Final thoughts: the fans – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E24

With the All-Ireland final against Tyrone now fast approaching, Mayo supporters are doubtless finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the big game, with all the questions that this contest throws up. Questions from supporters often end up being of the rhetorical kind but in this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we’ve aimed to answer them, by inviting Mayo fans to provide us with the questions they want responses on about the Championship decider.

Hosting the show is Rob Murphy and on the spot with him fielding the supporters’ questions are podcast regulars Edwin McGreal and Colin Sheridan. Before the questions start flying, though, we hear about the colour and excitement that’s swirling around the county in the build-up to Saturday week. 

The questions then come in thick and fast. These include about how Tyrone are shaping up, how tickets might be allocated on a fair basis and how Mayo are preparing for their latest final appearance. The impact of substitutions is raised, with particular reference to fans’ favourite Colm Boyle, and there’s also a question on what future years might hold for Mayo. Rounding off the show, the winners are announced for the two new alternative Mayo jerseys we’re giving away. 

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51 thoughts on “Final thoughts: the fans – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E24

  1. Thank you Willie Joe, Rob, Edwin and Colin. You’re contributing to my well-being with this podcast episode. I’ve been foraging around for something to get my teeth into and chew on (gnaw on : )) about the final in the last day or two but it’s been sparse pickings out there. Hurray for you guys! Looking forward to the listen. Go raibh maith agaibh.

  2. Great podcast and brilliant questions that really set us up for the next few days. Thanks everyone.

  3. Let’s hope we can have a clean hard game that is open & expressive but I Cannot see Tyrone getting three goals so I’d just about give it to Mayo. slim margin due to that hardened experience/hurt and pedigree. Our midfield is woefully inexperienced but I’ve been insisting Conor McKenna is going to come good(was saying this before Kerry game) and hit form v soon. It’s gonna come down to boring simple score taking and Tyrone people have always distrusted Morgan’s hot/cold free taking. If Cillian was fit we would be in much more serious trouble, shame for the neutrals too. On behalf of Tyrone, good luck! Haven’t been this excited over football in years.

  4. Great podcast. Isn’t it an absolute privilege to be from Mayo. The joy, the tears, the journey and the never give up attitude. Its going to be a long week and if I’m caught blubbering again when i hear the green and red of Mayo, I dont care. This is a great opportunity that James Horans men have put in a mighty shift to get to. We still dare to dream.

  5. Well done all on the podcast.
    Really enjoyed it and great questions and answers and I’m looking forward to that poem or song or whatever he composes to celebrate next week.

  6. Great podcast and some interesting questions posed and answered. Great idea to include the listeners like this. Colin Sheridan very good also again.

  7. GAA president Larry McCarthy “lack of expertise” comment to increase the capacity to 60,000.

    Good God. What a defeatist attitude. Ten days notice to add on 20,000 people and it can’t be done. What ever happened to a “Can do” approach?

    Time to resign your post Mr McCarthy and put someone in there a bit for capable.

    Also if this was a Dublin v Kerry final or Dublin v Tyrone final there would be no lack of expertise and there’d be 60,000 going to Croke Park on 11th September.

  8. I find it bizarre the gaa havent the logistical ability to carry out a few scans entering the ground. Really lazy attitude but shur the man even named the wrong club of the winning hurling captain , fancy that like on the big stage , what a useless incompetent unprepared man .

  9. Great podcast. I got no ticket in draw for season ticket holders also. I,for the life of me cannot understand why 60.000 people can not be accomodated when the government say it can. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE CAN DO ATTITUDE BY THE G.A.A. The extra 20000 supporters can be accomodated if the will is there for them to be accomodated .I am calling on anyone that can help to get the finger out and get it done . It is not too late and it is not a big job to do if the will is there to do it .OUR td’s seem to be keeping very quiet .It is time for ALAN DILLON, MICHAEL RING, DARA CALLEARY AND ROSE CONWAY WALSH TO DO THEIR JOB AND START MAKING NOISE. We need as many mayo people as possible in croke park next saturday shouting and roaring and chanting .I fear most of our vocal supporters will be shouting at screens in the pubs and hotels which is no good to the team. any mayo supporter who is lucky enough to secure a ticket has a big responsibilty next saturday to cheer on the team for the entire match to make up for the supporters who will not be able to secure tickets

  10. I’d have to disagree with Edwin, theirs no way a 4 week break is an advantage to us. 3 would have been ideal considering the players needed time to get over the thrill of beating the Dubs, 4 weeks leaves too much time on their hands. IF Mullin starts then the 4 weeks will have a been blessing i suppose, he’s worth that much to this team.

    I started out very confident after Tyrone’s win, now not so much. Maybe its the ptsd of so many defeats in finals raring its head?. I just feel Ryan and Tommy might struggle bit time against their defenders, if Ryan continues to solo amd jink his way into packs of Tyrone men, we won’t be winning this.

    Have we enough shooters from outside the 35yd zone? They’ll let us kick from there all day long. Diarmuid, Lofty and K Mc, Paddy amd Lee will need to have a serious accuracy rate, Tommy has it within him if he plays out on the 40. I’d agree that Darren Coen could be vital in this one. If the game has opened up when he comes on, he has the bottle to get us over the line. It’s just too close to call.

  11. Excellenct podcast I really enjoyed it. Some excellent questions asked and answered. Well done Rob, Edwin & Colin. I know we are still in Covid times but for those of us that don’t have tickets are there any big screens being erected anywhere in Ballina or Castlebar for people to come together at a safe distance and watch the match?

  12. @Glorydays, I haven’t seen anything official yet, but Ballina had one for the semi final. With outdoor restrictions eased further since then, I can’t see how they won’t have one for the final.

  13. Great podcast-as always. Well done

    I do not wish to take away from the team effort involved in beating Dublin but there is a mention I would like. And that is the twin threat of Ryan O Donoghue and Tommy Conroy.

    After reviewing the game many times ( it’s amazing how much I miss in the emotion of the live game )these two guys were utterly exceptional. Their persistence and effort when things were not working out for them was exemplary. They ran and sprinted , they harried and hassled and tackled all game,they turned ball over and ,they each scored brilliant points at a time when the game was in the melting pot.

    They showed complete commitment based on the ( let’s be real here -unreasonable)belief that the game would ultimately swing their way.

    They and the whole team forced their collective will on that game. They swung that game around by the scruff of the neck. They took an empire down with their belief , their hunger

    What is noteworthy too is in terms of referees giving soft frees to smaller guys who go to ground more easily , this is definitely not the case with Ryan. He gets battered all game long against Dublin but he never flinches so the refs treat him as if he were six inches taller and “well able to take it.”Belts to the face and chest and abdomen – ref saw nothing. Ryan meanwhile is picking up and handing the ref the pencil that he dropped !

    Ryan never acts entitled to a free or complains. In fact he acts like he’s the one who is much taller & stronger, ya know”the bigger man”
    Definitely bigger than let’s say a truly Small man. Bullies will not have their way with Ryan or Tommy. Bullies will get their asses handed to them. One might even say they will get “Philetted”

    It’s this “fuck you” attitude that I absolutely love about these two ( and the team in general)These guys don’t care how many All Ireland’s you and your team have won. Their attitude is we’re here to beat you. It’s as simple as that. There’s only one plan.

  14. Tyrone and/Mayo, have some amount of similarities, dog of war in defence. Maybe Mayo have more dogs. Both athletes all over field. Midfield I would give us a slight advantage, only based on Mattie form. While scoring threat from Mayo has a more potential scoring threat from all over the field, our forwards has less potency as a unit, but I think Tyrone forward has a more balanced look about it. It 50/50, ref could have a lot to do with Sam’s destination

  15. It’s not logistically possible to increase the capacity for the final at this stage. Let’s not all forget that we are still trying to live with a virus that can cause death, it must be kept at bay at all costs. Yes I would love (and be comfortable with) going to Croke Park next Saturday but how do you police letting people who are only fully vaccinated in ? –
    You show up at the gate with a ticket but you don’t have a Covid cert – what happen?
    You can’t enter a draw for a tickets unless you have a Covid cert – you win and give the ticket to someone else
    etc. etc.
    And asking our politicians to do something about it is ridiculous. Why can’t we just accept that in the middle of the most challenging times most of us have seen Mayo are yet again in an All Ireland final with a chance of winning, but the health of our nation is more important.
    To those of you who are successful in getting a ticket I congratulate you, keep safe and abide by the restrictions ( unlike the hurling final). To those of you loyal fans who have been there so many times before, like I have, come next Saturday, reenact the day, have a good fry up, put on the green and red, spend the next 5 or so hours planning and come 5 o’ clock start roaring at the TV. AND, may I suggest that when (if) we do win all us home supporters go straight to our cars and blow the horn 70 times in acknowledgement. If every Mayo supporter was to do this I’m sure it would be heard in Croke Park.

    Finally, after a bit of an all over the place post, I live in Galway city and it’s wonderful to see out of 10 houses my street there are 3 Mayo flags flying high.

  16. While i get what you’re trying to say sean and i agree with some of it i dont think “the health of the nation” is too high up in our county boards thought process.

  17. The issue oth the logistics is simple there is a Northern team in the final. People who live in Northern Ireland are not suited with vaccination certs automatically like we are. There is no way the certs would be issued to them in time to allow them attend the match. They would also be non EU certs so the scanning apps etc would not work on them. If Mayo were playing Dublin or Kerry I think the attendance would be 60,000.

  18. GAA are right not to increase the capacity. The Garda should monitor the bars near croker and close any that are dangerous from a health poi3 of view, Meaghers was disgraceful for the semi

  19. Well if it’s a replay it will be increased to 60k . Pure daft , I’m not having that aul nonsense about a pandemic . Life will return to normal in the coming weeks without any significant increase in vaccine uptake . What we have now is what we have , similar to the uk and they have full capacity stadiums with a month now near enough. Croke park had had no reported outbreaks from the games so far either .it is what it is but no way are you convincing me it was not possible to have 75 % there as per govt guidelines .

  20. Cheer Owen, thank you for checking in and commenting. Nice to see you here. It’s great to have something to look forward to, isn’t it? And I’m sure the flags and colours are out in Tyrone as they are here. There’s a novelty that it’s the two of us in the final and not one of the favourites from the start of the year. That’s probably what makes us feel a bit giddy.
    It’s very hard to predict outcomes. We’re hoping to be on the right side of the scoreboard at the end but very few are coming down definitely one way or the other. I feel both teams will give it socks. I think ye have a wily and smart management team that’ll have Tyrone well prepared. I’m sure the bould James Horan will be dotting is and crossing ts, from this side.
    Best wishes for the build up and enjoy it all!

  21. This is the third time I have asked this question on the blog in the past few days, it is simply.
    Willie joe, maybe you can tell me.
    Will there be big screens in open areas showing the game on Saturday in Mayo towns ?,
    This could be the 1st time that I won’t be at the final.

  22. Is there any idea on a replay date if it goes to that? Usually 2 weeks? Surely it wouldn’t be just 1 week?

  23. Seán Burke,
    “I’m not having all that all nonsense about the pandemic “.

    To paraphrase a quote of a RTÉ pundit “Ahra god bless your innocence Seán “

  24. Final is so tough to call. Tyrone to me have a discipline issue, if they do what they did against Kerry against us and go down to 14 men for 20 minutes I think we would score much more than 3 points. Tyrone like us hung in there and got a bit of luck but unlike Tyrone, we really restricted Dublin to few chances in the second half while Tyrone, even though played great, Kerry had so many chances to bury the game. I think if Mayo get 17 points we will win. Im thinking in my head 1-15 to 1-13. Both teams know they may get a better chance to win the All Ireland and it will show on the field. I just hope Mayo players keep their heads. We will definitely go long with our kick outs more often, drop Aidan back. We will go short but it will depend on what Tyrone do, when they push up Rob will go long. When they push up I suspect thats when we will get most joy.

  25. I’m afraid I’ve no idea, Mayo88. Like yourself, I’m based on Dublin and I haven’t heard any news about plans for any big screens showing the game. It would definitely make sense to do this.

  26. Thanks Willie Joe, it may be the best way to see the game no tickets show up.
    I never was in Mayo for an All Ireland final.

  27. its strange. 10 years later and I feel exactly the way I did for the 2012 final. Its a massive chance for both teams and will shape what happens for next decade. Both teams with no All Irelands. I truly believe like i did in 2012 with the age profile of this team that if we win it, we will win another 2/3 in next 7/8 years. In 2012, Donegal were at the end of their cycle whereas we were just starting. Looking at Dublin, big transition needed now, Kerry massive weakness in defence. Tyrone and Mayo actually look best placed teams to go forward for next few years.

  28. MartyK – thanks for sharing that lovely interview with Paddy Prendergast. He grew up next door to my family in Garrymore!!

  29. Keegan and OShea probably don’t have many years left. Mullin is likely going to have the opportunity to go to Australia. Couple of injuries to key players bad manager takes over and the future outlook could be completely different.

    Next Saturday has to be approached like there’s no tomorrows. When the ball is thrown in it’s 0-0 and 15 v 15. Performance is everything. Get the performance and the result will look after itself

  30. Don’t agree with trying to blow Tryone away early. I’d try to blow Tyrone away late moreso in the second half. No team has put much on Tyrone first half this year.

  31. Marty K.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Shortly before P. Carney died recently, Paddy Prendergast, the Prince of Fullbacks, said that if he believed in “The Curse” he would fly out to California, shoot Carney, and jump out of the plane on the journey home!
    I’ve always thought that the standard of fullbacks in Kerry improved enormously after Paddy moved there.

  32. Driving from Dublin to Mayo today and didn’t realise there were so many Tyrone people living in Roscommon, must have seen a good 5 or 6 flags – couldn’t help but laugh!

  33. Exile. Those flag colours change depending on who we’re playing in the final. There was a lot of Dubs living in the same houses you passed for the previous finals 😀

  34. @Mayo88. As far as I am aware the match is being shown on a big screen in Ballina.
    Unless there is a major change in fortunes like yourself I will be watching the final in Mayo
    …First time since the first game in 96.

    I am hoping against hope that tickets crop up nearerthe date. I know friends of ours in Limerick who had no tickets and felt there was no hope of getting any managed to get two late in the week and said that quite a few appearedlate in the day. I always feel that hurling has been an easier ticket to get for the final though.
    Still I am not going to give up hope just yet.

  35. @Alan Kenny, I truly feel had we got over the line in 2012 or even 13, there never would
    have been any six in a row for Dublin. I definitely think had that team broken their duck,
    there was more than one AI in them, unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

  36. Dave Johnston – haha funny you should mention that as there were still a few Dub flags hanging about too!

  37. Thanks all re the podcast – next episode is out tomorrow, Billy Joe with Stephen Rochford for an in-depth tactics talk and more. Two more episodes to come after that before the final as well.

  38. I’m resigned to the fact that no tickets will be coming to my house now and in fairness I’m OK with that. Enjoy anyone who gets one and roar your heads off for the red and green when there. We are staying the night in Dublin as it is though. My question is where is a good gaa pub to watch it? Is the boars head or mcgowans or rody bolands best? Or would there be any other recommendations coming from all here ?

  39. I’m becoming too dependent on the podcast. It’s day to day anticipation. Really good listening and always makes you think and challenge your own analysis. Sincerest thanks to all involved. Myself and my boy had a great listen driving to mayo earlier today. Pity we can only stay the one night. Love to be here for the big build up.
    Up Mayo

  40. Thanks lads. Mayo88 if yer bate Owen Mulligans pub in Cookstown has big screens set up outside 🙂
    I’ve never missed a final but not sure if I’ll get myself, think lots of people may end up not travelling and tickets will be easy enough got in the end.
    This Tyrone side have lots of experience but I feel Mayo are like us in 03. Nearly men with an influx of raw youth, a nice combination. I still feel if Mayo do not concede goals they win. Mccurry isn’t a big game player, Morgan’s % rate isn’t good enough either. I’m excited about Kerry still after watching game again today…some tweaking and they’re a serious proposition. Future looks entertaining at least.

  41. @Cheer Owen: Fair play to you, nice to read a northern view ahead of the final. What’s the mood like up there amongst GAA folk?

    I always have the height of admiration for northern Gaels given what they face just to play gaelic games.

    As for the game, at full strength I think we would pinch it, but Mullen, Eoghan McLoughlin and O’Connor are serious losses I fear. We have struggled against counter-attacking setups in the past and Tyrone are serious opposition in my view.

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