Dubs match refixed for this Saturday at 2pm

Part II with the Dubs has now been refixed for this coming Saturday (18th February) at McHale Park with a 2pm throw-in. There was some idle chatter about the place this morning about maybe playing the refixed game (which is not a “replay” contrary to what the Twitterati would have one believe) at Croke Park but that was never going to happen, not least because we’d then have been left with just two home league matches this year.

I don’t know what the story is about tickets, price in at the gate (if any) and all that side of things but I guess that’ll be clarified at some point before too long. Likewise I don’t know if Mother Superior Duffy and his whistle will be gracing McHale Park with his presence again the next day.

What I do know, however, is that there’s no way (indeed, no bleedin’ way) I’ll be able to make it back down to the west for this one. Moreover, I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to follow the action during the afternoon or post anything about the game later on. This is because we’ll be away from base for mid-term purposes over the weekend until some point on Sunday and I wasn’t planning on being networked while we’re away. Looks like you could be on your own for this one, hombres.

8 thoughts on “Dubs match refixed for this Saturday at 2pm

  1. Interesting to note that despite our 17.5 million debt, last Saturday used up our allocation of floodlit games for the year. Great value, those floodlights!!

  2. Will they do the programmes for cost price? I don’t know if any of us would be able to step in your shoes for match reporting WJ 🙂

  3. You can all form an orderly queue there, boys and girls – added marks for the job will go to someone with a good broadband connection, a knowledge of using WordPress and a willingness to get the whole thing up on the site by around 8pm on Saturday evening!

  4. With Mayo players playing for Connacht i don’t think this game was ever fixed for this date?

  5. Looking forward to the “replay” for free. The programme for the last game will be a collector’s item yet. Has a match been put off before because of fog.
    When is the Mayo panel going to Portugal for the training camp?

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