Fairytale in New York

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Easter Sunday hadn’t yet dawned on this side of the Atlantic and we had our first seismic shock of this year’s Championship. At last, at the 23rd attempt, New York claimed victory in a Connacht SFC match when, in the early hours of this morning our time over at Gaelic Park, they beat Andy Moran’s Leitrim on penalties.

The match finished level 0-13 each at the end of normal time, with former Dublin player Shane Carthy snatching a late, late equaliser for the Big Apple County deep in stoppage time. It was still level at the end of extra time – at 0-15 apiece – and in the shootout it was the Exiles who held their nerve, winning 2-0 on penalties to qualify for a provincial semi-final meeting with Sligo in a fortnight’s time.

Match report from RTÉ on last night’s dramatics over in the Bronx is here.

While Leitrim’s defeat is a huge setback for them, at a practical level what they’ve lost out on is the chance of a Connacht final appearance this year and, with it, the opportunity to play in the Sam Maguire end of this year’s Championship.

The latter prize was always of dubious nature for them – as, in truth, it most likely is for Sligo – but they’ll regret missing out on a chance for a rare Nestor Cup decider appearance. Aside from that, they’re heading in the same direction as they’d most likely expected they would be this year, which is into the Tailteann Cup.

For New York, it’s new territory as they now advance to a Connacht semi-final meeting with Sligo. This will necessitate a trip across the Atlantic for that one, as the match is fixed for Markievicz Park on Saturday week.

Last night’s result also means that New York are now seventy minutes away from Sam Maguire qualification this year.

Aside from pointing to the madness of the Connacht Championship set-up as it’s currently structured – not an issue for discussion now, of course, but a debate that needs to happen soon as it’s this craziness that has resulted in Galway, Roscommon and ourselves consigned to the same half of the provincial draw – New York’s win effectively seals Sligo’s place in the Sam Maguire this summer as it’s very difficult to see the Exiles getting past the Yeats County the weekend after next.

That’s all for another day, though, as the City that Never Sleeps celebrates an historic Gaelic football success. Congrats to them and commiserations to Leitrim for their respective parts in what was an epic GAA night at Gaelic Park.

11 thoughts on “Fairytale in New York

  1. Great win for New York. It was bound to happen soon. They’ve ran a few teams very close over the years. Roscommon emerged with a narrow 1 point win a few games back. This will mean a lot to the GAA diaspora over there. Youd have to feel sorry for Andy Moran. He wouldn’t have wanted this on his management record. But only for Andy Kicking a late point in 2011. James Horans Mayo management career could have been over before it started over in Ruislip. The GAA can be a funny old world. Let’s hope that’s the upsets over for this weekend.

  2. An interesting point is that Shane Carthy grew up in New York and played for New York aged 17 before he played for Dublin. So he was always a New York player who switched to Dublin 🙂

  3. Fell bad for Andy, but huge congrats to NY. Imagine the fixtures nightmare for the GAA if they managed the unthinkable v Sligo.

  4. What a result…as been said this result was coming and NY had Leitrim in their crosshairs the past 2/3 years.

    Andy a bit naive letting RTE access their training session before the game. Too much of a circus around it for my liking. This game is always fraught with danger and if not treated like a routine championship game then anything can happen.

  5. See some ate asking for Andy moron to go now mlt Andy morons fault that Leitrim missed 4 penalties..

    Great to see New York doing well! Good for the game and for connaught championship!

  6. Your right Clare its not Andy’s fault Leitrim missed penalities but its inexcusable to lose to New York a team who havent played a competitive game in a year. Leitrim had an ok league run in Division 4 they have a tiny population so I wouldnt be too hard on them.

  7. I suppose when you put it like that it’s no wonder New York beat Leitrim with a population of 8.5 million as opposed to Lettrim’s 30,000.
    Anyway it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  8. Shane Carthy made his intercounty debut in 2009 for NY vs Mayo, the same day AOS made his.

  9. I sure feel for Andy…not something he would have imagined happening at this stage of his manegrial career.
    But like has been said above, football can be crazy be times and it won’t be the last upset in this years
    Hope mayo don’t suffer the same fate today. Anothe ambush would be unthinkable right now!

  10. I was there last night. Great atmosphere and GP was packed. Looked like more people than when Mayo was there, albeit the weather was slightly better. Parking was a nightmare, and stands were full a hour before throw in. Had to stand on the grass behind the goal but view was good. Kept telling my daughter NY was going to fade since this was their first competitive game and they weren’t battle tested. Never happened, such heart. John Glwynn was a warrior, emptied the tank reminiscent of DOC in Newbridge with a different result. Congrats to NY but was still bummed for Andy.

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