Final thoughts: the Players, Chris Barrett and Séamie O’Shea with Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E26

As Saturday’s All-Ireland final comes ever nearer, supporters will obviously be wondering what these final few days ahead of the big game are like for the players. In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we bring you some insights into the lead-in to the final from the perspective of those contesting the match.

Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden hosts this episode where he’s joined by special guests Chris Barrett and Séamie O’Shea, both of whom know full well what it’s like to be part of the Mayo panel for an All-Ireland final and so are perfectly placed to talk about what the experience is like for those on the inside.

The lads talk about what the players will have been doing in the weeks since the Dublin game, how James Horan will have been working in particular with the young players and what programmes the players coming back from injuries are likely to have been on. They then discuss the immediate lead-in to the game, including the day itself.

The talk then shifts to Saturday’s final against Tyrone and some of the big questions that Mayo will need to address if they’re to land the Sam Maguire. Séamie talks about the challenges facing Mayo in the middle third while Chris considers likely match-ups.

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7 thoughts on “Final thoughts: the Players, Chris Barrett and Séamie O’Shea with Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E26

  1. One comment that Seamie said right at the end does it for me. We havent seen Mayo put in a 70 minute performance yet in the championship. We have way more scope for improvement for the final than Tyrone and if we do put a performance together for 70 minutes I can’t see us losing. I don’t see many goals scored on saturday, one possibly 2 and I think If Mayo get a goal will will definitely win. A score of 1-16 should be enough. I can’t see Tyrone scoring that much against us but then again we have shown in all games apart from Dublin that we do cough up an easy goal chance or two. I’m going for Mayo to win by 1-16 to 15 points. Halftime I suspect will be low score maybe 7-6 or something like that. Second half the final will catch fire when the losing team has to go for it and I expect that to be Tyrone so that will leave more space at the back for a goal for Mayo.

  2. What a podcast, thank you Mayo News. I felt like someone at the next table eavesdropping and my coffee has gone cold in the meantime, I didn’t want to miss a word.

     Billy Joe an excellent interviewer as players relate to other players, his questions were probing. His relationship with the two lads obviously helped secure the “interviews”.
    Chris and Seamie are a mine of knowledge, experience and self-belief. All the knowledge gained in the past ten years, is huge. You just have to listen for 5 minutes to see it.

    Sooner or later, this has to be rewarded in All-Ireland medals, here is hoping we can finally cash in those chips.

    If the lads do manage it on Saturday, the younger ones among them will be the first to acknowledge

    “We stood on the shoulders of giants”

    players like Seamie and Chris and the half dozen retirees.

    Seamie’s story about playing badly for weeks before Tyrone game and James saying simply: you will be picking up Sean Cavanagh and by implication I have every confidence in you. Simple messages usually prove to be best, here was a concrete example of how a manager’s personality translates directly into the mind-set of the team.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Really excellent podcast. Like @My Left Foot said felt I was at the Kitchen table hanging on every word that they said. Would easily outstrip any national football podcast out there for in depth analysis. Well done to all involved

  4. Wonderful listen. Great to hear from Chris and Seamus and get their perspective for Saturday. Great job again from Billy Joe. Feel far more confident now that we can finally get over the line and do the job at the weekend.

  5. Brilliant Podcast Lads. Very positive responses and upfront about the possible outcomes on Saturday. Billy Joe knows what questions to ask as well.
    I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  6. Two lads very clear thinking with good solid analysis. could do worse than having these two in future Mayo management teams if they wanted to go down that route. Great job by Billy Joe as always

  7. One of the most reassuring conversations I’ve overheard on why I should feel confident that the team will pull it off – felt like a full dissection of all the positions in exacting detail. Also, was a really nice novelty for me to listen to the podcast on a run to Erris Head – maybe more of a 2nd gen thing but great to be listening to the podcast episodes whilst actually in Mayo!

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