16 thoughts on “Dublin’s match-day panel named

  1. Is that a full panel or have they anyone out injured? Looks formidable on paper but matches not won on paper, thankfully!

  2. Hopefully that’s the only time they’ll beat us this weekend @williejoe. It really is a daunting looking team only hoping mileage might catch up on them. There’s no doubt if that team hits form then they will lift Sam and it’s up to us now to make sure they don’t hit form.

  3. Formidable looking side but his constant selection of Small over Mannion is one of the most bewildering ones I’ve seen to be honest

    Hardly a bad option to spring from the bench though!!

    Definitely not happy to see that selection at number 7 though, a complete game-changer! I reckon Murchan will come in also

    Free-taking may be a slight concern though if that team does start?

    14 starters from 2019 final in the match day squad I make it

  4. Amazing to see Craig Dias in Dublin panel.He came on against us in the 2012 semifinal and don’t think he ever featured since

  5. Not one injury that I can see justoutsideballagh

    Maybe O’Gara, but its just as likely he’s left out tbh

  6. Dublins strongest 26 available.

    They strike me as a team that really want to give a few lads a chance to go out on a high.

    You can’t just switch it on and this is not the team of the Jim Gavin era.

    Mayo are league champions and apart from a blip against Cork have been far more consistent than Dublin.

    Dublin like Tyrone may give you a bit of PTSD however Mayo can certainly win this game and I think you will.

    When Kerry played Dublin in 2013 SF we had lads coming to the end, Tomas and Galvin and one image stood out.

    Tomas chasing Diarmuid Connolly in the 2nd half and the legs were just not there anymore and time had caught up with our great wing back.

    Will McCarthy or Fitzsimons find himself in a similar position on Sunday ?

    Contrary to what some said during the week,
    I have great time for Mayo and its people.
    As a dad I often wondered how you kept coming back year after year and I can only imagine how difficult it was for other dad’s trying to explain to little ones why it wasn’t your day again..

    I genuinely believe that will change and you can and will win on Sunday.

    Safe travels folks.

  7. That team will hit the ground fast and furious on Sunday , it’s quite obvious they have targeted this stage to be primed . Div two suited their programme , them bucks don’t need to be reminded what’s needed , they know fine well and will be finely tuned . Con o Callaghan plays last year and they might of won the all Ireland who knows but my gawd they weren’t far away at all despite the narrative of has beens .

    I’m trying to avoid posting cause I don’t think I’ve ever dreaded a game as much , I’ll never be as delighted if I’m wrong . The lack of recovery time is the key factor for me , I just can’t see how we can be right . They are amateur athletes and got to be still punch drunk from a bruising encounter with Galway only a few days ago .

  8. Completely agree Sean, I think the Dubs will win but we’ll put up a great fight.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much this week that has been very much glossed over is the fact that we didn’t score for the last 30 minutes of the first half! Think about that. Yeah, it was a strong wind but that’s a terrible state, especially considering we didn’t score for the last 20 of the Cork match. So ….. in 50 minutes of football Mayo scored the grand total of 3 points.

    I’m also worried that McStay only made the changes the last day because he might have felt pressure to. When the writing was only the wall weeks ago regarding certain positions… That’s a concern for me.

    I’m not trying to be a negative nelly. I’m really looking forward to Sunday and give us an outside chance. But everything points to Dublin.

  9. Seems to be serious depth on that bench, with Mannion, Rock, Murchan and our tormentor from 2016, Cormac Costello to come on (albeit not as strong as when the Dubs were at their peak). McCarthy playing wing back is a bit of a surprise, to me anyway. I guess he must be marking Jordan Flynn.

    I am a bit apprehensive about this one, the kickouts and breaking ball need to improve a huge amount if we are to put it up to the Dubs this time. If we lose 70 per cent of the breaking ball on Sunday, it’ll be a long day for us. Neither can we go anything like half an hour without scoring.

    I do also wonder how much we have left in the tank, this being the third weekend in a row for us and up against fresh opposition.

  10. Fair play to ya @West Kerry, keep posting here. As a Mayo man and football man, I enjoy all good football conversations not minding what corner of the room they’re coming from. I enjoy your particular observations viewpoints and truths, so keep it up.
    Tough time for Mayo on Sunday, but I feel we can do it..us by 2/3
    Up Mayo!

  11. Be very surprised if Sean Bugler starts. McCaffrey will not see out the whole game and one or two more will flag well before the end and don’t get me started on that fullback line. Tough game but a Mayo win.

  12. I have full confidence that our management team do what is best for the tesm,they don’t pay any heed to public opinion whatsoever

  13. Of course they don’t corick, the media manager does the stats and the like 🙂

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