Dubs stroll to four-in-a-row

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Well, that was a poor old final.

In fairness to Tyrone they weren’t beaten out the gate, as I’d thought they would be. But they never looked like they might win it once Dublin had reeled in their early lead and, despite the small bit of interest that Tyrone’s converted penalty injected into the tie inside the last ten minutes, in the end Dublin won at a canter.

From our perspective we can, of course, take some pride in the fact that – unlike poor old Tyrone – we made Dublin fight every inch of the way for their titles in 2016 and again in 2017. Those gladiatorial contests were light-years in difference to this afternoon’s tepid title decider and, when Dublin emerged from those two finals with the silverware, they knew full well they’d been in a real battle. Today, by contrast, was a walk in the park for them.

But that’s all the comfort we can take, I’m afraid. We can’t claim we’d have done better than Tyrone did today, for the simple fact that we ourselves were unable to win Connacht, unable to negotiate the qualifiers, unable to make the so-called Super 8s. We provided no proof this year that would justify any lofty after-the-fact predictions about how we might have fared in this year’s final.

We can’t, in truth, look to the future with too much optimism either. But, then again, neither can many other counties when surveying the behemoth that now bestrides the game.

Dublin won the four-in-a-row today not with – as Kerry did a generation ago – the same exceptional bunch of individuals. Instead, this is a team that keeps replenishing its ranks with what looks like effortless ease. In former days, big names like Brogan, Flynn and Connolly all made telling efforts in All-Ireland finals but they were onlookers today, the latter no longer even on the panel.

After their failure to complete the five-in-a-row in 1982, Kerry’s ageing titans were still able to redouble their efforts and, with a few tweaks to the side, were back soon afterwards to feast on a follow-up three-in-a-row. Their Golden Age spanned eleven years – how long, one wonders, will Dublin’s?

How about forever? It’s not, you know, beyond the bounds of possibility. All those many advantages heaped on them – not Dublin’s fault, comes the refrain: true, but it’s someone’s fault that they’ve been allowed to accumulate them unchecked – allied to superb organisation and the birth of the association’s only (almost) professional outfit, has now brought its force to bear with full, depressing effect.

The GAA needs a strong Dublin. So the saying used to go, so ran the argument for all the Bertie money – still washing into the coffers – and all the rest. Well, with five League titles and six All-Ireland wins for the Dubs so far this decade, it’s safe to conclude that the GAA has got its wish. Now, though, it must prepare to reap the whirlwind that could well follow in its wake.

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  1. Well done to Dublin, an achievement that can not be understated. I would love if it was us that stopped them going the five in a row in next years final.

  2. Fair dues to a great Dublin team but future doesn’t look so great to ALL other counties, not to kind Mayo!

  3. Dublin have a conveyor belt of exceptional talent and the challenge for positions is what drives their motivation to come back each year and maintain these high levels of consistency. They are well ahead of the chasing pack and I’m not even sure we will catch upto them now again. We have rattled them the past few years when we got a chance but they were just that bit better than us and got the rub of the green on the day coming second doesn’t stand for a whole lot when the history books are written. It would be a dream come through to stop the 5 in a row while seeing mayo win an all Ireland but with our current situation I think it is highly unlikely. We have a serious amount of work to do both on and off the pitch before we can even think about being considered a top 4 team next year.

  4. Hi All….best of luck to Mayo in 2019 and I genuinely wish you all the very best with your new manager and I know Mayo will always give it 100%. I’m obviously a very proud man this evening but I didn’t post this message to be smug in fact I honestly wish you Mayo the very best next year.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  5. Just One is all we want .Just One.
    Tyrone were wasteful in the final third and didn’t get to grips with Dublin’s kickout ,conceding to many turnovers was there ultimate downfall .
    A very small ray of hope for Mayo and the rest was the Dublin fullback line looked ropy( be it without O Sullivan for most of the match ) and Small temperament resurfacing again.
    Other than that there’s very few chinks in there Armour .

  6. Well done Dublin. They are one serious outfit and there just seems to be no end in sight for this team. Would love too see Mayo dethrone them next year and end our famine. That would be some achievement but I’m not so sure anymore. Agree with you Willie Joe it wasn’t the best final I’ve seen and nothing like the last few Mayo battles with them.

  7. Congratulations Martin. I hope you enjoy it and that Mayo can at least try to stop 5 in a row, but I have a feeling it will be more than 5 in a row, maybe 6 or 7.

  8. I would’nt quite go along with you, Willie Joe, thaat today was a walk in the park for the Dubs in comparison with the battles with Mayo the past two years. True, once Dublin got their heads in front you could’nt see them losing but they had a fair old battle to to keep their noses in front. Admittedly Tyrone helped considerably with their wayward shooting. I was a bit surprised that when Dublin weathered the mini storm after half time they did not go on to stretch the lead and win easily. Tyrone will, I think, take great encouragement from today and could be a real handful in 2019. And hopefully they, and others, will abandon the old defensive style and play football as it should be played, trying to win rather avoid a heavy defeat.

  9. Well done Martin the Dub and to all Dublin football people, what a team, today was really about the superb collective effort that is the Dublin squad. Yes they are still a remarkable set of individuals but they have evolved once again. And for any of you who missed Lee Keegan sign off on radio 1 at 6pm when asked can anyone stop them next year from achieving the 5 in a row “Definitely, I know a bunch of lads who will be rearing to get at them (or words to that effect)”….brilliant, lets do it all over again in 2019 please God.

  10. I tip my hat to this Dublin team and to Jaden and Martin the Dub here on this site.
    People may point to that penalty decision but like Leeroy said on RTE Radio, there’s no point sulking, you have to get on with it.
    Dublin controlled everything after that and I think Tyrone had maybe 16-17 wides in total so the better team won for sure.
    But who better than a rejuvenated Mayo to stop the drive for five?

  11. Agree with all you have said Willie Joe, hard to compete with Dublin when they have so many advantages, I read Ewan McKenna’s article in the Sunday paper today, and basically the future is not bright for the rest of the 31 counties, I wonder if all counties had the same amount of money where would Dublin be, they always had the population advantage and were not winning like they are this decade, Sam to reside in Dublin for the next couple of years, until he can’t afford the rent that is.

  12. Congratulations Martin the Dub, Jaden and all decent salt of the earth Dublin football people enjoy the celebrations

  13. An utterly depressing end to an awful season of football. I just cannot see this organization being stopped and I mean organization because Dublin are far more than just a team. The age profile of that team today was scary. True they’re probably not going to win every all Ireland from here out but they’ll be close. Perhaps Kerry may give them a game in a few years and maybe we’ll get our act together but I doubt Dublin will go two years without an an Ireland again. I think I’ll take up watching a fairer competition like maybe the Russian presidential election.

  14. Well done to the dubs and to their genuine supporters such as Martin the Dub and Jaden. Hope their minority of key board warriors who were obsessed with all things Mayo in the last two years can take a break and celebrate what is a fantastic achievement. Tyrone ok but I expected them to be closer. It was over by half time. And as for that fool brolly going on about how good Mayo must have been to put it up to the dubs, well stuff it Joe. We know how good we have been from 2012 to 2017 even if you only realised it today.

  15. Firstly, for your kind words, and genuine platitudes, I personally am grateful. Honestly, it was comforting to not be at the absolute edge of your sanity heading into injury time for once.

    It was a good win today. And I’m a very happy man tonight. But in itself it is not the be all and end all of things.

    Today was when the Dubs won the right to challenge for the Holy Grail of Football. Five in a row.

    If you think you’ve seen Dublin Hungry, wait until you see them next year. Eternal Glory Awaits.

    See you guys in the league, and maybe later on too. The Champo was a poorer place for the absence of Mayo, even if it means being a rather large thorn in our sides.

  16. I agree that Dublin are the greatest team of the modern era and this may continue for some time – we can only marvel! If anyone is to stop them in the future it will be Kerry – 5 in-a-row minor winners today – they have a serious conveyor belt of talent coming through. The thought is slightly depressing because its not as if Kerry are paupers on the All-Ireland titles front either! As for Mayo – we have the dubious title of being the greatest team of this decade not to have won the All-Ireland but all any of us can do is keep supporting our county and never give up. It was encouraging to hear Leeroy on radio 1 saying that the lads are itching to go for next year. The manager is just one (vital!) piece of the jigsaw but you need the players as well. As an aside: I hope the Mayo County Board watched today’s final to see how one-sided it was against a Mickey Harte team and consider the job that Stephen Rochford had done to get Mayo so close to the Dubs in the two previous years. It only serves to show what huge credit he deserved.

  17. Well done to the dubs.
    Tyrone wasteful on the day and because of that never really rattled the dubs. Very old fashioned tactic but it looks like high ball in is the only thing that makes this Dublin team uncomfortable. Maybe two or three 6ft 6in men on the edge of the square is the way to go.
    On the Rochford situation, people asking what has him on news night before AI and on radio today. Well it either one of three things, to try and embarrass the mayo cb, money, or some sort of ego trip. Why does our county problem have to be a national issue. If you want to tell your side of the story Stephen, we have our own local radio and several local newspapers. The rest of the country don’t give a shit about you or us or the mayo team. We are only their figure of fun.
    We also had James Horan, lee keegan, Cora Staunton, aidan o shea in Dublin for all Ireland previews (why not ex dubs and Tyrone players) throw in David Brady over the last week too. Even Jim Mc Guinness was mayo connected the past week. Why? So that they could all be prodded with questions to provide cheap gaa headlines and of course a bit of a laugh at our expense to fill the void left by the low key build ups of Dublin and Tyrone. And of course that’s exactly what they’ve gotten. I for one am fed up to the teeth of if.

  18. what is ROCHFORD at ?. imo he regrets resigning from the managers job.if he still wants to manage MAYO in 2019 all is not lost.he should phone mike connelly and tell him he wants to continue in the position. i think the county board are shocked he resigned because i am sure 2019 can be mayo’s year.i think the county board will reinstate him immediatly. BUT stephen has to swallow his pride and make the phone call.there is nothing to lose and he wont spend his life wondering what might have happened.i think stephen still has a lot to contribute to mayo football.

  19. Not the most gracious commentary there, Willie Joe. Regardless of the advantages (both real and perceived), the sporting, footballing, physical, motivational and organisational performance of the Dublin outfit is still worthy of acknowledgment, as per plenty of the comments already added here. The Dublin players that were involved today and all year (and previous years) still had to make the sacrifices, face down the challenges, deal with the pressures, take the hits and produce at the highest level. Their attitude and abilities and achievements stand out as remarkable against any sporting comparison and deserve plaudits just on that basis.
    The point about unfair some advantage has merit and should addressed over time but it’s not as simple as “Dublin has more population and therefore gets more money and therefore wins everything”. The national GAA challenge is more subtle than that.
    And don’t forget, dynasties have risen in the past, in all walks of life and the consensus was that they would remain forever … until they didn’t.
    But for now, we should give fair dues to those young men who performed and set the latest highest standard for the football. The bar has been raised, just as it has been raised many times in the past. But the bar never stays in place forever.

    PS All that said, I am rejoicing in the dream land that is 4 in a row…

  20. I’m amazed at the number of posters, like Jimbo here, who do not actually know what a County Board is. Mayo Co Board may well be shocked at Rochford’s resignation but they have zero influence on what is happening. The real power resides with the Executive and probably with a clique within that Executive who, to overcome the rule preventing people occupying positions for years up on years, rotate the top positions among themselves, i.e Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Connacht Council delegates [2] and Central Council delegate [1] and, when it comes to Mayo’s turn, Connacht Council Vice Chairman/Chairman designate. Any other officer has to show himself/herself worthy of admittance to that circle by singing from the approved hymnsheet, in tune without dropping a note, over a period of years.
    The Co Board is the above plus the club delegates who are the plebs and who certainly will not make it into the select if they ask awkward questions. I have been one of those club delegates for many years [not in Mayo]. I have always had an unfortunate habit of asking the wrong question.

  21. Loreto Road,
    Perhaps you would like to outline the main GAA subtilies apart from Dublin’s population and resources which are likely to affect the destination of the main titles over the next few years. Just for us country folk who cannot see past the obvious.

  22. Congrats to Dublin. What a magnificent team. A once in a generation golden group of brilliant footballers. Thought the nation-wide write-off of Tyrone might have seeped into their subconscious and seen them ambushed today, but they were having none of it, especially when it was beginning to look like a dogfight could be on the cards early on they just hit that extra gear, ratcheded up the intensity and took off. From our perspective there may be some consolation that we ran them so close in ’16 and ’17 but that’s history now. As our aging team fades from view other counties will rise and challenge. Someday Dublin’s mighty reign will end but until then let’s just enjoy and behold a team of the likes we may never see again. Worthy champions.

  23. The result today was never in question, although Tyrone made a better job of putting it up to the Dubs than I had expected. This Dublin team seem to be rejunate it self every year. The fact that Dean Rock at 28 is one of the oldest forwards and all the young guns blazing their way into the team wont inspire you. However, once we get our mojo we can give them a better crack than most.

    @Ah Here, you are spot on about the soap opera that is management of the Mayo football, and both sides are not entirely blameless when it comes to the soap opera. Kerry are looking for a manager and there isn’t a peep out of them, apart from nonsense about Mayo CB head hunting Jack O Connor, and Dara O Shea. For the life of me, I don’t know what Rochford was doing on the TV or the radio this weekend. There will be plenty opportunity for him to say what he needs to say when the dust settles.
    Last week was a slow news week, with Tyrone refusing to engage with RTE. Here we are filling the void. And as for this horse manure out of Brolly about how great we were to give Dublin a run for their money, there is no comfort in that. as the Kenny Rogers song says, ” you need to know when to hold up and know when to fold up”.

    If ever there was a time for Mayo to keep its head down and get its house in order it is now. I believe the rest will do the current team all the good in the world. A series of injuries during the championship, following on from a series of rehabs for old war injuries meant we never got our mojo properly this year, and several key players were either not available or if they were, they were not fully fit. We stuttered in the league, to an uncomfortable extent, and only for the Ref couldn’t count all the steps Kevin Mac took to snatch the equaliser in Ballybofey, we could be in Div 2 next year.

    After coming to terms with the disappointment of the Kildare match, I came around to thinking there may be an upside after a number of intense years, particularly the last two. The long lay off provided an ample opportunity to regroup for a big push in 2019, with an opportunity for injuries to resolve and develop plans for the league and championship.

    Instead, we are now manager less, the backroom has been emptied and valuable time for planning for 2019 has been lost. Also as the club championship is coming to the closing stages, the new manager may have lost the potential to assess new personnel, unless it is someone who is already managing a club. It never ceases to amaze me the different ways we can come up with ways of shooting ourselves in the foot, in the full gaze of the media.

  24. Whoever ends up been Mayo manager, Michael Solan and Joe Keane should be in the backroom team as they have the knowledge of all the upcoming players under 24 in Mayo.

  25. 2 years in a row John Small has been sent off in the final and he should have been black carded in 2016. In addition his play acting just before half time today was a disgrace. Action should be taken against him

  26. Congratulations to Dublin, super performance especially during the 10 minute blitz. Their decision making was really good.
    Tyrone by contrast were well below the standard in decision making though they put it up to them very well physically for good spells. Shot selection poor apart from the corner forwards and Harte. They will look on the game with regret because despite how good the Dubs were, it was winnable. They may have had an extra gear but we could see the mistakes build during early Tyrone physical blitz.
    Also Morgan got his players to doughnut and spread for first kickout which they won easily and never employed the tactic thereafter. Inexplicable especially when faced with Dubs full court press.

  27. Congratulations to Dublin and hard luck to Tyrone.
    It wasn’t one of the better finals but I suppose if we won one ourselves we wouldn’t care what sort of match it was.
    Dublin have done well to keep the bit of hunger with all the success they’ve had.
    Spillanes record haul of AI medals could come under some pressure in a few years time.
    Hard believe Fenton has never tasted a championship defeat.
    Hard luck to the Galway minors. Thought they could have won but the kerry youngsters did well to claw their way back.
    Ah well, thw championship is a bit like reading a book where yea already know what the ending is.

  28. That Mayo team hasn’t faded from view just yet 45. The age profile might be older but there is still a core group of very good footballers the right side of 30. Still yesterday you were giving Mayo no credit for 16 and 17. Not sure why you think other counties are much better placed than ourselves considering we are the only team other than Kerry who have given them any sort of game in recent years…still sure yesterday you were also predicting a Tyrone win so maybe you need to buy a new crystal ball.

  29. Dublin may have the population and the resources, but they can only put 15 on the field at a time. An outstanding team, where everyone played their part.

  30. Well done Dublin , far better team . Now for county board to appoint a manager for Mayo . Anyone who say Rochford wanted to resign is pure stupid ..

  31. Jimbo, do you honestly think that if Stephen Rochford rang Mike Connelly and asked for his job back that he’d get it? Do you honestly think S R would make that call in tge first place? This is right up there with ‘we should start a petition’ or boycott matches. It’s done and a lot of people do not agree with it which is fair enough but there is zero chance of S R going back into the job so how about we move on?

  32. Im not sure if its the dodgy pints i had last night or the Mayo/Dublin love fest going on here in the comment section thats making me a bit quesy. Il call back in for a look tomorrow when both issues will have improved a bit hopefully.

  33. Andy d has asked a great question. The answer will be interesting if it comes.
    Over to Loreto Road for that.

  34. Congrats to the Dubs, historic and stage setting. Had the privilege of being there. Was really bittersweet since the spectacle is unlike anything else. On a side note, I’d forgotten how much I hate the “Boys in Blue” chant. ?
    Alteady looking forward to NYC 2019 and the resurrection of the green and red. Today made me yearn for that day when the Mayo captain raises Sam.

  35. Jimbo, you’re on to something there. I think Rochy wants back, the County Board hadn’t a plan to get rid of him. Time for a mediator. They are needed even in the best relationships.

  36. I’ll take the bait .. even though I’m not promising coherence given the hour and the post match celebrations!
    If unfair money is the sole reason for success then why aren’t other big population centres winning or competing consistently ? Why doesn’t the county with the most clubs dominate more? Why aren’t Dublin winning hurling All Ireland’s every year? Why aren’t Dublin minors winning the 5 in a row? Or 4 in a row? Or 1 in a row?

    Conversely, why were Mayo able to come so close despite the apparent odds? Why have Tyrone consistently competed at underage and senior levels since the mid 90s when before that they were a side show? Why did Cavan dominate in the 40s? Why did Wexford dominate in the 1900s? Were they all sudden benefactors of golden bequests?
    Or is it more subtle than that?

    I’m not disputing that Dublin have advantages. We do. But this too shall pass. And in the meantime, there is opportunity for everyone else to appreciate the qualities on show and then figure out how to rise to the challenge.

  37. Can’t expect to beat or get close to Dublin by conceding 2-17 (23) or kick 16 wides in an AI final. Dublin a great side but how great is their competition right now? the Tyrone team today not a patch on their 20o3,05,08 teams.

  38. What I will give Tyrone credit for is they never gave up and it will probably benefit them next year.

  39. There is no county or state loyalty in the American sports. Every team have players from every corner of the country.
    The team with the worst record for the season then gets the top college pick the following year. It’s a great system and you have places like Green Bay with a population of 100,000 with multiple suberbowls.
    Of course that system will never come to pass in this country but if it ever did the minnows would be able to build up their teams and you could have the likes of Leitrim challenging for all Irelands. It’s the only way of leveling the playing field but I wouldn’t like to be the one to propose it at Congress. You’d end up been beaten like a rented mule.

  40. Revellino, that is a crucial point. It’s the same structure in AFL too. The problem for us trying to implement something is is that all those sports are professional and franchise based. There is no location loyalty. A franchise can up sticks if they want to and move to a more lucrative “market”. As has happened many times.
    The elite GAA system is based on counties, with borders and boundaries that were drawn up originally by some English civil servant or maybe a bunch of drunken English lords in a bar(who knows) … but we define our rivalries and identities as a result. To make a truly level playing field we would have to redraw the entire system … and you’re right, rented mules would have suffered less.

  41. The championship sooner or later has to go to 2 16s of Senior and Intermediate.
    The 2 Finals to be played the same day with the Intermediate Final been played as the curtain raiser to the Senior Final in pace of the Minor final.
    The winner of the Intermediate gets promotion to the Senior Championship the following year and gets a team holiday from the GAA.

  42. What amazes me about the dubs is that they always have a new kid on the block that can just fit right in and take up where the last man left off. Take eoin munchkin for example. Young lad just slots in at corner back not a bother on him.

  43. Loreto Road,
    We will forgive you for your lack of coherence give the night you are probably having – and I do hope to enjoy it to the full – but when you are able please do comeback to my question. And do not answer it with a series of questions or references to Cavan in the forties. For one thing, Ireland in the forties is not the Ireland of today. Cavan’s population then was probabably greater than today and Dublin’s was probably half of today. And there was no flood of money into Dublin GAA in those times.

  44. Revellino
    Is it any wonder they can find players to slot in when Dublin has a population of 1.35 million people.Its 2 and half times the size of Connacht alone.
    In my opinion we just had the best Mayo team of all time from 2011 to 2017 still not get over the line against Dublin we should have beaten them in 2016 and 17. I think we will drop down to been a top 6 team in the coming years behind Dublin ,Kerry, Tyrone ,Galway and Kildare if underage success and coaching in Mayo is not dramatically improved. But realistically Kerry are the only team to challenge Dublins massive population and money beyond 2020 unless it is addressed by the GAA.

  45. @TH, The GAA has zero interest in a level playing field… If they did, Dublin would not get to play virtually all their Championship game’s in Croke Park and the rest of us poor Suckers would not have paid for the Home/National Stadium in the first place….Look Dublin have several unfair advantages…But we Mayo need to be able to do our business in better fashion than has being evident recently and indeed for year’s and year’s….. Congratulations to a superb Dublin team; 4 in a row, and 6 out of the last 8, is immense…Jim Gavin has been incredible since his take over of Dublin… His decision making has been superb…He is in control,and looks in control…. Anyone can be taken off, and the evidence is there.. or dropped altogether,..A special Congratulations to Stephen Cluxton 200 game’s for Dublin, league and Championship, the record appearances in the Championship, 5 time’s Captain of a Successful Dublin Championship team, unquestionably the best Gaelic football goalkeeper of all time and probably the best ever player in a Dublin Jersey…..I honestly don’t know if we will be back or not?…At our very best we are/were capable of making it interesting versus Dublin on the big day’s, but overall during any of the recent seasons we were not at the consistent level of which the Dubs played at, during league and Championship… All Ireland final day’s versus Mayo, Dublin needed and got the referees decisions?, on occasion versus us and between bad luck and bad judgement they pipped us on the biggest occasion.. Of course, we always live in hope even the God’s of Dublin football are capable of an off day….Had Dublin lost today I wouldn’t like to be in Jim Gavin’s shoes…No Diarmuid Connelly even in the Panel, No Paul Flynn, and Kevin NcManamon who came on about the 60 minute mark, gave the ball away several times which almost by itself, led to the Mini Revival of Tyrone near the end….If Jim Gavin made just one poor decision like that versus us, History would be different…They could afford it versus the Tyrone team of 2018… Ah Such is Life..

  46. One of the big mistakes when predicting what will happen in future is basing it solely on what happened in the past. Saying this Dublin period of dominance will come to an end because Kerry’s did in the 80s or Cavan did in the 40s or whatever is a totally flawed argument. Since 2005, the Leinster championship has been rendered meaningless. Dublin have won 13 of the last 14 Leinster titles. That alone is unprecedented. Would anyone here be brave enough to say that Dublin will be beaten in Leinster in the next ten years? I wouldn’t. In 2028, it’s entirely plausible that Dublin will have won 23 of the previous 24 Leinster titles. Will the ostriches with their heads in the sand still be talking about “natural cycles” and “once in a generation groups”?
    The pattern of success in Leinster of this behemoth has now stated to manifest on a national stage. Make no mistake, we are witnessing an unprecedented period in Gaelic football and it’s not a positive for the health of the game. Since Bertie Ahern made the deal in the early 2000s to fund Dublin by many multiples more than any other county, a competitive Leinster championship has ceased to exist. We used to hear a lot of talk about “the game needs a strong Dublin”. I never understood the logic behind that theory. Could someone please explain it to me? Why is a strong Dublin so important over say, a strong Offaly, or Clare or Kildare? Why why why!!!
    The population argument is often used and I think it’s a nonsense and detracts from the real issue. The key stat is REGISTERED GAA PLAYERS. Dublin get €274 per registered gaa player from central gaa coffers, with all other counties receiving between €18 and €22. Again – why why why????!!!!
    It’s just not fucking fair. Gaa players outside Dublin are being discriminated against. I challenge Jaden or Martin the Dub, two posters I respect a lot, to comment on the above stat. With the success Dublin have had, with the external sponsorship, why do they have to get so much more development money than everyone else. I don’t want to see Dublin split in two. I just want to see them receive €20 per registered gaa player like everyone else. If they want to ask AIG for the balance then that’s totally fine.
    When people say – money doesn’t buy you players, well money can help develop decent players into great ones. Talent is only a small part of success in modern day sport. The relative contribution of raw talent to sporting success was much larger years ago than it is today. An average to good player can turn into a great one by living a professional lifestyle and eking out every bit of ability they have. In the 70s you could pull a talented lad from a junior team, give him a few weeks training and he could win you all Ireland’s (bomber Liston was a good example). Those days are long gone. Kerry’s Minor 5 in a row is overstated for that reason.
    Now you need years of conditioning and coaching and lifestyle practices to prepare for senior intercounty. All of which costs huge money. Money that Dublin have in bucketloads and others don’t.
    Michael Duignan is the first RTÉ pundit to say it out – Dublin could win 10 in a row. It’s just depressing.

  47. The only bit that gives me some hope. A Dublin 27 or over team would absolutely hammer Dublin under 27.
    Cluxton, McMahon, Fitzimmons, Cooper, Mccarthy, OSullivan, MDMA, McManamon, Flynn, Rock and Andrews.
    The younger there are Mccarthy, Rock and Cooper as u28, U28 and u29s respectively.
    Ten of those featured very prominently this year.
    Cluxton, Cooper, McMahon, MDMA and McManamon will be very hard to replace.
    Kerry will build a serious squad, have no doubt.
    We will also I believe remain very competitive at u20 to build a conveyor belt of talent from there.

  48. Best post I’ve ever read Larry Duff. You articulated the once in a generation argument brilliantly . Every model they use to justify this dominance by Dublin is rubbish , Kerry , Kilkenny etc , we have never seen the likes of this before . Personally I think the inter county game will die eventually in its present format and all because the bertie Celtic tiger generation took the “the GAA needs Dublin to be winning all Ireland’s ” to a whole new level.

  49. WJ was making exact point to some lads yesterday – i can’t see Dublin being stopped of 5 in a row but certainly don’t think they deserve the accolade of “best team ever”….perhaps “best franchise ever”….the team that will win next year will be unrecongisable from the one that one 5 years ago – thats not a criticism just a fact. They have a conveyor belt of players than sees them just brush off the loss of the likes of a connolly, a brogan, flynn, andrews. Will Jack McCaffrey even bother next year, will it make a difference?

    Of all the teams i saw this year, perhaps Kerry has the most scope and potential to improve given the players coming through and age profile. Tyrone have probably peaked and Galway look like they have too much to do. With respect I can’t see Mayo back to 2016-17 levels any time soon either. Kildare’s u-20s looked super this year but there is a huge gap. 5 in a row looks nailed on at the moment….but who knows.

  50. Agree Larry Duff, excellent post, sums up my thoughts completely.

    Yes Leinster is a non runner every year, completely boring.

    When will it stop if ever.

  51. Larry Duff, I would agree totally with your post. Money is a huge advantage, Dublin always had the population advantage and location which is fine, money allows full time training, top resources, chop full time coaches at clubs etc etc etc. I don’t agree with the excuse why don’t the Dublin hurlers will AI? Think of the starting position Dublin hurling was in when the cash tap was turned on, they have now won league, provincial and appeared in AI semi, where before they were competing with third tier counties. Cash has benefited Dublin hurling and they will win AI within 10 years. Splitting Dublin in two won’t change anything, Dublin North will be football, Dublin South hurling, no change.it would need to be split into it’s local authorities to have any effect e.g. Fingal, South Dublin, Dublin city,
    Real question is why are county boards around the country not demanding equal funding per registered player? Pull county teams from competitions until equal funding is granted. Why is funding of counties never on the agenda at congress?

    In another note, some people not pleased that Stephen Rochford gave interviews. IMO he was dead right to have his say. Instead of letting it linger and being plagued with calls about what happened he made he statements now he can move on and put it all behind him. As for asking to come back? He has way too much integrity for that.

  52. Correct Sean Burke.
    A competition by its very nature is supposed to be something that 1 of any number of teams can win. The football championship in its current state is not a competition in the true sense. Where is the competition when the winner is pretty much known before it even begins.

    What manager in Leinster can walk in to the dressing room at the start of the year and set out his goals and say right lads, this year we are going to win Leinster. None besides Jim Gavin.
    Not a competition.

    Nobody knows who will win next year’s hurling final. A number of counties will feel they really can win it. It was brilliant this year and will be again next year.

    I don’t blame the Dublin players or manager or fans for what the football championship has become. They are almost like the guinea pig in some mad experiment and while they exhibited a great work ethic on the field of play, the experiment has gone badly wrong. Make no mistake about it, the football championship has lost alot of its glitz.

    It will be back to systems and processes and selecting from the conveyor belt for Dublin again for 2019. As leantimes said above, it would be God help Jim Gavin if he got it wrong and comes up short in one of these all Irelands.

    When your given all the ammunition in the armoury and the enemy is given a catapult well you better win.

    For all their achievements and I must say the Dublin team have operated at a very high level, their accomplishments in years to come will be tainted by the inequalities and unfairness in funding bestowed upon them when this mad experiment was dreamed up.

    While it’s winning and happy times in the Capital, the reality around Counties is that this has become a well funded one team yearly stroll to lift Sam. The buzz of having somebody else win Sam is gone.

    If it continues then why not just show a rerun of the previous years final instead of running a full year of games where the outcome is already known. You’ll see the same thing. Michael D shaking hands with the same players.

  53. RTE 2 had a strap on its All-Ireland coverage yesterday detailing how many All-Irelands each county has won. But there was no mention of Mayo. I checked this twice but still no Mayo. Why?

  54. Haven’t posted here in a while, feel sick with all that has happened over the last two weeks or so regarding our management situation and our never ending ability to air our dirty laundry in public. The past week should have been about the All Ireland Final, instead the Moscow State Circus from Mayo was on tour in force. Stephen deserved another year, without doubt, 2018 was always going to be difficult, with all our injuries and the hangover of losing to the Dubs two years in a row, it was never really in the running that we would be at the business end this year. If the County Board wanted to get rid of Rochford, they should have done so as soon as possible after the Kildare game, dragging it out further and letting him name a backroom team was not right, totally unprofessional and embarrassing for all involved. We never learn, but what’s new.
    Congrats to Dublin, a fantastic achievement, however I firmly believe there are flaws to their system / game that can be got at going forward. It’s not for me to pick these out at the minute, but they are there and they can be got at and beaten. Tyrone gave it their all, but let’s face it, they are a bang average team at best, they don’t have forwards clinical enough to win an All Ireland. When you hit 16 wides, you can’t expect to win, some of those wides were under little or no pressure at all from very favourable positions / angles. They’ll learn from this, however they don’t have the quality all over the field to match / beat Dublin.
    Where to now for Mayo? The time off for the majority of the summer will have done them no harm at all. I firmly believe we are the only county in Ireland at the minute that can beat this Dublin team. Yes we are aging, but we’re not over the hill yet. Kerry will challenge and win All Irelands within 4/5 years with all their young talent, so that is why the next two seasons are very important for Mayo. We have the raw material there to win an All Ireland, now let’s hope the CB can get the right man in place to get us there. People talk about this Dublin team as unbeatable. Yes they are awesome, but not unbeatable. Kilkenny 2006-09, Kerry 1978-81, Liverpool of the 80’s and United under Ferguson were all said to be unbeatable at one point, but they were beaten eventually, usually by their biggest rivals at the time. In this current era of Dublin dominance, Mayo have been their biggest headache, let’s hope next year, Dublin don’t have enough paracetamol to cope with the Mayo headache. Up Mayo, Keep the faith!.

  55. Looking forward to our own situation
    My dream management team would be Michael Solan with Maurice Sheridan on management ticket with Stephen poacher ,Barry Solan as backroom .Coaching s&C etc along with former players ie David brady .Jimmy Nallen .K O Neill

  56. There’s been a lot of cliches thrown about yesterday by the Dubs players & management, but I’ve not yet heard the one I’ve been waiting for….that performance yesterday won’t be good enough when the O’Byrne cup comes around…

  57. Brilliant post Larry Duff. The inequality in funding is staggering. The figures are all widely available. I read some interview Bertie Ahern gave and some of his excuses included GAA having to compete with soccer and rugby in Dublin…give me fucking strength. So basically Bertie saw his beloved Dubs not at the races and made sure if nothing else money would not be an obstacle in their path to success. When you see how much Dublin raise from fundraising it’s laughable…why?…because they don’t have to.
    Some of the figures also point to the fact that our own county are in dire need of a commercial manager…we are top of the league in terms of fundraising but lag badly behind in terms of conmercial income…with the huge fanbase we have this is unforgiveable.
    I know some of this coming the day after Dublin win their 4th AI in a row may sound bitter but I am simply stating what is an incredibly unfair state of affairs in our game. I take nothing away from that Dublin team in terms of their ability to play the game, they are simply a brilliant team. I am saying tho tge issue with funding needs to be addressed…it is fucking rediculous. Dublin have huge advantages in terms of population and the commercial revenues that go along with such a huge population. The least that can be done is to level the playing field in terms of funding…it is simply fucking rediculous what is going on. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to look into they numbers if they already haven’t done so. Surely if enough noise is made about this issue, at some point somebody has to listen?

  58. The Sun is shining, that rasher and egg toasted sambo is sitting safely in my belly, just as Sam is sitting safely once again on Clucko’s mantelpiece. All is well in the world. Or at least I think so.

    I’ve rewatched the highlights, I’ve had a laugh at the waterfall behind Jack as he received the MOTM award. I’ve read some forums, and one or two blogs. Don’t Foul will of course have something up in the next day or two about the game. His stuff is fascinating, and I think a must-read for anyone who is interested in the application of statistics to analysis of GAA games.

    Mark Twain famously uttered that there are “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

    A statistic is a statement. It can be verified or disproven objectively. It’s either correct, or it’s not. What Twain was referring to was the use of statistics, and specifically how a true statement (a statistic) can be used to seemingly support pretty much any opinion.

    Seeing as I have been called upon to comment on a specific statistic, I can use this to show exactly what Huckleberry Finn’s creator was talking about.

    Let’s look at the famous 274 Figure. The one everyone gets their pants in a twist about. I’ve spoken at length about this before. Basically, using Registered player numbers to provide a relative ratio for Games Development Funding, is well, silly.

    But first a clarification about what it is we are talking about. The origional poster has given a number without citing a source, or providing a context, so let’s do that.

    274 is the amount in Euros, that the DCB received from GAA central for Games Development Funding from 2010-2014. The figure was initially provided by Shane Mangan (at the time a stats student in I think, DIT), and has been used extensively in many articles concerning financing with the GAA. So let’s correct the initial posters claims a little.

    * This *was* the amount given from 2010-2014 – not *is* as was stated.
    * All other counties did not receive between 18-22 euros for the same time period, the figures were actually between 15-69.

    As for the €274 figure, as near as I can tell, it is correct. I don’t think anyone is disputing it’s accuracy. But what does this figure mean as it related to Senior Inter County setup?

    Actually, sweet fuck all.

    Games Development Funding is to get people (read: kids) playing GAA games. It is not related to the numbers of players registered to the GAA in any meaningful way. Not a RED CENT goes to the Senior team. Dublin has proportionally far fewer registered players (less that 3% of population) than the likes of Kerry or Mayo (Up around 10%, as I recall), and the statistic is taking full advantage of that fact to create the most gasp-worthy figure it can.

    The funding was increased in that time period to try to win over at least some of a largely apathetic population. It was a resounding success. I have witnessed first hand what a properly funded and managed Club nursery looks like. Their GPO at the time was a Leitrim Senior player, and he did a great job.

    The DCB did what it was put there to do, lift the profile of the GAA within Dublin. There is a still a ways to go with that, but they’re still working on it. I have absolute faith that they will get there.

    Now here’s my question – do you trust your County Board to deliver a similar program?

    There’s alot what we need to right within the GAA. Intrinsically unfair competitions, financial transparency, centralized control of development structures – I could go on. I believe that these things will be righted eventually. The GAA as an organization might be slow and bemothic in it’s approach to change, but it is 100% democratic. To suggest otherwise is simply inaccurate.

    Now, off to reheat the Coddle for lunch.

  59. I’m not sure Paul Mannions ferocious work ethic to track back has anything to do with funding or Jack McCaffrey busting a gut at all times, Kilkenny and even Howard keeping the head when behind yesterday. The great teams are hungry for more despite what they’ve won and that has nothing to do with money, it’s down to the manager. Brian Cody kept Tyrell, Shefflin etc ferociously hungry and competitive, no whinging about retirements, ruthless to Charlie Carter, Cha Fitzpatrick and others who thought they were bigger than the team. Gavin has done the exact same thing with Connolly. Mayo/Kerry/Galway can all challenge Dublin but only with the right attitude

  60. With all due respect Jaden..the figures in terms of funding are in black and white and if you want I will give you figures in black and white from verified sources. Fogging it off as statististics is pretty pathetic. You mention not a cent goes to the Dublin senior team…have you the full breakdown of where the money goes? I ask you this…Why is there such a fucking discrepency in the first place? I’ll tell you why because we had a taoiseach who didn’t want to see his beloved dubs losing on what was once a level…well level enough playing field…considering the advantages you have in terms of playing at home all the time and the huge population advantage..and decided he was going to insure money would not be a problem. Sad that you can’t acknowledge it tho eh? It might just take the sheen of that victory.

  61. Big Mike if you don’t think that money creates an advantage in modern competitive sport…you are deluded my friend.

  62. I wish people would stop quoting the €274 figure (whether the actual number is accurate or not).
    Its a total red herring.
    It means nothing.
    Dividing the total budget by the number of registered players tells us absolutely nothing whatsoever. Whoever made that calculation and published it has done this debate a real disservice.
    The money is NOT intended for the registered players. Its intended to develop the games and should be used substantially to target the non-GAA population. And where is the largest non-GAA population???
    A more useful comparison would be to divide the budget by the actual population … although even that would produce a daftly simplistic statistic too.
    All that said, I do understand the argument that Dublin now has some unfair advantages and I think I agree with it to a point and it should be addressed, rationally. And in doing so we shouldn’t lose sight of or belittle the achievements of the Dublin players along the way.

  63. Way out West why exactly did Stephen deserve another year? In 3 years he didn’t win an Fbd league title or a Connacht championship ok he brought us close to winning Sam but we didn’t win it. He kept us in Division 1 fair enough but is that what we should be aspiring to staying in division one with a last minute Hail Mary kick albeit by the brilliant Kevin Mc to save our bacon. I think 3 years is enough he had his chance though I don’t like the way the county board treated him in the end I think it’s time for change.

  64. Truly shocking stuff, a County Board doing it’s job.
    I see development grants for that year were €1.75 million. That’s lot.

    2016 Account for the MCB are here: http://mayogaa.com/content_page/18068/
    Development Grants totaled €608K. (Of course removing the €15 Million on Central Council Loans and Grants).

    Either from a pure population perspective, or a Registered player perspective, Mayo got more per head than Dublin. It’s right there in black and white.

    I’m all for a conversation about funding within the GAA. How money is raised, how it is allocated, how it is spent, and how we can put processes in place that ensure that the system is open, transparent, and fair.

    But insinuations of clandestine funding of a senior panel with games development funding, or hyperbolic numbers passed off as some undeniable truth – those I have no interest in.

  65. Well done to the Dubs on the 4 in a row, fantastic team and a massive achievement. Congrats to all of their many genuine supporters, some of whom comment on here regularly. I havent seen my team win the Senior All Ireland yet. But WHEN I do, I can promise you I wont spend the morning after on another county’s Blog arguing the toss about funding etc. Up Mayo.

  66. Congrats to the Dubs who are worthy champions once again. There is some truth in the funding advantage comments. There is a huge variance that needs to be addressed or counties like Leitrim will soon struggle to participate, never mind compete. Dublin have utilized the resources very well though. The skill level of this Dublin team is exceptional. That comes from hard work.
    However the Dubs are far from invincible. Im sure many managers and players watching on yesterday took some heart from the pressure Tyrone were able to excert to their full back line at different stages yesterday. Philly looks finished, Small is a liability, O Sullivan showing signs of wear and tear.. chinks of light?!

    Looking closer to home I was dreading tuning into radio 1 at 10am when I heard that Rochford would be on as I feared WW3 was about to be declared on the national airwaves. As it turned out I ended up feeling sorry for Rochford and I question why he agreed to put himself in that situation on live radio. I think he is a good Mayo man and a talented manager but I do agree that his time was up.

    Onwards to 2019 and hopefully we can be in a position to challenge this great (but not invincible) Dublin team

  67. John MacHale says:
    September 3, 2018 at 9:13 am
    RTE 2 had a strap on its All-Ireland coverage yesterday detailing how many All-Irelands each county has won. But there was no mention of Mayo. I checked this twice but still no Mayo. Why?

    John I rang RTE and they said they dont count All-Irelands won before the foundation of RTE in 1960.

  68. People continually talk about how Dublin continue to maintain their hunger, despite all the Success.
    Can you imagine the hunger and incentive they will have next year to win Sam, make it 5 in a row, and secure their own place in the record books…Can see Cluxton hanging around for that.

    Did anybody else see the Business Section of yesterday’s ”Sunday Independent ”.
    There was an interview with businessman, Louis Copeland Jr and our own Donie Vaughan .
    A football quote at the end, where Donie said ”’ The only way I will make myself available next year is the belief that we can win the All Ireland -and we can – but it is obviously up to the new manager as to whether I will be involved ”’

  69. Down for the game on Sat eve and talking with a Dub about the dire future for the rest of us non Dubs of course the conversation came round to the lolly, or lack of it in the other 31 counties.
    The argument was made that you can’t buy Sam. True, but you need 30 players of a standard better than everyone else to do so.
    So I gave him an example.
    At the club Feile in Cavan year before last I was down helping with our u14s. We had what was a very good skilful team of young lads who lived and breathed football. Came up against a Dublin outfit in one of the round robin games and had to pinch myself when I saw their lads lying on ground in the warm up being attended to by not one but TWO physios !! Fair enough, maybe they have 2 physio parents willing to give their time, lucky them. Then I got our net of balls. 6 or so half worn training balls and two , (game only ) oneills. Of course I couldn’t help but notice the dozen or so shiny oneills the dublin lads had just rolled out. They must get on well with the club treasurer I thought. If I went and asked our man for ££ for a dozen oneills I know where I would be asked to go and do with myself. So speaking with this Dublin man I hoped he could fill me in on how or why such excesses were needed if you can’t get any advantage from splashing the cash. His Ballyboden Endas club has just purchased another slice of ground for a few more pitches because of the numbers playing with them. Again puzzling because surely you can pile as many youngsters as you want onto a couple of pitches ( I know we do ) and just use cones for goals. More pitches needed then just use more cones and smaller pitches. Then I queried about how each Dublin club pays for the “Voluntary contribution” they must make to the county board opon picking up their allocation of Final tickets? This puzzled him so clearly he didnt realise how Mayo county board apply this ( When I lived in Mayo they did, not sure about last year ) voluntary contribution of £1000 or so before the club secretary is handed the ticket allocation, which of course then have to be paid for. This money then has to be raised by each club, further eating into the available cash for what ever bare essentials are needed to run a club. True, Mayo spend as much, if not more than Dublin do on team preparation but that is mostly consumed on travel expenses etc that Dublin don’t need to worry about unless they ask Mayo Co Board if they can train in Mchale park next year. So it is convienent for folks in the capital to ignore the buckets of cash being funneled into Dublin but it will be to the detriment of all other counties. Breaks my heart to say it but Mayo are gone. But what gets on my goat even more is the lack of appreciation for the sacrifices every GAA member makes outside of Dublin so that their club./county can be competitive after they have paid their gaa taxes that simply don’t apply to people living in Dublin. If there is even 1% difference between per capita allocation of monies between 2 counties I like to know why that is the case. Never mind the vast gulf that now exists. Dublin has their problems with keeping youngsters on straight and narrow and GAA is a means to that end but show me a town or parish outside Dublin who dont have the same problems?

  70. I’m not deluded Walter White and I appreciate money makes a difference but I’m also not prepared to use it as an excuse every time my team isn’t winning. In the last few years I’ve listened to.

    -Corofin are dominating because they are a huge parish
    -Limerick won because JP bought the all Ireland
    -Galway won because Pat McDonagh bought the all Ireland
    -Donegal won because Shay Given and Ulick McEvaddy were paying for the hotels/backroom
    -Castlebar are only winning because they are paying lads
    -Mayo won five in a row in Connacht because a sugar daddy in England was paying for Buckley

    I’m sure if Claremorris win anything in the next few years it will be down to Smyths Toys

    Now if you believe that type of stuff, you friend are deluded.

  71. JG – ha ha, good point!
    Maybe we’re getting bored with winning.
    Eh no, that’s not it.
    I’d like to think the fact some Dubs are spending time here reflects well on the quality of this blog space and the commentary. I’ve said before this place is an island in a sea of dross.
    But I do hope all here get to experience the post-AI win joy in the not-too-distant future.
    Just not next year…

  72. Congratulations to what I believe is the greatest ga a team of all time,even better than Kerry or Galway because they have at least twenty probably twenty five players who are all as glad each other,enjoy the celebrations Jaden,and Martin the Dub always a pleasure to see your posts

  73. Congrats to Dublin, by far the best side this year (did anyone lay a glove on them?). The well-worn funding debate is probably one for another day, as in the aftermath of another All-Ireland win by Dublin it comes across as begrudgery.

  74. We in Mayo should be looking at what Kerry are doing – they are a similar county to us in terms of population and available funding. They have the structures in place to do 5 in a row minor titles – and this is before they opened there centre of excellence this year. Its very simple – good coaching and coaching the coaches and volunteers giving their free time to increase the standard (not maintain the standard). They are not lying around complaining about the advantages Dublin have – that’s not the Kerry way. They get up and do something about it. WE talk football and they go out and play football.

  75. So you appreciate it does make a difference.. thanks Mike…sure that’s all I was pointing out. In relation to all those stories you have been hearing…cant say i heard them all. I suppose you think the fact that the Leinster championship is now dead as a competition has nothing to do with money…that’s just a coincidence. Dublin are doing everything right and everyone else just isn’t good enough..Is that your reasoning…Maybe when Dublin rack up twenty or thirty of them in a tow I wont seem so deluded..

  76. Loreto Road,
    You can guess who would be the one team that could step in and spoil your party at semi stage next August. You might get 5 in a row at some stage but hopefully not next year so be sure to enjoy the party while it lasts. No doubt it’s all set up for Dublin to win 8 of the next 10, so you should be happy with that and Mayo and the rest will have to be happy just stopping the 5 in a row quest this time and the next time and the others after that if we still play football at that stage.

  77. Christ South Mayo exile…thats what you really believe? You can do fucking both you know? Everyone just keep burying their head in the fucking sand and don’t mention the bleeding fucking obvious…in case it would be seen as begrudgery..

  78. Do you think Diramuid O’Connor ran himself into the ground against Kildare was down to money Walter, do you think Paul Mannion covering back yesterday had anything to do with money, do you think money was the reason Donal Vaughan got sent off last year. Do you see what I’m getting at hear, Jim Gavin is the best manager, Dublin have some of the best players. Exact same as Brian Cody, King Henry. Has anyone in Galway/Mayo been on here outlining the disadvantage Leitrim and Sligo have in Connacht when Galway/Mayo are winning?

  79. M Bones,
    Re your chat with the man from Ballyboden St. Endas, there are at least two, maybe three, of that clubs executive who are in full time, full paid positions. But then again, money doesn’t have any impact at all, at all in modern day sporting organisations?

  80. We wont agree on this Mike. I appreciate what you are saying but by picking out examples of brilliant performances and saying ‘did money buy that?’ does not prove any sort of argument. Of course it matters, it buys you the best facilities, the best equipment, the best coaching, the best backroom team. Of course it leads to advantages. I am not taking away from the fact that is a brilliant Dublin team. I don’t begrudge them their A I, they deserve it.
    My argument serves Leitrim and Sligo the same eay it serves everyone. There should simply not be such a disparity in funding..it’s a joke.

  81. Congrats to de bleedin’ Dubs and, for me anyway, I was delighted they won yesterday. As much pain as they have bestowed on my heart these last few years, the thought of Tyrone – and all they have brought to the game – winning would be just too much to bear.
    The funding debate is just that, a debate. The undisputed facts are there for all to see. However, I believe we in Mayo have much to do with our own administrative arm of Mayo football before we can go slagging off any other county board. Given the levels of incompetence, amateurism, disrespect and downright rudeness that our county chairman has displayed, would you trust him with ten times the funding we currently get?

  82. @Big Mike, a considerable amount of sports science, logistics, nutrition and coaching would have gone into the development of Diarmuid O’Connor and Paul Mannion. So, yes, money makes a difference as all of that needs to be paid for. If it didn’t make a difference, all these sports studies are miraculously all wrong.

  83. Even with all the all stars and Celtic crosses Dublin still had to play out of their skins yesterday and they did. Money doesn’t buy hunger.

  84. A recently repeated documentary on RTE detail’s the story about the ‘Irish Hospital’s Sweep Stakes’… From my childhood I can remember the often repeated slogan on Telly and Radio ‘If your not in, you can’t win’… The fact’s and the statistics tell us that often even If you taught you were in, you just couldn’t win, because you weren’t in all,. Police in Canada found Mega quantities of tickets, bought and paid for by Canadian citizens but NOT entered into the draw… The money made it’s way back home to the money men, Judge’s, Politicians the creme de la creme of Irish society.. all got their cut, the commission on the tickets , paid for by the people without any chance of winning..Paid for the election expenses of several TD’s… But only a tiny proportion ever went to Irish Hospital’s… Often, even If you paid for your tickets you couldn’t actually win… Now we in Mayo, could have actually won Sam Maguire in recent years…Our numerous fan’s the best, most colourful and most loyal and in terms of funding the ‘Corporate’ GAA the most ‘taxed’ by proportion and in over all terms…. Money paid out by Mayo fan’s more than any other county actually helps fund ,Dublin… From the Corporate GAA funding in a disproportionate way Dublin…The spinoff of Mayo fan’s spend in Dublin,
    hotel’s pub’s , restaurant’s?, petrol stations…The same with the spending of our county team in the Capital,.. The polar opposite is the case with Dublin, even though often talked about. The Dubs never have to travel for any Big Championship Match…All League finals and semifinals for the last Decade have been in Croke Park… Between Quarterfinals, and Super Eight’s , of Teams not even playing Dublin, Dublin is being subsidized by everything played in Dublin with the trickle of Money down the line… The ‘Slogan’ of the shamed Irish Hospital’s Sweep Stakes’ If your not in, you can’t win’ could be changed by the Corporate Dublin based GAA to …’Your not in it to win it, .Your in it to contribute to Dublin winning it’

  85. There you have it JP…money doesn’t buy you hunger..no point in discussing further. You are right Joet it mightn’t buy you hunger but it will stop you starving.

  86. @WalterWhite At senior level in a final hunger is not a factor. Every Dublin and Tyrone player went 100% for every ball. Senior inter county players don’t have a 90% mode when a 50:50 ball is to be won. The kind of person that would have a lesser mode, a less hungry mode will not make it to senior division one level.

  87. Jaden,
    That €15 mill bill for MacHale Park is another bullet Dublin have dodged by using Croke Park as their home pitch. OK, they probably have to pay some rent on it but they dodge the capital costs of developing a county grounds of their own, Ok again, Parnell Park is their titular Co grounds but as a grounds it is only on a par with Newbridge, possibly lower in capacity, and only Louth would have a poorer Co grounds. Incidentally would Parnell Park also be the Parnell Club’s grounds?

  88. JP
    Limerick were 100% hungrier than Galway in the hurling final
    It was evident from the first 50/50 ball
    It is a factor and it’s why 2012/13 hurt most for me
    Especially 2013
    We should have been roaring into every tackle but didn’t

  89. Parnell Park isn’t linked with Parnell’s, AndyD – their Bonfire of the Vanities is up the road in Coolock. They made a packet on a pitch out near the airport that was sold for development at the height of the Tiger era and the proceeds were then squandered in rather spectacular fashion. The pitch in question was, needless to say, never developed and Na Fianna rent it now. Right beside Parnell Park Craobh Chiarain have a clubhouse and small pitch.

  90. Any word on our new manager? Surely the CB were entitled to ask questions of Rochford. Doing a tv interview was ill advised in my opinion.

  91. Watched a clip of their homecoming to see what numbers were there , a rousing rendition of the fields of athenry . My gawd there getting as confused as Glasgow Rangers , don’t know who they are .

  92. Reamonn:

    Thanks for ringing RTE. They told you they had not included counties who had won All-Irelands before 1960, when RTE opened, hence Mayo’s omission. But they have listed Louth as winning 3 All-Irelands. Now I may have been asleep for a few years but I don’t remember Louth having won even one All-Ireland since 1960!!!

  93. Sean you are a glutton for punishment. I wouldn’t turn the Telly on to watch that if it was to save my life.

  94. Sure wait for the Women’s All Ireland final….The two most populace counties South of the border Dublin and Cork, will contest it…with Dublin the Leinster, All Ireland and League Champions, and Women’s sports on the rise…. Record’s will be broken attendance wise….YEAH… believe that, and you’d believe believe everything you hear! No Record’s will be broken,.. unless it’s a record for the most and the fattest Seagull’s that ever managed to fly over Croke Park without Mayo . A bit like all the empty seat’s for Dublin versus Galway in the men’s Semifinals…..Why should this game not be played in the brand new state of the art, Pairc Uí Cáoimh…. Women playing Gaelic football in Pairc Uí Cáoimh… not going to happen, even though there is no logical reason why not…Is Frank Murphy still the Cork County Secretary for Life…? .. While everybody is lauding Dublin as the greatest Gaelic football team of all time, The real greatest Gaelic football team of All time, the Cork women’s team for well over a decade have never been allowed to play in the hallowed turf of Páirc Up Cáoimh….. Isn’t it past time!

  95. Fair play to the Dubs… great achievement for a revolving team. Listening to a few men on Luas gushing about this super team and Jim G. He brought them to Flanders to show them how lucky they are. Maybe he could have brought them to Mayo to operate under our conditions. Surely this would have the desired affect. Just imagine if our team of the past five years had lived in Dublin and had all the perks this great team enjoy… would we have won an All-Ireland.. of course we’ll never know but man for man I’d be more proud of this Mayo team who have given so much against the odds. Hope we get a manager in place soon. Keep heart Mayo folk. We are still a force to be reckoned with. Maigheo go deo

  96. @WalterWhite.

    You are correct, those figures sit well with me. The numbers here are about Coaching and Games Development, not Senior or IC spend. Unless you are stating that you believe this money is being funneled into the guys who were on the pitch last Sunday, then there is not alot to see here.

    A back story to why Dublin stand so far apart in terms of funding over the last ten years, I could go on and on about the relative condition of GAA in Dublin when this funding started, but I would think there is little appetite to hear it here. Needless to say, it was and continues to be, a great success. Contrast this to Sean McGoldrick’s take on what the issue is with funding in the GAA – taken from his twitter stream last night:

    “There isnt much logical to a lot of the figures. Actually most of the fault lies with County Boards who haven’t come up with coaching programmes that Croke Park believe should be funded.”

    So the person who is the source of the figures posted, spells out specifically what is wrong, and yet his advice is ignored and unheeded. The DCB are fulfilling their mandate – do you think the same can be said of other County Boards?

    My Personal take on the problems that face the GAA are that there are more deep-rooted issues than who gets what and why. They are an organisation that is caught between the Romantic notion of brave amateurs going to to toe in a fiercely fought contests, and then going back to their lives, Versus the reality of an organisation that is somewhat Amateur, and somewhat professional. The worrying part is what there appears to be little by way of joined up thinking about how these two seemingly mutually exclusive stances can be reconciled.

    Our entire evolution as a species has revolved around the premise of “Adapt or Die”. The GAA don’t and won’t get a exemption from this stark reality.

  97. Jaden. Like a good man you don’t need to explain numbers to me, it’s what i do for a living. I know what those grants are for. But let me make it quite simple. If those grants didn’t exist then surely monies would have to be used from the other main income streams to fund development and coaching, therefor yes indeed freeing up monies in regard to the senior team without as you put it funneling any monies. My question is why the hell are Dublin entitled to so much more than anyone else…Bertie Ahern that’s why.

    So I am afraid my friend what you were saying yesterday about Mayo having just as much money as Dublin to spend on the senior team is bullshit. If we didn’t raise as much as we do through cairde muigheo and other fundraising we would be rightly fucked. Of course Dublin don’t have to worry about fundraising…no need.

    As I said before, I am not begrudging that team their victory…they are a brilliant team but to say they don’t have advantages in regard to income, location, population etc is quite frankly rubbish.
    So you can talk about stats and whatever else you want but that doesn’t fly with me my friend.

  98. Does anyone remember back to 2015? Mayo had just won their 5th Connaught in a row, by a cricket score. What were ‘they’ all saying?: Connaught a joke, Mayo there for ever, loads-a-money that others didn’t have, Galway gone and gone (remember Jim Carney?), something needed to be done – and quickly.

    Three years on – Mayo Connaughtless, manager gone, partly, if not wholly, down to this, 3 championship defeats plus a league to Galway, Rossies and Galway in Division One.

    In other words, there are no certainties in sport. Kildare are a team to be watched. Sure, they were lucky really against us, but they have good players, a cracking U20 lot, some of whom are ready to walk straight in to senior, and a damn good manager. Dublin will be caught cold someday and Kildare could be the ones to do it.

  99. In the last ten mins of 2015 replay v Dublin we were dead on our feet , Dublin were still running round the place like greyhounds. The stark difference in the recovery programmes of the Dublin players that week compared to Mayo highlights both the logistical and resources advantages . End of story , fantastic team with lots of advantages over the rest. We have to deal with that but the denial by the hill16 faithful is ridiculous., They also need to deal with the fact it is not a level playing field

  100. Sean I’m afraid the Hill16 crowd don’t have to deal with the fact it’s not a level playing field, the advantage is there, why would they want to see it gone?.
    It’s the rest of the country that have to deal with it as the GAA have shown no appetite whatsoever to create a more equitable scenario.

  101. Why do people think that funding is irrelevant because it doesn’t go directly to the Dublin SF teams preparations. True. The coaching grants sent to each County board is primarily aimed at getting players who are not playing gaelic games involved in them. But … if you are getting a pittance in comparison to Dublin as in the case of Mayo then cash resources that could be directed towards improved team structures and squad development must then go towards grass roots coaching to increase participation. It is these additional resources which the county board in fairness to them strive to provide for the senior team on a very limited budget that cause a lot of tension between team management and the Co board. Always has, always will. Such tensions dont exist in Dublin because when Jim wants x,y or z. Jim gets x,y and z. No questions asked.

  102. @Jaden
    You speak of Croke Park like it is some inanimate object which decides who has a worthy business plan and who hasn’t. At the end of the day the different county boards put forward their proposals for funding which are accepted or rejected. Dublin it would appear are better at putting these plans together. But my friend. The people who decide what is a worthy plan vs what is not have a vested interest in a certain county getting the lions share. So should these development plans be pondered over by some completely independent group of people who have no knowledge of where the plans are coming from we might suddenly find that not all the “best” plans come from Dublin

  103. @ M Bones.
    You speak of Croke Park like it’s some clandestine organization making shadowy deals to ensure compliance to their DCB overlords. Truly tin-foil hat stuff.

    The Intercounty setup has been unfair since it’s inception. Any metric that can be referenced that shows a disparity in the Population, Resource Availability or Funding between Dublin and Mayo, can just as easily be applied to Mayo and Leitrim.

  104. Ah,.. Jaden… wasn’t it’ Croke Park who decided that Kildare wouldn’t play Mayo in Newbridge, but in Croke Park,. Citing various reasons,. One example was the worry about trouble between Kildare fan’s and Mayo fan’s.. Clandestine or What?.. there are several pieces on YouTube , with various different explanations from the GAA director of communication, ‘Hallunacting’ as to the reasons given for the decision, the week before ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ took place… Further more,as for ‘Clandestine’ like symptoms of those in the Dublinesque Corporate GAA, does the Director General of the GAA not have a duty to reveal to the paying, playing and volunteer members of the Association, just how much he earns?.. Of course Croke Park is a Clandestine organization, protecting it’s people and decisions from proper scrutiny… Not that we in Mayo are immune from Clandestine behavior from some at the top of the Organization here either!

  105. Not the metric when it comes to grant funding tho,eh Jaden? That simply shows a huge disparity between Dublin and the rest of the country.

  106. Nor the metric from commercial income…that’s two. So the county which has far more commercial income than any other county gets multiple times more grant funding than any other county…It is laughable.

  107. @Jaden i’d be interested to hear your take on the “Strategic Review Committee” which resulted in an income of c. €2.8m and expenditure of c. €3.3m (split between wages and other expenses) in 2016 financial accounts. I’ve never heard of a review committee that generates income to that level nor one that has a wage bill of c €2.2m.

  108. Just to be 100% @Walterwhite – Are you refusing to acknowledge that Mayo have Population and funding advantages over Leitrim? In 2017 Mayo outspent Leitrim at InterCounty by 5:1. How is that fair?

    The point I’m trying to make, is that the whole system is inherently unfair.

    @Leantimes, other than the idea that we should never attribute to malice, what can be attributed to stupidity, I’m in fairly broad agreement with you. GAA transparency is, as we say, a load of cack. Mind you, I don’t know what Dublinesque is. If I was describing an action that should have been a simple decision (such as NewBridge or no where), but got blown up on a national scale,and dragged on and on – I might used the term a very Mayo-esque thing to do. (I jest, I jest).

  109. @Jaden. No I am not and of course the competition is unfair in regard county size, population etc..but the same can be said in many sports. I am making a point in regard to the grants being dished out…that is within the control of the GAA…naturally there are other organic factors that are not.

    The issue I have is you refuse to ackowledge that the amount of money distributed to Dublin through these grants is grossly unjust. Mayo didn’t outspend Leitrim by getting millions in grant money divied out to them. 14 times more grant money than Cork…next on the list, the county most similar in size and population…14 fucking times more money Dublin received…I wont even bother getting into the multiples when it comes to the likes of Leitrim or indeed ourselves for thatt matter.

  110. Jaden… Newbridge or Nowhere, was NOT Dublinesque!,. But deciding that.. Mayo, with their legion’s of fan’s should play in Croke Park, like happened several times, is all about bringing more money into the Capital.. and that’s very Dublinesque..Now it’s a very different issue as to how suitable a ground Newbridge was in the first place….As recently as 2016 Mayo played Westmeath in a final 12 qualifier in Croke Park,. .A replay with Roscommon in the quarter final last year, ..More and more money for Dublin. I don’t know who came out of the hat first, but surely, either the Hyde or Castlebar would have been a better venue for both of us..More evidence of ‘Clandestine’ behavior is the dumbing down of the actual capisity of provincial grounds…In Connacht this year on supposed (But definitely Not Factual) Mchale Park was restricted to 30K for the Match versus Galway… and so it was, 29,K and some odd hundreds were officially there,… But literally thousands of empty seat’s, were plain to be seen as the match played out and several thousand who would have liked to buy a ticket were prevented from doing so, and subsequently failed to see the match live.. Same happened in the Hyde for the Connacht final, and the same happened in St Conleth Park Newbridge for the Mayo Match.. The Clandestine reason for this , I believe is definitely NOT ‘Health and Safety’ But an excuse to bring everything lucerative fixture possible to Croke Park, and again More money for the Capital… But Jaden you are right about the population and money advantages Mayo hold over Sligo and Leitrim. But as long as I remember in the Connacht Championship, Mayo plays both on an home and away basis, every second game..And If we play either in a Connacht final, it’s always in a Neutral venue, The Hyde… Galway and Roscommon operate by the same system… Do Dublin operate anything like that as regards the other Leinster counties? … Not likely, And the powers that be in Croke Park are trying and succeeding to make the rest of Ireland the same as the rest of Leinster has been for decades,. Everything penny possible is to be spent in Dublin, by the looks of things!

  111. Leantimes, the other Leinster counties vote for their provincial games to be kept in Croke Park for financial reasons, it’s not something you can pin uniquely on Dublin.

  112. Alas @Leantimes, the Leinster Council decide the fixture locations for all Leinster Championship games, as do all the provincial councils within their respective provinces.

    Every year we have the usual procession:
    * County X gets drawn in the opening round against Dublin.
    * Leinster Council meet, and decide that for HealthandSafety/ThinkOfTheChildren/AbsolutelyNothingToDoWithMoney reasons, that the fixture must be moved. This vote is carried by a resounding “Yes”, with County X bravely voting “No”.
    * County X complain loudly about this. The masses mutter.
    * The game goes ahead, everyone collects 200 Dollars and passes go.

    Repeat with a different county playing the role of X every 12 months.

    Maybe I should amend my previous assertion – Never Attribute to malice, what you can first attribute to greed, or thereafter, stupidity.

    Oddly, I get what they were trying to do with the Spring Series in the league – raise the profile of what I think is a pretty decent competition. At least in the League we get 3 or 4 away fixtures. McHale is a handy place to go for an Owl two points these days (2012 excluded, that never happened). And it saves me a couple of hours in the car. Win win, so to speak.

  113. @It means nothing to me,. What you say may be true.. I think, Cian O Neil and Kildare showed that home venue means something… Forget What the various County Boards of Leinster vote for… Are they voting in the interest of the greater good of the game or even in their own county’s best interest? I you think that voting to hold virtually every Championship Match in Croke Park, is not in the best interest of the game and indeed it’s to the deterement of their own counties chances of actually winning a game sometime.in the future versus Dublin , .. If you believe, voting this way ,It’s also damaging to the greater good of their own area, Town and County, economy and culture. .. damaging to their own identity and future aspirations..You have got to ask Why? If the Leinster counties voted to close down every County Ground in Leinster so be it….. The rest of Ireland should not be as willing to bend the knee to Croke Park, and most definitely not Mayo!

  114. @WalterWhite.
    Well at least we see eye to eye on the current state of IC competition. That’s something to build on.

    You are 100% right when you say that grant allocations are within the control of the GAA. Spot on.

    BUT, I would be PISSED with the DCB if I thought for one second that they weren’t fighting tooth and nail to secure as much Development funding as they could get their hands on. By the same token, I would place the same level of importance on it being spent wisely, and returning the best “bang for buck”. Given the rude health that the Juvenile GAA scene in Dublin is in, I’m pretty happy about things all in all.

    This of course, comes with a caveat. I don’t expect the DCB to be the arbiters of what’s considered fair. That isn’t their job. That’s GAA centrals job. Now, if it can be shown that they are not doing the job they are entrusted with – then yes, I absolutely have a problem with that.

    I suspect you already feel this is the case. I don’t – I see what the GAA were trying to do, or at least I think I do. But that’s a whole different post.

    That’s a whole different post though.

    @Marooned in D16 (lol Dundrum). I dunno, but I want in on this. Looks like a cushy number.

  115. Ah Ref is saying on Twitter tonight, that betting on Mayo’s next manager has been suspended !!

  116. Dublin: We’re not getting extra money.
    Rest of country: Yes you are
    Dublin: No we’re not
    Rest of country: Here’s the facts and figures
    Dublin: They’re wrong
    Rest of country: Show us where they’re wrong
    Dublin: Money doesn’t buy hunger
    Rest of country: Equal up the money then
    Dublin: It’s for all the new clubs we’re developing
    Rest of country: How many new clubs have you developed in the last 12 years, particularly in so called non GAA areas
    Dublin: Its how we spend it, we’ve competent coaches.
    Rest of Country: Give us the money and let us employ coaches, spend €0.5 million on admin wages and give the players girlfriends a spending allowance on match day.
    Dublin: But Mayo spent more than us on their senior team, they should have spent it on coaches
    Rest of country: They’ve travel costs and don’t get the funding Dublin get.
    Dublin: No one called for Kerry to be split in the 80’s
    Rest of country: No rational person is calling for you to split, we just want financial parity and some semblance of a level playing field.

  117. @Jaden you aren’t asking the correct question i’m afraid. Why are County X happy to collect 200 dollars?

    Perhaps County X have loan and bank interest of €180k to service like Mayo in 2016. Whereas the equivalent value for Dublin in 2016 was €7k. Remarkable that the team who play at majority of games at home in the best stadium and have the best facilities don’t have to worry about servicing debt.

    Perhaps County X don’t have €6m in income like Dublin in 2016. Perhaps like Mayo, a large portion of County X’s income is derived from fundraising. Mayo fundraising €840k in 2016 whereas Dublin’s was a paltry €57k. To put €6m income in to context, Ulster Rugby income for 2016 was circa €9m. Not far off professionalism.

    I would also disagree with your take on GAA transparency. On the Mayo GAA website you will find annual reports and details financial accounts for the last number of years. The financial accounts provide a clear breakdown of both income and expenses. The same can not be said of Dublin where the only report available is 2017 annual report which should be renamed 2017 annual gripes by Mr. Costello. Dublin’s 2016 financial accounts are obtained from Sylvesters website and they do not break down income or expenses in the detailed way the Mayo financial accounts do. Case in point ‘Strategic Review Committee’.

    Ultimately the excessive funding Dublin have received has contributed directly to the 4 in a row. That doesn’t diminish the fact this is a great team and great sportsmen as well. The majority of whom are true gentlemen

    Ballyboden is also D16. Typical Dub rubbish at geography 😉

  118. The 2 counties spend their money on coaches.

    Dublin spend it on coaches for their players.

    Mayo spend it on coaches to get the players across the country to play the well coached Dublin players who are doing yawning exercises after rolling out of their own beds and preparing to play the jaded players who have been coached across the country to play Dublin in their home sweet home.

  119. @Jaden, .. Interesting point on the team X seneario, ‘Collect 200 DOLLAR’S and pass go…Remind’s me of Bertie Ahern safe in St Luke’s.. wasn’t it Dollars? YEAH, twas,. Dollars, Sterling, Pound’s and I forget If there were any Euro’s! ..A virtual foregin exchange!…Never attribute Malice where there is greed…is that what you say?… You are right, it isn’t the Dublin County Board job to ensure fair play and a level playing field…. The point that I have been making is about Central Council,eg Croke Park! Definitely not doing their job as both of us see it… I wouldn’t be giving out about the DCB at all….We have our own County Board and unfortunately they don’t get praised as much as Bertie used to get praised in the Capital,or indeed Central Council either….GAA people need to stand together to make sure the Central Council do what’s right, take a leaf out of the Cian O Neil and the Kildare people who mobilised to put manner’s on Croke Park…. And also demand to know just how much the Director General is being paid… A few years ago, the earnings of the President of the Irish Farmers Association became public knowledge, and that’s when the fat hit the fire….. Why should we be kept in the dark on the Director General either?

  120. @Marooned in D16, sorry, even postcodes are on the Southside, no true Dane would have anything to do with what happens on that side of the Liffey. The last time I was in Rockbrook, I was on the 47a out to the Hellfire Club to go hiking. Tis all changed now.

    County X are happy as they get more money from this arrangement. Are they really acting in the best interests of their county? Leantimes has articulated on that point better than I could.

    As for a stadium, I’m split on my thinking. It would be a hell of a thing to have, but it seems like a White Elephant given the availability of Croker. What would it cost? 60M? Like the PUC redevelopment, there are better things to spend that money on. GAA central know bloody well what impact it would have on their bottom line, and they’d be having none of it.

    What you say about end of year accounts – spot on. Imagine every county providing consistent and detailed financial records at the end of each year. If a template was enforced, like for like comparisons would be trivial. The availability of such data alone keep every county board honest, which in itself is probably half the reason it may not happen. I’ve had a look over both sets of records, The MCBs is absolutely easier to follow, but even given that, it could be better.

    As for “excessive” Games Development Funding contributing to the 4 in a row. The effect of one on the other is non-zero. I think we would disagree strongly on what exactly is the quantifiable impact. I think it’s impact will grow, as the players who started out benefiting from this funding as kids, begin to reach the higher grades. It’s a long term investment, in much the same vein as Kerry have done, as they bring to fruition a plan to rectify no minor AI in 20 years, by winning an unprecedented 5 in a row. A feat that flabbergasts me when I think about it. And Kudos to them. I didn’t think it could be done.

    But on the impact of this funding as it relates to the current Senior success, I see it as tangentially related, at best. I fully understand others will not see it that way.

    To put it a different way, When GAA central took over the debt on McHale Park redevelopment spend, it had a non zero impact on Mayo’s ability to challenge for AI honours. The exact impact requires more than I know to calculate. I’ll freely admit that (on both counts).

  121. Just before I hit the hay, @Leantimes, not a single word would I disagree with. That’s 3 posts in a row now, I sense the start of a wonderful Bromance.

    Like Bertie, I think GAA HQ will not be judged kindly by history.

  122. As of tonight, Dublin are 7/1 to win 9 in a row and 11/1 to win 10 in a row on the current run with Paddy power, who wouldn’t be in the habit of losing money so they think it’s very possible.

  123. Folks, aside from shouting on this forum about this funding I would loev to know what can actually be done. All but decided I have watched my last match in Croke Park which is a meaningless act but means I won’t be contributing any more than I have to to pay Brian Fentons dietians wages. Spoke with a Co Bo chairman here at a wake down the road and of course once the AI chat was out of the way along came “well what does actually happen at these high level Croke Park meetings/Conventions behind closed doors. His simple answer was that if you have any issue with the current status Quo then you had better keep your mouth shut or the few crubeens that are being sent your way will dry up fairly lively. He likened it to the famine. People have so little that they lack the strength or ability to rebel, but instead put the paw out for what ever few crumbs fall their way. The squeaky wheel gets taken off and thrown on the scrap heap or so it would seem.

  124. M Bones That Chairman was spot on. The reason Mayo Gaa Co board never objected to that semi-final in limerick was because the money from Croke park would be more difficult to get.

  125. Sean – I’ve stuck in the link to that John Fogarty piece in your comment just now and deleted all the text from the article itself that you’d pasted in. As I said the other day to someone else I don’t want people using the comments section here for cutting and pasting content from elsewhere. The same copyright issues arise whether it’s material from a newspaper or a blog or wherever and I want to nip this trend in the bud – it’s not to be done, end of. As I’ve already said I’ve no issue at all if people want to flag content from elsewhere by posting links but dumping whole articles in isn’t the way to do this.

  126. Indeed he is, Sean! He appears to have missed out on giving them credit for helping old ladies across the road and their legendary kindness to stray cats.

  127. “As of tonight, Dublin are 7/1 to win 9 in a row and 11/1 to win 10 in a row on the current run with Paddy power, who wouldn’t be in the habit of losing money so they think it’s very possible.”
    Dave, that is very worrying indeed. For all GAA football fans. Another way to put it is football is 7/1 to meet a similar fate to the tailteann games unless something is done to pull the other 33 counties along. Just hoping I’m not being asked by my grandkids. Granddad, tell us again about the legend of Fionn Mchuaill and this game he used to play with his feet where he kicked a big sliotar about the place. It sounds like such fun.

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