Fancy appearing on Sunday’s podcast?

I was chatting yesterday evening with Rob Murphy about the Mayo News football podcast for Sunday (go on – you think we just rock up on the day and start blathering away, don’t you?) and he was saying it’d be great to include in this episode the voices of some of the many fans who follow the team, week in, week out.

(Which is an appropriate time for me to confess that I most likely won’t make it to Ballybofey myself on Sunday due to commitments here but there you go.)

What we’re looking for is some reflection from the fan base on where the team stands following the conclusion of this year’s League campaign, bearing in mind that, by the time Rob pushes the mic in your direction, we’ll know whether or not we’re still in Division One for next year. We’d be interested in particular to get supporters’ take on how this spring campaign has panned out for the county, given how close we came to glory in the championship last year and what’s likely to be facing us this summer.

The plan would be to record this audio for the podcast soon after the game is over on Sunday so you’d need to be prepared to hang around at MacCumhaill Park for a bit after the final whistle sounds.

If you think this might be you then please email Rob directly at and he’ll take it from there with you in terms of logistics on the day.

75 thoughts on “Fancy appearing on Sunday’s podcast?

  1. Well done to Rice college, speaking from expierience a winning or runner up team in this competition always brings at least 6/ 7 lads who will go onto play senior inter county. I’d love to know what odds you would get on Westport winning an All Ireland senior club in the next 5/7 years? They seem like a club on the up..

  2. Is there anywhere decent to eat in Ballybofey after the match? Better than sitting in traffic……

  3. Km79 villa rose hotel park around the back of the hotel and your only 50 yards away from the game

  4. Tuamstar, just back your neighbours who won the title last week. They will be around for a while, average age of the team is 24.

  5. Km 79 there is also a good few take aways around ballybofey and two car parks across the road from Sean maccumhails Park safe trip and enjoy the game hope we do it donegal is going to have the mother of all blanket defence because they know it put us off a bit

  6. Adult season ticket available to a good Mayo man or woman heading North for Sunday.

  7. Freshers finalists would also have 4/5 seniors. Yestersay we had Joe Dawson, Brian OMalley and Ryan ODonoghue at 8,9 and 11 for narrowly defeated finalists UL.
    From Westport in that tranche u18 to U22 I’d be confident there are at least three quality future seniors, possibly more.

  8. Tuam star, I presume your experience of 1990 jarlaths teams which backboned all ireland Galway teams and Kenneth Mortimer and Pat Holmes for mayo may be your recollection. I was in jarlaths in 1980s and out of 1982 and 84 Hogan cup teams I think only Mark Butler and Murt and John Fallon. So well done Rice, but no guarantee of future mayo success yet.

  9. Km79 there’s a fantastic chipper across the road from the Villa Rose where you can eat your heart out for half the price you’d pay in the hotel. Of course, if Mayo were to win you might want to linger a while to celebrate and in that case, the hotel might be your man 🙂

  10. All Mayo supporters should do their very best to make the journey to Ballybofey. I’ve dusted down Big Bertha, she doesn’t usually appear so early in the year but there’s a feeling that tomorrow is a crucial fixture for us and also a feeling that this team of lads needs us tomorrow.

  11. In relation to where we stand WJ I think the big fear is whether we’re relying on a clutch of older players for success and that the younger lads aren’t quite as good. It remains to be seen of course but how easy will it be to replace the likes of AoS, Higgins, Moran, Barrett etc. It’s compounded by the fact that Galway are on the way up. Overall, notwithstanding the wins over Mhan and Kdare, we’ve put in some awful performances.

    I really do hope we win tomorrow. I’ll tell you this…..they’ll be no 10000-12000 crowds at home league games in Div. 2.

  12. Spotlight, are you suggesting the large, proud Mayo support who prides themselves as being the best supporters in the country wont travel to a div 2 game. If thats the case can they truly call themselves real supporters?

  13. Thats life/society/human nature , call it what you like but every sports team or individual will create a bandwagon during a successful period. Horan era plus season ticket culture has seen a massive rise in Mayo support . Some of ye are obviously youngish cause I can remember attending league games in 90s when Mayo support was a fifth of what it is today id guess, where as connacht championship mayo support id guess are just the same if not less imo. (Cant work that out tbh ,unless it was the knockout factor )

  14. Westportman with the systems and coaching development nowadays i would say that you can gaurantee that 6/7 will play intercounty. 2002 Jarlaths team, Mike Meehan, Gary Sice, Niall Coleman, Paul Doherty, Darren Mullaly, Alan Burke amongst others went on to senior. In 2011 Jarlaths cruelly lost the final by a point to Colmans Newry and six of that panel are currently in the Galway squad. Exciting times for football in Westport..

  15. How many were good enough though Tuamstar for intercounty croke park semi or final level. Only Meehan probably. Theres absolutely no guarantee how many will get to the required standard

  16. I don’t think we will be on div 2 BUT if we are I’ll be travelling as usual to games
    See a few new spots 😀

    I do have to say though that I was thinkIng about this very thing when I seen people leave in their droves early last weekend .
    It’s easy support a winning team…….and I don’t accept the beating the traffic/long travel argument
    I’m an exile and it’s takes me as long to get to a game in cbar as it’s does one in Croker

  17. Same as Km79 when I am going to mayo games I have to travel from letterkenny I was there last week I did not leave early this game is only 15 minutes travelling for me but I spend every second weekend back home in mayo anyway please god i hope we do it

  18. Yea evidently didn’t take the vow.

    We are married to Mayo football
    For richer or for poorer
    In sickness or in health
    When winning or when losing
    In Division 1 or division 2
    Till death do us part.

  19. That’s so true Revelino I went to Mayo matches in 95/96 when we were in Division 3 and things didn’t look good and I’ll do so again if I have to. I’m Aready planning my trip to New York to support them next year. I’ve no worries about the future of Mayo football mark my words Ciaran Treacey from Ballina will be one of our star forwards of the not so distant future and there’s a few more young lads that will get their chance and will improve over the coming year or two so it need not be all doom and gloom. A forward line in a few years time of Loftus Treacey Irwin the two o Connors will be exciting to watch

  20. Our large following over the last 7 years has been down to the relative success of the team. If and when that tails off so too naturally will some of our support. It’s not that long ago when we had league matches where there were crowds of 2000 and 3000. Do people honestly think we’ll get the same home crowds against Clare and Louth as we would for Kerry/Dublin.

    Anyhow hopefully it won’t come to that.

    Jaysus, just thought of something – the Rossies and Galway could be in Div.1 next year – now we better stay up.

  21. I can remember as a young lad been taken to Mchale park. The highlight always for me was watching Willie joe padden soaring up into the air and fielding the ball. He was never the tallest midfielder but it never mattered. He was an unreal fielder.
    Someone mentioned the 1981 semi final against kerry. It is said at half time Mick O’Dwyer told his players to stop trying to catch the ball and start punching it because Willie Joe had been cleaning up.
    We didn’t always have a great team back then but what a thrill it was to see Willie Joe fielding. It always got the heart racing.

  22. I think it depends on the circumstances, I’ve been traveling to Mayo matches since 1995 we were in Division 3 then, seen bad & good but I can’t remember many as bad as last week, so I left . I’ll still be traveling tomorrow – losing is never a problem but when you’re absolutely beaten out the gate by a team equal to or worse than you- well that comes down to a lack of motivation.

  23. I think some of ye need to not worry so much about replacing players for the next number of years.
    JDoc n Kevin Mc – 2007 minors.
    The 2014 minors are only seven seasons older than those two important players.
    So when Kevin Mc is an U31, Cian Hanley and Eoin ODonoghue will be u24s.
    This years u20s will be u22s.
    Guys move out, guys come in, guys lose pace but gain composure, young players move into the u24 – u28 bracket.
    I simply see us producing more seniors out of the 2013 to 2016 tranche of seniors.
    Then we move on further and we have at least another five seniors coming across exceptional underage in Westport,.Castlebar and Belmullet.

  24. That remains to be seen centrefield, out of the 94 Jarlaths team, there were many.. But if Mayo get 6 lads who win Connacht medals at senior level surely isnt that something?

  25. Let us not think and plan of going to Div 2 games yet.
    It’s not over till the MAYO boys sing.
    Tomorrow at 5.

  26. where we are in serious trouble going forward is midfield there is no sign of anyone coming after AOS with SOS/Parsons starting to push on. This area caused us trouble in the 2000s particularly against Kerry.

  27. Midfield would be a worry alright. Don’t know why Conor O’Shea hasn’t been given a run there – seems like it would be a natural position for him. Has never done it for me as a forward.

  28. Sounding unusual from me but Conor OShea has been midfield at Sigerson at times and hasn’t made much of an impact? Does he win physical battles against guys over 6 foot? Is he good in the air.
    The aerial ability replacement for Aidan might end up being an average of the aerial ability of Adam Gallagher, Cian Hanley, Brian OMalley.
    His phydical power maybe adding in Jordan Flynn, Brian Reape and Cathal Hennelly.
    We’re probably not going to replace Aidan as he is a once in 20 years player. But we can still replace his effect on the team.
    It’s hopefully a long way off.
    The more immediate concern are backups for Tom Parsons (u30) and SOS (U31).
    If they hang in another two years it could be anyone. Dean Darcy, Joe Dawson, Brian OMalley, Nathan Moran, Mathew Ruane, James Mccormack, Cian Hanley. Two years is a lot of development for those young players.
    Could even just be Stephen Coen or Diarmuid gone to higher levels performance wise.
    Look at James Mccarthy how he jumped another level aged 26.

  29. Not denigrating Stephen Coen or Diarmuid btw just highlighting that we sometimes fail to think of existing young panellists +2years improved.

  30. Big plea for people who are 50/50 about tomorrow to make the journey up to Ballybofey and bring your Green and Red colours and shout when we are in trouble like we did against Cork and Derry last year ,the team need us now more than ever, this could potentially be our last Top flight game for at least 2 years.Please God it won’t! Big News in that Zippy is back.

  31. No need to worry about replacing AOS beacuse there is no replacing him, he is a freak of nature that wont be repeated at least until AOS jr pulls on a green and red shirt. Good management and style of play is the only way to compensate for the loss of such players.

  32. I recommend if people haven’t read it the Moneyball book. The key insight is in replacing one star player with the combined attributes of other players.
    So you lose fielding ability of a guy like AOS but maybe you make it a bigger part of half forward/half back selection to compensate.
    You lose his power but you select two powerful forwards. So on the overall you get the loss of the player compensated for.
    That book is interesting to make you think of underrated and overrated Gaelic football skills or fitness attributes.
    Blocks I’v often thought is overlooked. A big variation between players in blocking ability.
    Fielding by non midfielders underrated.
    Tackling, now that teams like Dublin avoid contact in my view heavily overrated. Often yer defensive action is just to close off space or an option. There’s no actual tackle to make.

  33. Big thing Mayo need to do tomorrow is bring a ferocious intensity to the game.Have Boyler and Kev McLoughlin winning the hard breaking ball under Aido and Tom P. Let the ball in quick to Andy and Jason inside not to run and handpass the ball through a mass Donegal defence like we did last week.Push up on there kickouts aggresively, this is when we are at our best.We also badly need to make 2 changes in defence.

    My Team
    1.Hennelly for long distance frees/45s
    15.Douglas for all frees

  34. JP be careful a few Rossies would not like you saying that Ballagh is in Mayo??

  35. 9 of the Nathy’s starting 15 from Mayo clubs including captain Kuba O’Callaghan at corner forward.

    Final on in Croke Park as the curtain raiser to the Rice College game.

  36. Kuba Callaghan is lethal lads if he get within 25 yards of the posts. His first thought always is to burst the net

  37. Travelled over from Birmingham for match. Currently in Derry city. See you all tomorrow

  38. Great to see Cian Hanley of @Ballagh_GAA back in action this evening versus @ballinrobegaa in Division 2 of the @MayoGAA senior league. His first game for the club since 2014 after coming back from Australia. #mayogaa #GAA

  39. The team bus has just pulled out for the trek to Donegal. Seamie is sitting at the back guarding the gear bag with his life. The bag contains 3 Toblerone bars, 2 boxes of Pringles, 2 large bottles of Lucozade and a pair of football boots. Aidan got Seamie the the Toblerone bars in the duty free on his way back from America where he had participated in dancing with the stars.

    Aidan takes a selfie with the bus driver and signs an autograph for him.

    Connor Loftus and Andy Moran are sitting side by side having a heated argument about who is taking the frees. Andy pulls his POTY trophy out of the gear bag, shows it to Loftus and tells him, when he has one of them he can take all the frees he wants.

    Stephen Rochford is making his way around the bus strapping Gps devices to all the players. These of course will feedback vital information from a Russian Satellite to the backroom team. When the data which is in Russian has been translated the appropriate substitutions will be made, next Tuesady.

    Rochford grabs the microphone at the front of the bus.”Right lads, we’re exactly where we want to be at this stage in the league”. “I’ve seen steady improvement in yea throughout except for games 2, 3, 4 and 6”. “Keep it up”.

    10 minutes in to the journey Aidan is still taking selfies. Seamie, his face plastered in choclate having finished the 3 Tobelrones has started to drift off to sleep.

    Nally cannot sleep with excitement. Rochford has told him there is a very good chance that he’ll be coming on in the 69th minute assuming that the data is back from the satellite.

    Rochford grabs the microphone again and starts belting out the Hills of Donegal as the bus tears up the road to Ballybofey.

  40. Good man revelinno. You just reminded me to pick up my tablets from the chemist.

  41. Come on, Ger, you know the rules. What you’re claiming may be true but we haven’t named a match-day panel as yet so please let’s wait until we do.

  42. Hi,
    Thanks Revellino, Nice touch of humour and methinks Aidan would enjoy.
    Not going to Ballybofey but still excited about TG4. I appreciate all of you who are going. Ger Bohan has me intriqued as well as i have visions of a new attacking duo. Of course Cillian will be missed but we could have a surprise in store?
    Everything is exciting about this game and we don’t even know the goalkeeper. I already see the headlines ‘Majestic Mayo’!

  43. Great reading Revellino..nice to inject a bit of humour into this pre match nerve ridden day!

    TH you sure about Zippy being back?

  44. And Higgins played near end of ballyhaunnis football match this eve!!!! According to Mayo news. Getting hopeful

  45. Team named –

    1. David Clarke – Ballina Stephenites
    2. Caolan Crowe – Garrymore
    3. Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4. Eoin O’Donoghue – Belmullet
    5. Colm Boyle – Davitts
    6. Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    7. Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8. Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    9. Tom Parsons – Charlestown
    10. Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    11. Aidan O’Shea – Breaffy
    12. Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber
    13. Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    14. Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen
    15. Adam Gallagher – Mayo Gaels

  46. Team named –

    1. David Clarke – Ballina Stephenites
    2. Caolan Crowe – Garrymore
    3. Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4. Eoin O’Donoghue – Belmullet
    5. Colm Boyle – Davitts
    6. Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    7. Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8. Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    9. Tom Parsons – Charlestown
    10. Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    11. Aidan O’Shea – Breaffy
    12. Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber
    13. Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    14. Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen
    15. Adam Gallagher – Mayo Gaels

  47. I’d say the panel have travelled to Donegal already so I can’t see Higgins or Hanley being involved tomorrow.

  48. Wish Barrett was fit for this game.Best of luck to the lads tomorrow .Its in their hands now…

  49. A bit of moving the deck chairs here, but whatever team takes to the field tomorrow they will have to show a bit more passion and commitment than the effort last Sunday. Win or lose, the performance will say as much about the Manager as it will about the team. A lot of soul searching must surely have gone on last week, because if nothing else the players will need to restore some pride in the Jersey and even if we’re to go down let’s not go down without a fight.

  50. Basically the same team has been picked for Donegal as played so poorly v Tyrone. That does not send out a good message. Watched Cian Hanley in ballinrobe this evening too, after four years out of football it will take him a good while to get back. Just don’t see it happening for him in 2018 but could be a great addition next year.

  51. No reliable freetaker on that 15.He has to start Douglas to nail 45s with Cillian gone cause Murphy will nail them for Donegal. No change in full back either and the whole county is talking about it, and still no Shane Nally I do despair.
    How come Rochy never release subs information and always makes 2 to 3 changes right before a game this carry on never happened in the Great James Horan era.It gives no advantage to the team whatsoever.

  52. Would really like to see Rochford shake things up a bit for tomorrow. Play Kirby at chf and Big Barry at full forward. We need a bit of a physical presence in the forwards – players that can win 50:50 ball and layout off to runners. We were very lightweight in forwards last week. Rochford is very conservative in his team selection.

  53. I hate writing this, but Rochford is getting very much like Jose Mourinho, his style of naming a dummy team has become boring and all to common, surely to Jesus in heaven can he not see the weakness in a few players, this is an insult to Mayo supporters. Why the fuck can he not respect the players and for once name the team that will actually take to the field. I can’t see one or two of the named players starting tomorrow.

  54. MayoMchale, I agree with you.

    I just wanted to say this – thanks to all of the supporters going to Ballybofey tomorrow. It’s not normally that straightforward for me to attend matches and I normally watch them on the TV or listen on the radio. I admire those of you who travel to the matches, for your commitment, effort and passion. I am sure that support means a huge amount. Thank you. Safe travels tomorrow and as much as possible, between the nerves, enjoy! We had a beautiful day today – I hope the weather is lovely tomorrow afternoon too.

  55. I’m heading to ballybofy Tomorow.another dummy teamed no freetaker named.hennelly will start.we need as much mayo supporters there Tomorrow to support this team

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