Final line-up change: Regency in for Bowe’s

You might have noticed that the list of Mayo-related All-Ireland events put together by the Mayo News which I mentioned last night included a pre-match bash at the Regency Hotel in Drumcondra. This event will take place on the eve of the final at the hotel that’s set to be the nerve-centre of Mayo operations in the capital over the weekend – the post-match banquet will also be held there on Sunday night – and Mid West Radio will be broadcasting from there on the night. There’ll also be music and, I guess, the odd pint or two to be had at the event as well. I’m not sure what time the fun is set to get going there but I suppose it’ll be nine or a bit after. Admission to the event is €20.

Although Bowe’s has become the meeting place for friends of the blog over the last while, it seems sensible on this occasion to park that particular tradition and instead join in the fun and games that will be taking place in the Regency. To be honest, I’d say that most of us will – if the night prior to the semi-final was anything to go by – be aiming to keep our powder dry on Saturday night so that we’re all ready for the day after. And, one hopes, all the merriment that could be in store for us if things go our way at Croke Park.

4 thoughts on “Final line-up change: Regency in for Bowe’s

  1. hi Willie Joe do you pay on way in or are these tickets going on sale and if so where ? For the first time ever I’m heading up the night before the final and this sounds great 🙂

  2. I know its not your gig Willie Joe but €20 is very steep. My friends from Donegal are going to one in the Burlington for €10! Hope a crowd turns up. Its a bad venue anyhow being so far out of the city centre. Any idea where post match function tickets are on sale?

  3. You’re right, Steve – it’s not in any sense my gig that’s on in the Regency, it’s just where the main Mayo event on Saturday night is on due to the fact that this is where a lot of Mayo people will be staying and where the post-match banquet is on. I think Donegal are basing themselves in the Burlington, which would be why their Saturday night event is on there.

    The reason I suggested going to the Regency is that there should be a Mayo crowd there on the night and so I don’t think it makes sense for me to suggest setting up camp elsewhere. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Mayo people out in town that night, though, so there are sure to be options other than the Regency for those that don’t fancy heading there.

    I don’t know what the story is with tickets either for the Saturday or Sunday events but I do know that tickets for the banquet itself will not go on general release, given the numbers involved. There will be some post-banquet tickets available but I don’t yet how you’d go about getting them.

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