Dublin name their team for Sunday


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Dublin named their team to face us on Sunday a short while ago. Here it is:

Dublin (All-Ireland SFC final v Mayo 18/9/2016): Stephen Cluxton (Parnells); Philly MacMahon (Ballymun Kickhams), Jonny Cooper (Na Fianna), Davy Byrne (Naomh Olaf); James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams), Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes), John Small (Ballymun Kickhams); Michael Darragh MacAuley (Ballyboden St Enda’s), Brian Fenton (Raheny); Paul Flynn (Fingallians),Kevin McManamon (St Jude’s), Ciaran Kilkenny (Castleknock); Dean Rock (Ballymun Kickhams), Diarmuid Connolly (St Vincents), Bernard Brogan (St Oliver Plunkett’s/Eoghan Ruadh).

Like ourselves, they’ve opted not to name their subs at this point and, no more than ourselves, we’ve no idea how close the team named above will be to the one they plan to start with on Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Dublin name their team for Sunday

  1. Serious team . Not to mention the subs , nervous now but burning feeling we can do it. All I can say is let’s do our part as supporters , we owe it to our bucks , so proud of them , maybe just maybe this will be our year . Rang my mother earlier ( 82 ) ,great reader of the game and asked her for her honest option , she said they need to play to their full potential AND a bit of luck , oh please god !

  2. Eamon Dunphy on Late Late tonight… ‘Enda Kenny’s not big in Europe..he’s not big in America…he’ll be big in Mayo if they win on Sunday, but that’s not gonna happen’.

  3. Aidan only saying what he was told to say. Part of the plan to lure them in.

    Remember it was a wet day too in September 82 when little fancied Offaly shocked the (second best team of all time who were only going for 5 in a row) Kerry.

    The best team of all time ever really (currently on a run of 1 in a row) wont know what hit them at 3.30 on Sunday.

  4. Definetly mind games Sinead no harm to be cute and play us down a little bit sure isn’t there Kerry blood in him Kerry are the masters of mind games. Getting nervous now no matter what happens Sunday the future is bright for Mayo we have an excellent Under 21 team coming through but I am hopeful that we can do the business on Sunday please God

  5. Sinead when all is said and done action is the key word. Words mean little when the ball is thrown in. We’re written off in most sectors and that’s motivation enough

  6. I like Parkinson’s perspective on the Joe.ie pod, “set up for an ambush”. Outside of Mayo fellas like Padden and Brady the only 2 media people who think we can win it are Parkinson and Ciaran Murphy, everyone else believes we’ll be close and Dublin will pull away in the last 15 cause that’s what they always do. You would think that given the history of the last 4 games these 2 teams have played we’d be way closer to them than an ambush, and it’s amazing to me from my far away perspective that is how lowly we are perceived. The Dublin hype has always been their undoing, and you would think educated and knowledgeable men would know better than to dismiss a side who stretch Dublin to breaking point every time they play them. I guess not. Let’s ambush the feckin lot lot of them. Hon Mayo!

  7. i agree with windy city dublin are hyped up to breaking point come sunday evening at 5 they will know what hype is all about best of luck to mayo lads and suporters lets wear the red and green with pride and show we have no fear up mayo

  8. We are playing a team that had an 11 point turnaround on us the last time we met in the championship. It’s going to take some performance to bridge that gap. Can’t wait for Sunday to arrive. Up Mayo

  9. The stars have aligned. Mayo written off. Dublin the greatest team ever. Connelly the best man to ever kick a ball. Mayo past their best….
    It’s ambush time!

  10. A seriously good Dublin team regardless of what we might like to think. Would not like to see Keegan having to go to full back to mark Connolly. Would prefer Leeroy in half back line where he can get forward and score. He didn’t look too comfortable in FB line on Quinlivan v Tipp. A massive challenge for us on Sunday. Hype, lack of hype or emotion will not be the winning of the game .A totally focused intense performance is whats needed. Hopefully we can do that. Up Mayo.

  11. Yeah to win just once, I would agree with you there. Lee playing full-back against Tyrone worked really well as Sean Cavanagh was roaming out to the middle of the field and that worked out well for Lee. When Lee had to spend more time in the full-back line as against Quinlivan in the Tipp match and against Comer in the Galway game, it didn’t work as well. In saying that, Connolly has moved into midfield a few times as well this year late in games, so we’ll see how it goes. There has been so much talk about Lee and Connolly but in reality it has been Bernard Brogan that has done the most damage against us in the last few years so we’ll need to keep him quiet as well.

    All that we can ask of our players is that they will come off that field with no regrets in their hearts and having done all in their power to win the day. Best of luck to all involved from our management team, medical team, backroom team and of course down to our players. All we can do is roar and shout as much as we can and bring as much colour as we can as well. Best wishes to all, we can do this!

  12. I see mr Martin bre h on y is tipping the dubs over Mayo god love to see he is wrong for a change giving Mayo no hope.

  13. I can’t see it being the straight match up of Keegan v Connolly of yester years.. there’s going to be a lot of shared responsibility.. if Connolly drifts into full back Vaughan will pick him up and if he goes out field Keegan will Marshall him.. our guys will really need to be switched on for all these transitions.. risky business. But really Dublin should be more worried about where Keegan is.. would love a situation where Leroy or Aido is freed up to hassle the space around Cian O Sullivan.. nullify their sweeper and run at them.. with a greasy ball I’m expecting goals.

  14. Totally agree toe to hand, I expect that leeroy will be a marked man by the ref too so I wouldn’t create the 1on1 of the past.

    I’d even consider putting Leeroy on Kilkenny as Kilkenny has drifted back this year and that would suit Leeroy.

  15. Yeah lads it would be great to see Lee getting forward as well at times during the game. The two points that he kicked against Tyrone were super ones. It’ll be very interesting alright to see what the match-ups will be on Sunday.

  16. It could be an idea to put Vaughan on Connolly and Keegan on Kilkenny which will allow lee to play further forward, that does mean parsons has to play midfield and I really think we need him and barret to come off the bench when the time comes.

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