Dubs claim second U21 All-Ireland

Well done to the Dubs for winning their second ever U21 All-Ireland, which they eventually did after a dramatic evening’s football up in Breffni Park this evening (RTÉ’s match report is here).  I had planned to take my Jackeens to this decider but the 7 pm throw-in time up in Cavan this evening did for that – it would have been gone eleven tonight by the time I’d’ve got them back home again and, Bank Holiday or not, that’s just too late to be arriving home from a match with a carload of midgets.  Instead, we all settled down in front of the TV to follow the action live on TG4, with The Brother (who was there) adding some additional ringside colour to the occasion.

The little lad was, understandably, fairly elated to see his county claim an All-Ireland title, the first they’ve done since he was born a bit over five years ago.  Mind you, when Donegal’s Michael Murphy shaped up to take that penalty deep into stoppage time, you could see spreading across his face that sense of defeatist resignation that has come from having watched too many Dublin and Mayo matches at such an early age.  But this time was different – Murphy’s rasper came back off the crossbar and seconds later the Dubs were celebrating a victory that will surely do much to lift spirits in these parts after what has been two desperately disheartening summers for them.

5 thoughts on “Dubs claim second U21 All-Ireland

  1. I’m living up here amongst them, jj, I’ve even lost my small fella to their cause (though he will still support us if there’s no conflict) so it’s the line of least resistance! As well as that, I’d sooner see them win it than the Kerrymen …

  2. haha I know wj and you seemed pretty resigned in the fact you have lost him. I know its your blog and you can whatever you want.But as a daily reader, my pre work ritual or during work when i came on i thought, s*it am I on hill 16?Well as a man who sticks with mayo through thick and thin(as i know you and so many readers here are)I would prefer to see neither win it.. I think there is divided loyalties creeping in wj?

  3. I don’t think there’d ever be divided loyalties when we’re in direct opposition, jj, and I’m not in any danger of morphing into a poor man’s Tom Humphries or anything but I do stray from my core remit now and again. Seeing as I’m living in Dublin it’s only natural that I’d take an interest in them but you needn’t worry – the site’s not going to become Hill 16 Mk II. (Not unless the small lad takes over running it, I suppose, but he’s only five so there’s no danger of that happening anytime soon …)

  4. WJ, I am in the same position myself and have to say that unlike the majority of Mayo supporters I would view the Dubs as my “second team” as the kids have Mayo as theirs. I know there’s great animoisity towards the Dubs in the country generally but I don’t apologise for supporting them.

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