FBD final confirmed for McHale Park on Friday night

There’s now confirmation on the Connacht GAA website that the FBD League ‘Home’ Final will take place this coming Friday evening (February 27th) at McHale Park where throw-in under the lights is set for 7.30pm. There was some discussion as to whether or not this fixture would take place in Castlebar or Ballinrobe but with the Dubs rolling into town two weeks from next weekend for what will be a high profile league match it obviously makes sense to have the FBD decider at McHale Park as well. You’d never know, some of those lightbulbs might need replacing ahead of February 11th.

Indeed, it’s going to be a while before we next play a match in daylight because as well as Friday evening’s fixture and the match against Dublin, our opening league game – against Laois in O’Moore Park – and our third NFL fixture, which is against Armagh up in the Athletic Grounds, are both Saturday night under the lights fixtures. From what I can see, our next daylight fixture will be our home league match against Down on 11th March.

While we’re on the topic of fixtures and what-not, I see that @maigheoforsam has started a one-man campaign to get the throw-in time of our match against the Dubs switched. We’re due to get get going against the All-Ireland champions at 7pm but the France-Ireland Six Nations match is scheduled to start the same night at 8pm. Our match should be done by around half eight or so but that will still leave punters at McHale Park missing most of the first half from Paris (or more, if they choose not to repair to the nearest watering hole afterwards).

The situation is obviously complicated by the fact that Setanta have already secured the rights to broadcast our match live so I guess unless they’re willing to rejig their schedules, 7pm it’s going to be. Matters are further complicated that weekend with Davitts’ All-Ireland Intermediate Club final against Milltown-Castlemaine down for decision at Croke Park the following afternoon. I know – couldn’t we just switch our match with the Dubs to HQ as the curtain-raiser for the Davitts match then everyone (well, nearly everyone) will be happy?

Finally, back to Friday night’s FBD decider where it’s also been confirmed that whistle-happy Sligo ref Michael Duffy will be in charge of proceedings.

11 thoughts on “FBD final confirmed for McHale Park on Friday night

  1. A little bit of culture this morning, dedicated to Michael Noonan and his take on “lifestyle choices”. My daughter away on a “lifestyle choice” calls it that she cannot get a job here. Emigration we called it once. Read a poet from 400 years ago.

    The County of Mayo
    On the deck of Patrick Lynch’s boat I sat in woeful plight,
    Through my sighing all the weary day and weeping all the night.
    Were it not that full of sorrow from my people forth I go,
    By the blessed sun, ‘tis royally I’d sing thy praise, Mayo

    When I dwelt at home in plenty, and my gold did much abound,
    In the company of fair young maids the Spanish ale went round.
    ‘Tis a bitter change from those gay days that now I’m forced to go,
    And leave my bones in Santa Cruz, far from my own Mayo.

    They’re altered girls in Erris now; ‘tis proud they’re grown and high,
    With their hair bags and top knots-for I pass their buckles by.
    But it’s little now I need their airs, for God will have it so,
    That I must depart for foreign lands, and leave my sweet Mayo.

    ‘Tis my grief that Patrick Loughlin is not Earl in Erris still,
    And that Brian Duff no longer rules as Lord upon the Hill;
    And that Colonel Hugh MacGrady should be lying dead and low,
    And I sailing, sailing swiftly from the county of Mayo.
    Tomás O Flannghaille. Mid 1600s poet.

  2. you are dead right ted, i was at the one in 2000 when we won , given the recent games it might be 3000 before its seen again. you’ll make the second half anyway if they dont reschedule

  3. John …..Noonan should spend a day at the departure gate in dublin airport…he might get a sense of reality then. Disgraceful thing to say. Wonder who will be the first Mayo footballer to take flight? On a slightly different and very sobering note i see another young footballer from the round towers club in dublin died suddenly when training.its being put down to this sudden death syndrome. God rest his young soul! Is it my imagination or is it mainly gaelic footballers that this has happened to…shocking stuff.

  4. I gather that Trevor is Down Under at the moment. I’ve also heard that one of the 2011 panelists who went on the FBD trip to New York decided to stay on and will probably remain there this year.

  5. hi willie joe great site. just wondering what goals do you think this present mayo management team should set for 2012.its work in progress at the moment and while they have tried some new faces the systems seems the same.

  6. Sorry, Raz – never responded to your comment from yesterday. I don’t know what goals the team will have but I reckon that whatever they are we won’t be lacking in ambition this year. As others have said here previously, a good aim to have is to seek to win every single game. It’s three out of three so far this year but it’s very early days yet!

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