Eoghan McLaughlin is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Mayo News (Ben McShane/Sportsfile)

The voting has closed in our latest MOTM poll and this one has produced a decisive result. With 36% of the vote, you’ve chosen Eoghan McLaughlin as our MOTM from the game against Roscommon.

The Westport player was an extremely influential performer for us yesterday. With no Paddy Durcan in the team punching his trademark holes in the opposition’s backline, we needed someone else to take up that baton at Dr Hyde Park. Eoghan proved to be that player, with his repeated, rapid forays deep into the Roscommon defence, bagging three points in the process.

Others to impress in yesterday’s two-point win include Darren McHale (11% of the vote), Ryan O’Donoghue (10%), Aidan O’Shea (8%) and Donnacha McHugh (7%). Well done to them all and, in particular, to Eoghan McLaughlin, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.


30 thoughts on “Eoghan McLaughlin is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. well done to the team on the winNice to see Eoghan play so well.He’a real gent.
    On the booing of Aidan by the Roscommon ‘fans’ as he went off,they’d do well to remember,that after Roscommon legend Dermot Early played his last game in 1985 against Mayo, he was carried shoulder high BY THE MAYO PLAYERS after the game ended.How times have changed.

  2. Congrats Eoghan mc when he’s on top for he’s an unreal player guys need to step up in place of Durcan now and Eoghan mc did that yesterday.

    Free shot at the dubs in 2 weeks need thought we were quite good yesterday missed a lot of chances I wonder was it down to the wind or just bad misses. We often don’t play our best some games then the next turn up the heat and play our 100 % best the next gane let’s hope it’s v dubs!

    interesting weekend of games derry beaten again Armagh are real dark horses.. I’d fear them more then donegal.

  3. When we had the wind, we had 73% conversion.
    I believe it was the wind. When you looked at the sideline flags, they were blowing at different strengths which suggested there was inconsistency. But interesting, I heard Mayo chose to play against the wind in the first half. Would love to know the logic

  4. Well done Eoghan, just what was needed in Paddy’s absence, another wing back to find top form. If Tommy can move through the gears we know he has and the team as a whole find that extra collective surge then anything can happen in our final qualifier game.
    Lisa O’Neill needs to get busy this next 2 weeks also,to get our heads playing the full 75 minutes.

  5. – Great confidence boost for Eoghan, his tackling and direct running were excellent.
    – Lots of other positives, our short kickouts were done at blistering pace and we did have some nice attacking moves with Darren McHale making a impression.
    – The wind was strong and cross field and it made shooting very difficult so we can blame it for a number of our first half sides.
    – Need to improve by another 20% to beat Dublin.
    – We are getting loads of possession but not converting it to scores on the board.
    – If we go with man marking as opposed to zonal against Dublin then we need to nominate a dedicated marker for the key Dublin threats. We had 3 different markers on Donie Smith. !!!.
    – The spine of the Dublin team is aging and while they likely have one last hurrah it’s not a given
    – We go to win regardless of where its played or who the ref is. There is fight left in this Mayo team and support base and I expect we will see it against Dublin.
    – Congrats to Offally U20’S , I listened to that match while driving back from Hyde Park – magic.

  6. Word in Navan is that the Armagh v Galway game is in Navan and our game is in Clones, going for neutral provinces.

  7. 2 hops. Put Tommy in the right position and he will do damage but not at corner forward with his back to goal. What management in their right mind doesn’t utilise the fastest man in mayo football. Out on the forty facing the dubs. Let’ him at it. Won’t happen probably

  8. Well deserved Eoghan. He has got out of the habit of giving away silly frees and is finishing his high speed runs with a score.
    I agree with Olive, it was a tricky cross wind in the Hyde. We did try to speed up our movement from defence to attack and that is encouraging but more work to be done. We bailed out of shooting at times from central positions.
    The dubs game is by no means a free shot. The stakes are high and it will be a measure of where we are at. The dubs too will be determined to prove they are equally good when taken out of Croke Park.

  9. Congrats Eoghan and well deserved. Best performance to date for Mayo and he is looking at lot more confident. What a terrible pity that Paddy is out for the season as otherwise what a huge threat we would have from our wing backs.

  10. @ontheditch obviously the stakes are high for the dubs game. I meant it being a free shot by that we are total underdogs for this game and no one thinks we are going to win

    Dubs will be a tough test but I’ve a feeling we will give them a good rattle. Felt so sorry got cavan yesterday to be honest how deflating for them and them v Rossies won’t be easy either.

  11. Would the GAA not just announce arrangements for thr last set of games. It’s bizarre and a nuisance to make travel plans.

    I’ve been told that it is in Tullamore, Cavan, Limerick, Roscommon, and even Clones, all by sensible people who are convinced that this comes from a genuine source.

  12. Congrats Eoghan, he’s some athelete and I’d hate to see him running full speed towards me. We’re lucky to have him on our side.
    The Dubs game is going to be Mayo’s sliding door moment for 2024. They are akin to Man City in that the are almost flawless and don’t have many weaknesses. However Mayo need to go out and try to win it, none of this throwing the game or putting out a weakened team. To do this we need to change the approach and do something different. Rochford was a great man to throw a curve ball during his first spent as manager. Didn’t he put Aidan as full back on Donaghy? And Kevin Mc as a sweeper if I recall?
    Something new is needed..Mayo are a bit of a mind melt for Dublin a lot of the time so bring back the chaos and make it hard for them. Make them uncomfortable and get a huge Mayo crowd to roar us on. It’s possible and gives us a nice break and run in. Dublin would have to play 3 weeks in a row as a result so just horse into them and get it done.

  13. Delighted for Eoghan. As regards the Dubs, think we are set up to fail. Slow build up going to forward which is easy to defend against. Open at the back when teams run at us. Not dominant in the middle. Of course we will give it a go against the Dubs but with a weakened squad and the same predictable approach, can’t see how we are getting a result in this one. Just look at goals scored by the Dubs v goals scored by Mayo against Cavan.

  14. Dublin’s squad is depleted too justoutside, especially in defence..Gannon, Murphy and McCarthy etc. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw. Clones won’t suit the expansive style Dubs favour either. I’m thinking it’s Tullamore or Cavan personally.

  15. @justoutsideballagh, exactly. If things aren’t changed in terms of structure and strategy then it’s very difficult to see us beating any team of note which would be a pity because we have players of a sufficient level to do real damage. But as you’ve rightly said, we are too open at the back, we cough up goal opportunities to mediocre teams and we do daft things when trying to hold down a lead, clearly evidenced in the Connacht Final and again on Sunday in the Hyde. 6 points up and let them saunter through the heart of our defence. In Pearse Stadium allowing Galway players to run long distances unopposed into our defence. Same against Cork last year. It’s a worrying trend. And you’re correct also, we struggle to dominate in the middle and ultimately that’s a really key sector of the pitch. And why oh why are we so slow and cautious in attack (McLaughlin being an exemption here). All it does is allow the opppsing defence to filter back which effectively negates any chance of scoring a goal. We need a blitzkrieg mentality. Hit them fast and hard. It’s clearly not happening!

  16. I’m hearing from a friend of mine in London that it’s going to be in Ruislip

  17. A lot people eating humble pie about Eoghan. Suggestions were that he didn’t have the ball skills or he is only useful as an impact sub. After Ryan, I’d wager he’s the first name on the team sheet. I was at the Galway game close to the sideline and Rochford spent the whole of the second half talking with him. He is Mayo’s one player who can create a goal chance from nothing, especially with this cautious approach we are favouring now.

    Related to this, we need to play Hession in the backs more to help take the ball out of defense when we are under pressure.

  18. Lads on paper Mayo are a good bit off the Dubs level, somebody may mentioned this a day or two ago but how do you cope against,
    Jack McCaf.

    The goal threat is huge from them.

    The best thing I took from the Ros game was the brilliant hand passing and flick for the Mayo goal and a more polished looking E McLaughlin.

    Midfield area and inside forwards is really advantage for the Dubs

  19. @bate, even though Mayo are majorly short on high fielders around the middle, we actually have been doing more than fine there. We’re disrupting and winning breaking ball against bigger midfielders.

    Dublin’s forwards are top quality though and this is where Mayo are weak at the back. People went on about Ross forwards but they’re totally over-rated. Only Murtagh is stand out. Cox is no better than Cillian, Donie Smith I don’t know how he starts. Daire Cregg is high potential all right. But Dublin’s forwards will be like what we faced against Galway. Three constant threats in Con, Mannion, and Costello.

  20. Well done Eoghan, very much deserved. The Rossies couldn’t deal with your direct running of power and pace into pockets of space. Hope to see more of the same against the Dubs.
    We will be going all out to beat the Dubs, any other thoughts or thinking around this is a completely alien to me. I was brought up with the understanding that I was no better than anyone else but by fuck no one was any better than me either. You don’t lie down and take that notional shit. When you go out on the field you stand up and fight and beat your man and you can shake his hand afterwards when you have him bet.

  21. Well done Eoghan, definitely his best game to date and he’s getting some important turnovers most days as well.
    Darren McHale offers balance with a good left foot and he now has an air of confidence. Donnacha McHugh had his hands full yesterday but good and all as he is, Fenton is not as fast as Smith. So it may be worth putting him on Fenton. as for other match ups we’d need to have good cover for their half forwards who supply the quality ball and McCaffrey when he comes on. Not sure we have those man markers with the injuries we seem to have unless they clear up in time. So it may be better to go more zonal and block the channels. All 3 of Dubs FF line are capable of plenty of trouble along with sub Small. I wouldn’t be as worried about Dublin’s backs as their forwards. One or 2 are just average. They’re not as great as the 2010s team with some ageing slightly and some star players not replaced but still very good racking up some big scores and deserve AI favourites tag.
    Cillian probably worth another start. His 60 yard pass yesterday was a thing of beauty. Hit a few great punch passes as well. Only scored one but it was a belter just after his meteorologist cameo. Showed leadership there. Can help nullify blocked defences with his range. Tommy out on 40 means Ryan has to go back inside. Try and get a few more marks from Aido. It’s an under used tactic. The other reason to bring Tommy out is to nullify Small who did well vs Smith last week. Put them under pressure in a key position on the pitch. If Aido subbed on 60 bring him back on at 70 if not all subs used and game is tight.

  22. Bate the blanket, the answer is you can’t stop all those goal threats, block the channels and close the space. That’s what Tyrone did to Kerry in 21 SF. It wasn’t down to one or two brilliant defenders, it was the fact that when Kerry broke through, there was always another Tyrone player flying in from somewhere to make a block or a fair hit without fouling. No team has replicated that game since. It’s a big ask but can be done. The inferior team won that day.

  23. Plenty of positives from Saturday, our midfield is starting to click and we appear to have a better kick our strategy.

    Beating Dublin obviously required this improvement.

    I think the only way any team can beat them is to press them early when they are doing their lateral passing around the 50 and leave AOS and ROD inside, get them then on the counter attack.

    We have the players and the fitness to do this. Hopefully it’s in the Hyde.

    p.s. some folk on here must have been on the drink over the weekend when they were calling for us to “throw” the match. That’s daft talk and must be drink talking.

  24. @high or low totally agree with you

    The idea that some support think it’s better for us to send a weakened team and throw the game v dubs absolutely baffles me.

    Yes we are total underdogs for this game but might work in our favour. You have to go all out to win even v dubs. If your to afraid to take on dubs with our strongest team we won’t go far as I always say it’s in the mentality is well and a hammering to dubs would not do our guys confidence any good even if we loose and good effort and positive signs and a never say due attitude from our guys I’d be happy with rather then throwing in the towel altogether by sending a weak team on purpose.

  25. On the Derry implosion, injuries haven’t helped but I think they may be tiring a bit of Mickey. Cavanagh said he could be stubborn, a bit disloyal you would think but he’s gone a while and so can speak more freely.
    Also the one thing that strikes me as daft is the way Mickey traipses a load of grown men off to mass on the morning of a Sunday match. In this day and age, no matter what various fans here think, we’re talking grown men not children. Tyrone may have given him a free pass on this because of success so became a ritual but as he moves around counties it’s sure to grate if success doesn’t come.

  26. I tend to go against the grain on MOTM. Not this time – that was a fantastic performance from Eoghan, taking up where Paddy left off.

    If he can up it further against the Dubs, he could do serious damage. Wasn’t blown ver by POH, but at least he has a full game played now, and that can’t hurt.

    We can and should be getting more out of Conor Loftus. Aidan and Cillian playing together- no. Aidan and Cillian NOT playing together- no.

  27. It’s a no-brainer to play against the wind when given the option:
    Usually takes the wind–assisted (wa) team some time to settle down and get scores.
    The wa team never know how much of a margin will be sufficient at half-time.
    Crucially, as players tire in the 2nd half , it’s such a help to have the wind on your back.
    There is a target score to achieve in the 2nd half.

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