Early morning decision on tomorrow evening’s match

Mayo GAA have just announced that a decision will be made early in the morning about whether or not tomorrow evening’s match against Kerry will go ahead as scheduled. That decision will, according Mayo GAA, be made in conjunction with Croke Park.

Here’s the announcement that’s been issued:

With weather warnings issued for wind and rain – including a Red wind warning for Clare and Galway in the afternoon – as Storm Jorge tracks close to Ireland, the advisability of going ahead with a sporting fixture that would see large numbers of people on the roads has got to be questionable. It’s good, then, that the Go/No Go decision on the game is set to be made early tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Early morning decision on tomorrow evening’s match

  1. Thanks WJ. The vagueness if the statement is unreal, what is Early Morning in the eyes of GAA officials. Most hotels have cancellation policies up to 24 hours, hopefully they will be understanding when the decision is made Early tomorrow.
    I’m putting my trust in the weather forecasters and believe the game couldn’t possibly go ahead.
    JH can take his time naming the team

  2. Can’t see game going ahead tomorrow and also can’t understand how the powers that be don’t make the call tonight. Unfair to even keep fans waiting. Health and safety has to come first. Play it Sunday or next weekend.

  3. Can’t see this game going ahead.Next weekend is free for both teams,surely there’s an easy solution here?

  4. There was an orange weather warning in place when we played Meath and the under 20’s played in shocking conditions the day before so I’d say the odds are in favour of it going ahead. The only difference this time is Kerry travellers may be coming through a red zone so that might change things

  5. It’s not like Kerry to bring big numbers anyway. Also as it’s a live televised game, I’d imagine RTE will have a big say in whether it goes ahead or not.

  6. I hope it goes ahead but I fail to understand how you can whilst there’s a red warning in counties Kerry will have to travel through . Take construction sites nowadays , once that red warning comes its everyone off and shut the gate .

  7. Typical Gaa authorities, why wait until morning? Push it out until Sunday afternoon. You cant expect people travelling up through Clare and Galway in a red warning!
    There is no way it can be played tomorrow evening.

  8. Would be amazed if it was on tomorrow. Reckon Sunday is a possibility .Not a bad auld kerry team. They seem to be taking this league crack fairly seriously.

  9. Living in Galway I was thinking I might travel to the match on the Surf Board. If the wind is in the right direction I should make the journey in about 11 minutes.

    They can make their decision at 4am if they like. I’ve made mine already. If the power is still on, it will be rte and if not it will be mid west.

    Safe travelling to all if they decide to play it.

  10. Early morning down home is always a bit later than you’d think of early morning somewhere else I find.

  11. Good morning All in Mayo. Any news on the Mayo V Kerry Game this evening ??? Early Morning In Croke Park is fairly late . Pebblesmeller Kerry people travel in good numbers to Castlebar . The crack in Mayo is always great & the games are always competitive . It is my favourite LEAGUE game ever year , especially when it is played in Castlebar .

  12. Can’t have our Kerry friends travelling in potentially very dangerous conditions.

    Postpone the game.

  13. Well Croke Park have announced their skyline tour is cancelled today due to high wind, maybe they will get around to the match after a while!

  14. Good morning Eamon. Our apologies about the late call on the game. The teams deserve better playing conditions and supporters deserve respect too.
    We wait for GAA headquarters. Early Morning, I suppose that means before noon in some quarters

  15. Maybe they cannot find the inspection wellingtons or the inspection stick.

    It’s not fair on the kerry manager having to try and keep them young kerry children that’s on the team occupied either for 12 hours. Sure o’shea and clifford will only be happy pinching each for a while, until they start hitting each other.

  16. Here in Galway it is getting very windy with hail and sleet. I think they could have left the word ‘early’ out of the announcement. Would not be surprised if it goes ahead considering the Roscommon game last year!

  17. Hail and sleet with the wind gradually increasing here in Galway. Predictions on the weather now of wind possibly reaching 150 kmh in some places. Stay safe all.

  18. We will have a decision before 11 according to MWR. Sleet showers & wind in Castlebar. About 2degrees at the moment. You wouldn’t put the fox outa the hen house at the moment.

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