Dublin preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E19

On Saturday evening, for the tenth time since 2012, Mayo take on Dublin in an all-or-nothing Championship showdown at Croke Park. That 2012 All-Ireland semi-final meeting between the two counties was the most recent time the Green and Red came out on top in this head-to-head fixture but, with an infusion of youth in their ranks, hopes are rising once more that the county has a team that is capable of going toe-to-toe with the champions.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview Saturday’s big game. Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty hosts the show and he’s joined by Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden and by RTÉ’s Kevin McStay, two former Mayo players who know what it’s like to be involved in a big Championship fixture like this one.

The lads discuss why playing the Dubs in a semi-final is a different proposition to taking them on in a decider and how this may influence how the game might go. They talk about team selection – focusing on the McLoughlin/McLaughlin stick-or-twist conundrum – and they consider likely match-ups for Saturday evening, before casting a glance on the respective benches of both teams. Dublin’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed, the relative experience of both goalkeepers gets a mention and predictions for how the game might go are made.

Mike also catches up in this episode with Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times whom he met at the hurling in Croke Park last Sunday. Malachy has seen Dublin at close quarters a few times this summer and he explains to Mike why he thinks Mayo have a great chance of toppling them on Saturday evening.

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31 thoughts on “Dublin preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E19

  1. Many thanks for coverage-looking forward to listening.

    I know at this point it’s a long shot but I am looking for two tickets to the game. We have been season ticket holders with Croke Park since the beginning and it will be the first Mayo game I’ve missed since 2009 which has made the lead up to this game difficult to be honest.

    Anyway, if anyone has a spare ticket for myself and my father, let me know here!

  2. The big question is whether the 2 McLaughlins will start …well other than will Mullen start. I’d prefer to keep them in reserve for 2nd half but if OM is not fit, Eoghan will start.

    Bear in mind that for all the talk of Dublin having an average bench ours is not much better outside of the 2 McLaughlins…a point a lot of people forget.

    We have it all to do.

    Tommy Conroy needs to produce a 70 minute performance in Croker..which he has not managed yet.

    They have also scored 10 goals more than us over the past decade in championship games.

  3. @EM. MayoFan I’m looking to get rid of two tickets for the Upper Cusack, give me shout on 0851354706 if you fancy them!

  4. I have 5 tickets for upper cusack on Saturday but we only need 3, as two of us arent fully vaccinated we would rather not mix pods, so rather than selling 2 if there is anyone on here with a pod of 3 that would like to arrange a swap let me know

  5. My sister and her husband are in a bad way for 2 tickets.
    They have gone to all the mayo games since 97.
    If anybody has any spare tickets please let me know.

  6. I am hoping and praying for a ticket .Anyone out there that has a spare ticket please let me know

  7. I mean that in our championship games against Dublin over the past 9 years they have scored 16 goals and we have scored 6-30 point advantage.

    People have funny notions about this Dublin team but they will take some beating.

    As I said earlier I think they have a stronger bench than us and we also need to see a big game from DOC who was very quiet the last day.

    Also we all know that the one big criticism of AOS is that he doesn’t quite do it against Dublin in the big games and has only managed one point against in our championship outings.

    I just hope Mullins makes it – we can’t do without him.

  8. I re-watched most of the CF today, in the 1st half we were shockingly bad. Galway were the better team and it was reflected on the scoreboard. We were rudderless. We got a quick start to the 2nd half but in retrospect we didn’t step up that much, Galway had so many chances, they failed to take them. We worked much better in the 2nd half but a huge improvement is needed, and we have to be switched on and consistent from the start. Go back to old school and get stuck in, we stand off too much, Dublin are, and always have been a physical team, we can’t get brushed off. Think back to that photo of Cooper facing Andy, face to back, Cooper, back to play, one thing on his mind. We need this same level for Saturday, this game is huge, it’s sets a stall for all teams playing at this level that Dublin can be beaten. The pressure is on Dublin and narrative is that they will win, no point going hammer at it for the 1st half, the game won’t be won then, the 2nd half, in two quarters is key. As SOS said, Mayo were gassed at 60mins in 16 and 17….. Can’t happen this time and I don’t think it will as we showed some of our potential v Galway in 2nd half.

  9. PM
    O’Connell school car park off the north circular road. It’s first come first served, supervised and cost a tenner. Be early coz it’s worth it as It’s literally right behind the Davin stand.

  10. Mayo 13BG – when I watched the connacht final back again- after been at the game itself- I didn’t realise how poor we were. Huge question marks about our team still.
    Thats why I am realistic enough to know we need to lift our game by at least 30-40% to compete with the Dubs. Remember the Dubs beat Kildare by 8 points with three of their key players – McCarthy, Fenton and Con – making very little contribution.

  11. @South Mayo Exile, I was there too, I said to my Dad at 1/2 time, we can’t possibly play that bad again, thankfully we didn’t. Massive improvement is needed, hard to raise performance by 30%+ in one game. Dublin were off v Kildare but it was a game they were never going to lose. Who wants the win more is the question. Like I said, we have to impose ourselves on them. I don’t expect a free flowing game. Don’t care.

  12. Season ticket holder for a number of years and member of a club in Kildare finding it impossible to find tickets so if anyone has additional tickets would appreciate it,

  13. South Mayo and 13GB, was at it and watched it back a couple of times. Thought we weren’t that bad in first half, and sensational in the second. Yes Galway did have chances, and we got a lucky break in the first half when HAWK EYE, disallowed Cooke’s point, which looked perfectly valid. The sheer pace, power, athleticism, was awesome.

    That was then. This is Dublin.

  14. We only had a bad 15 minutes against galway TBH. Whatever happened during that time we just looked completely rudderless up front, while Paul Conroy started dominating midfield and Shane Walsh had some flashes of brilliance. We started off the game better and dominated after half time.

  15. It seemed like a long time in that first half that we couldn’t score (maybe it was 15 mins but it could have been 20). It was unsettling watching it – and I was looking right down on Ryan and Tommy from the Cusack stand – because I could see the two lads getting ball on the wings and winding around but we couldn’t get close enough to have shots.

    There seemed to be no support for these two lads either. We looked toothless. I’m not sure how that changed later – maybe adding Kevin and Eoghan really changed things by adding a kicking game and unleashing the runners.

    I just hope we learned from that 15 mins because that’s what ‘mistakes’ can do for you – give great learning opportunities. I don’t want to see Ryan and Tommy isolated, shut down with no scores going in. It reminds me of games in 2018 qualifiers when teams shut down Andy and Cillian & we had to struggle for scores.

    Let’s hope we learned good lessons for our forwards from that first half period against Galway. I’m sure Dublin have looked at that.

  16. @Swallow Swoops. Far to many times we’ve went with a 2 man FF line v Dublin, it’s usually Aidan being double marked and then Andy playing off him or Cillian, it’s never worked for us and it absolutely won’t work on Saturday if it’s Tommy and Ryan in there. The 3 have to stay put and go 3v3. The pressure is on the rest of the team to stop Dublin going the opposite direction but if we have a 2 man FF line we won’t get scores from open play.

  17. Awh lads what a fucking roller-coaster of a week. I have being putting in overtime at work to try and distract myself and in the hope when bedtime comes ill be fit to sleep Then I l make the mistake of listening to podcast before bed time and my mind is racing again .
    Not really a lot more can be said that has not all ready being said all ready .The truth is none of us really know how it will go . Soon all the speculation will stop .Its just not coming soon enough .
    Hup Mayo

  18. That’s food for thought there, Mayo13BG. I’m still learning about the intricacies of these things. I’d absolutely love to see Ryan and especially Tommy getting a fair crack at things this weekend. It would liven things up hugely to see that. Wouldn’t it be mighty to rattle the Dublin net? We’ll hope and dream on.

  19. Seriously Olive? I have been refreshing the page every hour since Wednesday (kept it open at the top of the queue) but still nothing…. Destined to miss this one

  20. Yes, a friend of mine got a pod of 4 tickets on ticketmaster just after 11am this morning. They were surprised as just chanced a look at Ticketmaster.

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