Dublin game fixed for Sunday at 4pm

The GAA have now confirmed fixture details for next weekend. Our All-Ireland SFC quarter-final against Dublin will be played at Croke Park on Sunday, where throw-in will be 4pm. David Gough of Meath will ref it.

The Derry/Cork quarter-final will also be played that day, with that game throwing in at 1.45pm. Joe McQuillan has the whistle for that one.

Both of the games on Sunday will be shown on RTÉ, with the two Saturday matches streamed on GAAGO.

116 thoughts on “Dublin game fixed for Sunday at 4pm

  1. We are even avoiding GAAGO ! A good sign I think, for me anyway as I’m just over major heart surgery and not fit enough to attend matches yet (although yesterday tested the auld heart). I really believe this is the time to meet the Dubs as I believe they are being too hyped on their performances this year. This will be their first true test this year and if they come out of it successfully they will be much stronger going forward. I’d rather meet them now than in a semifinal or final.

  2. I know it’s nothing new but the Sunday game analysis on Mayo is consistently a disgrace. They ignore when we are sinned against (cork punch last weekend) and focus on Ryan with no clear angle of what he actually did – insinuating something sinister with no clear proof. Even saying Louth should have had a penalty when reape laid a hand on one of their players through on goal etc. Pathetic really, they hate Mayo and I’ll never forget the propaganda war they waged against Lee keegan before the 2016 final replay which Deegan bought hook, line and sinker. Fuck them all, Up Mayo

  3. One thing we need to avoid the next day is allowing ourselves to get wound up by goading. There were a couple of incidents in yesterday’s game when Jordan went head to head and Eoghan Mac likewise. The slightest, movement there could be taken as a striking offence and result in red. We will need our 15 on at all times. Play on the edge by all means,as they will,but be clever.

  4. Absolutely ‘Our time has come’. That was a so blatantly obvious and disgraceful. Tainted AIG’s win. RTE are a joke as is their coverage. Rant over!

  5. Well I’m glad the mood here is as good as it is today.
    We are where we are and we haven’t clicked yet fully and we are winning games dirty and we even got lucky you could say.
    Looking forward to Croker on Sunday.
    Not fully sure on the narrative that the Dubs will be a bit untested coming into the game. They were untested for years in Leinster and qualifiers and Super 8s and still looked shit hot when it mattered. They still have some magnificent players.
    Up Mayo.

  6. If you watch the highlights of that semi final vs TIpp and listen to Tom Tommy Tom Tom Carr and Marty, the bias is incredible. Let’s not forget how Marty hung Aido out to dry after the Fermanagh game. I’ve never seen it before and I’ve never seen it since where an opposing manager was shown an incident after a game to comment on it.
    The thing was – RTE had only the one camera at that game, and decided to pillory Aido for the Penalty. Thankfully there were neutrals there working too, and able to confirm there was contact and that it was a penalty – https://twitter.com/INPHOjames/status/752245287327072256?s=20.

  7. We were utterly awful on kickouts yesterday. I’m not sure was it entirely down to the wind, or a systems failure but it was awful. Any time we made a decent run for Reape, he found them. Hession was the only one in the 2nd half who had the cojones to look for the short one. Reape will find the lads if they make good runs.

    I couldn’t understand how we let Galway have the short one for most of 2nd half. All’s well that ends well, & perhaps we hadnt the energy.

    Lots to work on but we are due to a performance. And the lads have been rotating the team quite well, so we will be fresher than we might think. And we are very young in a lot of areas.

    And the ways the Dubs set up will allow us to play our game. I think we could take them

  8. I agree 100% with Sean in Galway. Now is the best time to get the Dubs. If we can tidy up our kick-outs and hit them with pace we have a great chance. Dubs have only played one division 1 team all year and the Rossies nearly beat them. I wouldn’t be shocked if Tyrone did a number on Kerry and then it’s anybody’s All-Ireland!

  9. Letting Galway have the short kickout was probably a good tactic.we weren’t able to win our own kickout so unlikely to win theirs.in fairness the wind did make it very difficult with the ball hanging in the air.i would expect us to much better on breaking ball next weekend.that can be worked on .The lack of an out and out ball winner is a bit more difficult though

  10. Feeling generally confident about next weekend but those kickout stats would worry ya surely.

    I would be inclined to give reape a pass given the comical wind factor but anything less then breaking even on kickouts amd we will be murdered.

    Dublin are a pale imitation of what they were 4/5 years ago but one thing they still excel at it going after opposition kickouts, there was a ruthless 10 minute press against louth where they destroyed the louth kickout and put on a savage press and put game to bed within minutes

    I’d be inclined to go short to the cornerbavk for 90 percent of our kicks next weekend and try run it out

  11. @Liam…
    I too think tyrone will take out kerry, the canavan boys and mccurry will cause wreck in wide open spaces of croker

  12. The spike in flights means it’s a no go and absolutely gutted to be missing this. Definitely could be a very hard match, particularly if we get carved up the middle, but we’re also well capable of winning this if we can impose our game. The semi final was one of the best matches I’ve ever been to – hopefully there’ll be decent travelling support for this one!

  13. I don’t like the ‘this is the best time to take out an undercooked Dublin’ line. If we have a feeling we’re battle hardened and ruthless we are in for a big wake up.
    Dublin are Dublin. They have pace, power and precision and only our A game will be good enough to match them. They are ruthless while we leave the door right to the end. This won’t cut it for us against the Dubs.
    I totally believe Mayo are good enough but any half hearted effort will be worthless.
    Give it everything, Mayo and then some. You’ll need every ounce.
    Please don’t start talking up ‘ the perfect time’. This is an All-Ireland quarter final and we need to fight to win it.
    Come on Mayo.
    Maigheo Abu

  14. Like all counties we get very defensive of our own. Discipline definitely need to top class the next day. In fairness there were 2 incidents where one of our players would have gotten a red card if spotted by officials. Agree now is a good time to get the dubs and I fully believe we are capable of beating them.

  15. May as well defend our own No doubt, unlike other counties we have no one in the media to do it. All afraid of being seen as biased

  16. Its a considerable blessing facing into Dublin in Carbon Neutral Croke Park, that Cillian got half an hour, Enda Hession got the second half, and Kevin McLoughlin got about 45 minutes, and Tommy Conroy got a full game yesterday. Connor Louftus, Padraig O Hora all and Fionn McDonagh all got no game time , Mathew Ruane got about 10 minutes only, James Carr got about 15 minutes. I think Mayo have the squad to have Dessie Farrell and the rest of us scratching our heads until very close to 4PM Sunday next. I expect a few changes to whatever 15 are announced Friday or Saturday.

  17. Absolutely shocking that the other two quarter finals are being put behind a paywall in the current circumstances.this needs to be called out now for the farce that it is

  18. Mo-direach, I agree 100%

    Dublin are many peoples favourites this year. Darragh O’Sé being one.

    I’d be very wary of Dublin. Theylll be fresh and gunning for this. Mayo need to be very tuned in and only our best performance to date under McStays watch will secure victory.

  19. @1985 2 of the quarters last year were behind a paywall.

    I agree that our kick outs were awful yesterday. A large part of that is down to Reape. He gifted Cork a point at crucial moment last week as well and he kicked 3 balls out over the sideline yesterday, one with the wind at his back. He has gotten a lot of praise so far this year but I’m really not sure his kick outs are at the level required for the biggest games.

  20. @leantimes exactly yeah. Big plus for us this year is that non of us know what’s going to happen team wise on game day and if we don’t, the opposition don’t. We were a bit predictable in years gone by, the cloth is being cut to measure this year game to game. OK, doesn’t work in every game but we are in the quarters. I think if we were to be offered that and a league title at the start of the year, we’d have been pleased.
    Now, as you said we have options to keep em guessing.

  21. Apparently the Dubs really wanted a cut at us last year so I fully expect them to be very fired up for this. There are going to be big hits.

  22. Well we really want a cut at them too dreamysleepy, if they think 2021 made us even for 13/15/16/17/19 then think again

  23. Hope no funds are spared by County Board for all players recovery this week on the use of swimming pools, cryotherapy baths or chambers, saunas , Jaccuzzis and Normatecs.Next 6 days are massive.

  24. @Mayonaze: I would take what Darragh Ó Sé says in his column with a pinch of salt. He’s been tipping Galway for big things this year and had them down to beat us yesterday, as was the oracle Jim McGuinness.

  25. Mo-direct, if you read and understood my post you would realise that what I was saying is we have a better chance of beating Dublin in a quarterfinal than we would have in a semifinal or final. So I’d prefer to meet then next Sunday rather than in a couple of weeks time !

  26. Tickets are out for season ticket holders in the usual sections of the Cusack this past hour.

  27. does anyone know how to link up season tickets so that people can sit together? ours were linked on the old system pre covid but are no longer linked so we now have tickets for different sections on sunday. obviously this wont be resolved for us before Sunday but would like to have it sorted for whenever we play there again

  28. Dublin with their playing population will always be in the mix. They have some very good forwards and 1 of these is marquee. If we keep that man quiet for a good bit of it, other Dublin forwards can do damage but none can cause as much problems as their COC. Their main playmaker Kilkenny who’s also an excellent score taker also needs a fairly tight marker. On the other side, I don’t think their current back line is at the level of when Philly, Cian OS, McCarthy, McCaffrey , Cooper and Rory O Carroll were at their peak. Very get attable by comparison with those peak days so possession is crucial, just get close to them in the possession stakes. I also don’t see any of their backs being able for AOS in the air so we should try that tactic when we can. Davy Byrne is a potential liability for them.

  29. Ah cmon, Galway were freakish enough circumstances away from playing Monaghan this weekend for a place in the semi

    Any of a fit Comer/Kelly, a half decent Shane Walsh performance or Tierney not missing a sitter very likely might have got them over the line yesterday also

    Because someone predicted them to win the All Ireland a few weeks back hardly makes them clueless. Hindsight is always mighty

  30. Whatever about us thinking we are paranoid about coverage etc from our national broadcaster and that its just conspiracy theories, look at the sharp practice and lack of compliance that is coming to light with the Ryan Tubirdy pay piece.
    Piling in on a particular county or counties to influence the GAA or future refs in the context of an overall champtionship is a very mild step compared to that

  31. I am aware two quarter finals were on sky last year but the circumstances are considerably different this year

  32. You can do this lads..

    Dublin have not played anyone this year.

    Dublin are so reliant on fellas in their 30s and others with massive miles in the legs.

    A few boys looking to go out on a high.

    Sport is not like that.

    If I was picking the Mayo team I’d pick the most athletic team available and really test the pulse.

  33. My big worry about playing the Dubs is that they are goal-smiths. They must have the highest all time

    goal scoring record in the country? So ……. you can think you`re going along grand , and then – bang.

    The crowd starts roaring. That in itself can put a team off their stride. That`s my concern. Our record in

    the defence dept is not exactly A1 this year. Hope I`m wrong.

  34. @Ciaran: You could look at it like that. You could also say that they haven’t beaten Mayo in a knockout game in a long time and have lost several national finals on the bounce recently. So the clamor to anoint them as champions elect puzzles me tbh.

    I’m not saying that Ó Sé knows nothing, obviously that’s not the case. But his column in the Irish Times is an archetype of yerra, plámás type stuff we often associate with pundits from Kerry.

  35. Our time has come/FBDinashuí: You say we have nobody to defend us on RT É, I agree that is so! but even our own fail to do so. Lee Keegan, on yesterday’s SUNDAY GAME LIVE, out doing Pat Spillane in his hayday, made great play on the fact that Galway had “better forwards, better kickers of the ball” and generally that mayo were inferior to Galway in every way. If it was said weeks ago to butter up and hoodwink Galway I could understand but 10 minutes before” throw in” is just demeaning to our players. Maybe Lee hasn’t got over his embarrassment after his man of the match climb down – Galway V Ros – and wants to show how impartial he is but others have no problem showing their colours. If that’s the Mayo view it’s no wonder we are constantly told Mayo don’t have marquee players. COC, top scorer of all time, wasn’t a marquee player we were told. Shane Walsh had one spectacular game but, in the eyes of the experts, vies with D. Clifford as one of the greatest ever – that must be the joke of the century.
    Galway definitely have the whinger of the century. Their manager should take a leaf out of the various Mayo manager over the past 10 years. They lost All-Irelands, some in very dubious circumstances, but never once spread the blame.
    I don’t think Mayo are playing well enough to win Sam this year but they continue to give blood sweat and tears for the cause. What more can we ask.

  36. Hey lads/lassies,
    Are you still able to do the exchange tickets thing to get two tickets side by side like the old seating group on the season ticket?

  37. Can u still buy them in Supervalu or Centra? Feeling all good tickets are going to be snapped up quick

  38. Was at match y’day and watched Aiden O Shea closely. Big learning for me is to leave him on bench for most of next game. He was ineffective at midfield in terms of catching ball. He slows game if given a pass. Inside it it hard to pick him out with a kick pass as it needs to be perfect to reach him unlike other forwards who have more speed to run to space to collect pass. He won’t take on his man when he gets it inside (once this year). He is unable to make room to kick a point when he is marked one on one. I could go on. Mayo started playing in 2021 when he was substituted. To play full press you need everyone working. He was not able to keep up then and that was 2 years ago ..

  39. He gave the assist for the vital goal yday fair analysis. That Dublin defence can be got at by the big man as it’s not the Dublin of old and David gough won’t let them away with incessant fouling on him

  40. You might as well say Dublin have rested for a month now whereas mayo the opposite. Aos inside on Sunday and stay there. Eoghan mcgloughlin needs to watch his aggressive tackling. One thing we don’t need is another Vaughan rush of blood. Kevin mcgloughlin starts for me. Very intelligent player. Plus got a point. Doherty not for me. Looks like callinan on con o callaghan but he is a totally different prospect to the out of form Shane walsh. Bypass midfield because we got cleaned on high ball and breaking too. We will need ruane and probably o hora. . They will push up on our kick outs and force us to go long as much as they can. Hopefully doc will not be too tired after putting 8n a massive massive work rate yesterday. We saw yesterday with quick hands and pace how effective it was. Mcbrien was excellent. Not sure Dublin will allow us that luxury of getting the likes of him forward. All to play for.

  41. Con is very chunky and powerful, I’d favour David McBrien marking him. Con will run right at you and McBrien has enough weight and explosiveness to hold him up without fouling.
    Also on kicked in ball for marks he can punch the ball away.

  42. Ticketmaster is a disaster . It would annoy the hell out of the most patient of people . I’ll wait till later on , can you buy in super valu ?

  43. I thought AOS worked hard yesterday and taken off at exactly the right time, James Carr then added threat. I don’t see Dublin having a full back line to stop him winning high ball and marks compared to the days of Philly and Cooper and especially no Cian OS to mop things up. The flip side is we kicked nothing vs Galway and Dubs suited to us playing our running game. If no AOS we tell the Dubs we’re running and hand passing and they can plan for that whereas with the option it gives them more to worry about. Also need kickers to get it into Aido. Are these Kevin Mc, Paddy & Diarmaid? Is there no role for Loftus now the no. 6 plan is abandoned? Maybe that’s it and Sport is cruel but someone needs to kick it in with accuracy. Maybe midfield zone will E so frantic there’s no time to pick out these passes. Ryan also excellent at winning marks and yesterday was one of the few games I didn’t see a mark opportunity for one.

  44. I actually think Mayo should be considered slight favourites for this game. Division One winners, have beaten both finalists from last season in the championship whereas Dublin are on the slide & have looked tired of football to my eye & haven’t won a tight championship match since 2020.

  45. No juvenile tickets left on Ticketmaster.

    Will anymore pop up or am I as well to get my youngsters adult tickets?

  46. I have tickets but just checked Ticketmaster there out of interest
    Got straight in and offered lower hogan
    What’s the panic ?

  47. Went into my Local supervalu there they are selling but only had a very small amount of tickets left.Said people started queing at 5!

  48. Isn’t this just the usual chicanery with the GAA regarding tickets? As in, release all the rubbish tickets first and then drip-feed the better ones over the next few days? Certainly looks like that.

  49. Got tickets in Centra, so much easier the ticket master.
    I’d say buy what you can get, some time tickets go on sale again for different stands but think demand will be high with double header

  50. Fair Analysis – I can see what you’re saying but Aido plays a very different role for us now. You only have to look at his contribution for the McBrien goal to see what he offers.

    He’s not going to cover ground anymore, nor do we want him to. He’s there to offer an out ball and bring others into the game. He’s still a very important target for us.

  51. @Km79 Plenty of tickets but says no juvenile.

    Think I’ll rush into SV/Centra to see if they have any juveniles.

  52. Rock – haven’t seen what Fair Analysis said, but it seems to me that Aido has got some kind of battery replacement since the the new management came in. The corner forward position, that enables him to sprint and get first to fast ball in, the point scoring, the free taking, free taking! Yesterday he was actually the one running at Galway, and jinking his way past to lay off for scores in the first half. His contribution this year has been incredible. BTW, I had him lined up for impact sub this year.

    I know that Croker next week is another step up. Bring it on!

  53. That wasn’t all he did yesterday, Catcol – his return pass to David McBrien for the goal was truly excellent, far enough ahead so that David didn’t have to check his run at all to reclaim possession, with the right weight on the handpass delivered at the perfect height.

  54. Aido was in a tough position yesterday. His instinct was probably to help out in the middle against his old foes.. He looked a bit caught between a rock and a hard place.
    Next Sunday is a big day for him. The Dubs will be giving him plenty of stick (as the Galway fans were yesterday) as he has had a few quiet days in CP on big days maybe.
    Overall this year he is doing very well, there might be a bit more space to get ball inside to him on Sunday so he might just click.

  55. – Typical vicious wind from the West in Salthill which had a big impact. Cannot be used as an excuse for us losing so many of our own kickouts though.
    – McStay made the big calls and that was important because now players know none of them are guaranteed to start in any game.
    – PJ was wrong to have Kelly playing when he was clearly limping even in the warm up. He needs to check his facts before complaining about the frees as Galway had twice as many frees as us.
    – Anyhow Galway spurned Mayo into action and we deserved to win.
    – Weird that Doherty was marking Comer, that will not work against any of the Dublin forwards.
    – Neither will failure to win breaking ball in the middle, we will have to keep Reape and at least one other back inside our own 20 metre line otherwise vunerable to a Tierney like raid.
    – Start with double sweeper and slow the game to hell for the the first half and then ramp it up.
    – It will be cagey, should be close and never boring.
    – We have scores to settle, a lot of them……

  56. Very poor form blocking juvenile tickets. Cant even buy 1 adult plus 1 kid but 2 full price adults no problem. Obviously making parents panic buy full price tickets.

  57. Absolutely Willie Joe – didn’t mention Aido’s pass, it’s the obvious one of course. And he was actually bending down picking up a tee as McBrien came thundering up the field. My son commented on this at the time – ‘look at O’Shea pulling up his sock’! We were right behind the goal and had a great view of that.

    Also had a great view of Comer’s thunderbolt shot for goal. Some shot; don’t know how Reape managed to keep it out and keep himself from going back over the line.

  58. Diarmuid o Connor nominated as footballer of the week no surprise there what a player him & cillian are so vital to us obvs football runs in the blood of that family ha! : )

    Really can’t wait for the Dubs game we owe them one or two :p haha have every faith we can beat them to ! We always up our game against them is well bring it on!

  59. Aidan has been a revelation all year. He’s incredibly consistent and is being used effectively and correctly. I think he’ll have a major influence on next Sunday’s game. As others have pointed out the way he swiveled his body to deliver that return pass to McBrien yesterday was simply incredible for a man of his size.His skill level is way up there with the best. Remember the slick pass for (one of)Keegan’s All Ireland Final goals? If he is given (legitimate)frees next Sunday it will change the game.

  60. Alot of criticism regarding our midfield but it’s missing the tree for the forest. It’s our wing forwards that’s the problem, no positional sense on kickouts they should be under the midfielders frustrating the opposition and winning the break. Poor in chasing back tracking, providing cover and general aggression like a Galvin or Dooherin their hayday, that’s what we are lacking.

    Just on the RTE analysis Peter Canavan did comment that the “assault” on Carney was a red card. He stated that the ref assumed it was an open hand the Cork lad used.

    The ROD incident was on other social media platforms so the Sunday Game didn’t necessarily bring it to the attention of anyone. It was already in the public domain.

  61. Good point re Doherty Olive. I think McStay needs to stop bringing half forwards into defence. It’s not working. I like Jason Doc, but as an impact half forward sub, hard tackling up that end of the pitch. He’s tough as teak and an excellent tackler, but doesn’t have the positioning experience for a sweeper type role.

    We have superb natural half backs, some of who won’t even be making the starting 15. So McStay and Co should draw from that clutch of players to hold the back. What a great luxury to have….

  62. The ROD incident is ridiculous tbh there was a ALOT of off the ball stuff from the Galway players no angels either but RODS incident was unintential!

  63. AOS put in a big shift, don’t think I have ever seen him as tired as he was yesterday

  64. There was loads of hitting off the ball yesterday. ROD’s thing being blown out of proportion only because Kelly had an injury. If he hadn’t, no one would be even talking about this. Ridiculous

    What about the Cork lad last week. If you did that on the street you’d be in some bother.

    Off the Ball this evening goin on about it too. Wrong if them.

    Speaking about Rod, while he scored two yesterday I think there’s a lot more in him.

  65. @Mayonaze totally agree with you … was fuming looking at off the ball tbh what’s knew though nothing made of the hit against Jack Kearney should have been a red card all day …if that happened on the street you’d end up with the guards!!

    Sure it will only inspire our guys to kick on next weekend I’ll be waving the green& red from sunny Paris!

  66. Did any notice that tickers went on presale 1 hour before general sale.i saw derry Cork and dublin clubs had this option didn’t see mayo clubs having this option anyone know the story with this.

  67. Galway won the midfield battle because they had more players around the midfield area ready to pick up the breaking ball.
    We will need to make sure that doesn’t happen against the dubs.

  68. Also with the ROD incident clear footage of a Galway player pushing him / grabbing him before hand definetly was unintentional.

    But anyway have my dub mates iny ear already haha but they said mayo will be hard to beat and some are nervous we can do this!

  69. Have to agree on AOS yesterday and this year so far. He’s putting in hard shifts and linking the attack nicely together. Great hands too, his give and go with McBrien yesterday at full tilt was masterful. That move should be copied all week at underage training.

  70. Didn’t notice upyaboya but the whole thing leaves a lot to be desired. 82,300 seats and as a family we had to split up to get seats. Came home from work and gave it a shot to get some and couldn’t get 5 together no matter how often I refreshed. Anyways its a first world problem in the grand scheme of things

  71. @Pullhard

    I’m going to be trying it all night in the hope some more juvenile tickets pop up. I’d guess I’m wasting my time but will try anyway.

  72. Cathal Sweeney should be banned for life for the cowardly hit on conroy blindside . Conroy in his first championship start since a serious injury too.

    Two can play that game.

  73. Sean Burke it kind of looks like two were playing that game yesterday.
    Do not think anything will come of the ROD incident as enough degree of doubt with no video footage showing foot movement and stills inconclusive.

  74. Upyaboya, I would guess that was an individual county board decision. Some counties opted to reward club personnel and volunteers first.

  75. On the ROD incident,

    I hope nothing more comes of of it.

    Let it be dealt with on the day and unless its really nasty leave it on the field.

    I think he’s probably a lucky lad it wasn’t spotted by an offical but it wasn’t and it should be left there.

    Trial by social media drives me crazy.

  76. Bottom line is that when an injured player takes to the field it’s at his own risk. He’s deemed fit, or else the blame should firmly be on the medics. No onus on his opponent to back off. It’s absurd to assume otherwise.

    We had it in 2013 when the Tyrone player (I forget who…possibly Mattie donnelly??) yanked Cillian’s injured shoulder…. no pity for us then.
    James O’D said it today. When you have a known injury your opponent will test it. It’s part of the game. Move on.

    No conclusive evidence on Ryan. It was the Belmullet shuffle, nothing more.

  77. wrt ROD… Did the Galway player have any noticeable deterioration in 2nd Half? Can he say he never exaggerated a tackle/dived? Is the clipped video conclusive? Did it show what he did to hession few seconds before? The answer is no to all 4…End of

  78. Another relevant factor concerning the incident was Joyce’s decision, yet again, to field players in a Championship game who were clearly unfit to play. How many times now has he played Comer against us when the man wasn’t in any state to play? Yesterday was easily the third such time. The decision to play Kelly was equally mad and what a signal it must have sent to the rest of the panel. Never in a million years would our management team have started two players who simply weren’t fit to take part and it’s an extremely poor reflection on Joyce and his colleagues that they were prepared to do this.

  79. Kelly should never have played.

    It was a very poor management call.

    At one point he was in goals when the keeper was up the field.

    A really poor call.

  80. Tomas O Shea on The Sunday Game and Darren O Sullivan on ‘Off the Ball’ highlighted the ROD issue. Now where are these lads from again? Ah! Kerry!
    Would it maybe suit them if he got a lengthy ban? Just in case we might beat the Dubs and face Kerry again?
    Ah no they would not be like that would they?

  81. Obfuscation. Let’s focus on Dublin and let rod and the lads do the same.
    Maigheo go deo

  82. Well said WJ a worrying trend indeed from Joyce in terms of lack of player welfare

  83. Diehard,

    Kerry are not worried about Mayo.

    Not because their not quality but because we could well be gone come Sat.

    It’s really not that big of a conspiracy.

  84. To be fair diehard, on the latest Football Podcast, James O’Donoghue had a very different take on the ROD incident. He didn’t think it was a controversial incident at all. Worth listening to his perspective as a player who was often carrying injuries and received some special treatment from opposition over the years.

  85. Correction to my earlier post. I think it was Conor Gormley and not Mattie Donnelly who damaged Cillian’s shoulder in the 2013 semi final!!!

  86. West Kerry….so there is no conspiracy
    Ah thats a pity. I kinda like a whif of conspiracy and divilment now and again. (Because it was Kerrymen, my comments were tongue in cheek….now if it was the Dubs that would be different.
    We’ve had a bit of history there).As for Kerry not being worried about Mayo I don’t think Kerry were ever too worried about Mayo and mostly with good reason.
    I hope ye win on Saturday because Kerry play football the way I like to see it played.
    And we might get the chance to worry ye later on!

  87. Watched some of that Tyrone semi final 2013 back. Such a weird match. Prior to that clash with Gormley, Cillian had earlier gone down at the Davin endline, and could well have aggravated the shoulder from that incident. It’s impossible to know, but he looked hurt.

    Feeman looked unmarkable that day. Deegan absolutely rode us in that first half, and particularly seemed to target Feeezer. He gave him a phantom yellow card and disallowed a perfectly executed goal at the Davin end. Literally a perfect goal. Mad stuff. Deegan never done us any favours. Such a shame then to think the way Freezer was treated in the final. It’s all ancient history now but sometimes these matches are nice to rematch like that.

    Seamie O’Shea was some player back then. The type of midfielder we’re badly missing today. Tom Cunnife and Zippy were also on fire.

  88. @Liberal role in the tie: Tom Cunniffe hit Peter Harte with a rocket of a shoulder just when they were causing us problems in the first half. Seem to remember also that Chris Barrett was very good that day, got two huge points in the first half? Freezer also with a penno and two big frees, if memory serves. Really stood up in Cillian’s absence.

  89. Correct on all the above @It Means Nothing To Me.

    It’s a match that had absolutely everything. Yeah, I watched Cunniffe’s shoulder back a few times last night! Never seen anything like it, such a clean textbook execution of the skill. Harte was in an absolute heap.

    Andy was quiet, understandably due to coming back from ACL.

    We had some shocking wides, and for poor Enda Varley it was certainly a day to forget!

    Yeah, Freezer just seemed to be moving with such freedom. He was so direct. Stunning peno. He literally was unmarkable that day.

    We should really have beaten them out the gate only for some poor shooting. Cillian not at 100% was obviously such a huge factor for the final. And sure we know the rest…..

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