Dublin review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E20

Over the past decade Mayo supporters have had several Croke Park days to remember. A constant over the last nine years, though, was that every time they met them, Dublin had their number. Up until last night, that was, when, on a epic night at GAA HQ, James Horan’s remoulded Mayo team finally ended Dublin’s dominance, over both Mayo and the Championship itself.

In this match-day episode of the Mayo News football podcast we bring you right into the heart of a mesmerising night at Croke Park. Host Rob Murphy and I get the show going soon after the match had ended as we reflect on the events we’ve just seen.

Next Rob gets post-match thoughts from Billy Joe Padden, following which we switch to the press box where Mike Finnerty gets after-game reaction from both Colm Keys of the Irish Independent and RTÉ’s Kevin McStay. Next up it’s Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News who chats with Mick Foley on the Sunday Times.

Closing out a memorable night, it’s back to Rob, me and my son Joe – what a Mayo supporter that young man is – on our stroll home as we reflect some more on the seismic match we’d just witnessed.

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The Mayo News football podcast is produced and edited by Ger Duffy Media. The show is sponsored by Ceramic City and Swinford Motors, two fine Mayo businesses with whom we’re proud to be associated this year, all the way to the All-Ireland final.

9 thoughts on “Dublin review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E20

  1. Having now nearly reached my GAAGO replay limit — and yes they have a limit!! — this cast is just what’s needed. Looking forward to it…

  2. Just saw online they are given all Ireland tickets to neutral counties for the hurling. I thought they would have keep them within the counties.

  3. Excellent podcast. A wonderful listen. Well done to all concerned for putting it together so quickly after the match. Onwards and upwards.

  4. ‘ 5.33 To inflict an injury recklessly on an opponent by
    means other than those stated above.’

    Above is a red card offence

  5. Both Keyes and McStay were dancing round the Small incident here. First of, hurling has nothing to do with it, it’s a different sport. Secondly, lifting your elbow or shoulder into an opposition player’s mush is a red card, end of story.

    Thirdly, this isn’t the first violent conduct incident that Small has had in matches against us over the years, so the protestations of a lack of intent are open to debate, I’m afraid.

  6. We are looking to be the first county since 2002 to win the All Ireland while we were in division two that year. 3 other teams have tried since, Cork 09, Down 10, Donegal 14 but all failed. Also interestingly, Kerry were the other team 3 of those finals. Winning two and losing to Armagh in 2002.

  7. @It means nothing to me,..Absolutely right, for me the incident where Eoghan McLoughlin was recklessly injured was by far the worst and most blatant Red Card I ever witnessed in my entire life.. There were other incidence as well where Red Cards should have been given to Dublin players.. In fairness to Oisen McConville he wasn’t afraid to call out several incidence for what they were on the Sunday Game…

  8. Only catching up with the podcast now, tremendous effort to be able to produce this after that victory. I couldn’t comprehend that level of professionalism (I did enjoy the multiple references by different people to “pints”) to be able to articulate clear thoughts about the match. My podcast would mainly contain roars of excitement and lots of profanity about refereeing decisions. The mindset of Billie Joe I found interesting. He was immediately turning to the final, I’m sure all players after a while in that dressing room were also the same way. Next game. Reading his preview piece again he called the third quarter correct, “press even higher”. I think the first half approach allowed us to have the energy to do just that.
    Great to have outside input too into some key decisions to help us to analyse the game better.

    Finally, the last four minutes or so I could and indeed am, listening to on repeat. From Mike Finnerty through to O’Hora it is spine tingling stuff. O’Hora has absolutely unwavering belief in the panel, in James and in everything they are doing. He could have had combination of players from that 41 and he would still have that same belief. It is just incredible for a man with two championship starts to his name.

    Next game.

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