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This year’s League campaign is moving on at a decent clip and this coming weekend it passes the half-way mark. Our Round 4 fixture is a high-profile one, with the lads heading for the bright lights of the city on Saturday night for a clash with reigning League and All-Ireland champions Dublin. Throw-in at Croke Park is set for 7pm on Saturday and the Leinster official taking charge of proceedings for this meeting between the counties is Meath’s David Coldrick.

Given our titanic tussle with the same opposition in last year’s All-Ireland final there is, understandably, a fair bit of coverage in the media in the run-up to this fixture. Here’s a flavour of what’s being said.

RTÉ have a piece by Peter Sweeney on what they call the game of the week (here) and they also have a retrospective on notable recent spring campaign clashes between these two great rivals (here).

The Irish Independent have a piece today on the game (here). I’m not sure who penned it but, given that it contains the risible claim that there’s “compelling evidence to support the case that Mayo need to win this year’s League title more than any other county” and then there’s no clue provided as to what that evidence might be, I’ve a fair idea who might be behind it. Come out, Martin, we know you’re in there.

John Fogarty in the Irish Examiner has a piece with Michael Conroy about Saturday’s fixture. The Davitts man – who, many of you will recall, terrorised the Dublin backline the evening we thumped them by twelve points in the League down at MacHale Park in 2012 – reckons that it would be far more important for our lads simply to get a win over Dublin than to be the ones that ended the Metropolitans’ outsized unbeaten run:

To be the team that ends their 32-game run would be something but it’s putting an end to the last five years that will motivate them. You’re not going to get revenge for last year in the league but this still would be a nice one to win.

I think Mickey C has a point. Ending their unbeaten run would be a nice bonus from our point of view but getting a win to set against the ten-game record of three draws and seven losses is far more important for us.

Taking the perspective of Saturday’s opposition, Frank Roche in the Herald has a piece with former Dublin player Coman Goggins. The Ballinteer man reckons that belief in their ability to get a result is key to Dublin’s long unbeaten run. For sure, it’s that sense of self-confidence we’ll need to rock at HQ on Saturday if we’re the ones to put a halt to their gallop.

From belief to knowledge (or, perhaps, the lack of it) – The 42 have a quiz on recent Mayo/Dublin clashes (here). I don’t need to tell you, I’m sure – though I’m going to anyway, that I effortlessly racked up 10/10 in this little test of knowledge. See how you do yourself in it.

Over on the GAA website, meanwhile, there’s an excellent feature by John Harrington (here) on Club ’51, which includes input from a number of good friends of this humble domain. It’s well worth a read and it’s also good to see the GAA hosting a detailed piece like this on grassroots supporters.

Enough words? The GAA have put together a compilation of scores from last year’s heart-stopping drawn All-Ireland decider – that’s here. How in the name of all that’s holy did our hearts keep functioning throughout all that?

Okay, time to think about the nuts and bolts of Saturday evening. We’ll most likely be naming our team tomorrow night (I’ll be offline in the evening then so fire ahead, as you normally do, and post the details here as it’ll be later before I’m in a position to) and maybe the Dubs will too. Then we’ll make one or two changes on the night and they’ll make two or three and then the ball will be thrown in and the game will be on.

There’s a piece in the Connaught Telegraph (here) about the choices facing Stephen Rochford and his selectors for this one. Decisions have to be made about whom to go with in a number of sectors but, with lads pushing for selection in several places, this is a nice problem for the management team to have.

Who’ll do it? Paddy Power – mindful, perhaps, that we last got the better of them way back in 2012 – have Dublin priced as strong 4/7 favourites to extend that 32-game unbeaten run further. What, though, do you reckon: how will Saturday’s meeting with Dublin go?

How will we do against Dublin?

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  • Lose (19%, 75 Votes)
  • Draw (15%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 405

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77 thoughts on “Dubs at HQ next up for us

  1. Dublin on the wobble a bit…we are starting to get the act together.
    Would be lovely to give them a ‘Batin’ but as long as there’s a good solid performance and we get some kinda result I think it would be a great evenings work.

    there are signs of a bit of a swagger in this team, Diarmud in midfield could be a revelation.

  2. If we can shore up the full back position then I think we can win this one. I’m excited to see Boland in the open spaces of Croker and to see how he’ll perform tracking someone like McCaffrey. Won €25 on the local parish bingo last Tuesday and I may just reinvest in the boys at 7/4. You have to speculate to accumulate as they say….

  3. I don’t think the old chestnuts about “it’s only March”, “it’s only the league”, “won’t make any difference come the summer” necessarily apply to this one. It’s been years since we’ve had a start this good to the league and right now we are taking momentum into round 4 instead of being one loss away from staring relegation in the face. The fact that we have a chance to put ourselves in serious contention for badly-needed silverware, despite injuries and experimentation in the forwards and backs, is very encouraging.

    We badly need a result against Dublin. Five years without a win against our biggest nemesis is too long. A marker must be put down for the summer. The confidence-boost alone for the squad would be massive. Our record against the top-four in the league in recent years has been poor. Nothing like winning games to get a team winning games.

    Rochford should persist with the same blend of youth and experience that has been shown so far. I would place Gibbons and Parsons in midfield. Should be enough to match Fenton and Macauley. If Diarmuid Connolly is to start I would put Stephen Coen on him. He did a satisfactory job on him in the AI replay. Keegan could be kept in reserve in case we need additional firepower in the 2nd half. We should at least experiment with finishing with our best team. Boland and Newcombe to start. Shane Nally would be a good option in the half-backs, perhaps as a sweeper. We cannot allow ourselves to be opened up as we were against Roscommon. Harrison should start. Loftus and Irwin to come in the second half.

    Dublin always seem to have a plan for Aidan O’Shea. I am interested to see we get on against Dublin without him, how do the Dubs intend to marshall the likes of the O’Connors, Kev McLoughlin and Andy Moran. Perhaps him being injured is a blessing in disguise, as it gives us scope to employ a more varied attacking plan. The kind of coring spread we got against Roscommon is exactly what we’ve been missing over the years. Anything close to hat against a team like Dublin and I think we will be looking at a good night in Croker.

  4. Experience is key. Fringe players need to experience the real heat of battle v Dublin. Moran, Keegan etc will have nothing to learn from another game v Dublin.
    Beating Dublin on Saturday would be nice but gaining experience and nous that will allow us to pick from an experienced panel of 30 come the business end of the season would be even sweeter.
    Winning on Sat wont define our season nor will loosing. But the lessons learned and the experience gained is what will define it.

  5. No doubt we will give as fine performance. But Dublin will as also want to best us in order to keep us away from them. I take Dublin, this is a game they want with Kerry coming up soon. Coldrick the referee ? Who’d have believed it.

  6. D.Clarke. B. Harrison, S. Coen, K. Higgins. D. Vaughan. L. Keegan, C.Boyle, P. Durcan. T. Parsons, J. Gibbons. F. Boland, K. Mc Loughlin, D. O Connor, A. Moran, C. O Connor. What do ye think?????

  7. Another handy one for Mayo here.

    No i havn’t been into town or on the high stool.

    A long unbeaten run like this of 32 games and over 2 years eventually becomes like a millstone around the neck for those trying to extend it. Dublin have already reached that stage and needed “Dublin Joe” to guide them home against Tyrone when the record should have gone. Donegal was another near miss. Mayo will end it on Saturday night and when the Dubs wake up on Sunday morning they will feel relieved and will be grateful to us for lifting a weight off their shoulders.

    The Dublin based (biased) media which won them the All Ireland last October is now a hindrance to them with the constant references to and reminders of the “unbeaten run”. Pressure has built. Expectations are high. They will be relieved men on Saturday night when it all comes to an end. Not even a Meath referee will get in the way of the wheel turning.

  8. I seem to remember a similar post last year and indeed the year befoee Jim Flag. That wheel is a long time turning!

  9. Quote from Ultair

    “If Diarmuid Connolly is to start I would put Stephen Coen on him. He did a satisfactory job on him in the AI replay. ”

    Diarmuid Connolly was injured after 10 or 15 minutes of drawn game. Other than penalty in replay, I don’t think he kicked a ball with his right foot in both games. Lets not put Coen at that level right now, hopefully he will come through for Mayo.
    But a reality check may be required.

  10. I agree with Ultair keep Keegan in reserve with Loftus and Irwin ….I would like to see how Kirby wouldgo in around centre forward or even full forward as he hasnt had much game time since Monaghan game….Gibbons and Parsons in midfield look a great partnership with Diurmuid backing them up…Newcombe could be under a lot of pressure might change him for Harrison….looking forward to see how Boland does on wide spaces of Croker he is a great outlet and always looke to go forward no lateral thinking there….Mayo to win by 4 pts

  11. Looking forward to this one, I have to say. I expect the quality on display Saturday evening to be a notch up from the first three rounds of the league.

    Outside of League title ambitions, I’m not sure how much value you could place on the result. Alot depends on the teams fielded. A Dublin team missing Jack McCaffery and James McCarthy due to injury is one thing, but Diarmuid Connolly, Bernard Brogan and Paddy Andrews probably won’t feature either. Of the new blood, Scully is really the only one shining.

    Mayo’s bench scored 0-6 last time out, albeit against the Rossies, who were dire at times. There seems to be more depth there than in the last few campaigns. Stuffing Kerry at home is no shoddy feat either.

    I expect a cagey start and a frantic finish. Hope the rain holds off.

    Dubs need the win to steady recent form, which hasn’t been outstanding.
    Mayo need the win to gun for a league final spot, and to kill off the ten-game no-win-streak they’ve built up against the boys in blue.

    Discipline is Key, if you were studying deadball excellence in Gaelic Football, this is the game you’d watch. Rock Vs O’Connor may very well we worth the entry fee alone. Fouls committed within 40 meters of goal will be punished severely by both sides. Tackling will need to be crisp.

    Dubs by two on a late surge.

  12. Dublin seem to be in some deliberate training phase in recent games. A lot of Kilkenny type play at 3/4 pace then move it to the man out wide to thread in a pass. If just hasn’t been the Dublin I’m used to with them going very direct and quick down the centre.
    Eoghan OGara looks mobile and sharp again.
    I think we’re just in a better place coming into the game. I think we can tog a lot of speed over the 70 mins. We have the more in form centre forward at the moment and a bit more settled play. Mayo to pull well clear and just hang on.

  13. I’d love to see us put in a great display of football at the weekend. One thing I noticed about the goals scored against Dublin is that you have to try and put the Dublin defence on the back foot. The likes of McMahon, Cooper and McCarthy etc. love to get forward, so it would be great to put pressure on them going the other way. The Dublin defender’s love to play from the front so the key is to get the ball into that area between Cluxton and the full-back line, that’s easier said than done. If you look at Ryan McHugh’s goal the last day, that’s the way it was scored, getting the ball into the danger area and recycling to the runners through the middle. An ideal situation for Diarmuid O’Connor to exploit. Of course we have to keep things tight at the back too. Roll on the game!

  14. I’m in two minds whether to go to Croke Park or not I’ll prob go up to have my ticket scanned but that replay defeat In October destroyed me there’s only so much pain a man can take in Croke Park

  15. Have had this in my diary since the fixtures were announced. Really looking forward to a great occasion under the lights. Just hope the weather is dry and we can have a great game. Undoubtedly the memories of last October will come flooding back as I enter the ground but this is another year and only the present and future matters now. Lets hope for a great turnout for our boys.

  16. To be honest, I don’t really mind personally whether we win or lose this, as long as the display is decent and our less experienced panel members get some game time. The lads however might thrive on the psychological boost a win would give them and for that reason alone, it would be good to get a result.

    Despite being referred to elsewhere today as naturally optimistic in relation to Mayo football, I’m not overly hopeful about this one, but I think Ultair makes an excellent point above – it will be interesting to see how we fare without Aidan, for whom the Dubs always have a plan. I’d wager we’ll do just fine, thank you very much. We have two smart young cookies in the middle of the field with exceptional movement – a fully fit Diarmuid O’Connor and an agile, intelligent Fergal Boland and I can’t wait to see how they get on in terms of distributing ball.

    Despite what we read about Dublin’s weakness being in their back line, they are well able to play defensive football and employ the blanket when needed. Attacking quickly is important, and getting ball into a smartly-placed full-forward line is an area it’s patently clear we need to really work on, never mind our defence. Too many times there is no-one inside calling for ball and we are wasting opportunities and turning over possession. Therefore I’d really like to see Irwin in there on Saturday – his movement is instinctive and given a chance, he could inflict damage.

    All in all, an intriguing battle lies ahead. But all that said, there is only one time of year beating Dublin matters, and it’s not in March.

  17. I’ve been to Croker once so far this year and it finished up pretty well for the Mayo club that day.

  18. I’d take a shite performance and a win to be honest in this game over any other in the league. A win is a win against these lads and we are well overdue one. It plants the seed of doubt, league or not. In 2014, the draw in Croke Park, was like a championship game. I think this is primed to be similar given all the circumstances, ie 4 games in and implications with the result.

    Really looking forward to it.

  19. Have to go with MayoMark on this. We need a win at this point. Think forward to a potential meeting later in the year. It would be better for the team and management up to that point to have a win. Gives them more belief that their training and preparations are working.

  20. We need to break that 5 year cycle. Its important for the psyche of the players to prove to themselves that they can beat this current Dublin team. However, to do by blending our full spectrum of experience would be the best possible outcome. For that reason I would like to see Loftus, Boland and Kirby start with the likes of Irwin, Newcombe and Nally coming in off the bench.

  21. Not bothered about the result really, just happy to have 4 points in the bag at this stage. I feel people have looked to much into a win over a brutal Roscommon team. I think we’d have had a better chance of beating the Dubs if they had won all 3 games, instead, I feel they’ll be even more determined to beat us. Dublin by 5.

  22. I hear ya backdoor sam!i gave up the drink after that one and sworn not to touch it again till we win an all ireland!

  23. Obviously no objections raised by county board or supporters about Leinster refs reffing when one of the two teams is from Leinster. I don’t understand why there are not at least two senior refs from each province. It’s not right. Should be a Munster/Ulster ref for this match.

    This is the match Mayo have targeted. Mayo to win and I can’t wait. If only it was late in the summer though!

  24. I’m going for a right good performance with a big emphasis on the tackle, the accurate delivery and that line breaking run……and that is where the result will be decided…it don’t change. Get the basics in order and then we ll see!!!
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of happy Mayo faces after this one!

  25. Dublin have had two tough games against northern opposition.. whereas we are coming in from beating a very average Rossi team. This game will tell us where teams are at preparation wise but I don’t think it will tell us a lot else. Like everyone I’m really looking forward to a cracking game of football and if the results come our way good and well.

  26. Mayo might win on Saturday, but anyone who thinks that we’ll win comfortably is highly mistaken. I can’t believe some of the overly optimistic comments here.

  27. I’m going for a good helmet and a deep bunker as if Mayo don’t up their game in defence in this battle this could be a disaster. The Dubs won’t be as forgiving as Roscommon or the youthful suckers of Kerry when it comes to goal opportunities. I hope ye do it but to be honest but I’m in the bunker with my ears blocked.
    Mayo have always had great defenders but ye have been a little luckily thus far regarding goal opportunities, we should have had 3-4 and the Rosie’s should have gad 2-3 , enough said …

    The Kerry management and team have got a bellyfulo of the ill informed bloggers views in radio and print but the pyramid builders will care little I expect. I think Roscommon will feel the wrath it I can’t say for sure ,,,,

  28. Actually the key to this game for Mayo is how our forwards do against the Dublin defence – they have become very solid at the back and we struggled for scores in open play against them last September ( after Keegan’s goal in the replay we relied mainly on COC’s frees). So we need to get between 14 to 16 points to win I think – I hope we crack their defence this time.

    Another thing. The player that has done us the most damage in these games the last 2 years is McAuley; coming off the bench and making strong runs at our defence (that’s how Costello got his points in the replay and the year before he caught the 2 kickouts where Dublin got their 2 goals). We need a plan for him if he’s coming off the bench in the 2nd half.

  29. Have to say having watched Mayo’s last two games, I get the impression that they have added a new dimension to their overall play, in terms of game management, and composure. I also feel that the new additions have already made an impact and will surely continue to improve with more game time. Already, you get the sense that the forward division will be more balanced this year. Been impressed with Boland – as he combines those qualities, creativity and ability to finish. I think Diarmuid, when fully fit, would be suited to the role Ml. Donnellan played for Galway – operating from the middle third and taking play forward at pace. To see the new players settling in, and competing with Dublin, especially in the physical exchanges in my book would be great at this stage. This will build their confidence for the greater tests later in the year, when you will also have the experienced O’Se’s back.

  30. Sorry but that should have said “but I can’t say say for sure” and the earlier error of bellyful ,,

  31. The last 2 wins were against weak opposition but the movement was very good against the Rossies. The first time we really overran a team in a long time. That will give the lads confidence for the remaining games. We do need to be a bit tighter at the back though Keegan and Harrison returning is a boost. I think Harry should be started instead of Newcombe and besides that Gibbons has played his way in though Parsons might start ahead of COS who is working hard but not scoring enough. Keegan could be kept in reserve though P Durcan would want to get his shooting boots back. Nevertheless we were winning handy so some shooting practice is acceptable.
    Our passing inside and running off the shoulder were both top drawer the last day but shot selection not always great. Cillian wasn’t quite as influential in 2nd half and played very deep.
    Several players were good for about 45 mins, Andy, COS, Boland and Regan who maybe kept it going a bit longer. Subs should start coming on at 45. Would like to see Irwin and Kirby inside but the Regan and Andy won so much ball the last day would be reluctant to drop them. Maybe they’ll be the 2 subs though Loftus looks a real talent.

  32. Sinead why worry so much about where the ref is from? Dublin played Donegal with an Ulster ref. We need to stop constantly thinking refs are out to get us.

  33. I see some posters saying they would be happy with a good performance regardless of the result. Absolutely not! for psychological reasons we need to win this one and lay down a marker.
    We are a few weeks ahead of Dublin regardless if they bring back the likes of Cian O’Sullivan/Jonny Cooper/Connolly/Andrews/MDMA (but to name a few) for their first game. To lose to them knowing their not at full tilt will cause serious confidence damage to Mayo consciously or subconsciously come the business end of the championship.
    To win I feel we must play a sweeper. Conceded some awful goal chances against the Rossies and Kerry, against Dublin they will punish us. Our half back line attacked so much against Roscommon it left our full back line exposed badly. Would hope Harrison starts instead of Newcombe and Parsons comes in for COS. Also would worry about Jason Gibbons against top class opposition. He needs to be more aggressive and harder in the tackle if he wants to cut the mustard at county level. Would like to see Keegan/Loftus coming on with 20 to go and pushing on and winning this one.

    I really think we will win this one if we play a sweeper and take our chances. We should be hungrier and in better shape than them. Cant wait for it now up Mayo!

  34. Unless we tighten up at the back, we could be in for a hammering on Sat night. The space at the back in all our league matches so far has been unbelievable. Time to get our act together this weekend or get a serious reality check.

  35. I did notice alright that our backs went on some attacking spree the other night. Paddy Durcan made a lot of forays, was he lined in the corner or did he really play wing back? Keith and Donie did a lot of attacking too. Newcombe and Coen and Boyler stayed back a bit more though Newcombe who really was the only one to fully stay back was exposed in one on ones by Smith who looks a decent player.
    A few points came off the attacker nearest to Paddy Durcan.
    Countering the mad level of attacking Gibbons, Diarmaid and Kevin Mc did a lot of sweeping.

  36. Have to disagree on Gibbons being a risk at Dublin level though we won’t know for sure until this game. His work rate, distribution and tackling were all good and is a more natural midfielder than Coen. Sure Dublin will have a far better midfield but I think SOS in serious threat of losing the jersey. Midfield ideally suited to Diarmaid too. Conor OS style a bit like Jason Doc as regards work rate but with it having an effect on his scoring rate. Boland really good for a light lad and both Boland and Loftus making a big case because of their accuracy percentage. Can’t see Dillon if he returns getting a look in with this level of competition. AOS will be worried about his jersey too because the pace we played at the other night is how Rochford Co will want to play. Paudie OS dropped Maurice Fitz a legend of the game to the bench because he wanted a super fast moving forward unit.

  37. Think we’re in a great position heading into this one with 4 points in the bag. I’d certainly have taken that after the Monaghan game. We’re under no real pressure from a relegation perspective with two very winnable home games to come so losing is not the end of the world.

    Hard to know where we’re at. Were we that good or were the Rossies just terrible ? We played one half against Kerry and could have been beaten at half time. Monaghan was a poor show but forgivable on a first day out.

    What i want to see against the Dubs is a solid defence, as gamechanger and others have noted, if we leave our backline exposed like in the last two games, I feel there is no way we can win this one. It’s a very winnable game if we get our defense right and get stuck into them.

    The winner of this one will be in a strong position to win the League so we should go for it, get the psychological boost and keep that winning habit and momentum going. Go out and win every game from now until October – take over that unbeaten mantle from the Dubs.

  38. We really need to win this game anyway we can and put down a marker. Then go on and confirm it by winning league. It’s time to embed a winning mentality to bring to championship.

  39. bit off topic – i have two extra hogan tickets , if anyone has any interest in them?????
    i know the tickets aren’t like hens teeth given it isn’t a sell out,but just said id ask the quesiton anyway,
    and see if they are of any interest to anyone !
    they are in sectoin 334 row j


  40. Well done Willie Joe, I also got 10 out of 10 in that quiz.
    Show some respect posters.

  41. I belive we have a great chance Sat evening because bar the 2 Osheas we now already have a better squad than we did last Sept/Oct …Look at our subs in the replay when we were crying out for someone to stick it over the bar or direct running through the heart of vDublin defence Barry Moran his best days are behind him and was never a forward Alan Dillon again same as Barry and was injured Chris Barrett has been injured for nearly 3 years Coen done well when he came on as did Conor Oshea as did David Clarke.
    We now have a better squad fresher with pace and scoring forwards remember we have also added Adam Gallagher When we get Aidan and Seamus back that shoud be it that’s our championship aquad for May
    I know they have been great servants but the days are numberd for Chris Barrett Barry Moran Alan Dillon and Alan Freeman has already left the big stage for now……Its time to give the new lads their chance and I believe they wii take it and the Dubs tomoro night….

  42. I got 10/10 too in the end, though I admit I had to rack my brains for ages to remember who Hennelly brought down in the square for that penalty! Just couldn’t remember … maybe it was my mind trying to protect me by blocking it out …

    Anyway following my post above the closer it gets to this game the more I’m starting to care about getting the win. I’d still rather get it in September, but to get both wouldn’t be a bad old outcome either. If this sows the seeds of doubt then it would be well worth it. Either way, it’s going to be a humdinger.

  43. Jennifer…Need to get a couple of tkts so I’ll take them off your hands..If you still have them.

  44. That’s sound Regina, I’m staying in the croke park hotel would that suit you to meet there tomorrow ?

  45. Just looking at the super duper official Mayo GAA website. Player profiles – photos of players, no details Site includes fellas that have departed the panel – Freezer, Carolan and so on.

    Willie Joe would you ever lend them a hand there – you’ll have it updated by midnight tomorrow, in between your podcast, audio report and match write up. And probably a 100k cycle in the morning.

  46. This is a game to test some of our most inexperienced players. There is no better stage or opposition. Winning is not as important at this stage in the competition. You would think that league titles are handed out on the first weekend of March with the way some posters write about it. Great if we win, but I do not believe there is any extra points given to the team that manage to end the long run of the Dubs.

  47. Re. Freespoonwitheverytub.
    You are a bit harsh with comments on Barry Moran and Alan Dillon. And why I say that is your comment that when we have Aiden and Seamus back we will win Sam.
    To be honest I’d rather have Barry and Alan back before the O’Sheas. At least Barry and Alan would turn a match around if we were losing, but not the other boys. The way things are moving all 4 may not be required. Its now great to see no player has a divine right to be sure of his place, and if he has let it be earned on merit not on who is who. Best of luck to all involved tomorrow night.

  48. Gamechanger 10 I agree with your point of view regarding tomorrow night. I hope we do not concede goals to the Dubs but it is on the cards in my opinion. While I would love to see Mayo win this one, and we would be doing Kerry a BIG favour, I do not believe we have seen the true Kerry colors so far. Therefore the game I want to see is Dublin v Kerry in Tralee. The young Kerry footballers we saw v Mayo are part of the overall plan for the visit of the Dubs complete with their 33 game unbeaten run, and that point has not been lost on some of us. If they come away from that one they will have shown their hand and earned their victory.

  49. Lads, off the point of this weekends match. Just on the season tickets. The gaa are saying my dads ticket is not on their records as being scanned from the Roscommon game so will not update his attendance. They’re saying the usual line of no reported issues. Has anyone else experienced this issue with them?

  50. David Clarke;
    Donie Newcombe, Keith Higgins, Paddy Durcan;
    Stephen Coen, Colm Boyle, David Drake;
    Donal Vaughan, Jason Gibbons;
    Fergal Boland, Kevin McLoughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor;
    Evan Regan, Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran.

  51. True Grit….Where would you play Barry Moran midfielders these days havecto be mobile and track runs make runs ie Tom Parsons Fenton and David Moran … Barry was brought on twice in drawn final and replay in full forward and we now have better options in there ie Loftus Irwin Andy Cillian Regan and Aidan….The game has got so fast nowadays its all about pace and mobility skill and Strenght…The 2 O Sheas added to this squad with a fit Ger Caff and we will take some beating….

  52. This is straight forward. Mayo will win. They are and have been the better team. Rocheford is stronger and is the better for a second season. He will bring home Sam and this is a preliminary for things to come.

  53. “They are and have been the better team”. Muckle what games have you been watching the last 3 years? Totally incorrect. Maybe we will win Saturday but that comment is just nonsense.

  54. We will bring Sam home .. YAWN ..

    Let’s just concentrate on a good performance on Saturday night .. I don’t think newcombe will start .. expect Tom to start with Donie dropping back .. weather will prob have a say on things ..

  55. DUBLIN (SF v Mayo)

    1 Stephen Cluxton Parnell’s
    2 Philly McMahon Ballymun Kickhams
    3 Michael Fitzsimons Cuala
    4 David Byrne Nh Olaf
    5 Darren Daly Fingal Ravens
    6 John Small Ballymun Kickhams
    7 Eric Lowndes St Peregrine’s
    8 Brian Fenton Raheny
    9 Michael Darragh Macauley Ballyboden St Enda’s
    10 Niall Scully Templeogue Synge St
    11 Dean Rock Ballymun Kickhams
    12 Shane B Carthy St Vincent’s
    13 Ciarán Kilkenny Castleknock
    14 Eoghan O’Gara Templeogue Synge St
    15 Conor McHugh Na Fianna

    You would expect to see a couple of changes to each team before throw-in.

  56. I think we will see changes before throw in. The key issue is whether we have a sweeper or not. Personally I would avoid the sweeper but instead have a midfielder drop back quickly when they start their attack. A forward drops into midfield to cover there. We need Kevin McLoughlin playing in attack. I think that is what SR was trying the last few games and it seems to have worked fairly well so far. Midfield therefore would have to be very mobile and very fit which is why I think Diarmuid O Connor should play there alongside Tom Parsons. If that combination works and our new forward setup comes good there could be interesting times ahead as regards selection.
    This is a crucial game for lots of reasons. For me it is mostly because it is giving young fellas a chance. If they measure up then happy days ahead!

  57. @ MUCKLE, think your taken the p,ss , or else the few Friday night beers , we have not beaten the dubs in 5 years with the best and most dedicated bunch of players we have had the pleasure of supporting or am I a pessimist

  58. Fully expect at least 5 changes between both starting 15’s come throw in tomorrow evening. Just wish teams would just name dere teams and get on with it. Mayo to win ??

  59. Team for Dubs clash shows one change from Ros game.
    Most unlikely to lineout as selected.
    David drake comes in for Conor O shea..

  60. I hope this is fair comment! I am surprised with Drake’s inclusion. I thought he was very poor against Kerry and when Nally came in, Nally played much better than him. I also didn’t think he played well against Monaghan. I think they have plenty of options, Parsons to come in and Vaughan to go back, Harrison to come in and Durcan to push up or Keegan to come in. So I am surprised he’s back in.
    I’ll be even more surprised if there is a change made and Drake doesn’t start. To announce him in the starting 15 for the second week in a row and not start him would needless, pointless and downright disrespectful, in my opinion.
    It’s a surprising one either way.

  61. This looks like the same team that was named last week. Drake was dropped and Conor o shea came in. I don’t expect to see Newcombe or drake with parsons and Harrison coming in.

    Harrison Vaughan Higgins.
    Keagan Coen. Boyle
    Gibbons Parsons
    Boland COC DOC
    Mcloughlin Moran

    cillian and Kevin rotating

    Subs I’d like to see
    Nally loftus Regan Kirby o donoghue

    AOS has his work cut out to fit into a very mobile forward line. No disrespect he still has a lot to offer. This might be the kick up the arse he needs. He never seemed inform last year. Maybe it was the switching and changing. Would like to see him settle in one position but I think he is to easily marked as a inside forward with teams double marking him.

  62. MAYO: David Clarke; Donie Newcombe, Keith Higgins, Paddy Durcan; Stephen Coen, Colm Boyle, David Drake; Donal Vaughan, Jason Gibbons; Fergal Boland, Kevin McLoughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor; Evan Regan, Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran.

  63. 2 or 3 changes, can’t see Mayo starting without Tom Parsons. Hope for the sake of both teams and sets of supporters that the weather is nothing like what we are induring in Mayo today.. It’s not a great surface in the wet. Spoke to two Mayo panel members, both unlikely to feature I would say. But I liked the attitude they both had. I’ll go with my instint Mayo to win, rain or shine!

  64. Yeah scores count and the dubs have three AI’s in the last five years. But who can say honestly that the best team won those three AI’s. I am not taking the piss and I am not on the piss. Dublin are simply a lucky team and up to now we have been unlucky. Napoleon was right when he said when recruiting a lieutenant ” Is he lucky”. To win the most coveted prize you need skill, hard work, a ref who makes decisions in your favour and a bit of luck. I believe that some day all of these stars will align for Mayo. It is the law of probability. Mayo have been the best football team in the last five years. Jim Gavin is afraid of Mayo and he knows his luck will run out some day soon. Tomorrow will be that day.

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