First New York, then (almost certainly) it’s the Rossies for us

The draws for the 2024 provincial Championships have just been held and incredibly tedious the whole constipated process on RTÉ Radio was too, lasting as it did over an hour when it could comfortably have been done in under ten minutes.

We’re off to New York, course, for an early April Connacht SFC preliminary round meeting with the Exiles at Gaelic Park, which was already in the diary before the draw was made. And when it eventually was just now, the winners of the match in the Bronx were paired with Roscommon in the provincial semi-final.

65 thoughts on “First New York, then (almost certainly) it’s the Rossies for us

  1. Prenty and Connacht Council be happy out getting Mayo and Ross semi and Mayo and Galway Connacht Final after a terrible Galway Sligo final this year.

  2. Sam Og after last year if set up similar we will have all on with Rossies….and maybe NY 🙂

  3. Can’t waot for it to start already ha we need to dust ourselves down and get on with it after the worst exit we’ve had in years this year but and sure our guys will bounce like we always do..

    I feel the pressure is on mcstay & co big time now and of we flop again then I’d fear for them .

    But can’t wait for it to start up again ha NY should be a good one …

  4. There’s always pressure in any managerial role where outright success is the goal and where that is the expectation or genuine aspiration of supporters. Not everyone will agree within the fan base that we can win an All Ireland with the squad that’s there but I’d say the majority do. I do. If Tyrone winning in 21 taught us anything it’s that you can win Sam without having the best players on paper. And you can have a very mediocre league too in doing so.

    So this ‘transition’ talk we often hear around Mayo in recent years is rubbish, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a cop out.

    I’m backing management but agree there’s pressure on them and on players to succeed as there is on all the top teams. Mayo need to be much tighter in defence than in 2023 (how often have we heard this!?), much better in terms of winning primary possession around the middle and more ruthless/clinical up top.I also felt our focus and concentration was poor. For example, the amount of times we conceded quickly after scoring. It happened loads down in Killarney. Our mental toughness and cuteness needs improvement. Have we a panel to win an All Ireland. I think so, but players need to up the ante and management need to get them humming, make the right selections and implement the correct strategy; one which maximised the strengths we possess.

  5. @Mayonaze agree great post !

    I still think we have the players to win an Ireland for sure we do . Yeah agree we are not in transition at all even mcstay said that when he took over ..

    Yes our defence is an issue .. yeah agree with the lack of concentration st times like the cork game Tommy c got such a good goal seconds later stupid tackle which resulted in the penalty and we flopped .

    I still think we will bounce back next year and still think mcstay is the right guy for the job and we shall see if the new appointment makes any difference to our forwards!

    I don’t want to see us going 100 miles an hour in the league again though league isn’t important to win championship is where its at ..!

  6. No Sam for us if we continue to fail to score for long periods in every game, never score much in last fifteen minutes of most games and keep giving away soft goals in most games.

  7. Will the people who think we have the players to win SAM please name the two midfielders who will consistently win enough ball against the top teams and name the six forwards who will consistently score enough against the top teams on the big day’s. To win SAM that is what you need. As we saw in Killarney we have plenty of players who “on their day” might be good enough. But a lot of our players have showed over the last 3-4 that they are not able to put 3-4 top class performances together one after another – and that is what you need to win SAM.
    In our six championship games this year we only played well enough in one of the six games.

  8. I don’t know if we will sam next year but got to keep faith @south mayo exile haha

    We are one of the few counties who are always nearly at the business end of the championship. At least we make it to quarters nearly every year some counties would only ever dream of that so to say we don’t have the players to win Sam I don’t believe that we don’t yes lots to work on and management need to step it up a gear next year for sure ..

    And we shouldn’t forget that our team is a very young one Reape it was first county year and for a few others to they can only improve . Still think reape is our number 1 goalie yes needs to work on kick outs but he’ll get there and made some magic saves this year .

    And regards who are the guys to score consistently well Jordan flynn? Ciliian o Connor? Ryan o D ? Tommy c when he’s full fit I’d say he will come back to near his best next year he was never going to be 100% this year after that awful injury .

    I agree that this was a awful year for us but we ran out of gas after going 100 miles an hour during the league I still have faith that we will bounce back next year!

  9. You don’t need six forwards these days. You need four forwards and two athletic utility players who run themselves into the ground for 50 mins and are replaced by same.
    Those two players do however need to be able to make incisive passes and be positive in possession.
    My changes for next year that simply must happen.
    1. Aidan absolutely has to be a sub full forward who comes in to primarily win marks and layoff ball. If the mgmt start Aidan next year or revert to some tried and failed midfield or 11 or mixing 9/11 then they are truly not taking in the clear evidence of games.
    Aidan we know is not quick enough not has enough stamina to start. He must be a sub.
    We also know he is simply not mobile enough at any point for the likes of Fenton or Mccarthy.
    2. We have to sort our left sided freetaker. Enough is enough. If it’s Evan Regan thrn get him in or whomever. But the 13 jersey needs to be a natural left foot freetaker.
    3. We need a quick powerful runner at midfield. There is only one candidate in my view, David McBrien. Yes, he’s our best full back, but, we are getting hammered in the big games because we don’t offer enough at jerseys 8-12. Dublin really have our number in those jerseys and we need to change majorly.
    4. Ryan O’Donoghue is our best playmaker and must go centre forward.
    5. Diarmuid O’Connor is the quarter back six that mgmt overlooked last year.
    Those five changes alone in my view make is much more competitive in gaining and using possession.
    Anything like last year is way too mix n match and not pacy/strong enough in the middle eight.

  10. Dead right South Mayo exile. We are deluding ourselfs. The word Sam and Mayo shouldnt be mentioned again unless we get to an All Ireland final again and have a realistic chance of winning it. Going by the club chamoinship we are a long way off

  11. Don’t think anyone I deluding themselves agree that we have stuff to work on but as as said the county guys stood a mile out in the club scene was poor for sure in mayo not saying otherwise…

    But the likes of Sam calinan has been immense for ballina and will be for mayo for the future.. Ryan o d also stood out a mile for bellmulet as did cillian o Connor for his club and other county guys etc I’ve not lost the faith yet !

    With the likes of Bob touhy a star in the making hope he gets more game time.. and other talents coming up we are not that far off we just need to change things up a bit and hopefully management will step up a gear…

  12. Why are we deluding ourselves? Tyrone won in 21. They weren’t considered in the shake that championship season at all. They leaked 5 goals in the league to Kerry. If that happened to Mayo next spring everyone would be writing the obituary and calling for management to go.

    Mayo have enough quality players to beat any team in our day. We just need to show some bloody inventiveness and imagination. Do something a bit different!

  13. Southmayo Exile who is the team that has ever put in 4 top class performances in a row and not won the All Ireland? Lots teams have won All Ireland without 3 or 4 top class performances in a row. This year Dublin weren’t impressive in the draw against Roscommon or against Kildare in Leinster. I didn’t think they were that impressive in there hammering of Louth or Sligo either.

  14. Teams like Dublin and Kerry and Kilkenny in hurling have a knack of somehow winning big games when not playing well – I suppose that’s the sign of a great team.
    For ourselves to win the big games in Croke Park we always seem to have to play very well. Mabye if we could win one all Ireland it would take so much pressure off and give the players the confidence to win big games when not playing well.

  15. You are the eternal optimist Claire fair play to you. Im a bit more cynical after following Mayo for over 40 years in my opinion Tyrone won in 21 because we didnt show up we made it easy for them didnt lay a glove on them in midfield. the penalty miss didnt help but anyone can miss a penalty. I genuinely belive We are miles off an all Ireland. The best forward in Mayo at the moment is Evan Regan and he is retired from the Mayo team. Tommy Conroy got relegated with the Neale did the Neale win a single game I think they didnt but am open to correction ? Belmullet could only muster 4 points against Ballina a few weeks ago with a team that included Ryan O D. true Aidan O Shea is tearing it up but Mayo management are eternally clueless where to play him. We havent a clue how to beat The blanket as proved against Louth this year.

  16. Tyrone had fine footballers in 2021, we underestimated them in lead up to final and still don’t give them enough respect. Yes, we played poorly in that game but Tyrone didn’t let us play our game. They took a hungry Kerry team out in 1 semi while we took a jaded Dublin out in the other. 2021 proved again that getting to the final is 1 thing, winning the damn thing is another mountain to climb.

  17. Glorydays how do you figure Evan Regan is the best forward in Mayo? Forward play has been terrible in the club championship. Ballina were terrible last week they didn’t score from play till the 43 minute. Ryan O’Donoghue was winning ball in the full forward line being double and triple marked in the club championship. Yes The Neale didn’t win any game this year, but I think if you were at any of there matches you wouldn’t be bringing up Tommy Conroy.

  18. Can’t really judge the neale not winning any game this year ..let’s not forget Tommy conroy had one of the worst injuries you could get in gaa and for him to come back so soon after and play club & championship is saying something on his character & resilience…he is a star forward when he’s fully fit and we are bloody lucky to have him …

    &Glory days ha ah thanks suregot to be optimistic we have great players and ice no doubt we will bounce back was hard loss in the quarters for sure this year but I still have faith we have the players to come back from this…

  19. The way the draw was done on RTE was ridiculous. Time for each province to do it’s own draw and get it over and done with in a matter of minutes.

    Same draw as last year with the rossies first up on Connacht soil and the winner knowing they’ll face Galway but this time the match against Galway will be the final in Salthill.

  20. I agree WJ. That draw was painful the way they drew it out and then discussing teams afterwards who we know are going to get beaten. RTE need to cop on

  21. We need to nip talk of an all Ireland in the bud right now.
    I saw absolutely nothing this year that gave me optimism about next year.
    I’d regard myself as pessimistic anyway about Mayo’s chances but I’m somehow moreso now.
    In the cold light of day, we don’t have the players or tactics to win it. I don’t care what Tyrone did in 2021, we’re not at their level.
    I’ll enjoy the year ahead and hopefully see improvements around tactical ability and maybe see a few new lads in.
    We might at a crazy stretch see an all Ireland semi next year.

  22. I think we are at Tyrones level did we not beat them in the league? Tyrone were poor enough this year to ..

    I’ll give the guys more credit we have the players and we should be aiming for sam every year not the fbd , not the league but sam should be the main goal.. the amount of money that’s put into mayo management and the team in general we should be aiming for sam every year yes it was poor exit this year but we are still one of the top teams in the country .

  23. Mayo are deluding themselves !!!
    Winning National football league in Kevin McStay first season was outstanding
    There are 31 other counties in Ireland who would be over the moon over such an achievement
    After all down through the years the best team always won the NFL
    A team could win All-Ireland knock out with only 3 or 4 matches depending on Province
    The best team in all sports win a league based title
    At long last the GAA are slowly coming around to changing the All-Ireland competition
    Time to get rid of the dinosaur provencial championships as they nó longer have any bearing on All-Ireland
    For far too long they have lopsided with only one provencial competition – Ulster championship
    Living here in Kildare what we would do to win a NFL title as we’ve never won one
    Mayo have an abundance of talented footballers coming off a conveyor belt of underage teams but seem obsessed with picking the nice lads off those teams – you need more Lee Keegan type players with guts steel determination and agression
    I know that’s hard as Lee has been the greatest allround defender of all time that I’ve witnessed since following football since the 60’s
    Also Mayo have been blessed with having the top scoring championship forward of all time in the outstanding Cillian O’Connor
    So Mayo sórt Out Your midfielders And add a few aggressive players to the squad and an All-Ireland is just around the next bend

  24. Evan Regan was not found out at county level. He suffered a serious injury and naturally was not at his best after.
    Everyone available, with good tactics I’d say we are a mathematical 5% chance of Sam.
    Well 1 in 20 shots happen.

  25. JP. While I agree with some of your points I’d like to know who you think should be starting at full forward if AOS is his sub. If you’ve been following the club championship you’d surely have to admit that Aidan has been the standout ff on show. Breaffy know how to utilise him and Kevin McStay should attend a few Breaffy training sessions and pick their coaches’ brains.

  26. JoeG don’t be encouraging adding more coaches, set up is proving expensive enough as it is 🙂

    It’s hard to see a Mayo win, especially looking at the club championship where Aidan O’Shea, Evan Regan, Kevin McLoughlin etc. Are proving to be the best players for their respective teams, one retired, the other in charge of making sure the team eats proper, and the other a great servant for the county but whose scoring record in AIFs is not great.

    That said we are still well in the upper tier of counties, the drop off is steep from the haves and have nots. Superior S&C built up over the years stands us in good stead ahead of the teams behind us.

  27. @JoeG Appreciate the question and your points.
    The player who plays 14 before Aidan we can have three possible types of player.
    1. A big physical player who also tries to win marks and layoff ball. Brian Reape is probably the only player who fits that role and was in some good club form. Further down the line next year Conor Diskin possibly.
    I agree Aidan has been the standout and he has been used well. But I still believe we need to put him in the best position to have an impact by coming on. Even if that is something left field like Aidan coming on on 25 mins.
    There’s merit to that in that you really have a 16th player of the clock if you can be leading at the 3/4 mark. The team behind really has to come out from defense and chase the ball.
    So to some degree I still think teans sub way too late and most never consider a first half sub.
    2 Another type of player would be a freer roving speed merchant like Tommy Conroy. The idea is you are trying to cause a selection and defensive formation headache for the opposition by have a blazing fast agile player at 14. They run themselves into the ground to 50 mins or so.
    3. The third type of player is where you give up that 14 jersey target man role and you play a high stamina rangey taller player who simply goes out around midfield. So a Mathew Ruane, Jack Carney or Bob Tuohy. One player in the middle eight already knows they can run that but harder as they only need to play until the fairly well established time of when Aidan comes in.
    There’s pros and cons to all those.
    If you went with a Brian Reape or Conor Diskin type player as a sub, is that a bit unbalanced with Aidan also as an inside line sub? Only one target man can impact at a time on a play pretty much.
    The overall mindset is we need to be causing the opposition more problems jerseys 5-15 and the subs in those jerseys from 0-75 mins.
    The aim is firstly to be ahead at the 3/4 mark.
    Like if you’re down 1-2pts at half time but have huge confidence as to what you are bringing in the second half that is a perfectly fine position to be in.
    I’d rather that than 1-2pts up and us having dealt most of our hand and the engine fault like coming on.

  28. @JP
    On your earlier points:
    1. On heavy wet tight winter pitches Aidan’s limitations are seriously reduced, and his strengths emphasised. We’re all hoping to see more experimentation in the league, and I think there’s merit to supporting younger players with Aidan’s experience around the middle.

    4. Ryan O’Donoghue is not tall enough, fast enough or physically imposing enough for the modern half forward line. He needs to be at least one of those things.

    5. No. One of Diarmuids strengths is his ability to get around the place. Six is rather static role that you don’t want straying too far. Diarmuid is much better fit for a counter attacking sweeper. Sam Callinan and Enda Hession would be my first picks to try at 6 next year, although I wouldn’t be entirely convinced that either of them are physically developed enough for that role at the very top yet.

  29. @FrustHammer Ryan O’Donoghue is plenty fast enough for the half forward line. He’s not tall but he is actually physically strong.
    At six we cannot be having someone who is not big and physical so that rules out Enda Hession.
    If not Diarmuid, I agree that Sam Callinane is a really good choice.

  30. Contrary to a lot of posters I believe that we have a great chance next year,we have about ten defenders who are more than capable of playing well,at midfield we have J Flynn,M Ruane,J Carney,B Thouey,C Loftus,F Irwan,D Thornton,C OShea,C Dempsey,and others,our forwards are second to none,I will certainly travel hopefully and enjoy the journey,I just can’t see myself going to a game expecting to lose,same as I don’t attend the theatre to criticise the director,or cast,or go to a concert and criticism the star,just go enjoy your selves,and don’t claim to know more than the management of players

  31. Based in last years championship and its all about championship.. it wouldn’t be hard to know more than management. . Standing on the line looking at each other when ais stood up to take the last kick against cork. Nobody knew what to do. What it could have meant. But apart from that Rochford s philosophy. Let’s get a few points ahead and play possession football then and try to hold on. I cannot be optimistic for 24. Not unless we ditch Rochford s style of puke football. Dont know how mcstay is allowing him so much power. Now he’s bringing in his unknown mate from corofin. Joke

  32. @Craggy boglands I agree with you 100% but sure got to stay positive ha we have the players I’ve no doubt but we won’t win anything with that style of play !!

    @padraig dermody good post yes mayo have been known for being to nice of a team we need more Jordan flynns cillian o Connor etc to be able to hold their own and not get bullied around the place even against cork we were blind around pitch bar Ryan o d and Jordan flynn able to hold their own.

    We’ve great players but we need to stop being so nice on the pitch ..!

  33. Two enjoyable u21 games today.
    Westport beat Balla by 3 points. Nowhere near as good as the past Westport u21 teams, but still some lovely players on display. Conall Dawson was their best player, and kicked some great scores. Lorcan Silke was impressive. Finbarr McLaughlin was playing at wing back, didn’t suit him. I don’t know why managers don’t let forwards be forwards and develop. This is a player who is raw enough and needs games to hone his craft, switching around positions doesn’t help him.
    On the flip side, Oisin Cronin who only turned 18 recently is a gorgeous footballer for Balla. Not many with his style with both feet.
    Aaron Dunleavy is a good prospect at CB, as is Brian O’Donovan at full back.

    Claremorris and Davitts had a throwback battle in Ballindine. Draw was nearly fair, more on that later.It felt more intense than any championship game I saw either team play this year. Can’t beat a local derby with bite, especially in an age group like this where every lad on the pitch today all went to St.Colmans.
    Fenton Kelly is top class. Kicked one of the best scores you will ever see from off the ground to level it up in injury time. 55+ meters out with no wind help. Mayo bringing him in for a look. Hard to know where his best position will be long term, I’d say wing back. He has a lot of Paddy Durcan about him, in good ways and bad ways.
    Claremorris had no answer for him. Darragh Joyce gave him a good tussle but nobody else did.
    Claremorris forwards were quieter than usual because they couldn’t get any ball. Adam Beirne is a brilliant free kick taker. Needs to do a bit more from play. Niall Hurley was quiet but looked like scoring (and did) anytime he got going.
    Nicely poised now with the draw. Referee Declan Corcoran rode Davitts however. A referee who loves stopping the game and never lets the game flow. Davitts had the ball in the third minute of injury time and Dylan Gallagher was lining up a shot at the edge of the D, only for the ref to blow it up as he was beginning his run up. It was absolutely scandalous. We don’t need to protect referees, they need to up their game big time before they start getting any more respect than they have at the minute. We do have some great referees in mayo, notably John Glavey and Paul Lydon, but we simply don’t have enough who are good enough.

  34. @Retrocut the scenes from tullamore club game today was absolutely disgraceful players or a fan who knocked over the ref and there is absolutely no exsuce for that kind of behaviour in GAA …

    So yes protections do need to be put in place for refs maybe some refs do need to up their game for sure but there is never any exsuce or reason for abuse towards refs ever ….

  35. So many potential 13 jersey players this year at either club or county getting put at wing back
    Thanks for the match updates Retrocut.

  36. @ Clare I understand the Ref gave Tullamore a 13 m free, then talked to the umpire and changed it to a penalty and then linesman told him it should be a 13 m free.
    It was the last kick with Tullamore 2 down.

  37. Clare I never said referees should get physical abuse or verbal abuse for that matter. Don’t know why that even needs to be said.

  38. @Retrocut I never said you did at all…I’m just saying that refs should have protection in place for them doesn’t matter if they need to up their game or not is what I meant .

  39. @JR yeah thats not great.. I can see why they were frustrated but there is no room for that in gaa not a great impression for young kids at the match like and we’ve seen it before to refs do need to up their game not denying that but there’s no room for that behaviour in gaa .

  40. Interesting points JP and others.

    I started this year of the opinion that Aidan’s role was impact sub, but he ended up, for me, being Mayo player of the season. Most Dubs I spoke to after the QF were at a loss as to why he had been substituted. I countered with points on stamina, but they felt Mayo were in the game until he went. His club form has been amazing. It’s still a long way until next April and championship football, but I would include him in rather than out. Different sport I know, but some of the rugby guys in their mid to late thirties have been amazing. On that basis Evan Regan as you suggest, merits serious consideration.

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  42. @JR hopefully we don’t se it again I do feel bad for tullamore but still !

    @catcol my dub mates said the exact same thing aido being subbed was a bad move they said what was were mcstay doing by subbing aido ..aido has been immense so far with his club just goes to show..

  43. JP. I really enjoyed your response but although all your points have merit I think they may also be non viable. Brian Reape has been terrific this year but not as good as Aidan and not in senior. As regards the other two options, I actually like the speedy Tommy Conroy like one but I think there might be too much of a coaching revolution to make it work. I’m a firm believer in trying to get all positions working at the optimal even if we have to tie them down one by one. I personally think with the right approach Aidan could be our 14. Another problem spot is no 6 and once again I would put a dedicated defender albeit one with offensive abilities so I agree with Sam Callinan. He’s a gem and now I believe he’ll be big enough and strong enough to carry it off with his footballing skills. I also agree RID has everything needed for no.11. Midfield needs a bit of thinking about but with McBrien at fb then sorting mf would give us a strong spine.

  44. O Shea has to be an out and out full forward next year, never going outside the oppositions 21 mt line. That will change the overall game and the tactics of opposition teams.

  45. O Shea has to be an out and out full forward next year, never going outside the oppositions 21 mt line. That will change the overall game and the tactics of opposition teams. Just try it in the League, but it was last year against Donegal with great success and then never done again.

  46. Culmore, or Willie Joe, if you could, have a look/post that clip of Aido hunting Sean Patton down as he tried to clear his lines at Ballybofey. It’s a joy.

  47. When will the league and championship fixtures be announced. Need to start planning and budgeting!

  48. @Culmore we have being making the cardinal error of bringing Aiden to midfield for the throw ins.the only time the oppositions defensive structure is not set up.
    Also it says psychologically to our midfielders that we don’t expect them to catch balls

  49. O Shea is a better all round footballer than K Donaghy and look at the chaos he caused to defences including our own , McStay always said on TV his place was full forward but when he got the job , he reneged on that. Put THE BEAR in the Square and leave him there.

  50. When Aidan was used in those mix n match roles his overall game and preparation could not specialize. If all involved know he will only be 14, it massively helps him specialize what he needs to prepare at.
    1. Showing for, catching and kicking marks.
    2.Laying off ball with your back to goal to a player on a direct run or on the loop.
    3. What he needs to do if he gets on ball out wider.

  51. Whoever plays in the full forward line, we have a lot of work to do on kickout press.

    It’s been a big strength of ours over the years, and I can completely understand if management felt it was not a priority in their first year, but it’s not good enough that team’s like Cork were able to outperform us in that area. It was imo a big factor in our struggles against blanket defences last year. Previous years we would put real pressure on their kickouts, quickly snaffle 1-2 and kill the game

  52. Who will be 6,8 , 9 and 11 next year ? They’ll hardly try revert back to loftus at 6 again ?

  53. As it’s Sligo vs Leitrim in the quarter final stage of the Connacht football championship could be for 3 years in a row. In 2025 Galway are hosting New York it’s Roscommon’s turn for London while in 2026 Mayo go to London & Roscommon day for New York both back after Covid-19.

  54. @Sean Burke

    Conor should be expected to have at this point a fairly good understanding of what management want from the 6 position. So there’s a good chance we might see him there as the “experienced head”, but I’d be hugely surprised if at business end of season he’s wearing that jersey.

    We’ve lost two veterans in the half forward line though, and it may be that Conor might get a look in there.

    I’d like to see Enda Hession at 6. I think his acceleration and side step could be a big asset in that position. I think he’s going to mature into a very similar player to Colm Boyle.

    I have no idea at midfield or 11 tbh, but I really like how tidy Jack Carney is with the ball, so I’d have him in one of those positions. And I’d love to have Jordan Flynn’s energy and drive around the middle. We would miss his scores from wing forward though.

  55. Carney and Flynn should be our midfield pairing. Very concerning that we don’t have any midfielders coming through the ranks.
    Carney was Colm Reapes favorite target for long kickouts last year, and he completely froze in the quarter final against Dublin when Carney was basically useless due to his shoulder seperation injury.
    Matty Ruane cannot start next year if he continues with his form from this season. In my opinion his poor performances were a key reason the wheels fell off the way they did. Himself and Diarmuid O Connor got completely outclassed around the middle against Dublin and it was the reason our entire team lost all shape and we just became a complete mess.
    Bob Touhy needs to start and play every league game next year. Think he has the talent to be a supreme player for us. I thought he was great in every game he played, and thought we lacked something when we ended up bizarrely putting him back into the cupboard for the big games.

  56. Bob has huge potential, still very young. Not sure he stood out during club championship though so intercounty championship next year may be a bit soon, for him. Definitely deserves league time and see how he progresses and if 2024 or 2025 can be his breakout year.

  57. @Retrocut
    I would move Jordan back into midfield. We were cleaned out too easily there last year and although he would be a loss in the half forward our need in midfield is greater. Matty Ruane has played some of his better football alongside Jordan so it may help him as well.
    Diarmuid to 11 has to be the way to go as well.

  58. Bob touhy has huge potential for sure but as others have said still very young but definetly deserves more game time and hope he gets more but maybe not every game as I think hes quite young and has lots to learn but he’s a really exciting young player and star in the making for mayo for sure …

  59. Culmore. Your quiet correct. He did say that but he s clearly not running the show. Derry appointed harte. Donegal appointed mcguinness. We appointed a on my ticket manager that now doesn’t even seem to be in charge at all. Mchale leaves. Rochford s mate arrives. An unknown. What does that tell you.

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