Dublin name unchanged team for semi-final


As already mentioned in the comments, Dublin named their team for Sunday a bit earlier on and it’s the same one that started in the quarter-final against Fermanagh. For the record, here’s the team they’ve announced:

Dublin (All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Mayo, 30/8/2015): Stephen Cluxton (Parnell); Jonny Cooper (Na Fianna), Rory O’Carroll (Kilmacud Crokes), Philly McMahon (Ballymun Kickhams); James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams), Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes), Jack McCaffrey (Clontarf); Brian Fenton (Raheny), Denis Bastick (Templeogue Synge Street); Paul Flynn (Fingallians), Ciaran Kilkenny (Castleknock), Diarmuid Connolly (St Vincents); Dean Rock (Ballymun Kickhams), Paddy Andrews (St Brigids), Bernard Brogan (St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh). 

Like ourselves, Dublin have opted not to reveal their list of subs at this stage. And, no more than ourselves, we haven’t the foggiest as to whether or not all the fifteen players they’ve named to line out will actually start the game on Sunday.

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  1. Brian, you are aware that James took over a team that lost to Longford in 2010?? 5 straight provincial titles, 5 semi finals and (at least) 2 finals later he doesn’t deserve anything approaching such disrespect

  2. Good man Brian,pity UTV didn’t have your number to give them REAL analysis…………….

  3. Brian – if you want to post a stupid comment like that, then please find somewhere else to do it as you’re not going to get a platform here for that kind of stuff.

    Regina – I’m not sure who you’re referring to on the Dublin team and I don’t want to know either. That kind of comment has no place here either.

  4. Been away in the states with work for the longest week WJ. Always loved the site but , Christ, its been a necessity this week. Thanks for a great job. Will Sunday ever come?

  5. We have a good fighting chance here.That Dublin team don’t look that scary. If we play to our potential I feel we will win comfortably.
    But if five or six of our lads don’t show on the day well we will be going home with our tails between our legs once again.
    So lets not have any regrets and everyone in Croker give it 110% and we’ll get over the line.

  6. jaysus lads cant wait for sunday! hope our oshea lads do us justice.. though the the curse is still with us,im expecting another semi defeat,and being honest i reckon it il be a cracking semi loads of goals ,cant wait mayo ABU.

  7. Did anyone read MDM interview? He seems like a very nice kind of guy I must say, though there’s one thing that struck me about him, it mightn’t be correct but he sounded like he wasnt bothered if Dublin win or lose, he reckons “its just a game”. Which indeed it is, but not just any old game, maybe he has his medals now and the fire is going out in his heart for football?
    No danger of this in any Mayo player!!!!
    I’d say the dubs won’t know what hit them.

  8. Lots of talk during the week about whether Mayo or Dublin is going to win this one. I have no idea who will win. I’ve been pretty careful all week picking a winner. Living in Galway is difficult because everyone wants Mayo to win – to your face – but I have experienced the long grass Galway supporters waiting to rub it in – during the the recent losses of Mayo in the all Ireland finals/semis. If Mayo win this weekend I hope they follow through and rightfully blitz Kerry. If Mayo are not good enough Dublin deserve a crack at Kerry – either are a well capable side to hammer them. I really believe the winners of Sundays game should give Kerry a well deserved lesson in gaelic football. JO’D is probably the best actress in GAA. Kerry are not the great football team from the last millennium. They are a weak counterfeit team of the better teams in the country. No creativity in Kerry but nothing new there. Micky Hart still has advantage over them with a B side Ulster team. No imagination from Kerry. Traditional Kerry football is dead or will be in the next few years. Looking forward to a cracker on Sunday. I’ll be happy if Mayo play well and true.

  9. I expect Dublin will play Connolly in FF line a good bit more than usual. Our managment will have thought of that and will have decided whether to stick with a man marker or alternate when he switches position. I also expect that a half forward, probably Flynn will pull into Centre Back every time Mayo have the ball so that Cian O’ Sullivan can sweep. Again Mayo Managment will have thought of that. I also expect Dublin will try to absolutely minimise Aido’s role so there are 3 options – encourage him to run to the wings freeing space for others (he won a fair lot of ball against very quick McGee doing that last time) or play him Centre Forward or use Cillian as the target man. Kerry moved O’ Donohue out in last years final because they knew he would be targeted and it kinda worked.
    There is no garuantee any individual plan will work as it’s becoming like a game of chess but the important thing is to be decisive and communicate the plans to the players. And other lads have to step up to make a big impact that we mightn’t get from our targeted star player.
    I also think it probably is a good idea to bring on a fresh back to mark McMenamon presuming he doesn’t start. As others here have suggested that man because of pace could be Durkan but could also because of experience be TC if he’s over his injury. Alan Brogan was a bit greedy last time when introduced but odds are in a high pressure game he will try and be a playmaker if introduced.
    Dublin would be taking a risk which could backfire starting Fenton as MDMA was player of the year before and has experience. They know they can get a good 35 minutes from Bastick but if on from the start whoever is on him should try to run the legs off him or else just have Barry try to cancel him out, 50 50 and hope our other midfielder edges Fenton / MDMA.
    As they will try and nullify Aido, early on we should be encouraging the other players in the attacking zone to exploit any space created elsewhere so that they think of abandoning the tactic. That won’t be easy as Dubs have some good backs but if lads aren’t up for such a big game when will they be. Hope Diarmaid has a good game, he seems to have a very solid head and very good at decision making so far but in 2013 final inexperienced McCaffrey was taken off because Kevin Mc was playing too well. Might work differently for a rookie in the forwards than in the backs.
    If we could trouble them at midfield they might have to move O’ Sullivan there and Small on who wouldn’t be as good a sweeper so we’d be able to get more scores with less ball.

  10. One area I’d be encouraged with is AOS’s quick thinking frees. Didn’t quite result in goals last time (who knows if Doherty didn’t slip) but I think he’ll be on the ball again next day with them. Hope a few more will be practicing them.
    On the other side need to be disciplined with Rock firing such high precentages.

  11. Strong Dublin team as to be expected. If its going to be our year then we have to be able to beat the best in the land. I’ve a sneaky feeling we might just scrape it on Sunday but only if we can catch the dubs a tad under cooked after their recent facile victories.

  12. If Dublin line that team out I’ll be very surprised! Not too worried about them anyway, we can only influence our own, and if we all get behind the lads we will have enough, bring the noise!!!!!

  13. I like MDM he has lost both his parents at a relatively young age. Thats why his outlook is that football is just a game. After the week it’s been I think we can all echo that.

  14. Just another day.
    The sun will rise and fall the same way.
    The family of Darragh Doherty will rise on Sunday with a void nothing will ever fill. This week’s tragedy has put life into perspective.
    Rambling Paddy got it spot on when speaking about his grandfather and how it’s only a game.
    Thousands will travel east in search of glory and regardless of the result all will return home to discuss the joys and failures with their families. Most will take this for granted but all should cherish how special the moment is.
    We have all become accustomed to Mayo’s success and maybe we don’t appreciate how lucky we truly are.
    Mayo fans will gather as one family on Sunday to mourn the loss of one of its brightest sons and to celebrate the achievements of 15 others.
    Grasp that moment, live that moment, cherish that moment. Throw off all your inhibitions, scream your head off because at that moment your the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.
    We all have today but none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Which one of us wouldn’t give everything to have another 5 minutes with a loved one who has passed away? Cherish those 70 mins On Sunday because we don’t know when we will see them again.
    Remember in the end it’s not the years in your life that counts it’s the life in your years.

  15. Almost wish I could go to sleep and not wake till minor match or there abouts! That’s one thought .Another tells me that the anticipation of things is often much more gratifying than the attainment of a particular goal. So maybe I’ll hit the leaba and dream away in the best of both worlds.

    That wonderful piece of Don’t Foul stat reckoning reminded me of how volatile form can be in these days of ultra fine tuned systems.Like the modern car everything’s grand till it goes wrong and then … not a budge! Mayo are in this league now and are having to deal with all that entails and its on this basis I’m making my case for tomorrow.

    I’m greatly taken by the difference that’s come about in the team without the intro of many new personnel. This fact hasn’t gotten as much comment as it probably merits and this is good.We re a bit under the rador.Dubs and K are for the final. There’s a sophistication here now that hasn’t been present before. How much naievty have we noticed of late? And it’s not just about a new awakening at the back, a refreshed and complimentary midfield and more potency up front. No, that’s only the undercoat.Its painted over with a completely new all embracing strategic mentality that knows,what’s to be done has to be done,by whoever whenever and wherever . This is a team from back to front.It knows it can win and expects to win. This is all the focus it needs to bring on that pitch in Dublin! From this maturity will spring all the important bits and pieces of the game which will end in victory for the green and red.

    Come on ye Dubs!

  16. Holy god , getting nervous now ,, that’s a very strong Dublin team ,,,, oh please god give us a bit of luck this year ,,,,,,,

  17. I took some Gaelic Football beginners out for an introduction to Gaelic Football last Tuesday. One of them going checking out Mayo – Dublin live.
    Y’know what struck me and it is what this Mayo team is about. The most important thing in Gaelic Football is the mindset of players and coaches in how to improve. I had a guy never played the game ever had soloing, pickup, kicking and handpassing working on his first session. Handpass drill he was moving at full pace Now he had background in Olympic Handball, but the point was his focus in drills was to master each piece.
    Then I seen the Mayo Elverys video where they were handpassing a distance of maybe 6 metres. Not much more than I had that total beginner doing.
    The mindset to master the basics on an ongoing basis and improve is why Mayo are better in 2015 than in 2014. It’s a powerful concept because it avoids win or bust psychology. I really hope both teams go at this hammer and tongs. If they do …. I probably get an extra convert for the rest of the year with that person watching such a game.

  18. This is our year. Hard to believe there was more concern going into the Galway match from most contributors on this Blog than there is tomorrow. Just shows how much confidence the changes in the team have instilled in our supporters since the start of the campaign. Same bunch of players as last year but they have moved up that extra notch required to take Sam in 2015. Hon Mayo!

  19. So Dublin have named their – yawn. And I’d nearly say the same about us.

    Posters are right: the team naming business has become a joke.

    The real thrill this year was in reading the complete panel and who has made it and who has missed out. It’s all in the C/F programme and not much has changed. Think Connelly made the point that they were not going to replace Mickey C on the panel anyway.

    It used to be the team naming on Thursday (Johnno did it in 89 on the Sunday before the final), then it was the programme; up to recently it was shh, shh during the team announcement before the parade to see how many changes from the Thursday publication; now, it looks like, wait until the throw in.

  20. Why are teams forced to name their starting line up when it may or may not be the starting line up on Sunday?? Seems pointless to me..

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