final. Mayo by a point!

  17. prefererence was for Tyrone to win but next best thing was for Dubs to steamroll them and get no test.

    Tyrone were shambolic today and i think they froze early on.

    We have 1 win 2 draws and 3 losses against them in 6 matches in last 5 years
    we have been very competitive so we should have nothing to fear.

    For me not conceding goals is the most important thing again

  18. I can’t see that happening MayoDunphy where we are left to “wait quietly planning Dublin’s demise”. The one thing I am very comfortable about and very reassured about is that it will all be water off a ducks back when it comes to Rochford and this team.. they laugh in adversity. The only concern I have is the manipulation of the man in black. The importance that the referee will have on this game cannot be underestimated.. so just watch the efforts that will be made to influence his decisions once he is named. Probably be Dublin Joe anyway

  19. Maybe I over reacted but with the history that’s there I am not so sure RTÉ weren’t trying to stick the knife in . Also it was likely the last game ever for Mickey Harte and Sean Cavannagh and to be sure it was poor taste .

  20. I was really basking in the after glow of Saturdays big win and then I had to watch the Dubs put on a truly awesome display. Kinda spoils the fun a bit!

  21. I’m with Swahili. You’d think RTE would have learned after how that fool John Murray insulted Mickey Harte shortly after his poor daughter’s death. The least the man deserves is a bit of respect. They wouldn’t dare try that kind of stuff on Jim Gavin or Eamonn Fitzmaurice.

  22. Any time we have to watch the Dubs win easy it always spoils a good afternoon diehard. I wouldn’t have watched them at all if we weren’t facing them in the final. In fact if they were playing in my back yard I’d close the curtains. It would be so sweet to beat them in 3 weeks!!!

  23. i think it’s the GAA that needs to step in here Swahili and tell Rte there needs to be certain standards kept if they want to continue covering the championship

  24. Dublin by 25 points maybe 30 if they’re bothered

    Don’t you know they’re the best team of all time and most importantly they play the right way

    It’ll be a nice day out though

  25. Joking aside today was the perfect scenario for us imo.

    All the talk will now be about three in a row and “best team ever” etc.

    That was another leinster champ style match for the Dubs – they learned absolutely nothing and were not tested in the slightest

    A fine team – no doubt – but there are chinks there that have been exposed multiple times in recent years by Kerry, Donegal and particularly ourselves (when they’ve actually been tested)

    Please keep writing us off ye clueless pundits and talk up the Dubs to high heavens

    Mayo by 3

  26. A defence that can be very ill-disciplined when ran at, players that can at times be very easily rattled. im not entirely convinced their decision making is always 100% when under pressure.

    You do realise they failed to win a final last year as unbackable favourites after benefitting from two OGs? They’re far from unbeatable but hopefully the media continue to spin it that they are. Today was a huge help in that regard

  27. What a day was August 26th 2017. Up there as one of my most memorable days supporting our county team. Will savour for the rest of this week. Dublin’s total annihilation of one of the “Top 4” teams in the country certainly brings us all back down to earth today. But the debate of how we will fare against them is for another day. We did something special yesterday defeating a good Kerry team and getting back into another final and that’s an achievement to be savoured.

  28. Mayo are in with a great chance I think. They will once again be massive outsiders but this bunch dont fear dublin and beating Kerry will have give them huge confidence
    They wont just sit in like Tyrone did.
    As someone above said the referee is very important. I hope its gough again. If we win this we will have beaten the best. Up Mayo!

  29. Perfect result for Mayo today
    Dublin not tested in any way – has to be somewhat of a concern fo Gavin
    Pundits already handing Dubs the trophy
    OMO Dublin have looked equally impressive in every prior to playing us in 2013, 2015 and 2016 and yet – all of those were 1 point games.

    Are Dubs better than last year – possibly. Callaghan + MCarthy to MF makes then even more mobile
    Mayo are a better team too – kick passing and forward play is way better in last 3 games than any time last year.
    Tyrone were turned-over very cheaply today and handed them the kickouts – that wont happen in the final
    Expect massive pressure on Cluxton kickout from Mayo
    Flood MF with big men – Parson, O’Shea X 2, Keegan, Vaughan and Diarmuid
    I have a sneaky feeling that Gavin may spring O’Gara from the start to force O’Shea to FB again?
    Also – I think Rochford will spring a surprise or two for us – he has a track record now

  30. Very impressive from Dublin but Tyrone never laid a glove on them. I’m astonished at how passive they were.

  31. So after beating a dreadful Tyrone team who never put up any resistance Dublin are the greatest team of all time. There is no doubt that they are an excellent team and if you stand back like Tyrone did today and give them the ball they will destroy you. However that is the one thing we know Mayo will not do as are also an excellent team. We are the one team they did not want to meet. .
    Now that the result of the final has been decided by the three amigos on RTE and no doubt by all the other pundits in the coming weeks it would not be sporting of us to at least fulfil the fixture.

  32. With respect ciaran I’d like to think you’re right, but I haven’t seen the dublin defence rattled in a long time. To be the devils advocate, Philly mcmahon isn’t a player that gets rattled, and card wise, their disciplinary record is impressive. Jonny Cooper has his moments, but that was last year and he compensates in other ways. O sullivan, fitzimions etc look really composed to me. Last year the dublin attack let them down, not the defence and 2 ogs was a reflection of mayo defence hapless disorder at the time and nothing to do with dublin defence. I do agree that mayos best option is to run at them relentlessly and I think this can work for us, but I can’t in all honesty see dublin defence as their weakness

  33. Arguably the two players who won it for Dublin off the bench last year won’t even play in the final

    We asked them so much questions those days. they were completely rattled pretty much the whole drawn game, most of their scores actually came from mayo errors. I think we’re a much improved team now. 9 tests under your belt and flying momentum or 5 training sessions? Which would you prefer?

  34. Folks where would I find all time top scorer stats? I’ve heard somewhere that Cillian is closing in! Remarkable for a young man

  35. i heard it all before the final last year that this dublin team was the best that ever played the game.

    we coughed up 2 own goals and still they couldn’t take us out last year and we were a free away from a 2nd replay.

    we will put it up to them no doubt. we will need to be all over cluxtons kick outs. suicide today by tyrone allowing dublin to play out from the back at their own pace.

    plenty for us to ponder but we have a punchers chance. the dublin bench is frightening and that has been the difference in the past but we have at least 2 options of our own from the bench now in durcan and loftus who could change the course of a game.

  36. Congrats in particular to Martin the Dub who is gracious with his well wishes towards us on this blog. Time to relish a wonderful day yesterday for one more night before turning our thoughts to the final. But what joy, pleasure and inspiration to be following our never say die team. Dublin are such a very very good team but we are not so bad ourselves. Match ups & neutralising the opposition will of course be very important however not at the expense of diluting our own strengths – our extended championship campaign has given us the opportunity to develop our squad in so many ways and our focus needs to be primarily on ourselves for the next 3 weeks.

  37. – Tyrone fitness was off, their attitude was off, had no concentration and no workrate.
    – Looked to me like that Tyrone team were not a team all pulling in the same direction as mgmt.
    – How many times did Peter Harte loose the ball, the two Kavanaghs went hiding with only one studs up disgusting tackle all they contributed. Where was Mattie Donnelly completely anon and even hard as nails Mc Carron fumbled the ball more than once. In a word they were brutal.
    – Dublin are rightly hot favourites and they as we expected ignored the league and are peaking now but then so are we.
    – Lots of homework for SR and management. Most important thing for Mayo fans is to get as many tickets as possible…and to enjoy the build up.
    – P.S Johnny Cooper, Oscar seaon is Feb not August such a pathetic feinging of injury.

  38. MayoMark , can’t find definitive stats online but my quick calcs puts Cillian ahead of Mike Sheedy since the Ross replay but about 18 months behind Colm Cooper at the current scoring rate. So second overall but closing in.

  39. Dublin play the possession game like Aussie rules, they have support but make the other team chase and before they can actually get that tackle in they pass the ball, now they did this today as they had a comfortable lead in their back pocket and Tyrone surrendered the park to them. The Dubs didn’t try to do as Mayo and Kerry do, they didn’t try to break their tackle and get stripped or bottled up.

    Gavin is smart and he simply said f**k them, let them have their half acre and we will play cat and mouse and when the smell of cheese and come for it we will pounce. Personally I was delighted as I hate the game they bring to the table and while I know that most of those Tyrone players are probably very decent guys outside the white lines but on the field of play they practice a style that is ,,,,,, well want we got today, anti football and it’s simply septic. Now we all have a real All Ireland Final to look forward to so I’m delighted.

    This is the perfect storm for Dublin and indeed Mayo. Ye have played teams that play a Dublin football style and they have played the best of Leinster which won’t exactly sharpen their blade. In the knockouts they played Monaghan and Tyrone, two hopelessly defensive teams and to be fair the Dubs dealt with them efficiently and most effectively ( which might just wake up the negative coaches and team managers up to the fact that this a special game and is based on developing skill and not drowning it in a sespit of spoiling tactics , rant over ) but now they meet a team that are hot, edgy and right on their game.

    I’m not saying the dubs are there for the taking, not by a long shot but they don’t have even close to the battle readiness experience ye have. Personally I respect the dubs as they play wonderful football and while I may not like the taste of of the food they serve I admire their chefing shills.

    I think 2017 is the greatest opportunity for Mayo to be All Ireland Champions and I just have a feeling ye will get there,, it’s like your names are on the cup.

  40. Dubs defence was really impressive today wasn’t it. The amount of times they turned over Tyrone.

    Sure we’ll try to keep the ball kicked out to them anyway…

  41. Tyrone’s attack was brutal though mayonaze. Ponderous, slow build up with a lad about 5″7 on his own inside. I thought we handled it just as well last year

    Our kick passing has been a huge improvement and for sure our build up play will be quicker, less predictable and more intricate

    Don’t get me wrong they’ve fine defenders. But again they haven’t had to face much yet. Mayo have the form forward in Ireland

  42. Good to see Martin the dub back to and hopefully mayo will beat the dubs dont want the dubs will say to that. dublin played tyrone at their own game

  43. Only for Donegal beating Dublin in the sem-final of 2014 , this Dublin team would be going for FIVE IN A ROW, it will be no shame to Mayo if they lose to the greatest team ever !

  44. Gamechanger10 you are a gent of a man. You made a very sincere post yesterday evening post match and showed great grace in defeat, I had meant to post at the time.

  45. All codology aside, their defence is sublime. Im certainly not going to be foolish enough to question Rochford again but id love loftus to have a role for the final.

  46. Watch the Dublin based media launch a campaign about protecting Kilkenny and O’Callaghan now, its coming..

  47. The best team ever, this is real undiluted hype , in the final last
    year dublin scored 9 points ,mayo scored 2.15 , a subsidy of 6 points
    a draw . in 2013 in the first 23 minutes dublin scored 1 point, plus the
    fluke goal ,a subsidy of 4 points in this one ,just because a bitter man with
    grey hair says so ,this fellow changes his mind every 5 minutes, how many
    of those people tipped mayo to win saturday, dont forget football will end
    up like the dodo, if tyrone are anything to go by, it will be sooner rather than
    later, under 17 boring, the dublin minors beaten by derry , if their bench is that
    strong why is ogara mcm andrews brogan still playing thats 3 of their 6 subs
    today, it is like kerry nothing good enough coming through the ranks, but people
    will believe any type of hype. slan anois

  48. I’m delighted it’s Dublin in the final.
    Super team/Sound supporters
    I’d have them any day ahead of Kerry supporters that’s for sure.
    It’s going to be some final if it’s anything like last year.
    Mayo are a different proposition after what I witnesssed in Croke Park yesterday.
    They don’t fear Dublin and both teams will go at it hammer and tongs.
    Remember we gave away 2 own goals last year and still not beaten.
    Management decided to put Rob in for replay and it didn’t work out.
    We still only lost by a point thanks to a penalty
    Remember Andy Moran pulled down when clean through on goal.

    Let’s put it all in perspective here.
    Dublin are a fine time

    2016 they had 1 test before playing is twice in th final and that was Kerry

    This year absolutely no test whatsoever
    Tyrone hyped up beyond belief this year by all in the media.
    Only teams played before today were all Ulster teams.
    The standard in Ulster has dropped quite a bit over the past 2 years.

    Mayo have been tested many times this year
    Dublin haven’t.
    They will be formidable forsure and they will take some beating.
    You know what we are well capable of defeating them if we bring our A game .

    This is a Mayo Team which is hitting a new peak again which I thought they couldn’t do again especially after seeing them in Game 1 against Roscommon.
    How they have risen to the heavens in the past 4 weeks.
    FairPlay to each and everyone of them.


  49. Holy shit. I just looked into it. Cillian is 46 off Gooch. At 25 years of age

    This time next year he will likely be top of the list!!

  50. WJ, I think it’s time To steady the Ship & not let RTE get into our heads, that was so immature, it’s what they are just getting back at Mickey for banning their media stars? The Dubs got off to a flying start because Tyrone played the Blanket & Invited them to attack from the short kick outs & then counter? The plan was so poorly executed that Dublin could have had a coffee break while they were Getting ready to move on the Tyrone goal, it was a stroll in the Park for the Dubs, I have to admit they were fast and strong in the Tackle, Game over after 18 minutes. Interesting 3 weeks ahead but it’s ideal for the MAYO boys now, Best of luck to them now with their preparations.

  51. The thoughts of Colm Boyle and Chrissy Barrett getting stuck into O’Callaghan and co is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. Tyrone never laid a hand on them. Compare that with our bucks yesterday and the physicality in yesterday’s game.

  52. Hear me out before u guffaw.

    I think Mayo should start with Boyle Vaughan and Durcan on the bench. Doesn’t necessarily have to be those 3 but players of that ilk. SR is too shrewd to be under the illusion that last years replay can be defined by something as narrow as COCs free at the end. Anyone in Croker that day knows the last 15-20mins was defined by general domination by Dublin. MaCauley and Costello in particular causing havoc off the bench. To be sure Dublin were not clinical in that period. Small being the worst culprit missing a goal after Mayo were carved open with their primary warriors dead in their feet.

    Dublins bench is just getting stronger. In fact I think Gavin is holding players he regards as first 15 in the normal sense of the word, back until the closing quarter. It will have to be one of the things SR has to grapple with a lot between now and 17th.. Going toe to toe with Dublin for 60 will be of no interest to him if it peters out then – as he said he doesn’t want to die wondering. With that in mind can we honestly say Mayo has the bench to maintain that last quarter challenge at the moment? Mayos strength is about power and pace running from the back and at the heart of opposition . SR has all but admitted Boyle for instance can’t do that for 70 mins …Dubs sub bench will have the likes of Flynn, brogan, o gara, mcmenamin, McCauley – almost always attacking threats when Boyle, Higgins Vaughan are feeling the heat of relentless running for 50 odd mins.

    Imagine springing Vaughan Durcan and Boyle from 40 mins on…add in the loftus x – factor and u have a bench to reckon with. My fear is business as usual approach will see a deja vu last 15-20 we saw in replay last year.

    Outside the box theory I’ll grant but something to chew on Nonetheless.

  53. Did I just hear Jim Gavin say he was hoping Dublin would perform in the final this year. Love in from Sunday Game panel for Dubs unreal. No point us turning up at this rate!

  54. I think Mayo have a chance for Sam. It will be tough as Dublin are a fine team. However as many say they have not had a real test this year. Mayo are battle hardened. I would push upon Cluxton’s kickouts. Also run at their defense all the time to open up gaps. Mayo need to take the game to them unlike Tyrone. Have at least 2 to 3 up front as an outlet. Also the subs yesterday made a big difference. Use them again wisely the next day.

  55. Cast a cold eye on life, on death, horseman pass by.

    There was not much to see here today. Tyrone were foolish. Lambs and not a shepherd in sight, only a primed army of baying hungry wolves. Mayo need that cold eye that Yeats alluded too. Let the media do what the media do. Dublin are no Mcgregor. They are the real deal. They will be hyped and hyped and they can back it up. Dublin are a brilliant football team and have a great central core. They play for each other. There are no individuals. Through serious hard work, the sum of their parts has evolved into a taut fulcrum that has catupulted them into one of the greatest Gaa teams that has ever played our game. Make no mistake about that.

    Mayo have put in the hard yards and so have Dublin. Dublin’s famine years were fewer in number but the capital city never found any comfort from being second best. Much is always expected from them and if they don’t deliver, they get pasted by their own. They is no hamock of self indulgent “could have beens” for the Dublin players. They must win and nothing less will suffice.

    Mayo have everybodys good wishes, for now. They alone must lay down a marker this year that will silence the patronising mob, who have our best wishes at heart.

    Mayo more than ever need that “cold eye” and go on and do what needs to be done.. Can they do it. Yes they can. The hype will take care of itself.

  56. The Sunday game on mayo v Kerry: a bit on mayo kick outs then 65% analysing Kerry! The losers! A bit of time Colm Boyle and the referee! FFS! Then rehashed interviews and no analysis. By contrast Dublin’s brilliance, their panel, their structure, got some level of analysis. Des Cahill. Jeezus. Only one way to get their respect.

  57. AOS deserved to get the head boxed off him by Donaghy because he stood on his foot. RTE analysis by a Kerry pundit reaches a new low!

  58. I might try and dig out your report of drawn game last year WJ to refresh my memory…

    But Wakeupifyoucan’s post got me thinking. Dublin indeed got 9 points in the drawn game. A bit low indeed for the greatest team ever

    But id love to know how many they actually created themselves. I can remember Andrews getting 2, Small a dinger and Connolly. I cant be positive one of the latter two didnt come from a Clarke kick out though. Point being – sheer luck and our own errors played a huge part in them getting that draw. This was after huge similar superlatives being thrown at them throughout the build up

    I’ve no doubt we’ve cut out a lot of our errors now and I can’t see us being as careless in possession. We look a different animal at this stage. It’s up to Dublin to go out and beat us. If they do they’re a damn good team but I just have a feeling we will not let that happen

  59. Only 2 weeks ago we were talking about kerrys great bench and they didnt really have the impact they were supposed to against our battle hardened lads ,now people saying they werent great well they had no room to be great ,Sure Dublin have all these legend names but they can only play as much as there let , when pressure is on mistakes be made we saw that with kerry defence and tactics and our lads will apply pressure and coming in with great confidence .the mayo wolves can smell blood and will be hungry

  60. Cahill was like a dog with a bone trying to get opinions from panel on what Micky Hartes future should be..Mc Guigan visibly squirming..Awful stuff..Same narrative as last year re the final it seems..Genius of Dublin v guts of Mayo..

  61. Far too much praise leaped on Dublin today. Tyrone didn’t turn up and made for an easy run out for the Dubs. We will have a huge battle in 3 weeks but we are the only ones left to put it up to them. Love to see Rochford get one over on Gavin as he really gets under my skin.

  62. I had to laugh at Jim Gavin. “I haven’t seen Mayo since we played them in March so I’ll have to sit down and take a look now”. How he said it with a straight face I don’t know! He’s nearly seeing now how ridiculous of a statement he can get away with. The bould Jim has been poring over tape of the last few Mayo games as he knows that they are the only side in the country capable of beating Dublin. He knew that all year, even if the pundits didn’t.

    I can’t see an ambush this year, the Dubs are wary after last year when we did catch them on the hop a little. Gavin doesn’t get enough credit for what he has done with that team. Up there with Cody the way he keeps them coming back year after year, keeps competition for places, keeps the egos in check. Possibly the greatest manager since Micko? At the same time I absolutely cannot stand him and want to throw something at the TV every time he appears. His smug bullshit drives me insane, he hasn’t said a genuine word in an interview in the past three years.

    I think we are much better coming into the final this year than last. Our overall performance and confidence has gone up a few levels. Dublin I feel are also better but they haven’t had that tough challenge that we’ve had, which may give us a slight edge. A friend of mine is from Kildare and he thinks I’m mad to think we have a chance. Half the magic of Dublin is that teams don’t even try to beat them anymore and are bet before they tog out at all, you could almost see the fear in Tyrone today. What ever about anything else, Mayo will bring it the next day. Dublin will have to play some good ball to beat us.

  63. if Mayo play like they can and protect their goal properly they will win. I firmly believe that.

    That should be team mindset. if we take care of our own business we will win.

    To me the Dubs were more formidable when Brogan/MCAuley/Flynn were at their peak.

  64. Ger71 – you’re crossing the line here and in the previous comment you made. Look at the sign over the roof in this place. This isn’t Hogan Stand, gaaboard and it’s not Facebook or Twitter either. Posters from other counties are always welcome here but not to post inflammatory stuff that’ll only annoy others. Cop yourself on or else find somewhere else for your amusement.

  65. Think Dublin are a very good.team BUT

    Tyrone didn’t show today. Dublin whipped.them by 12 points. Could have been more.

    Roscommon didn’t show for a replay. We whipped.them by 22.
    Roscommon couldnt have been much worse than Tyrone were today.

    Yesterday we beat Kerry by 5, could have been 10.

    A few short months ago in the league final Kerry downed the Dubs by 1.

    Dublin know that they are very lucky to have won 2 of their all irelands. They know we should and could have.beaten them.

    Don’t believe the hype. Dublin are a good.team and in 3 weeks time their going to play their 1st game since last year’s all Ireland. First real game

    Real games is what this Mayo team thrives on.

  66. Hope Donaghy has not suffered any long term injuries to his big toe after Aido accidentally stepping on it. Wouldn’t want Kieran to miss the start of the Basketball season.

  67. Gees dublin looked good today .but record for last 6 years is tight . I think we’re better this year . Cant wait for the final .
    Usually mute the pundits on gaago but today i heard abit . Really hard to believe the public pay their wages. That derry man is something else its like he doesnt want to be there talking over others and to another pundit when someone else is talking , shaking head .terrible stuff its like something youd see on a video recorded on someones phone in their house fooling another. Theyve been doing a while youd think theyd show some level on professionalism . Didnt listen to them for long but hopefully he took the opportunity to apologise to sean cavanagh for those comments a few years ago .was something like “forget about him as a man” against an amauter athlete .i thought it was very uncalled for at the time .suppose the reality sean c is twice the player he ever was . Hon mayo

  68. You know those big mastiff dogs, the ones with the big jowls hanging down full of drool, well every time I see Des Cahill I think of that.
    If a thousand monkeys, on a thousand typewriters, spent a thousand years typing, they couldn’t come up with anything more ironic than Kerry giving out about a Meath ref in an All Ireland semi final replay.
    Three weeks of posting, pints, planning and plotting lay ahead., I wouldn’t trade places with Roman Abramovich.

  69. As good a current era Dublin performance as I’ve seen for most of the first half at any rate. They’ve a very good defensive system and attacking systems. Tyrone looked to have no plan B from early on, felt after the goal it was game over.
    Performance wise it was more brilliant team work but O’ Callaghan, Andrews and Mannion in first half, McCaffrey, Cluxton and Mcmahon stood out. Subs McMenamon and Flynn also excellent. The rest just kept the machine flowing. Our job is to stick some spanners in the works. Our best job is high intensity once again. Some long range shooting practice as Dubs do allow long shots. Keegan, Higgins and Diarmaid will be needed on long scoring. Kevin Mc and Jason too.
    Our performance Saturday was like a great hurling game, everyone manning up and winning their battles.
    We’ll need to bring on defensive subs when some of these good Dublin boys come on. Caff and whoever of the normal 7 who loses out. Man mark O’ Callaghan who is a star in the making.
    We also need to full court press for periods of the game on kickouts. Cluxton was getting them off fierce quick many to Mcmahon. Tyrone panicked a lot in attack and we need Aido to break tackles in forwards and win some frees. Then we can set up for kickouts. Dublin defense excellent but not tested. Their diamond technique for defensive turnovers is good but I saw weaknesses in Dublin defense which Tyrone failed to exploit in first half because they were shell shocked.

  70. Willie joe i don t know what the problem here is but if you think my points are a problem well this is just ridiculous. I made valid points no messing but as i said before if you don’t like like it fine it’s your gig,

  71. Ger71 – if you have any notion of what the rules are here you’ll know full well what the problem is. Comments that set out to antagonise others won’t wash here. There are plenty of other places on the internet where that’s okay, here isn’t one of them.

  72. Give Dublin the freedom to pick out their passes for minutes without tackling them shows the paucity of Tyrone who now drop behind Kerry in the pecking order. The big two will surely go man for man and contest everything. Gavin’s huge range of options could be Mayo’s downfall but the young Mayo players brought on against Kerry looked good.
    Dublin take points with ease so Mayo will have to shoot a very high % of chances to win but given last year’s finals and this year’s battles compared to dublins training games then they have a chance but they are underdogs given the possibility that Dublin can hit much higher gears if required.

  73. Tyrone were pathetic today.

    No Mayo team is goin to sit back for 40 minutes and watch Dublin ballet dancing around the pitch with the ball.

  74. Atagonise? good luck , you do s great job in all seriousness but I ll refrain from posting here again .

  75. That’s your choice, Ger, but all I’ll say is that it’s not difficult to keep within the rules if you apply a bit more thought to what you have to say.

  76. A few thoughts on the weekend games. 1] Mayo, for probably the first time since this team started out looked composed and confident against Kerry, esp. as the finish approached. More composed and confident than this supporter was knowing our history of leaking goals annd jittery finishes. Having found the key I am confident that we will not lose it before the final.
    2] Dublin have a huge panel of talented players but can only put 15 on the field at any one time and, barring any blood sub shenanigans, can only use 21 in total. Mayo also have 21 highly skilled players at their disposal so it’s evens there.
    3] Dublin’s lack of serious competition to date is not, in my opinion a problem for them. When Kilkenny hurlers were in their heyday it was said that their toughest games were their training games among themselves. So I think it is with this Dublin team. They will be firing on all cylinders come final day. So will we.
    4] My hope is that the ref and other officiaals, whoever they are, will not be key influencers of the result as happened so often in the past in important Mayo games

  77. Personally…. I want to say, Congratulations and commerisaations to a fantastic player from Moy and Tyrone on his last ever intecounty match, the great Séan Cavanagh…. I think only Stephen Clluxton had played more championship matches than Séan.
    .I met him at the 2008 all Ireland final celebrations in City West, class guy.. Well done Séan… Some gaelic-football career.. Hope you enjoy your retirement!

  78. Joe Ruane.. I compliment you for your Yeates inspired post…. Pretty much nailed it…. I posted myself just a few minutes ago, and then read some of the previous posts….. Joe’s at 10,21pm is well worth reading and contemplating…


  79. Very weak from Tomas o Shea last night.
    Blamed aos for donaghy punches.
    Said cillian should have got black card instead of o Sullivan.
    Pure bias and drivel and we are wasting our time turning up for final !!!!

  80. Have given up on Sunday Game a long time ago – I assume Kerryman was not asked / didn’t offer a comment on orchestrated attempt by Kerry to get a brawl going just before throw in? Was very obvious on part of Kerry backs.

  81. Agree with this:

    “To me the Dubs were more formidable when Brogan/MCAuley/Flynn were at their peak”

    It’s quite clear there’s a top 3 well out ahead of everyone. Taking Dublin’s recent results against kerry all were in the balance entering into injury time or near it anyway. Against ourselves we’ve played them 6 times with this side and won 1, drew 2 and lost 3 (2 by a point and the other we were 4 up during the second half)

    This Dublin team has yet to “hammer” any of their peers and I’ve little doubt it’ll be very, very close the next day. It may come down to a bounce of the ball or two but our lads certainly won’t be lacking in the hunger department. We will certainly need to rattle them early on though

    This carry on about Dublin only needing to turn up is laughable, but I will continually welcome such hyperbole in the build up

  82. The Dubs played the ultimate rope a dope with Kerry in the league final.

    They pushed their training back by 6 or 7 weeks this year cause they were so disgusted with how they played in last years finals.

    The problem for us could well be that for the first time in the this Dublin teams life cycle they may just well be peaking coming into a final.

    It will take a herculean performance to beat them.

  83. @Liam: “We’re 70 odd minutes away from Valhalla.”

    Well, OK, but Valhalla is where warriors went when they died glorious deaths in battle. The Dubs will be in the Gibson toasting your glory with a champagne filled Sam. #upthedubs

    On a serious note though, it should be a spectacular final. The two best teams going at it all out, none of the blanket shite – total football. I can’t wait.

  84. Dublin looked very good yesterday and dealt with the blanket defence as excellently as I’ve seen any team do it. They’ve been training for it since ’14 and only really got a good test of the game plan last year against Donegal in the QF. People ignored that as Donegal on the way down (true to an extent) but Dublin refined it since and executed it perfectly yesterday against Tyrone. Word has it that Gavin (along with the media) became slightly obsessed with developing a game plan (based around Ciaran Kilkenny) to beat the blanket since the 2014 defeat. That’s fine but bar that Donegal ambush the teams Dublin have found it most difficult to beat are ourselves and Kerry. Teams that don’t fear them, match them physically and don’t give them too much respect and easy ball.

    Personally I think if you give Dublin easy possession up to the half-way line they have so many good players in their forward division they will hurt you and more likely beat you. Additionally Dublin love to get early goals and build a lead. Then they can drop a player and play a light sweeper, break and pick you off, kill you with a couple of more goals.

    So what do you do?
    1) Match them physically and pace wise as much as you can. ( I don’t this will be an issues for us early on at least but a 75 min performance is needed)
    2) Take a chance and push up on their kickouts (although I don’t see it as a gamble cos if you let them come onto you you’re dead anyway).
    3) Force Cluxton to kick long (people talked about chinks in Dublins game yesterday – for 5-10 mins after half time Tyrone pushed up on kickouts, Cluxtons went mid-long and Tyrone won 3/4 kickouts but missed shots or turned over simple ball)
    4) Get the match-ups right and trust your backs. (I’d go with Harry/Andrews, Keegan/O’Callaghan, Vaughan/Kilkenny, Barrett/Mannion and Higgins/Rock, with Boyler taking AN Other – this would put our best man marker on their form forward who hasn’t tasted battle with LeeRoy and mismatch the pace and attacking runs of Vaughan and Higgins on the slower, poorer trackers of Kilkenny and Rock)
    5) Isolate and run at O’Sullivan. He’s great at covering space and is a brilliant sweeper but I think their worst one-on-one defender.
    6) Exploit the slight lack of power around the middle Dublin 2017 have. Some of their more powerful players of the last 3-4 yrs aren’t on the starting 15. I’m thinking Flynn, Connolly, McAuley, McManamon, Bastick.
    7) At least match them for goals in the 1st half.
    8) Minimise stupid mistakes and turnovers. No stupid goals/OGs
    8) Do all this and you’ll be in the game – hopefully leading – when the Dublin cavalry arrives around the 50 mins mark (Gavin generally doesn’t make early subs but planning for likely arrivals is critical as we found from last yr – likely arrivals include Flynn, Connolly, Brogan, McManamon, O’Gara and McAuley).
    9) Last 20 mins are crucial and were some unknowns come into it (fitness of both teams, composure, decision making, dealing with tactical subs, impact of your own subs, grit and never-say-die spirit)
    10) Get a bit of luck (flukey goals, black cards, red cards, ref calls, slips, dogs, crowd, etc.)

    Easy 🙂

  85. does anyone know where I can watch the match from Saturday. Not recorded on Sky. RTE I-player don’t appear to show the games anymore!!

    could not get over how poor Tyrone were yesterday, allowing Dublin to canter around the field like that. Also, Tyrone players dispossessed very easily. Cannot see Mayo lying down like that, regardless of the result. Another performance like Saturdays and we will be in the shakeup. belief and a 70+ minute performance required

  86. I think we should not worry too much about the opposition at this stage and just enjoy the three weeks. Rochfird won’t be worrying, he’s too busy figuring out the weak spots to exploit in Dublin and how to conserve enough energy to last the 75 minutes. Its game management and he’s getting good at it. Mayo are in the final for a reason, they are at the top of their game at the right time and will that drawn game will have helped them a lot.

  87. Agree Swahil That was in very bad taste. I have already made my protest at low standards in RTE. I stopped using that service a long time ago. Still waiting for the sky to fall down on me, but it has not happened yet.

  88. Kevmy I take it your are an exile and have not been watching the 2017 Championship too closely.

  89. Willie Joe. I am pretty sure that is the same Ger I have seen on other platforms…On one occasion he called Mayo fans a disgrace…that occasion being after his own county’s fans gave Andy dog’s abuse. Why in the name of God he is posting here is beyond me but I am pretty sure it’s not to contribute anything worthwhile. It bloody annoys me to see people like that wasting your time moderating comments. Keep up the great work…It is much appreciated.

  90. dublin had 7 new names on starting 15 yesterday than the team from last september. The only change from the Mayo starting team last September to the one that played at the weekend was Chris Barrett in for Paddy Durcan. Not saying for one minute this is a negative thing that Mayo have pretty much the same starting 15, but personally I think myself given the amount of changes Dublin have made since then and the quality of this new personnel, It’ll be even a bigger test than last year. I know Tyrone didn’t turn up yesterday either,which maybe exaggerated even further how good Dublin are. The next 3 weeks will be fantastic, another all Ireland to look forward to. Fair play to this Mayo team who have given us so many great days over the past seven years. And To keep coming back year after year, they are just unbelievable. Up Mayo!

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