Evan Regan our MOTM from yesterday

Evan Regan

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The votes are in and counted in our final Man of the Match poll for this year’s National Football League campaign. For the second weekend in a row, the award goes to Evan Regan and this time he wins it in style, taking 76% of the vote.

I don’t recall anyone coming remotely close to a vote like this in any previous MOTM poll but I guess Evan’s nine-point haul at MacHale Park yesterday – without which we’d undoubtedly be contemplating life in Division Two right now – goes a long way towards explaining why the popular vote went like it did on this occasion. Next in the poll – on 3% – came Evan’s Ballina Stephenites clubmate David Clarke (who had a fine match between the sticks yesterday), along with Tom Parsons and Alan Freeman. After that there were a clutch of players on 2%.

Well done to Evan for his performance yesterday and also for the way that he’s taken his chance with both hands over the spring campaign. It must have been a real sickener for him to lose most of last year to injury so it’s doubly uplifting to see him establish himself so firmly in the reckoning as this year’s championship starts to come into focus for us.

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  1. I came on here very critical of Evan Regan not so long ago and I’m more than delighted that he’s proved me wrong. The talent was always there but obviously the management have been working hard with him. 2 good feet. Now we have two very reliable free takers too. It’s a long time since we’ve found a forward like that so I’m thinking Regan will have a big day come championship. Well done to management. Onwards we go

  2. Well done Evan. President Donald Trump will surely be calling Evan to see if he can give any tips on getting votes

  3. He needs a nickname , Gooch , star have them . ” moyessi” meaning messi on the moy , haha.

  4. Well done to Evan, keep up the great work! I thought that the final free that he hit from his wrong side under a hell of a lot of pressure was as good as any free that I have seen taken in those circumstances. One of Stephen Rochford’s Corofin team main strengths was getting the ball into the danger men as quickly as possible. The key is to have players at the end of these moves who can finish. Evan has certainly put his hand up in the last two games in terms of been one of these top finishers to carry through this most important aspect of Rochford’s gameplan.

  5. “Messi -ah” but only if we win Sam, we’ve had messiahs before and it didn’t work out.

  6. A few people have mentioned tickets for the London game in Ruislip.

    A friend was in Ruislip yesterday but they were not selling tickets there, only online.

    A 2nd batch of tickets (the first lot sold out almost straight away) went on sale this morning online, but have now also sold out.

    Not sure if there’s any other way of getting tickets, I’m still looking myself.
    The game was always all ticket for adults, although I think OAP’s and juveniles can buy tickets on the day.
    So I’m going to see if I can still squeeze into my old school uniform, could do with a bit of hair dye as well.

  7. Meant to say that under 16’s can get in free if accompanied by an adult.
    The earlier message I saw about tickets on the day seems to have disappeared, looks like it might be a complete sell out.

  8. I was critical of Evan Regan too and am delighted to be proved wrong as well I think there’s great grounds for optimism this year and I think we will be hard beat when the championship rolls round all I hope is that we as fans and the team keep our feet firmly on the ground and take one game at a time

  9. Hit the nail on the head there back door sam. Although I’d prefer a connacht tittle again.

  10. I was a bit disappointed with the scoreline Down racked up against us. It was scary to see how easy Down could come up and take a score. We didn’t seem to have any plan to challenge this. This needs to be looked at. We have the players back there but they don’t seem to know what to do!! Hopefully this will change come championship, up front we are really starting to take shape, that is really positive. Roll on the championship!

  11. I was an early advocate of Evan Regan (I went door to door explaining why he’d be a good forward). 🙂
    I did hear four years ago he will get a net of footballs and practice left n right foot for hours. Signs are on. I cant recall us having as two footed a player at senior level.
    E.R. Emergency Room – Clooney?
    The Doctor?
    Chippy? He is brilliant at the chip lift.
    Chippy Regan might hold?

  12. Well deserved and let’s hope he continues to improve and make his mark on games. He has lots of pace which we have missed on big days in Croke Park in our forward line. The key now will be getting fast direct ball in there instead of messing about out the field.

  13. I couldn’t give two continentals what we call him as long as he can maintain anything like his current scoring rate. A full forward line of COC, Freeman and Regan offers real potential.

    It’s also worth remembering that against the Dubs last year Aidan O’Shea won the ball going into him but had no one to dish it off to. Aidan was been at least double marked so there was definitely space there to be exploited. An opportunist like Regan would be the perfect foil should we decide to throw the near back into the pit every now and again, and let COC drift out to the 40 to pull the strings.

  14. Regan is an exciting prospect, similar to O’Donaghue when on the ball, looking to take on his man. No coincidence that Regans best moments come when we let the ball in quick into the corners. Players like Evan thrive on good fast ball into the forward line. With Cillian fully fit and the proper fast ball we can have a very dangerous ff line.

  15. Delighted for Regan, hopefully the curve will continue on the up.
    But all should cool the jets a bit….that’s 2 good games out of 6-7 and ye are looking to call him Messi! What I’m happy about is that he got a fair crack at the whip this year and was nit benched into oblivion after a few poor games. As did COS and Harrison get a fair crack. We have has young players before put in 2-3 good games and rack up 9-10 points in a game not really be seen again. Lets hope Regan understands that he has just got his foot in and works hard at his game to ensure he maximises his potential. The real proof is when you are in the Croker melting pot and the likes of Mcmahon or Cooper all over you and not getting a sniff from the Ref! Well done thus far Regan

  16. Lads, is this ticket thing in Ruislip for real? Is there really a shortage of tickets for London?! I’ve always known about the extent of Mayo’s support but even this sounds too bizarre to be true! It’s in another country and people can’t get a ticket for it?!

  17. Waited to see this type of hype about him since he broke into the frindges of the panel about three years ago,most from Ballina would have thought the same,fair play lad.
    Nicknames? Chip or chips Regan
    May stick , rego was the only nickname of sorts I can remember anyone calling him in school,although chips sounds more relative .

  18. I couldn’t agree more KL. This nonsense of Messi after two good games is so dangerous. Give the lad a chance. Nobody could grow as a footballer under that level of expectation. Yes, I am excited by him and I really hope he reaches his full potential. It is a long time since we had a free scoring forward like Paddy Andrews or James Donaghue. Someone who can get the ball, turn and knock it over the bar and do that several times in the match. Andy Moran and Alan Dillon used to be able to do it and dare I mention the name Mortimor. Roscommon seem well endowed with this type of forward at the moment and Dublin and Kerry are a breeding ground for them.

    If Regan turns out to be this type of forward for us then he will be a great addition. He also has a instinct for goals, (but so had Doherty once but that unfortunately dried up). Regan needs to come into the championship under the radar and not with shiny boots and a target on his back.

  19. What I like about Regan is that he takes his man on. His emergence has been one of the highlights of the league.

    We need to feed him early and not insist on trying to take the call through tackles. At this level you will get turned over. It’s the same players who are doing this in every game. Moving the ball quickly is how we will generate scoring opportunities.

    I think Mayo were not fully tuned in Sunday and played in bits and starts pulling away and then letting Down back in. In fairness to Down the nailed their scores and almost caught us out.

  20. off topic.
    The GAA have opened a centre of excellence in Dublin.

    Absolute madness. So how many counties are going to use the facility in Dublin ??
    They would have been far better off building smaller centres with all weather pitches in each of the provinces.
    Absolute no logic in this and it is another huge advantage for Dublin inter county teams and clubs.

  21. Exactly such nonsense. …why not nickname him a consistent scoring corner forward! That would be a unique name in Mayo football.

  22. Great to be still in Division 1, and having tried out new players.
    Sunday last, we had 3 scoring forwards in out ff, line, each able to score
    and take frees.
    Delighted to see Alan Freeman, coming back to his best form.
    I hope we continue to give early ball into our ff. line. Any defender will tell you
    the hardest thing to defend is the early, fast, long ball, played in front of the forward.
    Corofin , were masters at this game and it should suit our, inside players.
    The slow ball inside, gives all the advantages to defenders and we don’t want that.
    Great win for our u 21, team, hope they take the Dubs and a few of them break onto the seniors, soon.
    Looking forward to Championship.

  23. What is the story with Michael Conroy, how serious is his injury he seems to have it for a long time. Will his unavailability for for the entire league and the fact he has no football played for a year cost him a place on the panel this year.

  24. I was very critical of regan basing it on two club games I had seen. My cousin who is a Ballina man was raving for the last few years and I wouldnt listen. I am definitely sold now and happy that he has cleaned up that hop skip and jump routine that he had for taking frees, its much more fluent now.

    will the mayo lads based in Dublin be able to use this centre of excellence ? if so then its surely a good thing ?

  25. Re: Mickey Conroy. He’s out a long time now, maybe since before the first Dublin game last summer? I’m not sure but it’s going back a bit for sure. I’d say the upcoming cull won’t be kind to him though. It’s hard on men that have done the same training and given the same time commitment as the ‘stars’ but them is the breaks.

  26. What can they do there that they can’t do already?
    Tyrone have the best centre of excellence in the country and haven’t got to an All Ireland final in eight years.
    Roscommon/Cavan are back at division one level without anything like this.
    The people who tell you how brilliant these are have either paid the bill or get a wage from one or are somehow involved in getting a wage from coaching.
    What ball can you not kick or weight can you not lift or video/stat can you not produce without a centre of excellence?
    Kilkenny don’t have one and neither Dublin.
    Offaly are building one it won’t bring them success.
    If centres of excellence worked being the only Connaught team with access to one in Bekan wouldn’t we win each Connaught minor title?

  27. Rodger, going by what the GAA have said, Mayo are free to use the facilities in the centre of excellence as are any club or county in Ireland. I do suspect that Dublin may have it booked on the night we would be looking for it though. Does anyone else think a centre of excellence for the whole GAA should be located in a central location like for example Athlone? Just a thought.

  28. Dublins 2 million for Rathcoole is being put against this in form of covering rental.
    Any club that uses this is being flachulac with money. Travel and rental costs would be far better invested in your local club.

  29. Great to see Evan blossom in the latter stages of the league. I must say I had my doubts earlier on, and am never happier than when being disproved in situations like this.

    However, let’s not lose the run of ourselves. Hard championship matches are just around the corner, with mean defences salivating for a crack at promising forwards. The Jonny Coopers, O’Mahonys, Phillys, and McGees of the world will look forward to squeezing the life out of the Evans and others who show their faces above the parapet – Diarmaid Murtagh please also note. So it’s a long road ahead, but good that quality is emerging.

    And talking of Philly and his likes, its disappointing that we haven’t discovered a McGee or ‘like minded’ defender. I know Brendan Harrison is getting good reviews, including one from James Horan, but is he just another ‘nice’ Mayo backr? I thought Caolan Crowe in the Dublin game did a lot of good work, unnoticed work, got stuck in and kept to his defensive duties. I would have liked to see him get more game time. Don’t know if the U21 team is breeding this type, but the way Murtagh ran riot it would seem not.

  30. Congratulations to team and management on maintaining div 1 status,no mean feat considering how late we started and injury list,I saw someone on yesterday who is a good poster who said it was the best team he had seen in thirty seven years,well it it also the best I have see in over fifty five years,we have to in enjoy them while we can,it wont last as the Galway three in a row or Kerrys great great team did not last.i am very confident this year,as I have been many other years,but this team has come back time and again,and I believe would not have made decisions they did without meaning to close the deal.i see many posters on here who are disappointed with how we play in matches and in some we could have done a little bit better,but we are still in the first division,disappointing for me was leaving Tuam having been beaten out the gate by over twenty points,in a game we expected to win,or leaving salthill having kicked more wides that should have won three connaught titles,or Cork thanking us,or not turning up v Donegal,but I have seen some fantastic players like the strenth and outrageous skill of C,mac,the strength of men like J Carey,J Morley,big P j Loftus,Jimmy Burke,and many more . perhaps players who should have played or got longer with Mayo ,like T Riley,S Nallon,from bellmullet,M Henry kiltane The O Sullivans ballecroy,T Caffertey achill ,J Timoney crossmolina,S Clarke lacken,T Snee Aghamore,and of course many others,I am confident that we have a very good management team in place,and with luck with injuries we will have sam this year,thank you again W Joe for such a great site ,as you know there is somethings more important than football,good luck to Roscommon for the rest of the league,also to the many fine posters from outside the county

  31. Catcol, I do agree and have said it before that we need a nasty streak. Keegan and Boyle are the closest we have to the enforcer type but we do need a Philly at corner back to pick up the opposition danger man. Like him or loath him, Philly McMahon is priceless, kept AOS and Gooch scoreless last year.

  32. Catcol, I’m sorta glad there’s no people like McGee in the Mayo panel, and even happier mcgee got swift justice applied to his nose when he tried breaking a Kerry players fingers. Philly McMahon and co are not much better but they will be beaten someday soon by skill, the type that regan and coc have.

  33. Is The Hogan stand website down.
    It may be time for the secondary school folk to head back there,
    Nicknames 🙁
    Willie Joe love all your hard work and audio reports, and there is probably no way to do it, but would love to be able to avoid some of the silly and, go directly to six or eight bloggers as opposed to some of other stuff.
    Maybe increase number of subjects/topics.

  34. Chips,Chippie or just Chip and I d vote for the last….less is more! So well done Chip! And for heaven sake don’t leave him on his own to get killed!
    Thanks Corick for that list of names …a whole since we heard some of them.
    JP…nothing wrong with a bit of comfort in these times for players and fans alike. It’s not long ago since you could count the wee ers! heads in the bacon factory end urinal till they added on another layer of blocks. They were the good times!

  35. Awful handy having a replica o the Croker pitch in Abbotstown. Great move. I’m sure Mayo, Ross, Kerry, Clare, Donegal and Derry will get loads of use out of that

  36. Joemamas. The next 7 weeks will involve a lot of stuff that you will probably not like,its going to be a long few weeks,. Can’t see there being a problem with tickets for Ruislip come may. Bloody hope not anyway,have everything else bar the tickets sorted.. Wonder who the management have lined up for challenge games or will it be A v B.

  37. How funny, millions spent on a national centre centrally located in Dublin. Why not build it in letterkenny or Cobh ? They’re just as central. In time to come, we will look back and see the mistakes we made that ruined our game and this will be another. Remember the days of a packed Croker where Meath, Kildare and the like would play for the Leinster title? Look on YouTube to see it, well those days are history. It’s dublin the whole way now, and don’t tell me that the others need to catch up, they have zero chance of it due to population and money. its a joke.

  38. This from the Mayo News regarding the London tickets –

    THE Connacht Championship opener between Mayo and London in Ruislip is going to be a sell-out – and John Prenty expects some supporters hoping to see the game will be left disappointed.
    “I’d say tickets are going to be very tight,” the Connacht Council Secretary told The Mayo News. “I think there will be people who’ll be disappointed.”
    Asked for advice to those travelling, the Ballyhaunis man said: “I’d be saying to people to make sure you have a ticket. A lot of people already have their travel arrangements made.”
    But confusion reigns over how many of those intending to make the trip will actually get their hands on tickets.
    People have always paid ‘at the gate’ in Ruislip, but the ‘huge crowd’ attending the game in recent years means that London GAA Board have ‘decided to sell tickets in advance’ in 2016, Prenty explained.
    “They’ve been selling tickets online for the last ten days, so what’s left or available, I don’t know,” he explained. “We’re waiting on word back from London to see exactly what they have sold … It’s part of our twinning with London and New York that they have full control over the arrangements for their game. It’s not a Connacht Council gate … We have to wait and see what the next move from London is.”
    Noting that the Mayo attendance for London games would normally be only ‘a couple of hundred people’, Prenty added: “This game has traditionally been for the diaspora … and this is the first time that has changed … I don’t know how many will actually go”.
    He predicted that if Mayo get an allocation, it’ll be ‘very small’, and said Connacht Council ‘won’t be selling tickets’ for the game.
    GAA Season Ticket holders and members of Mayo GAA’s Cáirde Mhaigheo were advised by email last month that the game was ‘not included as part of the 2016 GAA Season Ticket’. They were offered the chance to buy tickets online, but the event is now marked ‘sold out’ on the GAA website.

  39. Dave, could not agree more. I have driven past this new facility many times during its construction and believe me it is impressive. Right next door to the National Aquatic Centre which it great for pool work and recovery. I cant see any other teams using this other than Dublin teams and Clubs simply beacuse of travel and cost alone. A previous poster said that this makes no difference to preparations, in winter months these types of facilities make all the difference. It is Summer all year round for Dublin GAA.

  40. Country teams could use a hotel near the new facilities and use them before big games

  41. jr, that would require county teams to travel a few days before the game to use these facilities, cost alone for the hotel would prohibit this. The idea of a centre of excellence is fine and if Dublin built it themselves then fair play to them, but for it to be built in Dublin and the GAA having the cheek to say that its for the whole country to use is a bit rich. Most counties would possibly only be able to use this once or twice a year. Any county on the western sea board not a chance. Athlone is the most centrally located town and would serve the most counties if it were situated there.

  42. Well done to Evan on a fine poll. I wish we could give the lad some space and time. Nicknames what next, herald the start of another silly season. There’s many a pound spent in the paddock and lost on the home straight. Keep your money in your pockets.

  43. One national centre of excellence for GAA makes no sense whatsoever.
    Grand if you are a top level swimmer or other Olympic athlete then it makes sense to have acentre for that sport in abbotstown.
    But for a sport that has 32 counties competing against each other and no national representatives, it’s ridiculous.
    Is this a vanity project by the GAA who wanted GAA there if every other sport is going to be located there. The Dubs cannot believe their luck.
    What a waste of GAA money.

  44. So the Dublin biase continues, not enough that they have 1/3 of the population, 1/2 the funding, the same sponsors as the all blacks and man united and they play all their matches at home, let’s give them a centre of excellence too. 1 Leinster county in division 1 and they wonder why. The obsession with Dublin gaa or more like the money it brings it will ruin our game. As for the ticket for the London game, I expected when I paid 200 euro for my cairde mhaigh eo for it to garuntee me a ticket to every game.

  45. We are going down a very steep and very slippery slope. This is beyond incredible. In no other sport in the world does a single competitor have so many ridiculous advantages. It is stone raving mad.

  46. Its a rudiculous project. The President of the GAA said “We couldnt have a national sporting campus without the GAA present”
    Yes we could and should have. The clubs never get their fair share of revenues with all the vanity projects that burn millions.
    That is 6k euro per club wasted.

  47. I couldn’t agree more pjmcmanus, leave the nicknames and the lad alone and let him get on with his football. Evan seems to tick a lot of boxes for Mayo, and could yet be the fine of the season. But now that he’s making a name for himself, he can expect a lot more attention on the pitch, and it’s only then will we see what he’s made of.

  48. I have a CM season ticket but never received an email from them.I thought that all CM tickets holders and Croke Park season ticket holders got the 1st game of the championship included.If this is not London then do we get the Galway ticket included? Does anybody know how i can contact Chairdre Maigheo?

  49. Madness indeed , 1.3 million population, home advantage for all championship games, massive funding, 54 coaches around the county,allowed to have the same dressing room each game and warm up into the same end before each game, etc.
    at this stage of the game both Meath and Kildare have given up on Leinster and the others are even further behind them in the race. It’s a very sad state of affairs. 2016-2026 Dublin to win 8-10 Leinster titles, where’s the sport in that ? The fix is that the dubs should have 2 teams, and they should play half of their games outside Dublin in both competitions. And they should have to switch warmup area of field and dressing room with each game they play in Croker.
    Any right minded dub, Martin included,Would get sick of shooting fish in a barrel every year.

  50. FW, GAA season ticket holders recieved the email telling them about London tickets. Yes Galway match is free in to season ticket holders.

    Mayo McHale, Agree, if Evan requires a nickname im sure his friends or team mates will provide one.

  51. Is John Prenty suggesting that only a couple of hundred of Mayo people travelled for the last game in London? I had a wedding that weekend (I still haven’t forgiven them) so can’t judge the accuracy of that estimate. But it seems pretty unlikely to me that only a couple of hundred made the trip over.

    Re Evan, I second PJ and Mayo McHale on this. If there is anyone qualified to come up with a nickname for the lad, it sure as hell ain’t us. And dampen down the hype please – he most certainly has talent and I’m very glad Roch stuck with him but let’s not start pinning the hopes of a county upon him – there are six people in our attacking unit after all.

    Can’t even bring myself to comment on the Dublin thing.

  52. Anne-Marie check out the reports on rte.ie of that game. 4000 people at the game. I was there and the place was bursting at the seams and it was mainly a travelling group from Mayo. Those living in the UK and those who had travelled for the game.

  53. Well said Ann Marie but did you think there was a christening coming up anytime soon or what?
    Evan has just arrived and I reckon it’s natural for people to rejoice a bit for his presence. And as I say we need to look after him and not have him killed …..the very same applies to the other five. Could we please devise ways and means by which this could be avoided. It would be of immense advantage to the team in its quest to reach the top!

  54. Any chance of them moving that game to Wembley or Loftus Road? If the demand is there why hold the game in a venue that can’t accommodate it?

    And speaking of venues, why the moans about Abbotstown? It’s there and it wouldn’t make sense for the GAA to build separate structures at this stage. Don’t think Dublin will make that much use of it – they have fine facilities of their own, and Parnell Park to be redeveloped. And, supposing they put it in Waterford, or Louth or indeed any other location, the very same gripes would be heard.

  55. catcol, I think the issue about Abbotstown is that it shouldn’t have been built anywhere. Over 12 million of central gaa funding (generated from every club and county) was used to build it and the vast majority of clubs and counties will get no use from it. Don’t think it’ll make any difference to the dubs in the next few years but with all of their underage teams having access to these facilities it will definitely benefit them in the long term.

  56. Agree that we should forget the idea of giving Evan a nickname. He’s good but we need to see him against the likes of Mark o Shea, Cooper or one of the McGees before getting too excited.

  57. I’d have estimated between 5-6000 at the match in 2011. Season tickets covered us for that match (there was not as many as there is now! even got into the Leitrim match in 2012 with my season ticket). As organised as I *thought* I was, having flights and hotel booked since last October, I haven’t got a ticket for the match. Anyone got the loan of a parachute for the last weekend in May….

  58. Jeez ! No nickname it is so .

    What would be the most central venue for 21 game factoring in the other two counties say if it’s Tyrone and Cork ?

  59. We dont need a central sporting campus for GAA training. What we do need is halt to all the multi-million arms race of vanity projects while our clubs committees make up the shortfall in funding each year. Most clubs the core committee members are well out of pocket each year. Thats beyond vokuntary. Its not an international sport. Why the need to invest organisational money like this?
    The sporting campus is clearly a need for our Olympians. It should have been left at that.

  60. Quick question. .where can I watch highlights /any footage of the down game? Nothing on the Sunday game etc

  61. JP, well said. I cant believe there wasnt bigger upset when this was planned. Surely an expenditure of this scale on a vanity project such as this should have needed to be voted on in the almighty congress.

    Having see the complex I can assure Dublin parents that their children are getting first class facilities to develop their skills.

  62. The same criticism levelled at Abbottstown can and should be levelled at the Connacht centre in Bekan which I have always seen as a Prenty vanity centre. How he talked Connacht Council into it I have often asked but never got an an answer. I doubt if Louisburgh, Belmullet or Ballycastle will use Bekan very often, never mind Grange, Manorhamilton, Carrigallen, Portumna or Gort.
    There is a need for centres under the control of county boards rather than clubs for county teams training as anybody who has ever been involved in sourcing training venues for county teams, esp. in winter. Also for use of academies. But to be of use to clubs they need to be more numerous and less grand.

  63. Thats right.

    Burden the poor lad with a nickname.

    Heap more pressure on him and then add his name to the list of Mayo “stars” who went awol on the 3rd Sunday of September and did a disappearing act on the Croke Park pitch that Houdini would be proud of.

    Make sure ye build up the weight of expectation on his young shoulders and then watch in total shock as he collapses under that weight right in front of your eyes.

    Have some of ye learned nothing at all.

    Is there any chance at all that we could leave the lad alone and let him get on with his business?

  64. Mayo Mick – the latest I heard about the London tickets is that this is the first year it’s all-ticket.
    They’re also not selling them at the grounds at any point before the game, only online (through tickets.ie). A friend was down there Sunday and they said they will have no tickets to sale there, you have to go through the online website.
    They’ve released 2 batches of tickets so far, the 2nd yesterday. This sold out within a few hours.
    There’s no word that there will be any more released for sale. No Mayo clubs get an allocation either.

    It’s possible there is a reduced capacity this year due to the ongoing craic with the planned redevelopment of the grounds.

    I’d happily loan you my parachute, but I think I’m going to be needing it myself

  65. Ffs are ya serious ,’twas a bit of craic . Some of Ye need to get over yourselves and get on with your real job that is very poorly done I may add , like creating an atmosphere at games ,you’d think our analysis here actually has an effect on the players .

    Happen to be sat beside a few of them for 21 game and I’d hazard a guess they are a sound bunch who like a bit of craic themselves and are far too well drilled to let any crtisism or nicknames we have on them have any effect on them in the slightest . Ssshhh with the attempt to be the uber supporter craic ,we all know stuff like. Get behind your team , turn up for semi . what was at the Connacht final around 1k Mayo ,take players families ,the minor and senior team who were in attendance and that’s a very poor turnout . Maybe there are a lot of liars on the internet because with Mayo support its like the “my grandad was at the GPO ” thing , it just doesn’t add up.

  66. Just to let ye know, there are tickets available to buy at Ruislip as the wife had the day off and went and got them today. I think they are only on sale weekdays until 5pm. Not sure how much longer they will be on sale though.

  67. Sean
    I think the county only has eyes for the senior county team. Although the manner of the u21 Connaught final win will have brought some armchair fans to the edge of the seat, depending on location there could be a nice Mayo crowd at it. But nothing like what follows the current senior team. That’s the way it is

  68. Yep fair enough Dave and I’m not going to be argumentative , just some of the comments on supporter issues do my nut in , it’s like they think they have a mantle since this massive increase in senior following and they want to control what we say and do. I have good time for club51 and all that jazz and anything that increases volume and colour and that’s the only thing supporters should be encouraging not telling us how we should think and what we should say .

  69. You know the weird thing with Mayo is that you’d go to an away match and there might be a very small crowd following the team that day and Mayo would put in a great performance and we’d get the win. Then the following week-end we’d be playing in Castlebar and a massive crowd would be at the game and we could put in a much worse display and lose. We often seen that we’d be involved in a league final against Cork for example, we’d have a very big support and Cork might have a man and his dog supporting them and they’d still hammer us out the gate like they did in the 2010 league final. They wouldn’t care if nobody was following them, they’d just win for themselves and their families.

    Even look at Castlebar this year, they put in a lot better performance in the All-Ireland semi-final in front of a smaller crowd than they did in the All-Ireland final before a much larger crowd. So at the end of the day it’s up to the players themselves to win these games for themselves and their families and then us, very much last in the list of priorities. For us when we are at the games, yes its up to us to give them as much support as possible and roar them on!

  70. Please give Evan Regan a break and let him enjoy his first full injury free (le cunamh De) season with Mayo. We have all winter to be thinking up nicknames pressure is for tyres not for up and coming young footballers

  71. Well said Jim flag, I’m with you regarding this nickname stuff. No, it’s not ‘just a bit of craic’ because the whole world can read it. And, a week later, they can still read it.

    Maybe get a biteen cuter about what we write down?
    It’s unconnected with shouting at matches, unconnected with attending matches.

  72. The day I go to a football match with the idea that my behaviour can in any way influence the outcome then I promise to bring back presents to everybody on Earth.

  73. Well Berry…. I like that very much. I’m just in out of the muck that has reappeared suddenly with that fluten rain!

  74. Is that a serious statement Berry? Supporters can’t influence the way their team performs?

    You do realise that the players are human beings with human emotions and human reactions and responses? I’m not trying to be a smartarse here, by the way.

    Weigh up the difference between, say, a loud groan from the crowd and a loud cheer of encouragement or a “Mayo” chant. This kind of stuff makes a difference from the most local, u16 game with a crowd of 20-30 parents shouting encouragement, to the highest paid athletes in the world playing in the SUperBowl. It’s just psychology. Frankly, I don’t think amateur players should have to put up with loud groans, or some of the abuse that Jason Doherty got on Sunday. But that’s just me.

  75. Christ all you need to do is experience Dublin scoring a goal against you to see the utter devastation that can have on and off the pitch. I wanted the ground to swallow me up in the replay last year. Every goal, and towards the end every score, was like a bloody dagger.

  76. Jim Flag, you are writing so much sence, give the lad a chance and lets see after a year of championship football.

  77. The only thing I would say Marc, the loud groan as you put It is a natural reaction to say a simple missed scoring opportunity, and the player will feel shit anyway. Where as the loud cheer is probably in response to some positive action on the field, that in itself will lift the player or players regardless of who’s watching. Of course I would agree though, the more noise and shouts of encouragement from the side-line the better.

  78. Most of the time, I agree Mayo McHale, groans and cheers are reactionary. But a brilliant support base will keep the noise going regardless. And if it gives our lads even a half a % better chance of winning, then we should empty the vocal tanks!!

  79. absolutely ridiculous fellas thinking up nicknames for players , that’s what ruined lads like the bomber , sambo, nudie , babs , the hopper , cake , the gooch and star , think what players they might have been if people hadn’t given them nicknames .

    will someone please think of the children ?

  80. I agree Skipper, it’s crazy giving players nicknames. We should stop now before the whole footballing world falls down around us in Mayo.

    Oh, by the way Roger, I’m calling you skipper from now on.

  81. Anybody on here who can influence Mayo’s results positively should most definitely do that.

    Now that the sentience of the players has been pointed out to me, I may even give it a go myself. Maybe that is what has been missing all along.

  82. Does anyone feel like it’s a second winter setting in! No football (Mayo v anyone right) until 18 June. And don’t talk to me about London. Firstly I cannot be there and anyway it won’t even be a decent challenge match. And God bless us if we happened to come unstuck it would be the start of the next ice age let alone winter!
    Yes we have the u21s and the club league and championship but……………..
    And after we play Galway (sticking neck out here) our resident pessimist in the club is guaranteed to declare that ‘ t’ won’t be long till the days are gettin short agin’
    Are there tablets one can take I wonder?

  83. Maybe it has, Berry. Maybe individuals by themselves can’t influence a result, but the collective support most certainly can. And the bloke that shouts “FOR FUCK SAKE DOHERTY!!!” every time he catches the ball before he breathes can make a difference too. He can stop doing it. Because there is no way that is having a positive effect on said players’ performance.

    Marginal gains and all that.

  84. The gap is ridiculous die hard. But we are lucky to have the 21s keeping us going, because that could end up being magic!

    I can’t wait for Saturday week. You won’t find the weeks going, I’m tellin’ ya!

  85. Well if there are better fans than the Mayo fans I have yet to see them. to come back time and time again after all the disappointment and disillusionment then they are truest great fans.

    Mayo probably per annum travel the most no of miles to watch their team, travel in greatest numbers of that I have no doubt.
    Spend obscene amounts of money on travel, match tickets, accommodation etc.
    The Dubs love to see us coming up, the year the match was in Limerick , they City was delighted as the knew numbers of fans would be Mayo not kerry .

    Take Kerry for example re Barry John Keane, kicking the ball off the tie when they were playing Cork in Munster 2 years ago.

    A section of fans abused him to high hell and back calling him a townie bastard and should leave them knacker deeds to his townie ways.

    Thats support associated with team who regularly wins not like us .

    Mayo support and fans are a credit and their unconditional and unwavering support should never be questioned .

    A match is a live event if people say ohh or a groan goes up it means you are living this event and engrossed in it .

    I mean its easy get carried away and say x, y or z about a player but there is no deep meaning to it, people dont pay good money to go there and any player or whoever they go there to support them .

  86. MayoMark, I totlly agree Jason got some abouse from where I was sitting and totally unjustified for a player who has given so much and will be an important player for us in the future. It seems every year there is a player who gets dogs abuse and cant do anything right in some peoples eyes. I can remember a certain forward who was getting awful abuse from his own supporters not so long ago, this most certainly affected his confidence, he is not on the panel anymore as a result.

  87. MayoMark says:
    April 6, 2016 at 11:40 am
    Maybe it has, Berry. Maybe individuals by themselves can’t influence a result, but the collective support most certainly can. And the bloke that shouts “FOR FUCK SAKE DOHERTY!!!” every time he catches the ball before he breathes can make a difference too. He can stop doing it. Because there is no way that is having a positive effect on said players’ performance.
    Marginal gains and all that.

    If any player cant do it when one fan is shouting at him then he most certainly isnt a player who will win you an All Ireland kicking for a score into Hill 16 on any Sunday in September.
    I am not directing that to the player you named but it goes for any player associated with Mayo and a player in which Mayo are entrusting them to perform in a pressure cooker environment.

    These lads are selected from all the players in Mayo to represent the County and they are the elite players not only in skillset but also temperament so they should be able to cope with the groans of fans if we are to ultimately suceeed.

  88. I saw Regan And Loftus play against Monaghan and the ball just did not seem to stick to their hands that day , perhaps it was nerves. These lads need space and time to mature and we should not expect them to carry the forward line

  89. The tickets for league semi finals on Sunday for CM ticket holders are in cusack stand section 301 beside hill 16 .The gaa must be expecting a full house when they are putting season ticket holders into that corner

  90. Reekview, Mayo man in the middle of Dub, Kerry and Ros supporters. Sounds like an unusual form of torture to me.

  91. The thing is Kerry or Kilkenny players use the abuse they get to drive them on to glory. I remember reading an article with Declan O’Sullivan talking about this. Jack O’Connor is from the same club as him and when O’Sullivan was going through a bad spell the feelings of some of the Kerry supporters was that he was only been picked because of this. He was taken off in one game against Cork and got dog’s abuse from the Kerry supporters. A few years later he had captained Kerry to two All-Ireland titles.

    Tomas O’Se spoke about the same thing when Paidi O’Se brought him into the team. He was saying that he all at sea in his first few games and he heard someone in the crowd shouting at Paidi, why don’t you bring on O’Se’s mother now, as there were so many of the O’Se family on the pitch already. Again Tomas O’Se used this as motivation to become one of the best right-half backs in the country.

  92. I think alot of supporters patience is running out with some of the players that have been on show for few years now. When it came to the big games they never really showed up. But we really should not shout abuse at them as they are giving their best. Their committment cant be faulted. Some of these guys live and go to college or work in other counties and we dont know the strain they are under to keep juggling everything. I for one have said before that some of the panel just are not good enough and really have no more to give as regards landing sam. But i would never jeer at them as they are playing amatuer sport at pro level and no wages in the muck and shite.

    The crop of under 21s im focussed on now. Their tough driven bunch and most of them have the winning mentality. They play with a type of abandonment that comes from being winners. Their not shackled by fear and i know the step up is massive these days but who knows where they will bring us.

  93. I’m not questioning Mayo supporters above, I’m just disagreeing with Berry that supporters can have a difference.

  94. I know what your saying Mark, it wasn’t a dig at you more a general thought as people are setting the standards to that of a team aspiring to win an All Ireland and mediocrity ( not the standard of all Ireland winning performance) can be spotted a mile away.

    Again I am not referencing Doh or anyone just to succeed you need people who are natural born killers like Cillian and Diarmuid.

    Cillian for scoring frees and 45 ‘s into Hill 16 two weeks in a row, what a temperament that guy has as toughnup said the players who performed in such demanding environment should be brought forward and they will deal with such responsibility.

    Diarmuid, what a talent too and what a temperament , all that he had to endure leading up to the replay in loosing a friend and team mate in Darragh Doherty the fact he was at the funeral and then go out and put on the professional display he did even when Connolly was putting his thumbs in his eyes.

    Them men will perform each and everyday for you but again thats a gift they have much like Gooch, Brogan etc.

    Then you have players like Donnacha Walsh who was abused and rather than shirk he took it on the chin and blocked out the haters and his performance was twice that of previous . In fact he went onto captain Kerry and be one of their most consistent players.

    As nice of a lad and their commitment is admirable but are we going to progress with players who went missing previously, I dont think so so as Its not every player who can perform in front of 80,000 people and millions of tv viewers but those are the players who will win you All Irelands.
    If the U-21’s have previous done so should they not be brought forward and invest in them?

  95. outside of the boot

    Im with ya there. Croker is a daunting place and it requires BOTTLE. Cillian showed some bottle last year and him not fully fit. I reckon aido showed be out around middle of the field. do ya agree?

  96. I think A O Shea has performed really well in Croke Park, so much so that the Dubs have three times formulated their game plan in order to counteract him, likewise Donegal.
    He is a force, I would not like going through each player and saying he did well, he didnt as its all subjective but I do think there are a few common denominators and the like of Duffy, Reape, Irwin have youth on their side, no mental baggage and the youthful exuberance and confidence to perform so I would rather back them than some who may have mental scares .

  97. First time poster based in London and have to say I love this blog – Willie Joe you do an amazing job and your hard work is appreciated – Thank-U.

    Just a quick FYI for anyone heading to Ruislip – there will be tickets available on the day – I had this confirmed by the London secretary last afternoon. Also if the turnout is anything like a few years back it will be huge – we always bring the biggest amount of fans to London without a shadow of doubt. Hope that the ground stocks up on refreshments a bit better this time around though! Lets hope 2016 is our year……

  98. IIts not just a Mayo thing to go overboard early about certain potentially good players but we are some of the best at it. Remember great potential and a stunning goal in Croke Park in ,85. Four years later we could have done with that talent. Lets give young lads a chance to bed in to hard championship football and see how they cope with the physical demands and the pressure against the BEST teams in the land.

  99. I wouldnt say this team has not preformed of Croker. Semi final replay last year and the year previous shows a team with mental strength. 2013 lost by a pt to a superb team.

    The teams of the 2000s, yes they didnt preform on the big day. But this team have shown some incredible mental strength to come back year after year. They have shown up in croker each year but have come up against some very very good teams. Its a team effort at the end of the day and to pick out individual players for personal criticism is wrong.

  100. Some good footballers on Mayo U21 team and like the 2006 U21 team many of them will go on to play senior for Mayo. However you cannot expect these lads at 19 and 20 to walk into a senior panel in May.

    The place for these boys once their U21 campaign comes to an end this year is the county development academy. Could be wrong but i dont think this was taken seriously since its inception 2 or 3 years ago either by the players or the organisers (whoever they are). If the development academy is fit for purpose these players should be more prepared physically for senior intercounty football next February when the league begins again.

  101. Only in Mayo-giving a guy a nickname after two decent league performances against average opposition.Lets see what hes like in August when hes got speedy corner backs up his arse for a full game.I watched him in the white heat of Sigerson Cup which is seriously physical and thought he got outmuscled quite a lot.Is he the foward we have lacked for years that can win dirty ball,intimidate defenders and guarantee you 2 or 3 points from play on a consistent basis in big games in late summer.Our best scoring foward by a country mile,Cillian O Connor,has played in 2 all Ireland finals and didnt register a score from play in either-Thats how hard it is at the highest level.So FFS leave the lad alone and let him show us what he can do without him having to deal with any added pressure.

  102. Ger Bohan, that makes sense to me. “A couple of hundred” certainly didn’t seem to ring true in any case.

    Inbetweener, I missed the club finals this year as well due to a wedding – I mean really, do what these people be thinking of?! 😉

    Sean Burke, I assumed there would be a far bigger crowd in Sligo on Saturday evening too. And Mayo supporters were well outnumbered – the Rossies travelled in their droves. It’s hard to keep everything going though and with a game on Sunday as well I suppose some things have to give and people have other commitments and there is the expense of it to consider as well. That’s why I don’t get to the ladies’ games as often as I’d like, for example. But boy was I glad to be there – it was sweet beyond words … 🙂

  103. Anne Marie we were badly outnumbered in sligo maybe 700 mayo fans in total which id say was 500 more than what travelled to carrick. Given this teams success at minor I thought they would be better supported.

  104. While it is great to see regan’s form, it is worth remembering he has excelled against arguably the two worst defences in D1 and them only. Let’s not put too much pressure on him.

  105. agree fully with the posters above. croke park is what sorts the sheap stealers out from the goat herders. The best players come into their own and we have seen many mayo men give great performances there. sadly we have been found wanting in all ireland finals and also in league finals apart from the club finals where ballina and cross did us proud.

    to make that next step a player will need to be able to silence the doubters and to thrive under abuse as mentioned above , he will need to be able to master his opponent and then to keep his cool during those final moments before possible glory .

    but above all these characteristics he will need something else , a nickname.

  106. Great to see Evan Regan back with a bang in 2016 especially after his lay off from injury.

  107. Willie Joe established a charter. Its great because it halts boring debates about what others can post.

  108. Well said all with such a varied and intertwining /intertaining selection of views. I think we are agreed that supporting the team anyway anyone can is to be highly recommended.The person who lambasted JD is not a happy person and really there are not many fans like that around.
    The little matter of nicknames is slightly over the top and it’s a bit dismal to be goin on about it.
    I rem a few yrs ago talking to a Kerry Gaa person concerning their minor team coming up….he said ..’no f….good the year’ and went on to say that they wouldn’t be too bothered with them that year. I was quite surprised at the attitude at the time but now it means something that didn’t occur to me then.
    They have v high standards down there and don’t suffer half measures in many things esp in football.
    In the past I’ve often heard the likes of this here….’ If Kerry had him they would nt be long knocking him into place’ or ‘he wouldn’t be goin on like that in Kerry I bet’u
    So I hope we can do this work ourselves up here and get these ……… forwards moving the way that’s best.
    If that is achieved we ll be ready for anything. If not we ll be accepting the consequences!

  109. The most popular posts on nicknames is that there shouldn’t be any such posts.
    As for Kerry. The Hogan Cup champions one of the managememt team of the school compared a 16 year old forward to Maurice Fitzgerald just a few days ago. Pat Spillance, player x (his nephew Cillian Spillane I believe) is the best minor in the country was in 2014 as I recall.
    Gooch Cooper – first season 19 years of age known as that.
    Star – first season known as that.
    This week I notice Cillian Spillane is a sub on the Kerry u21 team if I have that right. Best minor in the country indeed.
    By comparison Regan is 23 n theres a lot of hot air as if people have said he’s bringing home Sam and will never have to pay into whatever they call Longnecks these days.

  110. No worries about getting into longnecks, it closed down. Maybe they’ll open it for the Sam Maguire arrival festival?

  111. “The only game i ever played where noise from the crowd influenced the result of the game was Murrayfield 1990”.

    Will Carling OBE. Reflecting on events at Scotland v England grand slam decider on 17th March 1990 where his well fancied England side were beaten in front of a very vocal and partisan crowd.

    I wonder can we do that, next time we are in Croke Park in huge numbers.!!!!

  112. Do it in tullomore first or wherever 21 game is held then do it in castlebar for th Connacht championship , crawl before you walk and all that jazz.

  113. I’ve been at many a game where the Mayo support goes quiet when things aren’t going our way. Natural you might add and most if not all counties are the same. But that’s not the point. We are Mayo after all and crave the big prize so why the hesitancy from men and women to roar their team on even when the tide is going out? Men and women who have waited all there lives for Sam to come back to Mayo. Let’s face it, maybe the answer is self evident and we’re just afraid to be seen to care too much on the day. Seventy minutes plus of shouting, roaring, screaming and shrieking is the least the lads on the pitch deserve when we expect and demand so much from them.
    And don’t let anyone on here tell me it doesn’t matter!
    On a related matter most of you will be glad to hear I’m keeping my powder dry on a nickname for Evan Regan. I’m saving it for later in the year….much later in the year.

  114. Of course Will would say that would’nt he.

    It is better than admitting they were not good enough or did not man up on the day.

    Slippery old Will. Blame it on extraneous events outside your control.

  115. At Mayo games I often find myself going to sit in a quiet area of teh stand or near opposition fans as some of the stuff spouted by mayo fans is embarrassing. Constant refrains of ‘pump it in’, ‘player x your useless’, ‘no effort’, ‘take him off’. Now saying that I feel other counties have a worse problem. Ros supporters shouting at their own players last Saturday were way out of line. Also Mayo support in Sligo was very poor. As previous poster stated take away players families, minor players (travelled from Enniscrone), senior players and county board officials and then count how many ‘ordinary’ Mayo supporters were there. Those that were there were fairly vocal though! Whilst the support for Mayo is generally fairly good I would encourage Mayo supporters that the really effective way to support your county is to get involved with your local club and build the game up from the grassroots level up. Support your local club by coaching, volunteer for committee or other work, support their fundraising, attend their games, fly your club flag, encourage your children to play, treat your club players better, tell them you are proud of them. Make football the centre of your community.

  116. Sinabhuil..sure you ll always have an amount of that kind of thing. Not happy campers as I say.
    True what you say about supporting in general and at club level etc.Of course it must be remembered that people are involved in an awful lot of things now a days and the club is in opposition with these activities….etc.The clubs do marvellous work as it is but I’ve often felt that many are not pro active enough to engage with new members.There might be a bit of a feeling of ….’ Here we are’!! and that’s it.That was grand yrs ago when you could’nt dream of anything else but football.
    I am aware of some great initiatives by some clubs but more of it is required. Can we ever be perfect!

  117. Sinabhuil, I agree with you regarding some of the fans at games are embarrassing sometimes with some of the rubbish thats shouted. The players are giving it there all. Their friends, family, children are in the stands and dont deserve whats shouted. But you do get this with most teams support. A real bug bearer with me that has come into Mayo support is the constant booing (especially in McHale park) or any ref decision that does not go our way. The Ref is not going to change his mind, he wont be intimidated into not giving the next free. Refs talk to each other and all this booing is going to do is develop a bias against Mayo in refs minds.

  118. Inbetweener you are right in that clubs (some) are not very inviting. I was home from the UK for 4 years before someone encouraged me to get involved. When I did it was a complete change. When you are in you are in and you will get a feeling like you belong to an extended family. With this comes some very strong emotions and arguments but usually the arguments lead to an even more feeling of belonging when the issues have been worked out. The club provides support for its members especially in trying times. It also provides a bridge between different age groups. People of different ages mix where otherwise they would have no other connection. Its really rewarding to get involved. I agree that we do need to encourage more involvement – be more welcoming. We are a bit like the sporting equivalent of the Masons! Those on the outside are outside!

  119. Any guesses as to who will win on Sunday. Dublin or donegal ? Ross or Kerry? I would like to see Dublin vs Kerry league final, just to see them taking lumps out of each other. Donegal won’t be handing it to Dublin, there will be sparks flying in this game too but Dublin should win. I hope Ross can put up a good show, I hate them when we play them but will always shout for them against anyone outside Connaught. I think Kerry will win this time though, just too used to the croke park pitch and atmosphere. In a strange way I am happy Mayo are not involved, let them concentrate on the preparations for summer without the chance of losing a league semi or final. The u21game is enough to keep a lot of us happy and hopefully the lack of senior action will push more Mayo fans to the game against Dublin. That team deserve big support on the terraces against Dublin, and maybe we on this forum can urge others we know to make the trip.

  120. Well I for one, definitely hope to get to the U-21 semi, depending on location of course (250 mile round trips really knock it outta me lately).

  121. Dave,
    That seems to be the general consensus that both Kerry and Dublin will prevail, on paper they should both make it unless there is an unanticipated event ( some fella plays the game of his life, red card, injury or very bad weather conditions ) but as you say there will be lumps knocked out of players on both sides if things pan out as expected. The mouth waters !

    I think Cork will win tonight’s U21 game as they are indeed too physical for a quiet small Kerry side, I will be surprised if we beat them as both Limerick and Tipperary asked too many questions that they couldn’t answer. Tipp would have beaten them handy if they left the trenches and showed confidence in their footballing skills. Naturally I hope I’m wrong but i will be pleasantly surprised if we prevail, one thing J O Connor seems to have and that’s the knack of getting his teams over the line !!
    As I post cork 2.4 to Kerys 0.7 at half time, jack savage is keeping Kerry in it, looks like that big cork forward peter Kelleher is killing us,, he will do the same to any defence that isn’t wel chosen,,

  122. I’d wonder how badly Donegal want to be involved in the latter stages of this competition too. I think they’re focusing on the championship more than anything and might be keen enough to get stuck into prep for that.

  123. With Tyrone,Kerry knocked out of U21 championship in recent nights I think it opens the door for Mayo more so than before. The dubs to beat first of course but I don’t believe they are as strong as recent Dublin U21 teams.

  124. Anyone wanting to get an insight into Mayo GAA fans mindset need just read this thread! Nick names after 2 league games against non contenders (ross and down)? Talk about getting carried away! Delighted to see evan showing potential buts let’s give the guy a chance maybe?? If ke kicks 8 points off Philly mc mahin next August I’ll happily call him whatever nickname he wants.
    Austin o Malley was a good example of a great white hope in the league who never cut it in the championship.

    Gamechanger will remember a guy called Declan Quill from kerry?? Mid 2000s era, I remember this lad in a league game in castlebar against us for kerry kicking 10 points or so, some of the most outrageous scores I’ve ever seen on a field. He was like across between peter Canavan and Maurice fitz. Never cut it in the championship though.
    Point is there are plenty of false dawns in the league but the real test is an all ireland senior final and fact is all our forwards bar none have been found sadly wanting on that stage in the last 60 years. Hopefully evan can break the mould, fingers crossed!

  125. I wonder could I get a Barcelona top made with the Mayo crest and moyessi on the back .

    If he starts v Galway I’m goin to do the worship him thing every time he touches the ball .

    And all this just to see the conservative mayo supporter foaming at the mouth or maybe I was just havin a bit of Craic on the aul internetz.

  126. up at 6 and he still hasn’t come up with a decent nickname , this site has gone to the dogs 😉

    as i have been ranting on about here for the last year the U21 is massive this year , it could be the crop that sets us up for the next 8 years or more what with the 2 fine minor teams , bring on the dubs

  127. There is much talk about one member of our forward line and that’s to be expected given the rarity of emerging material at any time for this sector.His attributes have been analysed,his contribution to the team well noted and his imminent progress is now being bet upon and forecasted and what have you.And all rightly so and inevitably so ……on this site which is so readily available to a small number of interested clients like ourselves.So that’s that.
    What is outstanding for me all the time is the emphasis on individuals to be the source of our eventual deliverance to Eldurado.We ve had our standout players over the years and it’s a thrill still to run their achievements flashing through the brain.However ,and this is the point of my piece,it seems that we ve been expecting too much from individuals or emphasizing them too much to the detriment of the teams overall performance.Its a fine point I’m making here.It ought to be out of a high achieving unit that individuals emerge.the ind. is only so good as the impact he has on the group. The group or set of forwards is what’s important.
    The same applies in all disciplines…brilliant actors on stage if not pulling together gives you a flop.Brilliant singers in a choir or players in an orchestra if not doing what the tuned in director wants ends in fiasco!
    So therefore in relation to our football and not to be going on, I think that in Msyo we ve not insisted on team play or creation of plans or patterns or at least it seems like this,to have brought us to the v top often enough
    We ve had our talents coming forward in bits and pieces over the yrs……freetakers,goalies,fullbacks,midfielders,nos 11. 15. Etc.but we have to agree that at the crunch no individual ever got us there! And elsewhere it
    wasn’t the Bomber,the Gooch or the Jigger and it def won’t be the Chip!
    So my thing is….players playing for each other and the team,individual brilliance there will be but off the shoulders of those around you!And even still you might not reach the top but you are more likely to do it…..otherwise never,as is,has been and will be.Amen!

  128. We have had positive Mayo supporters, negative Mayo supporters and now even conservative Mayo supporters.

    All too much for somebody like myself who justs goes to a football match hoping to see a good game of football and his team win. Have not quite got to the stage yet of judging the supporters.

  129. When two negative Mayo supporters collide, is the outcome a positive, I wonder? 😉

    Any venue announced yet for the U21 game? I’m with Mayo Mick on this – the long road trips take their toll after a while and it seems inevitable that this one will be somewhere in Leinster that’s not exactly central. If only we had a decent ground in the midlands, eh..? But with the help of god I will be there. There might have been a small crowd in Sligo but there was more noise in our section than I’ve heard in Croker at times. Now this may have been partly driven by a need to wind the Rossies up 😉 but it was good to hear nonetheless.

    Delighted to see the Mayo Ladies are playing Monaghan in Ballina this Sunday. They have had six wins from six in the league so far this year and are absolutely flying, so I hope they get a decent crowd, especially in the absence of other football. Throw-in is at 2pm.

  130. Macs left boot,
    Now there’s a nickname! MLB. Ya know, Austin o malley did actually kick 5 points from play in croker against Kerry in the 2005 championship. We lost the game anyway, but, he did actually kick some beauties that day.

  131. regan or cillian or freezer or whoever. They will have their chance to shine if a proper forward plan is put in place. If they get the right supply then let them make hay. Cillian will have big influence this year as he now has proven ability and bottle at the highest level. Let him lead the forward line. Keep Aiden out of the ff line as it does not seem to work out. Let him dig out possessiion out the field. Im not overly impressed with sos as he gives away to much possession and that spells bad news against the top sides.

    I might head to croker this sunday for the crack and a day away from the rain. Good luck to all teams involved. On paper dub and ker should prevail but games are not won on paper, they are won on grass …

  132. toughnup says:
    April 8, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    “On paper dub and ker should prevail but games are not won on paper, they are won on grass …”

    Were you not in Roscommon 2 weeks ago? 😀

  133. And sometimes on water. Thanks mayomark. I heard they were considering a life guard instead of maurice deegan lol Pamela Anderson would do lol

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