Dublin preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E36

After a year’s absence, Mayo are back in an All-Ireland semi-final. It’s the county’s eighth time to make the Championship final four inside the last five years, with James Horan having now successfully guided the Green and Red this far no fewer than five times.

In this latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview the county’s semi-final meeting this weekend with five-in-a-row chasing Dublin. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I get the show going, first by reviewing events surrounding last Saturday’s epic win over Donegal before we turn our thoughts towards Croke Park and Saturday’s clash with champions Dublin. 

Rob then gets into detail on tactics with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden, who looks at the sectors in which Mayo must excel if they’re to end this long losing run against Dublin and qualify for the final for the first time since 2017.

Finally, Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty sits down with his Mayo News colleague Edwin McGreal to run through some key stats from the Donegal game which help to signpost how and where Mayo need to improve if the county is to prevail in the big one on Saturday.

This latest edition of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the on the panel on the right.

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40 thoughts on “Dublin preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E36

  1. Great stuff. Will listen to the podcast tonight.

    We spoke about respect earlier.

    Just had a look at Alan Brogans piece. His picture accompanying his article this week is of Lee Keegan pulling at Connollys jersey.

    Does this petty reporting never stop. Of all the great battles the 2 teams have had and this is the photo that goes with his piece.

    Why wasn’t it a photo of Mcauley trying to decapitate Cillian ?

    Or Mcauley lying on Colm Boyle preventing him from been involved in the play ?

    Or Connolly swinging Lee to the ground off the ball to prevent him from getting back to tackle ?

    Or the foot trips ?

    Or the swing and the miss punches ?

    Or any of the other shite the Mayo players have put up with and have to put up with because Dublin are not on the same punishment scheme as Mayo.

    To hold a place as a national journalist and use this to try to make the opposition look bad is a shame and disgrace and tells me everything I need to know about Brogan.

    He is a poor excuse for a sports writer.

  2. Alan Brogan is not a real sportswriter. He is an ex player who is given an opportunity to attempt to stay relevant in the world of the GAA. Charlie Redmond is another wannabee journalist but I dont think anyone takes him seriously In fairness the image accompanying the article may not be Brogan’s doing. This picture is often displayed when previewing Mayo v Dublin games

  3. Really enjoyed the podcast and such a surprise to see it up, and to think we have another one to look forward to on Friday, wow ! We are spoilt.

    Really looking forward to this game, but nervous too, not sure what way it will all pan out, but that’s the beauty of Mayo football.

  4. Lads, for jaysis sake, do ye actually think Alan Brogan is the one who picks the pictures to go with the article? That’s before you even consider whether the column is ghost written.

    The lead up to Dublin games always seems to cause the paranoid nonsense to go into overdrive that some of our support seem determined to indulge in.

  5. Just a small thing lads and lassies, Alan Brogan probably didn’t choose the photo accompanying his written piece. That was probably the sports editor or an office staff member who did that. He may well have not chosen the title to the article either. I may be wrong in this but I get the feeling, in particular, that the Indo headlines to sports articles are often phrased in a way to attract attention and create a bit of drama – so selling papers or getting us to click on the article. Why not have photos do the same? (That might be the logic)

    Brogan is an astute observer it seems to me from the article but gosh is he Dublin-sided? I really thought with all the advantages he listed in Dublin’s corner we better do our best to keep keeping that ball kicked out to them.

    Sure we might as well have fun doing it. And sure we might as well enjoy the day out at Croker ; )

  6. Revellino, that’s what you get from the Dublin media, as much as I agree with you, it’s what they do, to sway opinion and make us look bad, so their team can gain an extra edge, and more leeway to engage in the dark arts themselves, they do it all the time, hoping it might sway the referee and the linesman, I’ve been watching it closely over the years, and it doesn’t change, same as the yerras. It not worth worrying about, but they will be at their antics again on the pitch Saturday, my mayo flag please thanks.

  7. Mayo mark, I think I have a quarter of the terrace tickets!!!!!! 5 of us going in together. Then two gone to Mayo88. Joe Ruane, one/two for you if you want?

  8. Well done Sinead. The more colour we have there the better. Anything to dilute the noise.

    I don’t think we have ever had a noticeable group on the Hill for a semi final before against them

  9. Alan Brogan? Lord Jesus give me strength. Ah Bernard this and Bernard that! I can’t read any of the ex dub players articles. Yawn yawn yawn

  10. Is there many people going to the hill? A couple of us are and will be there for the minor game. Would be good to get a group in the centre of the hill to break up the blue!

  11. Get into groups alright. The minor game is a brilliant opportunity to get in on time and way before they do.

  12. Interesting stat that I saw recently, in the last 5 semi finals between ourselves and the Dubs, we have drawn or won each time, mind you the Dubs did win some of the replays.
    The last time that they have won the first match in the semi final was all the way back in 1924. If we are to win this, then surely need to do it on Saturday.

  13. Just repeating what I wrote earlier in the week

    I’m pretty sure we were in the corner because most dubs were willing to queue up for the turnstiles on the right. Then inside the hill where the food drink is there was a big steel gate in between. Impossible to go en mass between two sections on the terrace itself as stewards were in the middle. A ticket for the Hill is a ticket for the Hill and they have no right to stop us taking the middle section for the minor game. The main question is do enough of us really want it or are we happy to settle for what we are told to do on our one day out in the big smoke.

    To summarise:
    1) Yes there will be a lot of Mayo supporters on the hill – let’s all stick together in the centre behind the goal
    2) Be there at 2:30
    3) use turnstiles to the right and don’t let the stewards direct you elsewhere

    and 4) even if we are losing by 20 points (I don’t think we will be!) we should continue to be defiant like the team are and drown out their boys in blue with Mayo Mayo chant. If you are not willing to do this swap your ticket with a Mayo supporter that will

  14. Mine are Nally which I suppose is practically Hill. I haven’t been in the hill since both meath finals 96 but sure that was no bother. James C, you forgot to say wear blue too for easy passage to the centre 😉

  15. Starting point for giving ourselves a platform to win match is to not to concede goals.

    That will make it unlikely Dubs get a huge points total up, giving team a fighting chance of winning match. This requires sweeper and cynicism that needs to be thought out before the match someone gets through down the middle within 20 yards of goal they need to be taken down.

    Con OCallaghan should have been taken down for the goal mentioned in the podcast. Similarly Hennelly should have taken ball man and everything with him in 13. That kind of split second decision making is critical. it may mean some lads sacrificing themselves to black cards etc.

    Also Dubs score a lot of goals with pass across the square to a big man running in which is very difficult to defend against

  16. When are the Connacht Telegraph going to name the team I wonder. Itl be very interesting. Even with the unfortunate loss of Doherty. If we have the return of Clarke, Diarmuid and Vaughan. I think this is the strongest panel that Mayo have brought to Croker this decade. We have a strength in depth coming off the bench that we didn’t have over the last few years.

  17. Great podcast as always….I really enjoy them so much. Fantastic work willie Joe and co.
    Did anyone read dara o’shea Irish times article yesterday? It’s usually a good one. Wonder what hes saying about the game. Any links from those who have a registered account with the times?

  18. Lads and ladies, having worked in media for a good chunk of my life I can tell ye that it’s the sub-editor rather than the writer who chooses photos, ditto the headlines.

    There will be a fair amount of this from Dublin pundits and “national” media outlets this week, and it’s up to our people in the media to challenge their narrative and to provide a counter-narrative.

  19. I wonder who will James replace Jason with I’m he will have to name someone extra on the match day 26 maybe that will be Diarmuid I hope so anyway. Dublin are vulnerable under the high ball it would be great if we could get Liam Irwin to commit to the panel (huge commitment required obviously and it’s not everyone that can give that commitment and ones that do are to be admired) but a fully fit committed beat in the square would be a serious assset. One other point I was very impressed with Fergal Boland when he came on Saturday his footbassing is both accurate and sublime he could be a dark horse to unlock the Dublin defence. What he lacks in height he makes up for in skill heart and determination

  20. My latest comment is gone into Moderation Willie
    joe i don’t think I have said anything out of place lately?

  21. My approach to the media build-up this week is to stick to the locals and the very fine contributions here on the blog. The mayo news podcast is a million times better than all the bluster than any of what the nationals can summon. Once I saw Kevin McStay’s headline in the times about us being swept away by a blue tidal wave I had enough.

  22. It’s up now, Backdoor Sam. There was a typo in the email address (which isn’t visible publicly) which WordPress interpreted as a new contributor. It’s a bit picky in that department.

  23. I’m just after reading that Kevin McStay article in the Irish Times. He reckons we could get washed away in a blue tide against the Dubs. Of course that’s possible but it’s also possible that we will play with heart and determination and skill and beat the Dubs. I don’t like McStay I find him intrinsically boring and negative I’m Glad we have Horan in our corner and not McStay

  24. No harm at all that McStay is keeping a lid on expectations. I wouldn’t read too much into that.

  25. Personally, I was delighted with the McStay headline….on front cover of Irish Times.

    I also like the guy. I think he’s fair and he wants Mayo to win as much as any of us.

  26. More tickets on sale with no queue…..Snap them up and give to genuine mayo fans.

  27. McStay is one of the better analysts He is speaking from the experience of a manager He knows that Mayo bust a gut to win on Saturday and how difficult it is to reach that level one week later not to mention that we are now up against one of the greatest teams ever who are so well rested that they might doze on their way to the ground On all known theories Dublin should be comfortable winners on Saturday As I said before it would be Mayos best achievement ever were they to win Having said that I will still be there roaring my head off

  28. Dublin V Mayo 2013 to 2017
    Championship score breakdown

    2-12 to 1-14
    2-12 to 1-15
    3-15 to 1-14
    2-9 to 0-15
    1-15 to 1-14
    1-17 to 1-16
    11-80 to 5-88

    113 to 103
    AVG per game
    18.8 to 17.2
    AVG Goals per game
    1.83 to 0.83

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