FBD clash with Galway confirmed for next Saturday in the Dome

Following Galway’s preliminary round win over Leitrim yesterday evening, our FBD League semi-final clash against the Tribesmen has now been confirmed for the Dome this day week (Saturday 14th) with a 5.30pm throw-in.

The match will be streamed live by Connacht GAA. There’s no link for the game as yet but the link for where Connacht GAA stream their matches is here. Assuming prices stay the same as for yesterday evening’s game, match passes for the live stream will cost €10.

There are no details available either about tickets to attend the game next Saturday. The capacity in the Dome is obviously very limited and I’ve no idea how many tickets will go on general sale, or indeed if any will. The position on that will, no doubt, be clarified soon.

Like many others, I guess, I was hoping this match would be fixed for next Friday evening, as then I’d have been able to see it and Tooreen’s All-Ireland final at Croke Park, which I’m planning on attending and which throws in at HQ at 7pm on Saturday. I’ll now catch no more than the first half of the match from the Dome before heading out the door to Croker.

While this is disappointing, a fixture clash of this kind isn’t exactly a novelty. Important club matches often get scheduled at the same time as county games – for example, Kilmeena’s All-Ireland Junior football final last February was played at the same time as Mayo were playing Monaghan in the League up in Clones. Given the tight schedule for matches at this time of year, it’s hard to avoid these kinds of direct clashes.

The other talking point about next Saturday’s FBD match is that it’s being played in the Dome, whereas if it were played at an outdoors venue it could attract a crowd in excess of 5,000. While this could well be true, the decision was taken some time ago to play all the FBD fixtures under cover at Bekan, an arrangement that worked out very well for the pre-season competition last year.

I think it makes sense to play this game in the Dome and I’d say this suits the counties’ management teams too. It is, after all, just a pre-season kickabout and, when the real stuff starts at the end of the month, there’ll be no problem with getting tickets to see our lads squaring up to Galway in a match that, unlike next week’s one, will be of consequence for both counties.

63 thoughts on “FBD clash with Galway confirmed for next Saturday in the Dome

  1. Last year had restricted attendances if I recall right plus playing games indoors was a novelty

    I would think the management teams would prefer something closer to real stuff for these FBD matches as in outdoors matches as all NFL and championship matches will be.

  2. The weather is too bad this time of year to rely on playing the fbd games outdoors. Good to have quality conditions available.

  3. Interesting article in the western with Ronan Clarke of last years Mayo minor team.
    From a strong GAA family but he could have been playing soccer with Brighton, who wanted him over as a 15yo and who seem to have really honed in on the talent available in this country in recent years.
    Is already involved with Maurice Sheridans u20 side.
    Also an interesting point for the people on here who held such strong feelings about the minor final last year being played at Hyde Park instead of Croker. Unsurprisingly every single player wanted to play the game at Croke park and were pretty disappointed it was fixed for the Hyde. You can be sure the Galway lads were the exact same. Every 17 year old in the country wants to play in Croke park.
    It might have been a pain for Mayo fans if the game was played in croker but for me, the AI minor final needs to return to there. Most of the players will never play their again for the rest of their careers and they deserve the reward for their sacrifices all season. Player reward should come before supporter convenience in this type of example. The Mayo v Kildare senior qualifier was a different case altogether.

  4. Getting a bit ahead of myself here, but any thoughts on the team people would like to see for the League match against Galway at the end of the month?

    Coyne McBrien Callinan
    Durcan Coen McLaughlin
    Ruane Flynn
    Carney D O’Connor Tuohy
    McStay R O’Donoghue Towey

    Assuming Tommy Conroy and O’Hora are still working their way back to fitness. Leaves the likes of Plunkett, Hession, Carr, Cillian and Robbie on the bench. Oldest outfielder is 28.

  5. Interesting pick In the City, and I’d go with a lot of your selection. However, FF line is small – all small. We need a big man in there – Carney perhaps? Also, I liked the look of Conor Loftus at CHB last week. I’d imagine management had him there for a reason, and he’s much more mobile than Coen.

    We still need to see – perhaps next week – Darren McHale, Aidan Orme, Jason Doc, Fionn Mac, Oisin McLaughlin, Frank Irwin, Mark Moran, to see how they are shaping up.

    Also, is Colm Moran involved?

  6. Really sickening seeing a D4 Gaa club with nearly the pick of all the best players in South East Dublin, sponsered by the Beacon hospital and getting a transfer of one of the best players in the country in an All Ireland club final. Doesnt sit right not what the Gaa is all about.Hopefully Moycullen get over the Gleann today can beat Kilmacud in the final.Surely with all the money in that area there could be more clubs set up in the D4 region rather than one club with so many members and teams.

  7. I’d like to see how that fullback line copes next weekend in the dome first.

    Surprised there hasn’t been more talk about the half back line selected the last day. It was the one area of the pitch which looked noticeably different to a James Horan selection.

    The 15 from the Sligo game looked more than ready for FBD. I’d prefer not to name names but there was one player who didn’t look up to national league standard quite yet, so I would hope that player is retained for FBD and given a chance

  8. TH, not too many D4 Gaa clubs in Dublin, maybe Clan Na Gael ( Ringsend / Irishtown area ) but no more. Kilmacud is out a bit further.
    Unfortunately Kilmacud seem to hold alot of power within Dublin Gaa circles, more and more the traditional “Working Class” Dublin clubs are being bypassed for the more middle class clubs, the same is evident with Ladies football in Dublin.

  9. Mayo 88
    Ya thats what I mean they have a clean sweep of all South East Dublin along with Cuala and Foxrock Cabinteely.Another thing its well known theres no Parish or Boundary rule in Dublin city for Gaa players, so how fair of a competition is it when Dublin gaa clubs are in provincial and All Ireland competitions

  10. Tragic game management from Moycullen. The Derry team deserved to win but will be well beaten by Kilmacud.

  11. There’s no parish rule in galway city either. The likes of corofin pick from two large parishes. Westport pick from a big town and large parish. Kerry have only 8 senior clubs.

    There’s always advantages and disadvantages to be seen no matter where you look. It’ll never be a full playing field when it gets to the national stages. Dublin don’t have enough dominance in club to be getting worried yet. That said I can’t see kilmacud losing to that glen team

    Disappointing enough for Moycullen, just not enough outside of Cooke and conneely prepared to take on chances. Fine athletic side but not enough natural footballers. In truth they rode their luck a few times this year, they stole the county final and were lucky against strokestown, however a second county title and Connacht championship is a fine season. They won the minor too in Galway so wont be going anywhere for a long time

  12. In theory kilmacud have a large part of South East Dublin to choose from, but there’s about as much Gaelic football in the likes of booterstown, Blackrock and monkstown as there is farming

    They still have a huge player base obviously but competing with rugby, soccer and so on brings its own challenges and I’m sure there’s lots of turnover after minor

    In truth only for Shane Walsh they wouldn’t have won Dublin this year. Ironically Moycullen had more “blow ins” playing today

  13. Cheers Catcol. I’d agree on the size of the full forwards, but I’d expect a bit of switching for parts of the game with the likes of Carney and O’Connor. It seemed to happen last year and was a feature vs Sligo also. You’re right that there are plenty of others due a run so a lot could change in three weeks, never mind between now and April!

  14. Micky3. Think because it’s U17 not minor was the reason it wasn’t played in Croke Park.

  15. Whilst they have lots of underage the fall off in Dublin club after minor is enormous. When the Mayo club u21 was well run a few years ago more plarees played club u21 in Mayo than in Dublin. Dublin togged club minor would be bigger than Mayo but I doubt by the degree one would think Blackrock, Stillorgsn, these places tog pretty weak in terns of adult GAA. I don’t deny that the super 8 clubs in Dublin are pretty strong. But I’d see clubs like Ballymun falling back a lot and Vincents when their older players move on.

  16. Hi all. Just wondering does anyone know when we will be contacted regarding our season tickets for 2023 please?

  17. Mabye someone that knows the club structure n Dublin can explain why the Dublin intermediate and junior club champions do so poorly in the Leinster club championship. They never seem to b able to win leinster championship – do they even take part??

  18. Dublin have 16 Senior A clubs and 16 Senior B clubs. So Dublin’s 33rd best team represent them in Intermediate.

    Compared to 9th best Kerry club, 17th best in Mayo etc.

  19. @Chesneychet Kilmacud should win but well beaten? Kilmacud was less than great today, just two points winners which included a goalkeeping error and that Kerry outfit that didn’t even reach their county final and only beat Limerick,Clare opposition in Munster by 1 point.

  20. Would agree with JP about Dublin at adult club level. Take away the handful of super clubs, the depth of quality isn’t massive. A lot of clubs being propped up with country lads living in the area – nothing wrong with that either IMO.

  21. Moycullen will be a bit disappointed with the return from the Kellys (although Sean and Eoghan were outstanding all year in fairness), while even Dessie made a few uncharacteristic errors. Cooke even missed two easy chances. While I wouldn’t say the occasion fully got to them, they definitely played within themselves. Too much lateral handpassing and no direct ball into the attack, it probably works well against most teams in trying to build attacks through the hands with pace, but when Glen pile bodies back so quickly its so easy to defend against. They made no positive use out of all their marks either. With all that said they could have snuck extra time out of it. Glen did all in their power to throw it away

    Given their own county championship is so competitive its definitely a bit of a chance missed. Corofin will come again, while there’s an argument Mountbellew are still the best team in the county on their day – and they were without Michael Daly this year. Salthill should have bet them in the final this year – although in fairness they made use of a softer draw and had nothing to lose in that final as underdogs. If Cooke goes away it’ll be very difficult to win titles in the coming years, however they do have young Cox coming through off this year’s minor winning team, and James McLaughlin – a county player – missed all this year’s campaign.

    They still have a super squad on paper, yet unless you actually play quick ball into the forwards and all your forwards can confidently kick scores from play you’ll always come up short in the real big games. Outside of Cooke, Gallagher and Dessie all their other players are too cautious when in good attacking positions.

    To be honest I was very impressed with Kilmacud today after being a bit unconvinced previously. 9 scorers is some going in a club semi in January. They could even afford for Walsh to have a quiet game, although he could have chipped over a few more scores from play if he was more selfish at times. Much more of their forwards stood up and took on some of the scoring slack. If they converted some of their great goal chances (all created by Walsh) they’d have won pulling up. You get the impression if they’re in bother in the final they’ll introduce Mannion, though I expect they’ll be pretty comfortable after watching both teams today. Its hard to see them slipping up after last year and its hard to see Walsh being as quiet as today.

    Its hard to get behind the intermediate and junior matches with the obvious advantage Kerry have, given the structure of their senior ch’ship. Would love to see an upset though but both Tyrone sides weren’t overly convincing in their semis. I’m a bit surprised at the lower standard in intermediate nowadays but it could well be a demographic issue across the board. I guess counties don’t have a huge amount of depth beyond about 8 or 9 clubs anymore

  22. Ceist agam:
    Is Tom Clarke good enough to play for Mayo?
    As Wide Ball said above he was one of Moycullen’s best players today!
    A midfielder!

    Mhuigeo Abu!

  23. Where is the evidence that Dublin struggles after Minor level ?? Big dropout rates in Ballina , Castlebar , Westport and Claremorris in this County after Minor.
    Dublin had 38 teams take part in there Under 21 championship in 2022 while in this County there has been no competition since 2019.

    The Clubs in Galway city are very easily divided in Gaelic football with only 3 Senior clubsin the city, the Salthill Knocknacarra area, St James East Galway ,Renmore, Mervue and Ballybane areas, St Michaels Westside area and a small Junior club Fr Griffins Eire og ,Galway city centre and Tuam road areas which is predominantly all soccer.I would say Gaelic football is stronger in Dublin than it is in Galway city.

  24. Gaa membership is very expensive in some Dublin clubs.
    Ballyboden must have over 4000 members, Kilmacud probably next and Na Fianna in 3rd place with 3,400 members, this often creates issues for training facilities with some clubs having A,B,C and Boden have even some D teams teams at every year from u 10 to u17.
    There seems to be some clubs that pull on big numbers while nearby clubs have less than half the membership numbers.
    Membership for 3 kids u26 in our club is 450 euros.
    In regards to Girls football, ie, development squads, 300 girls attended trials before Christmas for 60 places at u14 level, the standard was very high.

  25. Sad to say I’ve watched goalkeepers from both club and county the last couple of weeks dropping high balls resulting in soft goals: is it a dying art for a keeper to either catch the bloody thing or give it a decent punch?

  26. While these early matches aren’t worth a whole pile, they may give an indication of players that may struggle at this level. Chances will be scarce so it’s imperative you make an impression when you’re on, especially with such a big panel.

  27. People mention lateral play and slow build up a lot on here. Lads, most of the current coaches and nearly all of the intercounty ones are following basketball coaching methods. Watch any big game, players go wide and work it side to side to try and break the line, when they do they either have to score or put the ball dead. Its mirroring basketball. There is way too much handpassing, the way the game is evolving I can see teams being patient(for ages) work the gap and then through to fist a point. Kicking might disappear.

  28. That’s where the clubs are based TH, like Kilmacud are based in Stillorgan, Ballyboden St Endas are based in Knocklyon etc., but there actually are no parish rules in Galway City. Players will generally play for their nearest club however (or based on national school they went to) but plenty in the Eire Og catchment as you refer to, transfer to James’s and back in the 90s when James’s were Junior a few of their better players went to Salthill. There’s no rule stopping you playing for any city club if you’re from within the City

    Even outside of cities, the same happens in Killarney, Newbridge etc. towns with more than one big club, and as far as I know the whole county of Westmeath has no parish rules

    Dublin might be unfair to you (but is not unique as above), I’m sure some towns having one club may seem unfair to small rural clubs – its all relative

    There’ll never be a fully “fair” system across the board

  29. Jesus, what a debate on a Mayo blog about Dublin club football! This is the most animated posting I’ve seen for ages, just as our new management are kicking in.

    As someone who lives in South Dublin (Harold’s Cross) and whose kids played in Jude’s, I don’t begrudge Kilmacud any success. I don’t know the detail of who can play for whom, but they have build a very successful club in rugby heartlands and that’s some achievement. Ditto Cuala. Ballyboden (and Jude’s) are also successful, though rugby is not quite as strong in their areas. BTW hockey is pretty big in these parts – the hockey stick is the most prevalent implement I see around. That said, I was very pleased to see a girls u15 or so football match between Ranelagh and a north side outfit at Dartry recently.

  30. Lee keagan has just announced his retirement statement from mayo gaa just out sad news but he owes us nothing

  31. An absolute hammer blow regarding Lee. I thought he might have another year in him but he owes us nothing.

    The best Mayo player I ever saw.

  32. So sad to see Lee departing but God he’s given everything. He’s so right. Little ones grow up so quickly and he needs time with them as much as they do with him. Very best of luck, Lee in everything you do. I’ll miss you but wish you…and Mayo, the very best. Maigheo abú

  33. What a start to the week 🙁
    The fact he hadn’t announced til now had me optimistic he was gonna go one more round.

    Mayos greatest of all time. By some distance.
    Simple as

  34. Best wishes to Lee, with thanks for all he has given to us. What a player, so many memories..

  35. He was either going this year or next with such a young family I don’t blame him at all thought hed have one more year as hes staying with westport but to much comitment with the young family for inter county to and he owes us nothing best of luck to him one of the greats to never get a celtic cross!

    A win against Galway would cheer us all up fingers crossed haha!

  36. Hard to believe he has retired.
    He probably gave us some of the best displays in Croker on the big days that we have seen from any Mayo player.

  37. The man that always delivered , alot of people mentioning family life the reason but is it a case Lee looking at our forwards and realising there just not good enough to win an All Ireland this year, we owned the ball against Kerry in the quarter final , himself and Oisin kept the Cliffords quite and we still ended up losing the game by 8 points and kicked some terrible wides when the game was there to be won.He wouldnt leave if he thought there was an All Ireland in that team.

  38. Great memories of Lee ploughing downfield in possession in Croker with Keith running like a greyhound alongside him……Great times. Lee is certainly one of the greats…..

  39. What a man. Had an insane ability to raise his game higher and higher in the biggest games. Owes us absolutely nothing and wish him and his family the very best. Best Mayo player I’ve seen, hands down

    Should be a statue of this man outside McHale Park, never mind a tile!

  40. @TH do not agree at all with that family reason is the main reason and he even said it himself!!
    I work in childcare its hard job so I know where hes coming from in a way let alone having small kids 24/7 and relying on family members to help mind them they grow up so fast he wants to be there as much as he can ! Thanks Lee keagan for all the memories doesn’t owe us a thing!!

    Last year we had a lot of injuries and cillian o connor only just back and Tommy & Ryan where out give this new management a chance I don’t think we will cross the line this year but we will definetly be in a much better place!!

  41. Huge disappointment Lee Keegan is retired from inter County football, what a player he was for Mayo, the best I have ever seen in my 56 years following Mayo. He carried Mayo on so many occasions with great skill, power & strength, it was great to see him play so many times, best of luck in the future Lee & we’ll see you around.

  42. Apart from the GPS unit, cant seem to remember any bad press Lee was involved in. Just got on with it. Love on big days, he have that cheeky grin, with chest out, to tell the world “bring it on”. Not sure how many times he played for Mayo. But could count on two fingers how many days, you say Lee had a bad game. Most consistant good Mayo player ever, I would say. Sourly missed in the Red and Green, westport lucky to have him, and I look forward to see how he get on with them in years to come.

  43. TH, i really don’t think that’s the reason (especially with Ryan and Tommy back this year), Lee loved playing for Mayo and if he could would have continued playing regardless of the quality of player in the panel. Id say the decision was made at the end of last season but McStay/Rochford almost changed his mind, delay in announcing was Lee seeing if he could make it work with family/work commitments.
    Lee is one of the greats of the game (regardless of medals) and his contribution to Mayo football and the game in general should be celebrated.

  44. Nothing to say but thanks Lee. One of the greats who consistently delivered.

    Will be sorely missed in the green & red and you’d have to say McStay & co’s task has been made all the harder for losing both Oisin and Lee before a ball is thrown in on their campaign.

    What would therefore constitute a good season for Mayo? For me it would be survive div 1, Win a Connacht title and make the AI semi final. We have to lose the AI or bust mentality

  45. Horan really wasted Keegans time in the corner in his 2nd tenure, the main reason we beat Dublin in 2021 was Keegan coming out to the half back line in the 2nd half and extra time he turned the game, kept Seanie O’Shea scoreless from play at Centre half back in the National League final in 2019 .Yet for the 2 games v Dublin in 2019 and 2020 final he had him back in the corner , Horan was never tactically smart.

  46. Very disappointing to hear this today. Our greatest ever and still had plenty to offer. Feels premature tbh. But obviously he felt he couldn’t make it work. One of the great clutch players of all time.

  47. Just a few of the men Keegan put in his pocket over the years
    Diarmuid Connolly
    Sean Cavanagh
    Shane Walsh
    Seanie O’Shea
    Ciaran Kilkenny
    Michael Murphy
    Enda Smith
    Paidi Clifford

  48. Lee Keegan a role model warrior for us all. Thank you Lee Keegan. I first came across him doing linesman for a pre season club game and I thought he was a top quality player straight away.

  49. @Sam Og, you are right in saying that Keegan was wasted being placed in the corner back position, he was very much the ultimate creative ball player out around the middle, but the management needed someone to do that particular job at the time.
    But herein lies the problem facing the current management, I don’t think there are any real natural corner backs or even full backs in Mayo, there job has been reduced or eliminated over the years due to the tactics of mass defensive play.

  50. Decision made. Enjoy retirement Lee.
    We are now in Life after Lee phase of Mayo football and new guys need to step up and keep it moving forward.

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