Final thoughts: the Preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E27

For the last few weeks we’ve been building up steadily to this year’s All-Ireland football final. The build-up is now nearly complete, with the big match between Mayo and Tyrone throwing in at Croke Park at on 5pm on Saturday.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview the Sam Maguire decider. Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty hosts this preview show and he’s joined by Billy Joe Padden and by Kevin McStay.

The lads start off by reflecting on what an All-Ireland final is like in light of their own experience as Mayo players taking part in football’s biggest day. The talk then shifts to the mood in Tyrone where, like Mayo, they’re contemplating a possible fourth All-Ireland title success.

The decisions James Horan must make, both in relation to team selections and substitutions, are considered and possible match-ups are then discussed in detail. The lads ponder on what type of game the final is likely to be, reckoning it could be a low-scoring, attritional affair, and they also give thought to the impact of Cillian O’Connor’s absence before finally revealing their big match predictions.

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The Mayo News football podcast is produced and edited by Ger Duffy Media. The show is sponsored by Ceramic City and Swinford Motors, two fine Mayo businesses with whom we’re proud to be associated this year, all the way to the All-Ireland final.


29 thoughts on “Final thoughts: the Preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E27

  1. For those interested Peter Canavan, Declan Bogue, Banty McEnaney and Sean Cavanagh are currently chatting in Healy Park Omagh. Look up Teamtalk Mag on Facebook, they will have replay option for those looking to see what the enemy is chatting about 😉

  2. Oilean Acla – I, in turn, cannot believe that a normally sensible contributor would post a comment like that. We’ve done that particular topic to death and I’m not allowing it to reopen again.

  3. WJ
    I am amazed that you deleted my comments re Mr McStay! I never criticised any pundit in my life before as I believe I am open and transparent and honest and very considerate in my opinions. I watched the second half of the Mayo v Dublin game again last night and I could not believe that a former Mayo player (person) could be much against his own county!
    This blog should be open and transparent and my original comments should be open for discussion at the very least? I would appreciate if you would revert your decision! What is the purpose of this blog if we cannot express our honest opinions?

  4. It’s just remarkable the sheer consistency of Mayo football since, in the modern era 1996.

    Connacht titles, a few leagues, quarter finals, semi finals, finals. We’ve had, as supporters incredible days walking over Ballybough bridge or down Russel st, or up Clonliffe rd. We’ve experienced what many football counties may never.

    Like Michael Jordan and his Bulls, this is our Last Dance (aside, for anyone yet to see it, watch it, The Last Dance on Netflix, best sports doco ever).

    One game left, one total performance, one outcome, one speech from the steps of the Hogan, one 70 year wait banished and finally vanquished.

  5. Pat Spillane went way overboard in his support of Kerry when they were beaten by Tryone, in my opinion should never be allowed to do this on live TV, but he is a Kerryman.
    On the other hand the Mayo people remain too impartial as events unfold before their eyes.
    Oh I forgot, they may have had to look at replay of the game to pick up on the blatant tackles / whatever one calls it “a coming together”

  6. WJ
    I hope that I have not offended you as I admire your work and am passionate about my native county and Mayo football team as we all are on this blog.! Go neiri le foireann Mhuigheo i gconai agus le cunadh De beidh Sam ag teacht go Ouleann Acla agus Co Mhuigheo le cunadh De
    Mhuigheo abu!

  7. Oilean Acla – The reason I did, and I really don’t think I should have to debate this less than 48 hours from the final, is that it unearths a topic that was discussed at length for days. There were plenty of opinions expressed then and the debate eventually moved on. I have zero interest in reheating this issue all over again with the final now almost upon us.

  8. Oilean Acla forget about the contribution from pundits they are paid for their contribution. Mayo fans will always be on side with remarkable team. Let us fully embrace the fact that this team is back to another AIF a final that they will will. Lets forget about the past, dwell in the future (2 days).
    James, Ciaran Mc, the back room stafff and this mighty team will prevail and Sam will return to Mayo although belated due to COVID.
    Come on, all together now, do not deviate from the plan and we will celebrate for the next year at least. No cows milked for the next months? – black tea.
    Still looking for tickets. CMON MAYO

  9. I see that Kevin and BJP both go along with the narrative of a tight game and that is the most likely outcome. If though, we could sneak an early goal and got a bit of a stretch on them, the game might open up.

  10. Thought McStays little tribute to Mayo people and the county for keeping the flame alive over 70 years with fanatic interest was well said. Lots of reason to be confident.

  11. Fantastic podcast, yet again. Fair play to all contributors, outstanding, I especially liked how Kevin McStay signed off, really, really nice. All week I, have been relaxing, listening to mayo news podcasts and glass of wine ?, and just simply enjoying the build up, it doesn’t get much better than that.

  12. Nearly there nearly Saturday evening.

    I can’t wait. Let’s tear into them. For everyone who’s feeling “oh I shouldn’t be confident or excited “ feck that. We are who we are the best fans we are entitled to be excited and proud of our team and believe this could be our day.

    Remember and trust me Tyrone think they have won and are cock sure.

    Let’s get about our business do what we do and hope everyone plays to their max potential. If they do we win.

    Diarmuid first goal scorer and man of the match.
    We can score from distance and that’s what will beat them.
    Conor Loftus, diarmuid, paddy Durkan, Keegan, Mullen, Kevin Mc we have plenty of scorers from outside the wet pee stained blanket.

  13. WJ,
    I am just finished with the podcast posted today- I just want to compliment, Mike, Kevin and Billie Joe for their sterling work. It was just great to listen to, clear distinct analysis, Its a pleasure to have the podcasts and this blog- I live in the USA and its times like this I would love to be home and heading to Dublin for the game- I cant this year but the podcasts and blog enable myself and other emigrants to enjoy the build up from afar.

    Thank you sincerely

  14. Overconfidence creeping in -to paraphrase let’s “negotiate for a win but prepare for war”. No free lunch lads! Up Mayo.

  15. in this game i would really focus on the middle sector Durcan, Mullin,Keegan,
    Diarmaid, Ruane, KMcl,
    Loftus, ODonoghue into
    the middle 8 and really go after them there.

    Try to blow them out of the water early on.
    Letting them settle and dictate a pattern is not the way to go.

    Play Coen as sweeper on front of whoever’s at FB
    OHora or Harrison. Hennelly is my main worry based on his history in finals but hopefully he’s going to put that all behind him for good on Sat night.

    Would play Carr and OShea at FF initially with Tommy off the bench for impact. Would create a big headache for Tyrone with matchups.

  16. Really the best wine until last. Tremendous podcast and incredibly informative and insightful. All three contributors were immense.

  17. Great stuff lads, I can’t shut the eyes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about Tyrone, but I just can’t wait another day and a half for throw in. I really hope we can bring a savage performance, completely throwing the shackles off. It’s in us, it’s definitely in us. I’ll try and get to sleep now.

  18. Great podcast, had goosebumps at the end. Mike Finnerty as presenter does such a magnificent job, he sets it up lovely for the two to analyse and provide their insider knowledge. As McStay says, it’s about going and winning it. I have tremendous confidence in the lads if they give a full performance. Quick ball coupled with strong running will, I think, expose Tyrone.

    One thing for sure, Tyrone fellas won’t be running the length of croker without so much as a hand laid on them. Roll on throw in.

  19. Deirdre spare a drop for sat night for celebrations lol

    Centrefield i like the plan of 2 big men at ff. It could be our curve ball. But tommy has to and will start.

    We know exactly what tyrone will do as they have done it all year and improved all the time. So we go out there and tear into them. Aiden at chf playing around mf rooting out ball. He could move into ff to rest but his best work is mf. But who knows he could surprise us all and rattle the net a few times on Saturday. 2021 will be known as the unpredictable championship

  20. Brilliant Podcast. Billy Joe and Kevin really thrashing out what we need to do to win and so emotional when asked about whether they thought we might win or not.

    Brilliant stuff altogether. I have to say it really has set the tone for tomorrow.
    The perfect podcast before tomorrows final.

    Well done Mike, Kevin and Billy Joe.
    Thank You.

    Well worth a listen if yea haven’t had the chance.

    Hon Mayo.

  21. No tickets despite pestering everyone I know and buying a fair few raffle tickets. Clubs around the country should be naming stands and astroturf pitches after the mayo supporters funding their redevelopment works. We will be driving to
    Mayo to watch the game there. I am saving the pod until then. I often use it to shorten the journey and am very grateful to all involved. Up Mayo.

  22. Imagine waiting years for a class forward to help cillian and when he comes along we leave him on the subs for an all ireland final?????

  23. I have seen a few posts suggesting Tommy start from the bench, are people crazy or something. Tommy proved v Dublin that he has the stamina to go for a full 70mins and beyond, why limit his playing time. Sometimes people get too caught up in having big impact subs, why weaken a team for 50mins just to create a 20min impact in performance that we could have for the full game, makes no sense. You will never see Dublin bench Con or Kerry bench Clifford just to have an impact from the bench, why would Mayo do it.

  24. Dropping Tommy would be crazy. Paddy Tally was on the Ah Ref podcast saying he would have concerns that McNamee and Hampsey could be exposed for lack of pace. I’d be playing a full forward line of Ryan, Tommy and Kevin McLoughlin.

  25. Fantastic Podcast. Sets me up now to get through the next 24 hours. Really inspirational speech at the end from Kevin. Now to finish the job and finally reach the promised land.

  26. Although this is the big one and the one we can’t wait for, I must confess I’ll miss looking forward to the blogs.
    Roll on the aftermath and the hunt for back to back titles. Well done to all concerned.

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