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JPM asked earlier on if there was any list of pre-final events on over the coming days and I said I was hoping to do something on this as well as putting together a round-up of the various opportunities out there to win All-Ireland final tickets. Here goes.

First up there’s a final preview event being held by Ballina Stephenites at their clubhouse next Saturday evening (throw-in 8.30pm), with the pre-match punditry featuring local heroes Kevin McStay and Liam McHale as well as Eamonn O’Hara while the questions on the night will be posed by Terry Reilly of the Irish Examiner. There’ll be a raffle on the night for two All-Ireland final tickets, which will be restricted to those in attendance on the night. Entry to this event will cost €10 and further info on it is available from Paul Harney on (087) 1352947.

Next, Seamus has been on to let me know that Ballycastle GAA club are also holding a raffle for two final tickets, with the tickets for this on sale in local shops and pubs as well as on the night of the draw. This will take place in Katie Mac’s in the town this coming Saturday (14th). On the same night, Ardagh GAA club are holding a raffle as well for two final tickets, this time in the Broken Jug pub in Ballina.

Tomorrow night week (18th) Ballintubber GAA club are holding a raffle for ten final tickets, with the draw to be held that night at the Carra Lodge, Carnacon – details here. Ballinrobe GAA club are raffling two tickets on the 14th and another two on the 20th – details here. Belmullet GAA club will be raffling four tickets in McDonnell’s pub on the 19th – details here.

Other tickets draws I’ve seen are on: Achill GAA club (four tickets – details here), Crossmolina Deel Rovers GAA club (two tickets – details here), Ardclough GAA club in Kildare (four tickets – details here), Horeswood GAA club in Wexford (details here), Drumcliffe-Rosses Point GAA club in Sligo (details here), Kinsale GAA club in Cork (two tickets – details here). I’m sure there are loads more – feel free to add to the list if you know of any. Also, the GAA have two on offer on their Facebook page which you need to ‘like’ to enter – details here. Needs must and all that. The GAA Match Programme Twitter account (here) have also said they’ll be offering tickets shortly so you might want to follow them to keep tabs on that.

I know I’ve plugged this before but there’s an ‘Up For The Match’ event being held in association with Midwest Radio on Thursday, 19th September in the TF in Castlebar. In addition, RTÉ’s Up For The Match programme have a notice on their Facebook page inviting Dublin and Mayo fans living abroad to send in video messages of support, a selection of which they’ll broadcast on the show the night before the big game. Thanks to Denise for alerting me about this.

Speaking of the diaspora (this is another repeat plug) don’t forget the Cáirde Mhaigheo London race night event at the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street this coming Sunday (16th) from 6pm onwards at which there’ll be chances to win All-Ireland tickets.

Mayo GAA have just announced that there’ll be a Cáirde Mhaigheo pre-match function out in Citywest on the night before the game, admission to which is free – details here. I’m not sure I’ll get to this myself as I think another Bowe’s event might be in order instead – what do you reckon?

There was some discussion in the comments earlier on about the real Willie Joe so you should know that it’ll be the man himself (and not this inferior doppelgänger) who’ll be hosting a Legends tour at the Croke Park museum at 2pm on the day before the final (21st). Booking is essential for this event, full details are here.

That’s about all I’ve come across in terms of pre-match events and the like. There’s not much in the way of news otherwise, aside from today’s announcement that Aidan O’Shea is the winner of the GPA/GAA Football Player of the Month for August. Congrats to Aido on the award – here’s hoping it won’t be the last gong he’ll be collecting this year.

Time for a song to finish, then, and there sure hasn’t been a shortage of them this year as the superb Singing for Sam collection put together by the Mayo News attests. One of my favourites at the minute is this song and video production put together by the teachers and pupils of St Brendan’s College, Belmullet:

20 thoughts on “Events and ticket raffle round-up

  1. Congrats to Aido, he undoubtedly ruled the skies last month…………………….Just one more supershow Aido and Co and MMD and the dubs will succumb to ‘The Mighty Men of Mayo.
    MaighEo Abu

  2. Jj im sure being a north mayo man like yerself those tickets should be given ta 4 fans that have been ta matches all year but instead some clowns that wouldn’t know a free kick to a free ticket will be at final awful unfair this has to be stopped at club level

  3. The ticket raffles are great to raise money for the clubs, but its awful when someone who doesn’t even know the colour of the mayo jersey is pulled out of the hat. I know people will say any genuine fan should have a season ticket, but that doesn’t cover people living overseas for example. There are many mayo diehards travelling from all parts of the world to this match, many having been forced to emigrate and they have no tickets and obviously no season ticket, and they are looking at gobshites getting tickets through raffles who couldn’t tell gaa single player on the team. Sickening

  4. Sorry jj that post was meant for ceideboy im new ta this me daughter has me at it were just 2 fans that go all year and yet again will get left out for final

  5. Interesting article that in the IT. I wonder though is it spin from the GAA. They are saying that we will get a higher allocation based upon the fact that we have had more season ticket holders than last year.

    What they are not saying is if this higher allocation impacts on the overall handout for the All Ireland to the County Board. the question is are they justifying not giving as many tickets to Mayo county board by the fact that more Mayo people signed up for the season ticket this year?

    Also the season ticket figures are a bit obscure. The season ticket was good value although difficult to get to all games (unless of course you are a Dub). and if you let it lapse you are not guaranteed a ticket for the All Ireland. Are they including people who let their ticket lapse in this breakdown?

    Really to be fair people would like to see actual numerical breakdown. Then It would be clear then where we stand. However this of course is unlikely.

  6. Just an idea for those of us who are missing vital members of our green and red army on the 22nd … Got a picture of my dad transferred onto a t shirt yesterday in his mayo gear taken at the league final 2010 it cost 20 euro and I love it will be worn on the Day of all Days !!!! Maigheo Abu!!!

  7. The Neale GAA are holding a raffle for 2 tickets and a Mayo jersey. Tickets from all local shops and pubs or from club officers.

  8. WJ,I was in Bowes night before Tyrone game and met Cil o C’s mam an dad but didnt notice the Willy Joe show, tho I spose ye cud have been in any corner

  9. I was there all right, Sam, but I didn’t have a big sign on me or anything. It was a quiet enough evening, which befits the night before a match, and I’d say the night of the 21st could be sensible enough too in that respect. The 22nd, though, could be different though I’m not planning to go the Citywest route myself – think I’ll keep my powder dry for Castlebar the following evening …

  10. I came across this article recently that I must have kept after last years all Ireland. I don’t remember keeping it but I think it is very relevant to our mindset into sunday week.
    Its called Dying with boots on a key lesson for future champions by Kieran Shannon in Irish Examiner dated Sept 26 2012.
    It hit a cord with me and having read it again it certainly dispels any doubts in my head about the final. I have been thinking (and dreaming ) non stop about the final and matchups, tactics, refs, etc and now I have decided enough is enough. It doesn’t matter who we play if the mindset is right nothing can stop us.

    Link is;umnists/kieran-shannon/dying-with-boots-on

  11. WJ, done forget the Mayo Association’s event in the Red Cow hotel on Sat the 21st. An up for the match style event with a good panel of former players representing Mayo,Dublin and Tyrone. Details can be found on Facebook.

    Apologies for lack of link but I’m oy using the phone on holiday

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