Face that ball!

Okay, given the day of the week what’s in it, I think it might be appropriate to bring something TGIF-ish to your attention.  I got an email the other day from the creator (who, incidentally, is a Mayoman) of a website called FaceTheBall.com, which is a GAA (and rugby) prediction league website that he’s just set up.  Basically, the site allows you to take part in a number of week-by-week predictions competitions – he’s started with the NFL, NHL and the Six Nations – where you’ll be competing with everyone else who registers on the site.

But also, and here’s the real fun part to it, there’s also the functionality for creating your own mini-leagues. This got me thinking and the result of this thinking is that I reckon it might be a bit of crack to set up a mini-league, of our own, like, based on this year’s NFL.  Anyone interested?  If so, can you email me (there’s a bit of admin involved in setting up a mini-league on the site, in terms of sending activation links and so on, that needs to be done via email) and I’ll do the rest.   It could make for a more interesting league campaign that normal.

On a separate note, I also got an email this morning from these lads who have put together a list of 100 blogs concerned with Celtic culture, language and literature and the list includes this humble offering.  Celtic culture, language and literature, eh?  I’d say it’s my liberal use of the old ‘f’ word that’s got me snared in this one.

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