Farewell to 2021

We’re six hours away now from the end of 2021, another weird year dominated by Covid which, I think it’s fair to say, most of us will be glad to see the back of. That’s before factoring in any thoughts about the All-Ireland final, the stinging pain from which stubbornly refuses to dull with the passage of time. Yes, 2021 can go and do one.

Before it does, I’d like to thank everyone who visited here in such huge numbers throughout the year. I’ll be doing the usual traffic stats update for the year before too long but the short version of this is that the traffic to the site in 2021 was the highest ever, topping 3.8m page views. That’s a truly humbling number from my point of view.

Thanks too to all of you who listened to the Mayo News football podcast during the year. Despite the Covid interruptions we released 46 episodes this year – the final one of which went online a few hours ago – and it was great to see the significant listenership the podcast attracted over the past twelve months.

We’ve plenty of plans in the works for 2022, both for the blog and the podcast. We’ll be unveiling details of these over the coming months as they develop. further.

I can’t end the year without referencing again the major development that took place on the blog this year, in the form of the fully searchable results archive, which now contains Mayo GAA results going back 120 years, with team details stretching back over a century. The searchable archive was the work of blog contributor Ultair whose commitment and dedication made it happen and it’s a resource we should all be proud of.

So, that’s it for 2021. But, as is always the case, in the ending there’s a beginning and, with it, a whole new year of football action to look forward to, starting with the FBD match against Galway next Friday evening.

Be off with you, 2021. There’s fresh fish for us to fry in ’22. Best wishes all for the New Year.

17 thoughts on “Farewell to 2021

  1. Thanks for all the work WJ. We’re very fortunate to have this platform to accommodate our collective lunacy.

    Happy New Year one and all. As always, Up Mayo!

  2. Thanks as always WJ.
    Here’s hoping we all get to enjoy 2022 by attending matches with our friends and family once again

  3. – Last September we ran out of road and out of excuses with the result that the anger turned inwards, the residue off which still exists.
    – Put simply the panel of players we had on the day was not good enough to win with only 4 players winning their duals and at best maybe only two more had the match been played a week later etc.
    – Anyhow it has all been analysed to death and I certainly do not want to re-ignite that debate again.
    – Really the most puzzling thing for me is why our guys were so meek on the day compared to how they played like men possessed against the Dubs.
    – Thanks WJ for this platform and all the work you do to.keep it operational.
    – Finally happy new year to all and here’s hoping we can start attending matches starting in Sligo on the 30th

  4. Our performance in this year’s final mirrored the pattern in all of our 12 finals before it: an absolute failure and inability to show any drive or energy in the final quarter. It’s the point where we run fresh out of ideas and hope.

    Happy New year all. Great work Williie Joe. Many thanks.

  5. Happy New Year everybody.

    I’m looking forward to the FBD match on 7th January and really really looking forward to the League from the end of January.

    We’re back in the real action this year – don’t ye think we’ll be getting a proper test this time?

    We’ll have to cut our teeth, earn our corn, show that we can pull the fat out of the fire on a consistent basis this year.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what we are made of and if we can keep turning and twisting and adjusting to meet circumstances and survive.

  6. Thanks for the great service on the blog throughout the year WJ and I am sure 2022 will surpass it.
    Sadly i think it will be a disappointing year on the Mayo seniors football front. Division 1 survival a real challenge and super 8 our best for championship..

  7. Just watched the semi final against Dublin on TG4 and am more confused than ever about this team and Management then ever. Lessons learned, if players are not performing no matter who they are they must be replaced, Lee Keegan must be played in half back line, Tommy Conroy needs room to run at defences so play him in half forward line . When will Mayo learn not to celebrate till final is won, there is nothing won in a semi final.

  8. Happy New Year Willie Joe and all who contribute here. Thanks for all your work on the blog. Hopefully 2022 will finally be our Year. Up Mayo

  9. The huge number of visitors to this site in a tribute to yourself, Willie Joe, and your helpers like Ultair. Thank you and happy new year to all. I would not be as depressed as some as some about 2021 and think it has given us a lot to look forward to in 2022.

  10. Culmore, Tommy Conroy is the best corner forward in the County and needs to stay close to goals. Moving him to half forward would be a mistake, we have plenty of half backs and half forwards running at defences, what Tommy needs is early ball to get him one on one with defenders, not recycled ball that arrives to him when defences are packed.

  11. Luv the blog WJ. Thank you for it and all the work in keeping us balanced as best you can!
    We just have to look forward to our games again and an end to global pandemic in 2022.
    Happy 2022 to all, especially to our continuing Mayo warriors and supporters.

  12. 100% agree Mayomad.
    Leave Tommy C where he is
    That’s one exciting full forward line we have now.
    Horan has to adapt his tactics now that we have one !

  13. Lads, anyone a bit conflicted whether to renew their Season Ticket this year? It’s the most deflated I’ve felt about Mayo seniors in a long time.

  14. Conroys best game was when he came out the field against dublin and was given a bit of space to show his ability to score from play which our half forwards have not done for years.

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