Dublin match confirmed for Dr Hyde Park on Sunday week

The GAA have now confirmed that our All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 3 match against Dublin will take place at Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon, on Sunday 16th June. Throw-in for the game will be 3.45pm and it’ll be shown live on RTÉ.

Remarkably, this will mean it’s the third time in this Championship campaign – as well as the second time in a row – that we’ll have played at the redeveloped Roscommon venue. It’ll also be just the second time ever for us to play Dublin in a Championship fixture outside Croke Park, the only other time being the All-Ireland semi-final of 1904, which was belatedly played in Athlone in May 1906.

This is a good choice by the GAA and it shows at least some degree of self-awareness on their part about what might work best for supporters. It’s, of course, extremely convenient from our point of view but, with a train link and with ready access to the motorway, it’s a good location from Dublin’s point of view as well.

The development work done at the venue in recent years, both on the pitch and the spectator facilities, has made it a fine location for big games. Sending ourselves and the Dubs there for a high progile Championship clash represents a ringing endorsement of the good work they’ve done there.

At a personal level, sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the game, as the date doesn’t work for me due to a long-standing family commitment. No matter – it’s impossible to quibble with this fixture decision. It’s nice when the GAA manages – as it does often, if not often enough – to get decisions right.

147 thoughts on “Dublin match confirmed for Dr Hyde Park on Sunday week

  1. That venue is a win for Mayo – practically a home game and it will be our fourth big match at The Hyde this year – all of which I have/will miss. Definitely worth a couple of points.

    Good that McHale Pk has got the Donegal v Clare match. – a no brainier really.

  2. We need to bring as much noise, colour and pack the place out in green & red he guys know the Hyde well and like playing there and have not lost in what 23 years will it continue..

    I’ve a really good feeling now about this.

    Poor old philly mcmahon will have to get the train up.

  3. Hopefully we can make it 4 wins out of the last 5 games vs Dublin… Keep up our recent dominance 🙂

  4. Can’t see the Hyde bothering Dublin to be frank. It’d be close no matter where considering what’s at stake. I’m going for a draw.

  5. Oh ya… Dubs can run but they can’t Hyde…
    Great decision, great venue and should be a great game.
    Time to see the real Mayo, now!!
    Máigheo abú

  6. Dr Hyde Park the only logical choice., fantastic venue .3 neutral fixtures in Connacht even better. especially for Castlebar even if I dont expect an enormous crowd, the fact that Donegal somehow lost to Cork makes it a bit tastier…I hope I can get a ticket now for the Hyde…Now that I know that I voted the right way on the venue vote..Im on aoll I expect any candidate that I vote for on Friday to get elected and those I dont vote for to lose their seats. Im fully expecting a familiar name to start popping up on this blog with all kinds of inquiry into Tickets, Tickets, Tickets.

  7. Well spotted, Ultair, hoist with my own petard (and yours) there! I missed that one when I did a quick scan of past games. Must do a newspaper search to see if I can find out anything more about that game.

  8. @ultair looks like the blanket defence was started in 1906. Last Hyde Park championship defeat for Mayo was against Westmeath in 2001?

  9. I think that’s correct, Mayomagic. It came hot on the heels of the Connacht final loss there to Roscommon but we’ve had a good run of it at the venue since then.

  10. Finally the West getting it’s fair share of the GAA €s. It’s amazing how inaccurate the rumour mill can be. Limerick was the certain venue early last week, then it was a head to head between Clones and Tullamore. But up on the outside rail came The Hyde. I have to admit (and it doesn’t come natural to me to give the Rossies any credit) they certainly get a big bang for their buck. Smaller population and playing numbers but the out do so-called bigger wealthier counties when it comes to the quality of their fundraising and in the redevelopment of The Hyde. We don’t even know, nor will we be told, the outstanding balance on the MacHale Park stand, yet the Rossies have developed a much better venue in a fraction of the time without any of the drama we always churn up. Fair play to them.
    Now it’s “shit or get off the pot” time for mayo. We’ve cried on about all the advantages that the dubs get by always playing in Croke Park. From using the same dressing room, to warming up in front of the hill, to knowing all the groundsmen and stewards on first name terms. We’ve always said those little advantages add up. Now we will know whether that’s true, or just an excuse.
    For me, go for the fuckers! Go for the win and try to take that top spot where you will get a weeks break and time to study and watch your next opponent in action in the prelim games. Go hard and go all game at them. Whatever else happens, make sure that when those blue feckers are coming off the field that they know they’ve been in a game. If they’re going to win, make them earn it.

  11. Yes KM79, a proper Sunday afternoon championship game albeit with a safety net so let’s go full hog and no holds barred and see where we are really at.

  12. The big draw of the Hyde is the hope that we can draw 9,000 plus to support Mayo. When there was championship silverware on the line in Pearse stadium recently the Mayo support was brutal….so a bigger crowd could be a real boost for the lads. But expect 12,000 Dublin supporters.
    As for the Hyde being worth a few points to us well Mayo scored 16 scores on each occasion there recently and there is no chance of this Dublin team scoring less than 18 times….so you can be sure the bookies will have Dublin as very firm favourites. Despite all of this, its a great one now to be looking forward too.

  13. Its the hyde as we wanted. Its also on rte.

    What are we going to whinge about now? The ref no doubt lol

  14. Well done to the county board and management to get the best venue for us,must be worth at least a goal to us

  15. They do indeed, Richardmgd – Dublin are 1/5 favourites for the game and the handicap is five points. It would be a shock of fairly seismic proportions were we to turn them over.

  16. Those odds are tasty on Mayo to win. As I said if Louth can get within 4 points of Dublin in Croke Park and the rossies was 3/4 points behind with 5 minutes to play would it be that big of a surprise if Mayo won? and to note have already beaten Dublin once already this year.

  17. Thanks for the pod, Willie Joe – it’s very welcome right about now!

  18. Thanks for that Achill75. I knew the capacity had gone up a bit but couldn’t find a corroborating source. All of the venue stats used in that piece come from the same source, which was Humphrey Kelleher’s book.

  19. Probably won’t get 23,900 but will be close to 20k I can imagine for this game.

  20. The bookies obviously don’t give us a realistic chance of winning this game but whatever the result at least we will get a better idea as to where this group of players are .we were able to win a large percentage of the Roscommon restarts but with cluxton and the Dublin kickout strategy we won’t have as much possession so this the test

  21. It will 100% sell out and sell out fast!
    Mayo v Dublin is the biggest game in football

  22. Never mind the bookies. It’s whoever wants it more on the day. Both sides will be mindful of the games coming thick and fast down the track and it’ll be tight and claustrophobic for the most part I’d say. A frequenter of a gaa clubhouse I sometimes play cards in tells me there’s a few Dubs with niggles aside from the absentees we know about. I’m sure both McStay and Farrell are dreading the dressing room triage after this battle.

  23. Have the management got the balls to change. As in carney to full forward because it’s not happening for him elsewhere. Tommy to 11. Aos to midfield. Start hessian and have a right go at it. I severely doubt it. Under this management can anyone tell me of a champagne day in the championship. I await with baited breath

  24. Re tickets, I just logged into my GAA account online. I presume Ticketmaster has the same details.

    It announces that Dublin v Mayo (Round 3, 16th June) tickets are on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, from 12 noon.

  25. Hyde Park is a very fair venue, we may have to forfeit the ‘graveyard end’ to the dubs, but the atmosphere elsewhere should be electric.

    The greatest experience our young lads like McHugh, Callinan, Carney, Flynn, McBrein and co. could get is to be pitted against the best. So in lots of ways it’s the best draw we could have got.
    The Dubs will have the edge when it comes to strength in depth, but maybe Mayo will be forced into playing a more positive brand of football.
    Bring them on!!
    Unfortunately Craggy Boglands, we didn’t experiment much in other games, it’s hard to see it happening now. Darren McHale has freshened things up a bit for us, and I’d love to see more of Hession also…..

  26. Craggy – in fairness knocking the shite of of Kerry in Killarney was class. But boy did the wheels fall off after that.

    If teams set out to play against us we can look great. Reality is that Dublin going man for man should have our number. I’d also expect that they’d be able to set up in a way to nullify quick ball in and still get joy from their FF line, but if we have a good day then who knows.

    Hopefully we see improvement in the way we play and if we top the group amazing, and if we don’t it won’t exactly be against the run of form.

  27. As long as we continue to play the Corofin style of football we will be fine,I have no doubt that we will win

  28. Is this the first time we’ve ever played the dubs in championship outside of Croker?? That’s crazy really isn’t it!

  29. And breath Craggy. How about beating the reigning all-Ireland champions in Killarney last year ending their 28 year unbeaten championship record at Fitzgerald stadium. I had a few pints of stout after that one but no champagne. I agree we definitely need to change our approach on Sunday week. I can’t see our slow build up play worrying or working affectively against the Dubs. A curve ball or two will be needed and a flat to the matt performance for the full 80 minutes.

  30. Game on. They beat us by 12 pts in qf last year but it was close until the fluky goal ~53 min mark.Eoghan mc L missed open goal and Flynn denied penalty.. my point is .. we need to take our goal chances and not concede soft ones.. we should be avoiding pqf like the plague.. hoping Dublin are not as on point as they would if knockout match…also hoping we learn how to kick points into the tricky breeze end…

  31. If we keep playing our slow ponderous style we can play them on the top of Croagh Patrick and the Dubs can go up with donkeys like the workmen did to repair the Church years ago and Mayo can go up by helicopter and they will still beat us.

  32. @Peter but I mean in championship its the first time ever outside of Croker I’m pretty sure…

  33. It’s actually not, Clare, even though I made that very claim in the post, which I’ve now corrected. As Ultair pointed out in the comments and as the results archive confirms, the very first time we played them in the Championship – in the semi-final of 1904, played in May 1906 – the game took place in Athlone.

  34. What’s the official capacity of Hyde Park? Or put another way how many tickets will actually be on general sale? They’ll be well sought after!!

  35. @willie Joe ah ok thanks for the info!

    It’s still crazy amount of time it’s soo long since 1906 even before the titanic jeez crazy stuff!

    I’d say it will be great atmosphere hopefully and definetly will be a sell out! I’d be shocked if it’s not a sell out unless dubs don’t choose to travel..

  36. @peter We definitely did play them in the Hyde in the 80s in a league match. I was there. I remember young Dubs chasing horses in the field next to the pitch and trying to climb over the wall into the grounds at the town end. The stewards tried bravely to stop them but hadn’t a hope.
    Sean Og O Ceallachain was on commentary and they surrounded his car and gave it a mighty jostling.
    I can’t for the life of me remember a thing about the game itself.

  37. Mayo are 1/5 with the bookies.
    When is the last time we’ve been such outsiders for a game?
    I think we’ll have a right crack at them.

  38. I think it’s a great opportunity to give our fringe /u20 players a run out.

    Why play and risk our senior players when they are going to be out again the following weekend in the preliminaries ?

  39. @Paddyjoejohntom that’s the attitude!…

    What.. Sorry but if we played our fringe players v dubs we will get slaughtered.

    We should go all out to win this obvs dubs don’t care where they play but they’ve an advantage in Croker for sure.

    Our guys know the Hyde like the back of their

    I honestly have a feeling we will give the dubs a good rattle maybe even beat them we usually pull off a surprise and beat a gun each year it could be this game.

    If anything get out to the Hyde to support paddy durcan it’s still his team and he’s the captain!

  40. It’s been a while, FW! We were 4/1 the day we dethroned Cork in 2011 and that’s the biggest odds I can recall being available on us for a game that bears any kind of comparison to the one coming up.

  41. I don’t know why it’s such a shock that we haven’t played Dublin in championship outside Dublin in so long .before the backdoor was introduced in 2001 we could only meet them as Connacht champions and them as Leinster champions in all Ireland semifinals or all Ireland finals which are played at croke park

  42. Really looking forward to this game.

    Mayo simply have to play Conroy, Ryan and OConnor from the start to be in with a chance.

    Dublin have been a step above everyone at the moment however they are leaving a lot of space infront of their FB line and that’s were Mayo can get at them.

    From what I’ve seen so far Mayo just haven’t reached the level required to beat Dublin so they’ll have to play out of their skins and hope Dublin are slightly off it.

    Before the usual suspect jumps at that comment neither has Kerry reached that level.

  43. The why @paddyjoejohntom is a win for Mayo means they won’t be out the the following weekend in the preliminaries!

  44. @west kerry the usual suspect.. Not sure what your on about there. Everyone has said on here that dubs & kerry are ahead of the rest atm.

  45. @ west Kerry I fully agree that we haven’t shown enough yet to suggest we can beat Dublin especially without paddy durcan and probably diarmaid o Connor but maybe Dublin could be caught cold by their extremely stress free run so far

  46. No more talk of Croke Park bias then from ye so now ye have a second “home” game in Round Robin series..come on the Dubs!!

  47. This is great news for football full stop. Mayo and Dublin in a championship clash outside Croker will have everybody’s dinner plans moved. These games should be played in such venues as they ensure that everyone has a sense balance and fairness (not to mention the cash injection to the local economy), I’m sure most Dubs would agree without hesitation that this venue is a suitable choice for players and supporters alike. All that said there will definitely be a little spike in the Dublin managements preparation to reflect the constant laments of other counties about their Croke Park advantages, I feel the dubs will want to prove a point here and they may well do so.

    Being so early in this hurried Championship all the dangerous sharks are still circling the main prey and this exchange will probably leave a little blood in the water by way of injury or suspension. I most sincerely pray it does not as this period of play is too close to allow a player to recover fully should their team make a semi or the final. From a Kerry perspective I would like to see Mayo win by a point or two or else to lose by getting a hosing as both results would serve our cause, now that’s a selfish point of view from a Mayo window but every team left needs every advantage when it comes to the Dubs.

    Kerry have benefited from a soft draw no doubt as it is a stroll on the park compared to other groups but nobody wants to be wearing new boots when the safety net is dropped for the real high wire act in the Coliseum. We were a little inefficient against Meath on Sunday but I wouldn’t be too concerned about it as it’s difficult to get to the critical focus a team needs to topple a real opponent when you are playing a below par Meath team.

    I hope Paddy Durcan makes a full and speedy recovery from his unfortunate injury, such a great player and leader to lose to that God awful cruciate tear. Best wishes going forward and save travels to you all in this sporting year. I don’t think ye will win the canister this year but I do know that whoever meets ye in the knockout stages well not be short of focus or respect as Mayo are well capable of beating anyone left so it could very interesting yet. Ciarraí Abú

  48. 1985,

    Two Royals Royce footballers and a huge loss.

    Mayo need be be really compact and play with a sweeper to sit infront of the FB line.

    Maybe throw something different at Dublin,
    AOS famously marked Donaghy in 2017 he’s a smart lad and a good reader of the game he might make a decent sweeper.

    You need to be a kicking team to beat Dublin and Mayo just need to look at Killarney last year for the template.

    Now Kerry were awful that day but Mayo need to be brave and kick that ball into the 3 boys.

  49. @Gane hanger 10 great post! Totally agree and best of luck to ye to I’d say this year ye will go far hoping we still get to a semi but hard to see without durcan sadly.

  50. Still really believe that we have a great chance here. Alot of my dubs mates are really weary now and they are hard core dubs fans obviously dubs are way ahead of everyone and I think they will win Sam.

    But they said mayo are capable of one huge shock nearly every year and they’ve a feeling this will be it. Who knows but I’m feeling pretty optimistic for this one let’s try keep the faith as I said Durcan will be shouting our guys on from the back ground 100% let’s do the same in the Hyde.

    sorry for double post!

  51. Delighted it is in Hyde Park. Super venue and ideal for this game. If the shoe was on the other foot there would be some whinging about the advantage to a team who have played in this ground 3 times already this year. But I doubt we will hear any whinging from the dubs and certainly not from team and management. As to have we a chance against them, well it’s very little. The bookies are rarely too far out bar a few notable shock results last week. If we go gung-ho they will beat us by 10 plus. If we are more measured and play the cautious game a lot of us don’t particularly like then we have an outside chance. Minus Paddy and possibly one or two others is detrimental to our chances even allowing for the fact that they may be missing a few. I saw Louth referenced earlier. Last year they went toe to toe and were annihilated. This year they were more cautious and kept the score respectable. Nor do I think I’d be starting our best 15 (do we know exactly who they are) We need some strong reserves to come in. Lesson there from Roscommon who held the dubs for almost 60 minutes but were over run in the end. Anyway a game to look forward to with a decent reward for the winner and a second bite at the Cherry for the loser. Maigh Eo Abu

  52. @To win just once I know we came close to loosing to louth last year but are you really comparing us to louth?? Bad times no offence to louth.

    Rossies held the dubs but where beaten by 12 plus. We had 73 % possession v Rossies missed a great goal chance and bad wides due to wind yet we’ve no chance v dubs.

  53. Any sign of the tickets on Ticketmaster? They have 3 games up for the Sunday but we’re not one of them

    GAAs Comms about this stuff as a whole is shocking.

  54. Great venue. Everyone, players and staff included should be looking forward to this one and no doubt the Dubs are too. Our big performance last year came in round 1, if we can do it in round 3, there’s the reward of a favourable QF and no 3 week run of games. One in 5 chance according to bookies but throw some curve balls at them.

  55. WJ, would you think about giving the poor Mayo fans that can’t afford the paid podcast a free episode for the big game??
    Thanks and keep up the excellent work!!

  56. Mayo have a freehit at taking down the Dubs.
    Our championship defeats to Dublin tend to come when we dominate the first half and don’t score enough. We hold off on putting in subs and end up getting overrun

    When we did beat them in 21 and 12, it was because we outscored them in the third quarter and emptied the bench early.

    With that in mind, below is my team to start, designed to keep it tight before pushing on in the third quarter. Injuries caused us to make changes to the half back line in those games, whereas the ones we lost, we asked our HB line to keep going for 80min and they couldn’t do it.
    I would be making changes in the HB line in the third quarter so we can keep the pressure on there

    Colm Reape
    Jack Coyne – CB
    David McBrien – FB
    Sam Callinan – CB
    Donnacha McHugh – WB
    Padraig O Hora – SW
    Stephen Coen – CB
    Eoghan McLaughlin – WB
    Jack Carney – MF
    Matthew Ruane – MF
    Bob Touhy – WF
    Diarmuid O Connor – CF
    Jordan Flynn – WF
    Ryan O Donoghue – FF
    Tommy Conroy – FF
    Rob Hennelly
    Fergal Boland – HT
    Diarmuid Duffy
    Enda Hession – 45 min
    Conor Loftus
    Conor McStay
    Eoin O’Donoghue
    Aiden O Shea – 50min
    Michael Plunkett – 50min –
    Paul Towey
    Cillian O Connor – 50 min

  57. Someone said tickets will be available at 12 , dont hang round folks just incase it sells out , its dountfull it will i know but just incase .

    Lets not turn an advantage into a disadvantage .

  58. Mayo v Dublin game still not up on Ticketmaster. Other games are. Afraid to guess how the gaa are planning in releasing them

  59. Robe Red & Green, I am seeing the Mayo v Dublin game advertised on the GAA Ticketmaster website.
    It says tickets go on sale at 12 noon today. I’m planning on going to Supervalu for mine whether that’s a good idea or not. If I can’t get them there, I’ll go online.

  60. As it happens, Mayo’s Biggest Fan, we’ll be recording a free pod tonight. Everyone’s own personal circumstances vary, of course, but we’re happy that what we provide (at least two pods a week plus a written column) represents good value for the very small amount of money involved.

  61. @Clare it was a positive that we had so much possession against Roscommon, as it reflected our dominance. And in the 1st half especially I was very pleased with how quickly we attacked & the number of good chances we created.

    However you could also say that despite all of our dominance, we fell over the line! There is no guarantee we can dominate a better team like that.

    Give a better team the rope we gave Roscommon & we ain’t coming away with a win.

    I am relatively pleased with how we are progressing but I don’t trust this group to see out a win when the chips are down. We’ll find out soon enough if we have progressed in that regard

  62. No that’s interesting to get the game in the Hyde.
    Fine pitch and were probably not ready yet for the Dubs in open spaces of Croker.
    For this game , with hopefully Diarmuid back I’d be going for
    Hession/Mannion ……Mcbrien/con

    I think Donnacha Mchugh can give Fenton a gut full and stick tight to him, sacrifice his own game but hold Fentons influence to a minium and he has the ability to do so.
    Loftus drops in halfback line with Coen using his experience to help lads behind him.
    Hession for Coyne, gives us a tenacious and fast marker for Mannion, again it’s a big ask after having a yesr of recovery but he’s got the mentality and guts aswell as pace so he gets nod for me.
    Playing Mchugh midfield frees up Ruane to play a more attacking game while Flynn will be a wrecking ball for the dubs.
    We will need to rotate these lads as Fenton, Mccarthy, Howard are a formidable trio.
    If Diarmuid is fit, he will make it so much easier if not and we’re looking at Jack then he can do it so hopefully get a more fitting performance from kilmeena man.
    Mchale and ROD can rotate I think Mchale has alot to offer near goal but his influence in halfforwards will be critical .
    Ruane v John Smalls be hell of a clash but hopefully matty doesn’t get drawn into smalls dark arts and loose concentration on the game.
    Starting cillian to calm the whole thing down and win and tag on a few frees early on.
    Dubs are loose enough at back this year and Fitzsimons isn’t going to do a tom o sullivan on cillian so I’d start him.

    The introduction of Conroy can be our ace card as will AOS give a big lift but a man I’d expect to really announce himself in this game would be Bob Tuohy.
    He’s athletic abilities and on fresh running at the Dubs while having the grace and ability to kick on the run should see him exploit the space between halfbacks and fullback line aswell as ability to put him in beside murchan and launch high ball in on top of him and AOS.

    With Diarmuid, Paddy and James Carr I’d back us all day long without 2 of the 3 we have every chance if everyone plays aswell as they can without any of them the chances aren’t so great but heart and character is going to be key to this game as nobody bar ross for 3/4 of a match have actually stood up to the Dubs since the Derry league final

  63. Will season ticket holders get one through their account ? Nothing there at the minute.

  64. I have just been onto Ticketmaster and got 2 tickets easy enough. Tickets became available at 12pm

  65. Just got 2 tickets on Ticketmaster easy enough. Hopefully every Mayo supporter will snap them up and be the 16 th man on the day.

  66. I’m intrigued by people talking about the “wide open spaces of Croke Park”
    While it’s larger than ours in area, it isn’t the largest in the country. That honour goes to Cusack Park in Ennis.
    @outside of the boot, Hyde Park pitch is bigger than Croke Park. Croke Park is 145×88 metres, with the Hyde coming in at 145×90 metres.
    I would say it’s one of the reasons why we perform relatively poorly at home against deep defences, given the width in Castlebar is about 82 metres.
    Tickets easy got if you go on to ticketmaster now!

  67. I have my ticket too! Hurray! Got it online.

    Btw, re SuperValu – I went into SuperValu at 12pm and they didn’t have them at that stage. I think it’s best to get them online, if possible.

  68. @Swallow Swoops: Open to correction but from what I can make out the few times I’ve been in there with them selling tickets the SuperValue system is just hooked up to the same Ticketmaster back-end. They don’t seem to have preferable seating available or a different/additional supply of tickets (we’ve done the whole person online beside the person in the queue and compared the ticket options available when buying more than the max per person for larger family groups).

    That said, great to have the option for folks not comfortable doing it themselves online.

  69. Swallow Swoops – Thanks for sending on the link. No problem getting tickets and there doesn’t appear to be a queue at the moment. Wouldn’t be surprised if this game sells out and we are all badly in need of an atmosphere at this stage that only a packed out stadium can generate. It should be a great occasion and a welcome boost too for business owners in Roscommon town.

  70. I see the tickets online are General admission. I would have thought stand tickets would have been assigned seating? Asking as bringing kids and would imagine the terrace would be pretty packed for this one

  71. TsuDhoNim, no tickets in SuperValu at 12.01pm though I might have been there a bit early and they might need a bit more time to link in with the Ticketmaster system. I agree – I like buying tickets at SuperValu as it takes the hassle out of it generally.
    Finding Sam, lovely post and I agree with you. We are badly in need of some atmosphere – and let’s raise the roof and get the result we all want. It’s good that Roscommon will benefit from the activity as well.

  72. @Swallow Swoops: Yeah. I could well imagine 12:01 causing a little hiccup between those in the queue getting sorted and when it was freely available for folks not in the queue. I’d expect at 12:06 or so they’d have been back in ok.

    @Paul B: Yeah, they seem to be going General Admission for most of the Group Stage games I’ve seen. Not sure if it’s a by-product of the new group stage tickets making assigned seats more challenging or if it’s just easier with the generally lower attendances, but will be more challenging for younger kids at this one as you’d expect a decent crowd (I’d still expect a sell-out).

    If you can get in in good time you’ll be grand. If not, worth having a bit of a neck and seeing if you can find a few friendly looking folks 20-40 year olds that might be able to help accommodate the kids in seats. We’re out there, so don’t be afraid to wander around looking a little helpless if it comes to it. Plenty of genuine GAA folk who’d like to ensure the next generation are there and screaming for the lads.

  73. Thanks for letting us know guys re the ticket sales.
    We have to go now after getting the tickets.

  74. Bate the Blanket, hurray! Hope you’re there and letting the old yelp or roar!

  75. @My Ball: No. They’ve been €5 for juvenile (u16 on 1st January) tickets to all the Group Stage games.

  76. I hope the Rossies will appreciate all the business the good Mayo folk will bring to their town Sun.week….and not be eating a jam sandwich outa their pocket,the next time they come up to Mc H. Park.

  77. Best of luck folks, on your trip to The Hyde. A few Rossies will no doubt go as well and they will mainly shout for ye, (despite what some of your posters think ?) perfect venue for the game and good reward for Ros Co Boards, millions spent.

    I would say it will sell out in the end. We were well in it up to 65 minutes against them, and think ye might be a little ahead on conditioning, so not without hope, especially if ye get 15K to the venue to roar on the last few minutes.

    Surprised it’s not reserve seating, that worked very well for Connacht Championship game, but could mean a very large crowd rocking up late. The extra turnstiles are going in next year so probably trying to avoid Qs.

    The new pitch was laid out exactly same dimensions as Croke park with very similar rolled grass surface, (it was not a seeded pitch), so no excuse for either team there.

    Great Donegal game is in Castlebar as well, Connacht, home of Gaelic football ?

  78. Thank you for hosting us Green and Red rabble from over the road in your lovely stadium, BorderRossie. We’re really looking forward to it. Hope it’ll be a great occasion for everyone and hope we come out the right side of the result. Ye did a good job sticking with the AI Champs for the vast majority of a fast-paced game and that is good to note.

  79. Borderrossie – the quality of the playing surface and new seating and layout at the Hyde is a credit to the Roscommon county board. They well deserved to get this game and it should be a big boost to the businesses in Roscommon Town.

  80. Agreed Southmayo Exile, I said much the same thing in the piece – it’s recognition for a job very well done and which is an example to others, our own county board included. Let’s hope the place is heaving for the game and there’s every reason to expect that it will be.

  81. By comparison to all previous championship games for Mayo so far this time around pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to are going to this one. With a trip to Ennis on Sat and the Hyde the following week the Summer’s looking a lot more exciting.

  82. The big question is… will doc and mcbrien be fit. If they are and we change tactics which I severely doubt I’d give us an outside chance. Also Tommy must start. Cillian s day is done. Great player but time has caught up with him. There’s no substitute for youth

  83. All hotels and B&Bs are booked out in Roscommon town on Saturday night June 15th the Dubs must be making a long weekend of it?

  84. Craggy – were you at the Cavan game by any chance? You wouldn’t be saying that about Cillian if you were. He’s far from done but we do need to use him differently and Andy 2017 is the obvious template there.

  85. People talking about going into PQF as a disaster are forgetting that it it happens this year we will have a home venue,no travel a huge advantage.
    No training between games just rest.
    If Dublin go to PQF it won’t be the end of their year as they will be at home probably for the rest of their games.
    It is the travel that kills all teams.
    Dublin can sleep in their own beds and a short trip to Croker.
    That’s where the advantage lies.

  86. Nice post there Border Rossie. Won’t be at this one, which means I’ll have missed four games at The Hyde this year.

    Roll on the quarter final

  87. @craggy boglands cillian O Connor is far from done he was class v cavan. Made a big difference sure Aido is older then O conor I’m pretty sure.

    It’ll be a sad day when we loose cillian he’s the top scorer of the championship still so far and got more scores in one game v cavan then Aido has all year I think.. I still think obviously Aido is great but you can’t be saying cillians day is done when it’s not true.

  88. Trains not even booked out yet , online tickets usually sell out fairly rapid if theres a crowd . Can still buy 10 match tickets too . Seems it wont be a sellout at all . Imagine we played the dubs 6/7 yrs ago in the hyde in championship , there would be a black market already . Changing times or championship structure failure ?

  89. Cillian o Connor and Aidan o Shea have been incredible servants to mayo football but obviously can no longer perform to the level they once could although I would be fairly sure that cillian didn’t score more against Cavan than Aidan has all year seeing as Aidan got a goal and a point against Roscommon in Connacht semifinal

  90. Willie joe. I know he scored 4 against cavan. 1 against roscommon. Neither are real heavyweight s. Tommy should be starting is my point. .

  91. @1985 my mistake I saw somewhere that he had.

    Agreed they can’t perform the same way as before but we are still lucky to have them both.

  92. Corrick you have tried to draw me in a few times. You must disappointed I didn’t respond. On the cillian comment I think I did say that he was a great player but time and injuries has caught up with him. Also he wasn’t himself at club level last year. Absolutely he was a mayo great

  93. @Craggy boglands: Would you consider Cluxton, Fitzsimons, McCarthy, Fenton and Mannion done? How about McCaffrey, Scully or Durcan a touch younger?

    Seems an odd stance to take on an athlete that takes anywhere near as good care of themselves as Cillian does. Suffered terribly recently with injuries and with confidence playing with/through/just back from injuries, but seems to be coming right back into form and looks as sharp as he has for 3 years or so.

    Age can potentially be a big issue for fast twitch speedsters who can lose a yard or two, though we all saw Keith Higgins keep his pace perfectly with age even in his hurling days, but for a player like Cillian where his first few yards have always been in his head and with his game IQ there’s a fair chance some of his best moments are yet to come if he can keep fit and injury free.

    Dublin had an average age of 30 when they won last year. They’d 8 lads starting over 30. You’d have to wonder at times if teams (especially ours) can be a bit too fast to want to turn on players once they hit or pass that milestone. Watching lads like Gibbons, (Shane) McHale, Crowe or Regan all right up there in the top 10 club players in the county the last 4 or 5 years running shows there’s still absolutely plenty in the legs and probably more in the heads, at least for some lads.

  94. Agree re pitch and new stand, great job. 3rd trip to The Hyde in the championship 2024, must be a record.

  95. @1985 100% they are.

    Saw commentary after rossies game on gaa go saying mayo have been soo unlucky regards to season ending injuries so true.

    But we’ve a massive game coming up some say yes for sure only round Robin but imagine if we somehow beat the dubs it’s a real chance despite what the bookies say and we’ve pulled off massive shocks in the past maybe I’m hoping against hope but I’ve a real feeling about this game..

    Can’t wait for it to be honest some dubs saying they owe us one for the league game but we still owe them one for last year..

    Bring it on I say!

  96. “Can’t wait for it to be honest some dubs saying they owe us one for the league game but we still owe them one for last year….”
    I like your style, Clare!

  97. Craggy I am a big fan of Tommy but Cillian scored as much v Cavan as Tommy scored in quite a number of games. Now I know you are no fan of the present management but I for one hope they keep someone in reserve and don’t start Aido Cillian and Tommy together. We need a couple of game changers on the bench. In our prime our first 15 were as good as Dublin but their bench always won it for them in the latter stages of the game

  98. @Craggy
    Class is permanent regarding Cillian. I’ve said a few times on here that Andy played his best football late in his career. He was cute and clever enough to find another way to get the job when the legs had given up a bit. Cillian can do exactly the same.
    We could do with a bit of luck with injuries. Mcbrien is vital to us. Was there any word at all on James Carr?
    I’d be sending out all our speedsters the next day. If the Dubs are an ageing team then let’s get them doing a bit of running.
    We got the venue we wanted. Let’s fill the place and really put it up to them.

  99. The big question is have Dublin dropped a level from last year or are they just pacing themselves.I still think Kerry were in control in last year’s final until gavin whites catastrophic mistake and they did lose the league final to Derry which in truth shouldn’t have got to penalty’s but they have been able to turn it on before when needed.we would still need to up our performance level a few notches from what we have seen up to now but hope springs eternal

  100. We have to make sure we keep the back door closed and Mind the House at all costs.
    Think of the fairly recent significant wins we’ve had.
    Dublin 2021 semi
    Galway league final
    Galway last years championship
    Kerry in Killarney.
    No goals conceded in any of those. There has to be an over my dead body mentality to conceding goals. If we can drag them into a dogfight then we might have a chance but we can’t be handing out gifts.

  101. @1985: That’s really the question and so hard to know.

    This time last year folks were talking about Dublin being so predictable and boring, their disappointing performance struggling to a draw with Roscommon in the Group Stages, Kilkenny & some of their key players struggling for form/places and sitting outside the top 3 or 4 in the betting. They kicked into 3 or 4 extra gears from there, starting in that QF.

    They’re coming in this time with Con, Kilkenny & co. looking much hotter on form but with plenty of (valid on what we’ve seen so far) questions on their defence. Wouldn’t be at all surprised seeing an entirely different defensive animal hitting the ground in the Hyde though, with them back to staying touch tight and fighting for every ball, block, tackle and press.

  102. To win just once. Tommy is being played in the wrong position. Bottled up at corner forward. Let him face the opposition at 11. Where did he do damage in 21. I’ll leave it to the expert s to decide.

  103. No-one was talking about Dublin for Sam last yr just as there’s not a word about any other to win this yr. It’s comical-and somewhat annoying-the way people form opinions handed to them by pundits and gaa columnists whom, for the most part, publish articles ghost-written for them.
    It seems one defeat and you’re gone now in the minds of the hacks, despite the system saying otherwise. If ever there was a gaa cliche such as “rope a dope” in boxing, the so called pundits should look in the mirror to conjure up an appropriate term for themselves.

  104. TsuDhoNim. The Dublin you mentioned have all been very lucky on the injury front. Cillian has not had that luck. He was absolutely flying before he got that injury down in ennis. He has struggled since. Yes a glimpse against a weak cavan team. I’m not knocking the man. A mayo great but time knocks on everyone’s door unfortunately

  105. Clare. I really hope I’m wrong about cillian but apart from the cavan game.. there’s very little evidence there in the last 2 years. Tommy may not have scored much but how many scores have came off getting fouled. Quite a hell of alot.

  106. @craggy boglands totally fair enough I see what you mean but I’d still rather a half of what cillian O Connor used to be like then no cillian O Connor at all!

    Agree with Tommy conroy he’s not scoring much but he gets fouled soo much cause opposition have to foul him or else he’s gone with his lightning pace and will score he also does so much work off the ball. He’s also a half forward.

    @swallow swoops haha thanks! I’m going to predict early if bold of me mayo by 2 points and Eoghan mc to get man of the match again let’s just watch out for John small still never forgiven him for breaking eoghan mcs jaw!! If that was a mayo player that broke a dubs jaw would have been straight red anyway old wounds should be a great game hopefully!

    Some of my dubs mates are funny about going to the Hyde are like it’s mayos home ground rossie land mayos home ground what haha

  107. Cillian is one of the cleverest players we’ve ever had. As Willie Joe alluded to, start trying to using him like Andy Moran & use his experience/cuteness etc. He never had bags of pace to begin with, so his best days may not necessarily be behind him.

    My concern is was Tony Mc the architect behind Andy’s resurgence? Surely Rochy & Buckley had a hand in that too

  108. @Craggy boglands: Fair enough. I’d avoid laying the fault on age if it’s injury history being questioned. As mentioned, we’ve a trend of dropping/pushing/keeping lads away from the setup on what looks like ‘age’ grounds that probably isn’t doing us too many favours. I’d be keen not to see attribution (mis)laid there.

    I might have agreed, or at least not questioned the assertion, if you’d said that early in the league. Cillian for +12 months had been struggling for club or county to regain full fitness, was struggling for form/confidence (likely due to the ongoing injury issues) & when he got some limited opportunities looked to struggle to make an impact on the scoreboard.

    Fitness issues haven’t been the case in recent weeks, form & confidence seem to be rocketing (in a tight game like Roscommon where he wasn’t being allowed as much space as the Cavan match, where he excelled, his ~50m rocket was a joy to watch. Inspiring fans & players around him alike) & watching the runs, movement and leadership he’s providing I’d be much quicker to draw comparisons with a number of years ago than anything we’ve seen in the last 2 injury blighted years.

    We’ll be missing Paddy Durcan for the year and go into the next game (or next couple) with serious concerns on the availability of Fergie Boland, David McBrien, Diarmuid O’Conner, Rory Brickenden, James Carr and Diarmuid Duffy. We’ll be turning to newer faces on our panel, all talented lads with huge potential, but the impact our more experienced lads will have in the coming weeks will (fingers crossed at least) be massive. Both on and off the field. Perfect timing for Cillian to be recapturing that fitness and with it the abilities we know he has in spades.

  109. What’s the gap between last group matches and a preliminary quarter final and between the preliminary and the actual quarter final. I don’t see mayo risking any player that has any bit of an injury against Dublin because it’s knock out from there on

  110. That’s absolutely shocking. . It totally favours the top team s. What’s the big rush for. Every team deserves a 2 week break to give everyone a fair chance at the business end of the championship

  111. Here here Craggy. It’s completely unfair on the teams having to go through preliminary & puts them under serious duress if they get to a quarter.

    They’ve committed to the split season, which i think is the right decision. But there are simply too many games to cram into the window

  112. It is mad, but top your group and ya do not have to worry about it.

    Mayo Focus is right. The split season is not an issue, players like it. it is the pointless games skewing the schedule. IMO Provincials have to go (become the new winter/preseason competitions replacing FBD/O’Byrne cups), and league to be merged with championship with teams playing home and away to determine who makes the Knockout

  113. Every county knows the schedule,I won’t blame fixtures if we don’t do our job,but I am sure that we will beat whoever is in front of us

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