End this farce now

Okay, Monday morning, work to be done and all that.  Very little on-field stuff to talk about (certainly nothing of the green and red variety), though when I read the match report this morning about Mark Vaughan’s 1-6 against Corofin on Saturday, I couldn’t help but be reminded about the blonde one’s late, late equalising point in Crokes’ Dublin semi-final clash with with Vinnies back in October.  Vaughan had been worse than useless in that game up till then but that one moment of magic kept his side in it and he then proceeded to cut loose in the replay five days later.  Although the XMG boys wouldn’t necessarily agree, that late free in Crokes’ drawn game with the then holders of the Andy Merrigan Cup could well have been the moment when the All-Ireland Club title began its shift from dis side of Dublin to dat side.

cork-hurling-panel_Off the field, meanwhile, the pantomime down in Cork continues to drag on … and on and on.  Someone should tell these prima donnas that the panto season is now well over and that it’s high time to sort out this sorry mess.  This is about hurling, for chrissakes, it’s not the Middle East, though, in that context, I fancy George Mitchell’s chances of bringing harmony to that part of the world quicker than a solution will be found on Leeside.

Surely the time has now come for HQ to deploy the nuclear option to sort out these pesky rebels: both sides should be given a short period, say two weeks or so, to come up with a solution, failing which ALL Cork teams (the lot, football as well as hurling) should be turfed out of all inter-county action and left out in the cold until this squalid little squabble has been cleared up.

The fact that the incoming President of the GAA, Christy Cooney, is a Donkey Ayter himself makes it unlikely that HQ would be inclined to use the stick in this way but he’d have the thanks of GAA people in the 31 other counties, as well, one suspects, of many within Cork itself, if he was to administer tough medicine of this kind to these self-centred, egotistical quarrelers.  If he did, we’d soon see how tough and uncompromising both sides in this ridiculous, tiresome dispute really are.

7 thoughts on “End this farce now

  1. Cork has become a monster. The real fun will start when this crowd of players finally win despite it making me nearly throw up. The panel of 2008 stands at 30 I presume. What happens when the new manager dumps five or six out of it, then we will see the real whinging and the whole story will become more clearer as the new dissaffected give vent to their spleen.
    On a lighter note re. advertising on blogs. Back in the early 1960s Bob Dylan was a well kept secret that shunted between Grenwich Village and Newport folk festivals. The folkies loved him and had him all to themselves. One day Dylan plugged his guitar into the electricity and never looked back. The folkies/purists hated it/him but a whole new generation found a messiah. You may have to plug your “guitar” into the “electricity” at some stage Willie , if you follow my drift. When you do we will still travel with you.

  2. WJ, I’ve nothing whats-so-ever to say about Cork, bar, they shot the only decent rebel they ever had. But what I would like to say thay as a fellow mayo man stranded in the UK for the last 3 years your blog has been a life line. Thank you so much, and keep up the excellent work.

  3. Nice one, goochhooper, I’ve always had similar feelings myself re that particular rebel.

    I lived in London myself for about eight years and back in those pre-internet days, it was a complete pain to keep in touch with the football. So, like Mary Robinson and her light in the window up in the Aras, I’ve always had the emigrant in mind when doing this. Glad to see it’s of some use to you in this regard.

    All the best


  4. I think he’s been injured – he played in the three FBD games and is definitely in the panel so I’d say he’s sure to get a look-in at some point over the course of the league campaign.

  5. WJ, i´m out over the oceans myself at this stage, but still log-on to MGB.com for the best Gah blog in town. It is good work that you do, Brother WJ!

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