Dublin review – Mayo News football podcast E38

It’s been a long and winding road this summer for the Mayo football team and its supporters but it’s a road that reached its end at Croke Park on Saturday evening. After a hugely promising first half, a tired Mayo had no answer to the awesome display of attacking football put on by Dublin, who eventually won this All-Ireland semi-final clash with some ease.

 In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we assess how and why Mayo’s championship run came to such a shuddering stop against Dublin. Rob Murphy and I are joined straight after full-time by Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden and together we confer for some initial post-match analysis.

Up in the press box high in the Hogan Stand, Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News get the post-match thoughts of Kevin McStay and Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times. We also hear post-game reaction from Mayo manager James Horan before Rob, Billy Joe and I wrap up proceedings from Croke Park.

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25 thoughts on “Dublin review – Mayo News football podcast E38

  1. One thing I thought from the previous podcast that was really relevant to yesterday was Murph’s mention of how the coaching he witnessed of some young Dubs… deliberately putting the ball into the corner for forwards. Once there the forwards are facing a large area of the field towards the goal while the defender only has sight of the corner area. This is exactly what happened for the first goal. Very smart to use what on the face of it looks like a good defensive position and turn it into something deadly.

  2. As I thought the Dubs were taking the piss during the league, holding back for the drive for 5.
    One thing that is guaranteed in football is an injury, all us former players have received tore ligaments, broken bones and got the dreaded ACL knee injury and we know how hard it’s to recover.
    Jason Doherty will recover and be back.
    Thanks to this great Mayo bunch for giving me some of the best days since 2011.
    James needs to get many to now retire gracefully, I don’t want to see a cull.
    About 6 or 7 players must be let go for 2020.

  3. Don’t want to be getting accused of been negative again . I just want to back up something I said about James Horan repeating mistakes. When Michael Murphy went into FF did he move Lee off him and put coen on him , why did he think the fb position was going to suit him last night as opposed to last sat ?

  4. Would you have Andy Moran retire Mayo88? Arguably our best performer against Meath and vital against Donegal. Apart from that anyway his presence and experience around the squad is vital for developing our younger forwards. What about colm Boyle? The man who has been like a demon possessed and reliable all year probably not far off an all star. Likewise Kevin McLoughlin, Keith higgins, David Clarke, chris Barrett.
    These warriors and others who spring to mind have been exceptional and deserve the time and space to make that huge decision without being pushed by anyone least of all us

  5. Sean Burke – I’ve already deleted a comment from yours this evening that included an insulting remark about a named individual. Now you’re back – no with apparent sense of self-awareness – spouting the same defensive shite as you were on about last night (then it was wailing about being ‘ostracised’ now it’s the possibility of being ‘accused of being negative’). I’m getting really tired of this self-pitying claptrap from you and will give you a simple choice: either cut it out or you’re headed for chokey. You’re in last chance saloon territory now.

  6. @Ourtimehascome, sadly time has come and gone for a big number of this team, at least 6 or 7.
    Sean Burke anybody that saw me in McHale Park would have seen be roaring for Lee to be moved of Murphy, Coen did much better in that fullback man marking role. Lee is one of the best in the Country in the middle of the pitch, Mayo always need him driving forward, got a goal in many big games in Croker also.
    Once again I don’t believe that a team can tire after one half of a game, shock and awe, Mayo have been vulnerable in the 3rd quarter in a few big Croker games in 2011, 13 and now in 19.
    The late changes before kick off didn’t work yesterday.
    What happened to Darren Coen, he didn’t even come on as a sub.
    Those guys make me a proud Mayoman and have given us all great days since 2011.
    Mayo will come again, we must, and I will be there to support them as I have always.

  7. When the dust settles the Mayo co board need to stand back and realise how powerful a position they are in in terms of how much the championshiop needs us. The poor crowd today makes the point as to what this competition (sorry rong word it’s an event not a competition anymore) is heading if mayo cease to be a force

    So what to do – we need to push hard for a number of changes

    Insist that croke park is deemed nobody’s home ground

    Introduce points deductions for any county who field a sighificantly weakened team as per dublin/tyrone

    Scale back the number of subs to 4 or even 3 to limit the power of the stronger squads

    Introduce a financial fair play rule to stop the back door professionalism of Dublin

    Mayo have to lead the charge on this while we are in a position of power but to do that we first have to realise the power we actually have

  8. Watching Whelan with his smug face and his smug commentary is difficult. I know it’s the Sunday game but yip I’m a glutton. I’d love to ask him one simple question. Why Ciaran despite being a brilliant footballer playing on a brilliant team for a long time, Why Mr Whelan and dealing do you not have any real silverware in your locker. What is different about this Dublin side that’s gonna win all Irelands for as long as the GAA want them to win, and the sides you played on. Not much. Dublin Are swallowing the ethos the GAA was built on and shovelling out their arseholes, expecting us to lap it up, like the good and fair minded GAA heads that we are.

    Something is wrong here. Something is seriously wrong. People need to mine down into how Dublin got so CONSISTENTLY good so quick. Something is not right. [Deleted]. Dublin will obliterate Kerry unless in the final someone decides to spike the Dubs water and offer the meagre plate of the Dubs humility to the hungry GAA family who just want to be fed.

    Open up now! Here come the aeroplanes! Swallow that down. Come On you boys in blue, Come on you boys in blue…

  9. I would like if the good people on this blog would start to ask the awkward questions. There is a platform here that Willie Joe has established. This is important times here for the GAA. It’s not just as simple as being beaten by a better trained teamed who just wanted it more. More is afoot. Watching the analysis of the Kerry tyrone match is like watching paint dry. Dublin will get the five. More credit to Leitrim who will train hard this winter. Come on Wicklow! It’s turning into a complete farce.

  10. Joe Ruane – you need to calm down a little. If you want to make allegations like that then you need to be able to back them up, which you clearly won’t be able to do so please don’t attempt to abuse the comment facilities here by attempting to do so here. That’s you on yellow too now.

  11. Joe Ruane – see my comment to you just now. It’s one thing asking awkward questions, it’s quite another posting unproven allegations. Please note the difference if you want to continue contributing here.

  12. I totally get that Willie Joe. I am calm. I don’t get these tinfoil heads . People who think some outside force is responsible for their own short comings. Something is not right here that much is true. The answers must come from much keener heads than mine. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

  13. Once Kerry are beaten in the final after the 1st 20 minutes no doubt the bomber, Spillane, and the o sheas will feel the same Joe.

    The article in Saturday’s business section of the times on Chris Barrett is worth reading, compare his daily routine to any of the Dubs.

    It’s only going to get harder to compete with them as it’s better they are getting each year.

  14. Todays match attendance was 34 thousand. Yesterday we had 82 thousand. What we say matters. Don’t be afraid to say what matters.

  15. There was only 24k at Kerry v Mayo in 1981. There was only about four thousand mayo supporters at the qf v down in 2012. Semi finals involving Dublin are usually 70-80k with the exception of galway last year , would I be right in saying that ?

  16. Hi there Folks, didn’t know wither to post or not.. What can I say. I’m in awe. In awe of Mayo.. I arrived into Croker yesterday and the massive Mayo support, the colour the noise its fantastic.. I don’t know when it began. I remember the dubs going against ye years ago and it was civvies clothes with the headband tied around the wrist how it’s all changed.. Had a pint in Croker surrounded by ye and the banter was great plus the confidence The Mayo lad’s I was talking to put a worry into me… First half upped the worry considerably.. Listen it was probably the best 15mins football I’ve ever seen Any Dublin team play. And that’s what it took to do yous.. I mean that with respect.. Great to see Tom back and the respect between Andy and Steve, all the players was there to be seen.. Calling the Dublin team a professional team is a easy thing to throw out. Their not a professional team, they all work or are students. Prob the fittest! Fastest Dub is a Doctor who at the moment is putting 60 hour weeks in Crumlin children hospital.. In my opinion the inter county system has always been broken.. Provincial sure 12 to 6 to 5 to 9 completely outdated..populations… Leitrim ment to compete with Dublin? What you mighty Mayo have shown is with your smaller numbers the likes of kildare /meath wicklow limerick really need to be looked at… And Kerry fans complaining about travelling.. Look I know the advantages I have leaving croker and being home 25 mins later I also know the huge amount of money I’ve dropped supporting Dublin and it keeps getting dearer… But seen Mayo fans yesterday in such massive numbers coming from everywhere.. Yes I’m in awe.. See you all next year

  17. @Mayo 67,. I wish you luck (Mayo have to lead the charge while we are in a position of power)… Did the Mayo County Board even come out and say that they voted for the Donegal motion to Congress??? ..A few years ago in a qualifer Game versus Westmeath, we had to drive through Westmeath and all the way on to Dublin’s Neutral Venue Croke Park and what did the Mayo County Board do?? .. Mayo fan’s are the most numerous, the best and the most loyal to Mayo,… I wish that we actually had power, an old saying goes ‘He who pays the Piper, call’s the tune’… That’s not the way it works, as a loyal Multitude, Mayo Fan’s pay more into the GAA coffers than any County, But unfortunately for the paying fan’s of all Counties, including the strong Hurling Counties, we are actually paying for Dublin’s success versus Everybody Else, and of course the salaries and pension plans of several paid administrator’s… That’s the way the system works!

  18. Mayo have played a huge part in promoting the Gaa, bring the biggest numbers all started in 2012 even have overtaken Dublin.
    I remember the two quarter finals in 2011 both on the same day, Mayo beat Cork, total attendance was 22,000, very low figure for 4 Counties.
    Surely Mayo Board should have as much clout as Dublin, all other Counties don’t bring the big numbers.
    Maybe a few years absent is no harm, Gaa gates will be well down, then changes will be made.

  19. This Dublin team is so good because they won 4 u21s between 10 and 17. Talent out of those teams along with Cluxton, Brogans, Connolly, Flynn etc has made them a formidable unit. I think they are beatable though if their inside line are held as they don’t have as strong a bench and some of their defenders are past their prime Mcmahon/OSull/Fitzsimons.

    Dublin were excellent in the 3rd quarter but it’s been lost in the analysis that Mayo were extremely poor in that period.

    In the cold light of day our team this year is a fair bit off what’s required to win an all ireland in any era. Our inside line does not offer enough threat with Cillian along way off his best and Andy ageing. We concede far too many goals and refuse to play a system that protects the FB line whilst playing Keegan out of position.

    Along with that we persist with playing a keeper who can’t be depended on in high pressure matches.

    Mgt need to open the GK position up to competition if Clarke’s kick outs are not deemed good enough.

    Designate 2 guys that are going to play as deep sweeper in half of the league matches each.

    Convert Paddy Durcan into a wing forward, Give Diarmaid a run at center forward and Keegan a 3rd midfielder role. We have enough half back in the county to fill in the gaps created by the other lads moving forward. Boylan did this type of conversion with Gerathy and Reilly in the 90s.

    Horan needs to coldly look at out strength and weaknesses and take decisive action while the likes of AOS/Keegan/Durcan are still young enough

  20. Some observations from Saturday evening in Croke Park. When Dublin came out on to the field they were accompanied by music from the public address system of Croke Park. There was no music for Mayo’s entrance. This seems odd to me as Croke Park is supposed to be neutral and HQ for all teams, I wonder who in Croke Park authorized that stunt. Very unfair and in bad taste. Then I noticed from where I was sitting, Upper Hogan, that across from me in the Cusack Stand Lower, a whole section was taken up by Dublin supporters wearing blue. This was in the central section and I wondered how this could happen, given we all were looking for tickets on general sale from early in the week. If the seats are yearly subscribed ones, it’s even more perplexing. How did all those central seats end up in Dublin hands. Years ago this was not noticeable as most people were in ordinary clothes and an odd flag. Now adays most are wearing the colours. So again the question pops up, how if Croke Park is a neutral venue HQ for all counties are Dublin supporters getting these blocks of tickets in a whole central section.
    Years ago in the 60’s when the great Galway team was on a three in a row run, Mayo also had a brilliant team full of stars like Joe Corcoran, John Morley and Mickey Ruane plus a fine centre field pairing of PJ Loftus and Joe Langan, we ran Galway close in those years in Connacht, I was in MacHale Park in 1966, the match was epic. Eventually Mayo did overhaul Galway in a new Pearse Stadium with no stand yet built. Mayo youngster Seamus O’Dowd won a ball in the centre of the field and ran up the middle. Then blasted the ball to the back of the Galway net. This victory that day made up for the loss in 66 in Castlebar.
    When we were in Killarney this year we were made feel welcome before the match and the public address referenced the opening of Killarney pitch in the 30’s as marked by a challenge between Kerry and Mayo. In Castlebar against Donegal we had before match entertainment with Goats Don’t Shave, who belted out Los Vagas in the Hills of Donegal, then the Saw Doc himself gave us the Green and Red of Mayo. Both these matches were preceded by balance and fairness. With Galway I didn’t feel any lack of fairness. But I have to say in Croke Park last Saturday I felt less then that there is a level playing field anymore. I don’t blame Dublin, it’s not there fault, it is to me the fault of the administration in Croke Park, who are now paid employees of the GAA.
    I thought our lads where tired in the second half, that all the games in a row, weekly, had caught up with them. When should target winning Connacht next year and maybe our County Board can enquire and get answers as to why there is this seemingly imbalance and lack of fairness imbedded in Croke Park these days!

  21. Just listening now to the podcast, excellent as usual, wonderful analysis by Billy Joe Padden and Kevin McStay easily the two best ex Mayo Player’s, who are Media Pundits..

  22. Long time reader, first time posting
    How is it Dublin never seem to have injured players, can anyone remember any of their major playing being missing in Gavin’s era for the final, you might say they don’t have a tough game all year, which is mostly true, if that’s the case then there even further ahead than we think if they can stroll to all irelands most years with maybe 1 tough game, or they arrive in the final without a tough game, get it put up to them in that final and still win. They could conceivably win 7/8 in a row or 10 with a fair wind. Gavin won’t step away anytime soon, why would he.

  23. Paulo I’d imagine less time traveling on a bus to games or training might have a bearing on how much a body can take.
    If you’ve been battered for a full game or training session and have a 3 hour journey home and a reduced number of hours sleep to look forward to I can’t imagine that’s the same as being no more than a 40 minute journey from the training Centre or Game venue.
    That’s just how it is. There’s nothing we can do about that.
    There’s an article in the Irish times about Chris Barrett and the work/life/GAA balance and commitment that’s well worth a read.

  24. FDB

    Very true, I remember reading about Andy Moral saying a few years ago that if he didn’t give up the rep. Job he wouldn’t be playing inter County. It does take its toll but it’s just remarkable how Dublin nearly always have a full panel to select from, I’m not insinuating anything I just find it interesting.

  25. Denis Nealis, I noticed the same thing about the music accompanying the Dublin team’s arrival but not the Mayo team. I have called the GAA and Croke Park out on it on Twitter but am yet to hear a response. Such disrespect and imbalance is beyond reprehensible.
    As to the seating arrangements, the lower cusack is the domain of the season ticket holders from both sides. It would appear to be a regular thing that the centre section 306 is given to Dublin supporters in the bigger games. Very vocal they were too in the second half standing up and shouting over in the direction of 307 where I was seated!!
    Individually these are small things but altogether these injustices along with Dubs always warming up in the hill end and being on the outside close to the crowd in the parade, serve to display the complete imbalance and lack of neutrality in Croke Park as a venue. As if they don’t have enough advantages!! It almost seems petty to highlight them butt If they are such petty things, why does Croke Park persist with them. And don’t even get me started on Imelda May or Aslan providing entertainment before All Ireland finals. Ok looks as though I’ve gone straight to the anger stage of grief! Superb podcast as always, by the way. Thanks so much for everything! Hope there’ll be another couple before the winter break to review the season etc. Keep up the great work.

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