Dublin preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E6

All roads lead to Croke Park on Saturday night and in this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast we preview the latest meeting of Dublin and Mayo. James Horan is taking his team to HQ with three League points already in the bag to face a Dublin team who find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings after two rounds of the National League, rooted to the bottom of the table after defeats to Armagh and Kerry.

The show is hosted by Rob Murphy and he’s joined by Conor McKeon of the Irish Independent and by me. We discuss how Mayo are shaping up so far this year, how the narrative about Dublin has changed so fast and the importance of Saturday’s meeting for both teams.

We also hear some audio segments from two Patreon-only episodes we released this week, the first of which is from our Q&A episode, where club members asked the questions, with Ed McGreal and Billy Joe Padden providing the answers, while the second is from an episode featuring Mike Finnerty in conversation with former Mayo player Mickey Conroy.

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The podcast is on Patreon as well, where club members enjoy exclusive access to bonus episodes and much more besides. The Patreon variant of this episode is an extended one, containing additional discussion at the end about the Mayo/Dublin meeting in 2012, live streaming of matches and the upcoming Congress vote on Championship reform.

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43 thoughts on “Dublin preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E6

  1. Eoghan mc loughlin is some man to come back from being stretchered off 10 days ago to playing a full game in horrible conditions for NUIG last night. Don’t think it would be fair to see himself , Fionn Mc or Paul Towey start against the Dubs on Saturday night. While it would be great to win the game it is not a must win game for us so I think James will rest these lads and give the likes of Brikenden and Boland a start. Put Brik in the corner and move Lee out to the half back line. Orme also needs another chance to prove he has something to offer.

  2. Hilly bits
    Agree however Towey has not been starting anyway and I am sure he would take the opportunity.
    I think Orme has proven he has loads to offer. He made that goal for ROD in Clones.
    If he doesnt battle to win that ball Ryan doesnt score and we would be sitting on one point.
    He gets 70% the credit for that score I think.

  3. Ten years without a win against the Dubs in the league. Some very disappointing performances by Mayo especially in Croker. But we were a very different animal in the Championship by comparison. We don’t know what approach James takes into the league and what type of training is being done in the early rounds and what players are available. Currently we have a very young squad with a lot of the more experienced players having left over the last couple of years. The drop to Division 2 has allowed the opportunity for some of the younger members of the squad to bed in and hasn’t had a detrimental effect on our progress in the Championship. We are in a very good position having 3 points in the bag and the onus is on the Dubs to take the game to Mayo at the weekend. I would like to see us make a decent start to the game and not let Dublin impose their game on us in the early stages. It is an opportunity for us to give game time to a few of our lads returning from injury so selection will be very interesting. Looking forward to taking my seat in the Cusack and cheering the boys on. Up Mayo!

  4. Thanks…Very interesting team . If it starts …
    Serious bench too .
    Still think they will need to up their game lots on our last 2 outings to get the win

  5. Fascinating team selection. With wise heads on the bench.
    It has the makings of an interesting game with emphasis from James on team development.

  6. Very experimental,Doc oldest of our forwards at 26. A team with an eye to the future,if it actually starts, could be a few changes by throw in .
    And still no Carr on the bench.

  7. No Paddy Durcan or Doherty on the team sheet or subs. Hopefully they’re just being rested

  8. 3 of the 6 forwards have a total of 15 games at senior level, with 3 of those as starting positions, the other 12 as subs.
    Jack Carney = 2 appearances – 1 start, 1 as sub
    Aidan Orme = 6 appearances – 2 start, 4 as sub
    Paul Towey = 7 appearances – 0 start, 7 as sub

    Wishing them and all the lads the best of luck on Saturday evening.

  9. Durcan, Harrison and Doherty obviously injured which is annoying. Quite a few on the bench are better than what’s starting. You can only make 5 subs but maybe there’s some experimentation going on.

  10. “Jack Carney = 2 appearances – 1 start, 1 as sub
    Aidan Orme = 6 appearances – 2 start, 4 as sub
    Paul Towey = 7 appearances – 0 start, 7 as sub

    What’s their scoring stats like ?

  11. Either we have a lot of injuries or Horan isn’t taking this too seriously. Seems to the latter, to be honest! No Durcan, Harrison, Doherty (hardly all injured/Covid), Aidan, O’Hora, McLaughlin, Hession, all on the bench. Plus look at all those players starting they rarely ever have before – Towey, Carney, McHugh, Brickenden. Even Flynn rarely starts despite all his sub appearances! Very interesting.

  12. Hard to know what to make of that tbh .I find a bit odd but I’m sure James Horan knows what he’s at .

  13. Surprised JDoc is replaced by Towey. Keegan in backline again.
    Is it not unusual to name subs at this stage.
    Where the hell is James Carr???

  14. I’m a fan of Paul Towey, but why start him now after a very hard mid-week game? Fionn MacD is on the bench which seems sensible. I’ve a feeling he had to cobble that together for submission by Thursday, and Sigerson is a major disrupter – even HEA freshers final tonight in which Ruairí Keane is playing.

    Expect changes.

  15. Great to see new faces get a chance to experience Croke Park. This and the game away to Kerry are the games to give them their chance and to see what they have got. Carr will be back when he fully fit and will be a big addition now that Tommy is out. Neither Horan or Rochford showed their hand against Dublin in the past and even if we were to beat Dublin easily on Saturday night it would be Dublin who would learn the most . Kerry hammered Tyrone in League last year but it was Tyrone who learned from this defeat. I am not saying Horan is putting out a Team to be beaten, just that he is not fielding his strongest . These young lads will learn from the experience and hopefully a few will put their hand up for selection when we come up against Galway in April

  16. I’ll start with what I don’t know.. I don’t know if that’s the actual team that’s going to start.. If it is?, To be honest I’d be stretched to believe that team would be anything near our best available or capable of beating this Dublin team, even if Dublin are some way off from their peak!.. In the absence of a fit, Cillian or Tommy Conroy, can’t see how a fully fit Jason Doc could be left out of our strongest available, even with those guy’s present Cillian and Tommy, Jason would surely be pushing hard for a starting place.. And no Paddy Durcan in the starting 15 or in the bench?.. And no Padraig O Hora in the starting 15?.. Who knows, maybe injured and unavailable?. and who knows they might actually be available on the night and surprise us all by their inclusion?.. If the 26 named are the actual 26 available come throw in time on Saturday, in the absence of Tommy Conroy, Cillian O Connor, Jason Doc, it certainly makes me wonder what James Carr would have to do, to get the chance even on the subs list, his talent and potential fully deserves.. And to be fair he has certainly delivered a fair bit (I think he has much more to give, but hasn’t in my opinion been given ample chance, unlike some other’s) in his limited time in a Mayo jersey.. James and Co, could be trying out a few and letting them sink or swim in the cauldron of Croke Park, as is his right, and maybe what we learn might be more useful to Mayo in the long run?..As it stands now, in my opinion I will be very surprised if that actually is the starting 15,or indeed 26 in Saturday evening!

  17. Sean all that data is on this very blog in the results archive. Below the scoring record, from said archive, for what it’s worth.
    Jack Carney = 2 appearances – 1 start, 1 as sub, Total score: 0-0 (0)
    Aidan Orme = 6 appearances – 2 start, 4 as sub, Total score: 0-0 (0)
    Paul Towey = 7 appearances – 0 start, 7 as sub, Total score: 0-8 (8)

  18. @Jp2… Maybe what you say is correct and James Carr is not fit.. But we haven’t been informed about fitness issue with James.. However he certainly has been fit allot of the time, this last 3 year’s and still not started!

  19. I like the team.

    Looking forward to seeing Brickiden at 3.

    Lee will come out and donnacha mchugh to corner back.

    I can see one of towey or orme dropping out.

    Jason Doc is back from two cruciate injurys snd in sure his workload has been heavy the last few weeks so no point over playing him this early in the season.

    Brendan harrison clearly got an injury v monaghan and is only back from long lay off.

  20. I can guarantee you that some if not all of the missing players are carrying knocks – we’ve been getting hammered by Dublin in the league for nearly ten years now & it’s done us no good come
    Championship so I hope that they’re approaching the game in the same way they would any big match rather than surrendering the two points already

  21. DCU just after winning the freshers A title v UCC, ruairi keane played the full game at wing back.

  22. Funny looking team, what happened to fielding your best 15, if that team starts don’t see where score swill come from except maybe Towey.

  23. Seems a lot of new players v Dubs. We’d need to be winning this. Sick of endless losing to the Dubs for years in the league. Id like to see Ferg Boland starting. Anyone know is Darren Coen on the panel? Actually I”d like to see the panel. I read Michael Gallaghers article about James Horan meeting with local media – surely some one could have asked for the list of panellists. Worrying no Jason, Brendan H or Paddy named in the 26. Still cannot get how Eoghan managed to play entire game last night

  24. @culmore

    Do ya not think ryan o donaghue will get a few scores ? I can see him finishing with at least 1-6 or 0-9.

  25. I can’t understand that team or bench. We should be going all out for a win and virtually assuring our Div 1 survival and also putting the Dublin hoodoo further behind us. Good to see Osion back. A bitter sweet moment for him…

  26. Club fixtures all called off here in Dublin this weekend due to the storm warnings, so good chance there will be other games called off too in the nfl though you would expect Dublin mayo to go ahead in croker

    I’m actually excited to see so many new faces in that starting 15 but I would be fairly certain of at least 3 changes at throw in time, swanny starts assuming he is fit, if mcdonagh has sobered off from sigerson celebrations he would start of form too

  27. I thought the storm was tomorrow ? Tower cranes not lifting tomorrow in Dublin but as far as I’m aware they will be lifting sat . We don’t half get carried away with a bit of bad weather in fairness . Such a country for drama queens .

  28. Why though , is the storm forecasted for sat also ? I’m reading the warnings now , orange red , yellow all for tomorrow , sat is light rain , can’t see any warning Colour code ??

  29. I wonder with that team are they planning on finishing with a stronger team than the one they start with.

  30. I see Eoin O’D is going abroad. Surely good enough to be involved ahead of what we have at the moment. It seems a shame.

  31. I like that team. An abundance of youth trying to stake a claim for a starting birth.
    Oisin to play at three and Rory out to wingback.
    Strong bench and when the cavalry arrives in the second half will put it up to the Dubs.
    Can’t bate a Dublin / Mayo clash in Croker.
    Hon Maigh Maigjh

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