Evans to take charge of the Rossies

There’s been precious little to report about on the Mayo GAA front of late, hence the lack of reporting on my part over the last while. That’s unlikely to change between here and the impending festive season, to be honest, and with work about to swallow me whole (I had to take especial care in typing that last bit, wouldn’t want to impart the wrong meaning) over the next month or so I think you’ll have to continue to amuse yourselves with debates like the one that’s been rumbling on for the last while about whether or not we should have sent a team over to New York for the FBD final.

One bit of news that is worth flagging, however, is that Roscommon appear to be on the cusp of filling their long-standing vacancy for a manager, with John Evans apparently set to be confirmed in the post by the Rossies’ County Board tonight. The Killorglin native is a well-known fixture on the managerial circuit, having been in charge of Tipperary’s footballers for a number of years and while he was there he also led their U21 footballers to their first ever Munster title, in 2010. He resigned from from Tipp this spring and then became part of Seamus McEnaney’s backroom team at Meath for this year’s championship. Indeed, Banty was one of the names being bandied about for this job but the Sheepstealers seem to have decided that soap operas aren’t their thing.

I’d say that Evans could be a good appointment for them, though. He’s got a reasonably good track record and he knows his way around the NFL – he brought Tipp from Division 4 to Division 2, though he also brought them back down again – so he could be the man to get the Rossies back on that upward curve that Fergie O’Donnell had them on a few years back.

9 thoughts on “Evans to take charge of the Rossies

  1. Good man WJ, its a case of wait and see. The man has modern experience so he is ahead of his predecessor Netwon in that regard. The commute from Killorglin is substantial and the money for lavish expenses is not there. Surprised they did not appoint someone from within the county. I naturally hope he goes well, he has a wee bit of talent to pick from. A forward line of Cregg, O Gara, D Shine, Smith, Kilbride and Compton looks the part. Midfield and defence however are another story. Hopefully we will meet in McHale and the Rossies can turn you guys over for a change and “swallow yee whole”. By the way, chill out Dan its not my intention to be negative about all things Mayo, I just call things as I see them. For the record the Connacht title is Mayo’s to lose.

  2. 20th of January 2pm Ballyhaunis is a date for the diary. Between now and October the 6th 2013 is the date you guys have to come up with a good excuse for not travelling to New York!!

  3. Mayo’s first FBD game is put back until 16th Jan i guess the panel will be in Miami early Jan?

  4. Mayo v GMIT in Ballinrobe at 2pm on a Wednesday. Could not believe the time of this one. Common sense will prevail and it will go to 8pm or so under lights. Nothing like a good game under lights

  5. According to Mayo GAA tweet, they assume it’s a mistake, and that the match would be at 7pm like the other fixtures.

  6. I am surprised Tony Duffy has been ratified as Under 21 manager. He hasn’t done enough with good minor teams in the last few years in my opinion. Are there no other good managers in Mayo? I am surprised I have to say.

  7. re minor job. hear it with be gilvarley who was with duffy up to now at minor, with james mitchell and eoin sweeny coaching.

    strange,,,,,,the mayo u17 panel are playing challenge games this weekend and last what is the purpose of this without their future manager being appointed

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