Dublin name strongest possible team for tomorrow night

Dublin named their starting fifteen for tomorrow night a short while ago and a strong team it is too. Here it is:

Dublin (NFL Division One v Mayo 29/3/2014): Stephen Cluxton (Parnells); Jonny Cooper (Na Fianna), Rory O’Carroll (Kilmacud Crokes), Darren Daly (Fingal Ravens); James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams), Tomás Brady (Na Fianna), Kevin Nolan (Kilmacud Crokes); Michael Darragh Macauley (Ballyboden St Enda’s), Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes); Paul Flynn (Fingallians), Alan Brogan (St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh), Diarmuid Connolly (St Vincents); Kevin McManamon (St Jude’s), Eoghan O’Gara (Templeogue Synge Street), Paddy Andrews (St Brigid’s).

So then that’s all of seven changes from the rather understrength team that Jim Gavin sent out to face Derry at Celtic Park two weekends ago. Out from then go Sean George, Philly McMahon (suspended), Mick Fitzsimons, Darragh Nelson, Davy Byrne, Bryan Cullen and Paul Hudson and they’re replaced by Rory O’Carroll, James McCarthy, Tomás Brady, Kevin Nolan, Paul Flynn, Diarmuid Connolly (so much for the three weeks off he was meant to be having) and Kevin McManamon. You’d have to think that every single one of those switches makes them a stronger team.

The above team contains nine of the side that started last year’s All-Ireland final. Missing from then tomorrow night are the suspended McMahon as well as Ger Brennan, Jack McCaffrey, Ciarán Kilkenny (injured), Paul Mannion and Bernard Brogan with Daly, Nolan, Alan Brogan, McManamon and O’Gara lining out instead. When you consider that of two of those six changes (McMahon and Kilkenny) are enforced, two more (McCaffrey and Mannion) have U21 commitments  and the other two (Brennan and Brogan) are being eased back a bit more slowly, then it’s clear that Gavin has named his strongest possible side for this one. As have we – let the battle recommence and all that.

Oh and by the way if you were planning on getting some of those mad odds on us tomorrow night, forget it – we’re now on offer with Paddy Power at 5/4, with the Dubs 4/5 and the draw 10/1.

41 thoughts on “Dublin name strongest possible team for tomorrow night

  1. As I said in the other thread that’s some Dubs forward line

    Better than the one that lined out in Sept for me

    Connolly back is huge for them

  2. Very strong team. Looks like both sides really going for the win. An enticing prospect. Great test for our boys.

  3. Wouldn’t mind Connolly! He hates to see Keegan coming. Keegan can do a job on him. Good dubs team. But we are capable

  4. Serious build up and show of strength in March from the top 2 teams in the land.I for one can’t wait,it feels like the August bank holiday weekend…

  5. This will be a great test for the two teams, Dublin obviously are going for this one, we will know a lot more about how eye have progressed from last year, both on and off the field!
    Let the games commence…..

  6. I reckon it will boil down to goals again as it nearly always does. Keeping their goal count down has to be the biggest priority of all. A goal gives them and their supporters an extra special boost in Croke Park compared to other teams. Deprive them of that and they might be ordinary enough. It might mean packing the defence a la Donegal for a while at least. A bit of ‘rope-a-dope’ and then Keegan, Vaughan, Boyle and Higgins break at speed.

    Our defence will certainly get tested severely. If we can answer the kind of questions they will pose then we will have moved forward in a big way as a team. And, as some posters on here have advocated, it is time we started to pose some awkward problems ourselves and force them to think on their feet for a change. Let Mayo set the agenda for once!

  7. Am still confidant of a win tomorrow having seen that team. It’s a strong team but 7 changes is a lot. Mayo have a more settled 15 heading into the game and are on a high with 3 wins in a row. I think that could help see us over the line.

    Mayo by 2

  8. Delighted the dubs are putting out a strong selection, this is one game where Leroy and co have to stay where they belong and stop Connolly and these bucks in their tracks. Defend the goals and let the forwards do their job.
    Defending our own goal is going to be key in this game, nothing surer than the dubs will be trying for goals, early and often.
    And if we do get to put a lead into it we cannot allow what we’ve allowed against Westmeath and cork or else I’m afraid it’ll be a long night.

  9. Great to see such a strong team named, i still reckon there cud b a change or two on both sides before kick off. Top 2 teams in the country to do battle again…cant wait.

  10. In last year’s final Connelly and other half forwards pulled down our half backs to stop them breaking at speed,if the black card is used properly it has to be punished by the ref tonight.we can only wait and see,”HON MAYO”…

  11. Maybe Keith at no. 4, Andy Moran at no. 12 and Sweeney to come in at no. 13? Although with Dublin’s half-back line not being their first choice one, it probably is the perfect game to decide whether Keith should be played up there or not. It’ll be very interesting to see if Cian O’Sullivan will start as he was meant to have picked up an injury. Also you’d wonder will Paddy Andrews and Alan Brogan swap positions, with Alan Brogan starting in the full-forward line. I wonder is Bernard Brogan named among the Dublin subs for this game?

  12. That Dublin backline can be got at. Outside of Johnny Cooper and James McCarthy, the other 4 have only made a handful of short subs appearances. Having 4 defenders on their first start of the year means we should take them on as often as possible.

    Cafferkey on O’Gara, Cunniffe on McMenamon, Keegan on Connolly, Boyle on Flynn (touch tight), Vaughan should have the pace to recover on Alan Brogan if too loose, and should run him all over the park if we have possession.

    Flood the midfield with McLoughlin, Doherty and Higgins (detailed on McCarthy’s forward runs), leaving Freeman and O’Connor inside with Moran in the hole. Early ball. O’Connor and Doherty to swap regularly throughout the game.

    Let’s knock the Dubs off their stride, and off their perch.

  13. I’d doubt it lads, he’s played Keith 12 all year and Harrison deserves a shot

    Reckon it’ll be as we are 🙂

  14. This is the reality check game for us as we look to up another gear in our 2014 quest for Sam….win, lose or draw we’ll have a fair idea by 8:30pm tonight what shape we’re in heading into the summer.

  15. That’s a strong Dublin team alright, for sure they want to win this as much as we do. No big prizes today but it might set the tone for the c’ship.

    I’m looking at three guys to make a big impact for us in this match.
    Ger at full back…
    Gibbons in midefield and
    Freezer at FF. Freezer in particular will have a point to prove (like see, I told you so, kind of thing)
    If those three fellas beat their markers, then we should win this one. Mayo by three.

  16. Here’s a bit of a radical line-out but nothing that our lads aren’t used to at the same time. How about playing Keith behind midfield and pulling Andy out of the corner in front of midfield. Then have Lee, Keith and Boyler pushing up with the ball and also crowding Cluxtons kick-outs:

    Cillian Freezer
    Doc Andy Kevin Mc
    AOS Gibbs
    Boyler DV Lee
    Harri Caff TC

    No doubt about it – we have to go at them – showing them too much respect didn’t work last September and our forwards are in better shape now than back then to capitalise in it.

  17. That’s going to be interesting, ref will have to be fair or hear all about it from horan through the media
    Either way its better for our half forwards to save their energy for defending and keep the goal intact. Do that and Mayo have a good shot at winning.
    I’m really looking forward to see Connolly vs Leroy. Thankfully our buck isn’t shy when it comes to physical stuff, should be a great battle all round.
    Mayo 3 13
    Dub. 2 12

  18. Strange game really ……we’re four ahead at half time but in many ways I feel we should be a few more ahead. We are not exploiting them at the back for we are so labored in our approach…what’s effective is route 1 and the high ball, yet we’re trying to walk it in at times.
    What Clux did was shocking really, can’t believe he did that, it’s thuggish! Surprised at him tbh.

  19. I wonder why Harrison was taken off. we looked far more secure at the back in the first half.

  20. A disastrous game, mayo aren’t near cute enough. I don’t think there’s any training that can put cuteness into these fellas. These are our best and judging by this they are not up to winning a league or championship
    More goals allowed than any team in the 32 involved.
    2.01 allowed in the last few minutes.

    Its just a league game in March but it showed us all we need to know. Hennelly made some good saves but rolled the dice too.
    At least it’s reality, we cannot now expect to win silver this year.

  21. That really feels like a loss. An extra man for 50 mins and lucky not to lose it in the end.
    Lost in the first 10-15 mins of the 2nd half when we dominated possession and kicked some very poor wides. Lack of composure very worrying. Just could not kill the game. I know its only March but I have a feeling that this may turn out to be the pivotal game of 2014 for Mayo. What should have been redemptive turned destructive for us tonight.

    Great game for a neutral and an advert for the league, but hard watching for Mayo fans I think.

  22. Totally gutted at the way mayo played second half was expecting a rout. That mucking about to play down the clock is horrific carry on and should be stamped out by JH. That is one we should have won no doubt Dublin deserve great credit for never say die attitude.

  23. Main positive. Gibbons has been the find of the league.

    Has to start in champ. For Aidan too who seems incapable of not running into trouble

  24. Similar in ways to our 2012 semi “collapse” too. Have Clarke to thank for that one! Can’t see out a game v the Dubs 🙁

    Another positive- it’s only league, can learn

    So disappointing though. Any other player but McCaffrey and we’d be morning a loss here

  25. Where is our never say die attitude ? Good God almighty. Anyways, very strange match indeed. We should have drilled home after sweeneys goal, pushed and pushed home. Safe home all. Maigheo abu

  26. Now Now guys……….y’all know that if we have a good run in the championship and make it through the SF with as solid a showing as last year all will be forgiven and forgotten ………But right now I fully feel the head scratching and eyes rolling vibe the last few posts above are painting……….Aren’t half time dressing room spiffs, 4 points up, meant to drill and motivate teams into going for the kill ?……….Don’t fellas take that time out to commit to each other…..to die for the county and the cause ?……….knowing that all are going to give their all……..How can you control a game, build a 6 point gap, get a point back for every point the opposition get after that and then go flat and lie down ?……..What makes that happen and when it does where are the leaders on the field……..Are we allowed have leaders out on the pitch or is all dictated by the sideline ?…………..Were the substitutions all timely and intelligent ?……….I ask because I only had this game on Mid-West Radio……….pretty pissed !!

  27. Honestly Marty, it was worse watching it. That last 3 minutes fucking around inside our own 45….. We actually deserved to loose playing like that, for we didn’t have the balls to go up the field and put the game out of reach for Dublin, serious lack of confidence and leadership in our own ability.

  28. Thanks Mister-Mayor…….We’re all on the same page there…..fair play to the lads in the green n red….they can stun us with brilliance or the opposite…….But that’s the fun being a Mayo passionista………..Keep the faith !!!!!

  29. Other thread has too many posts so just popping in here. Would I be right in Thinking a Cork win would put us back in charge of our own destiny? Especially with Dublin and Tyrone playing in Omagh next week?

  30. Wait I’m wrong again!

    IF, IF they lose this game….

    Dublin, Mayo, Tyrone all on 7.

    A Mayo win puts us on 9. Only one of the others can win… So yes!! If Cork win they’d be doing us a huge favour!

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